Sunday, April 27, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast– April 27, 2014 – May 3

Here is a simple prescription for working with the next lunar cycle: Fall in love again with the Earth. Regardless of all the other things the Taurus season can offer us for lessons and gifts, we simply can’t go wrong by expressing our unabashed love of the Earth in this lusty, fertile season. The Taurus lunar cycle begins with a Solar Eclipse/New Moon on April 29. Perhaps the best way to honor this moment is to let our bodies tell us what to do next. We have enormous wisdom residing in the cells and systems of our bodies. What if we believed that everything we need for a life of balance and beauty resides within us already? What if we dedicated ourselves to living as if we knew that?

Taurus is here to help us reclaim our body’s wisdom. As the fixed earth sign, Taurus is the guardian of earthy gifts. It is entirely appropriate in this season to invite these gifts into our lives—to fully enjoy Earth’s bounty, beauty, and renewal. These gifts become the source of ever-deepening relationship with the Earth. The law of exchange says that if I am given a gift, I am obligated to pass the gift along. This keeps the gift alive. If the Earth is a gift for me, to keep the gift alive I strive to become a gift for the Earth as well. Is my very being a treasure for the Earth? This question serves as my guide for this lunar cycle. If I live with this question for one lunar month, I will learn more about this relationship of exchange. I suspect that beauty trumps shame. What if my gift-giving came from expressions of devotion rather than shame? And what does my body already know about this?

A solar eclipse gives us unique opportunity to step into a new reality. We get to reboot the systems when the light goes out suddenly and then as suddenly returns. And we have a choice: We can step into this moment consciously with intention, or we can simply open to noticing what happens for us as we experience this system reboot. Both are good options. We’ve had very strong transits this spring already. We’ve been primed by these transits to open more widely to transformation and change. With the Taurus season, we anchor the continuing evolutionary journey to the sustainable foundations that will serve us over the long haul. This gets us back to our bodies, and the wisdom and support that our bodies give us. Where will you let your body’s wisdom take you this month? How will we embrace the miraculous dance of life and wonder that feeds a life-giving exchange with the Earth?

Forecast– April 27, 2014 – May 3
Moon in Aries
Sunday, April 27.
We are not out of the woods yet concerning the Cardinal Grand Cross that was a big feature of the Aries lunar cycle.* Although the planets involved (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto) are moving away from the exact square, the aftereffects will continue for several more weeks. Whenever the Moon transits through one of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), it triggers the grand cross once again. That happens today with the Moon in Aries. Today and tomorrow are the last two days of the Aries lunar cycle. The Moon in its final phase encourages us to let go. This doesn’t mean give up. During this cycle, many of us took a risk to stick out our necks. Perhaps you dared to take a step into a Fool’s journey this month. Some may feel like they succeeded and others like they failed miserably. Success or failure isn’t the point. On a day that may feel challenging, find at least one way to celebrate that you tried at all. Let go of self-judgment. There will be plenty of time in the year ahead to make adjustments to the changes inaugurated during this cycle. The delight in this day comes from the conversation between the Sun in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. Artistry, sensual enjoyment, spiritual inspiration, and reverent daydreams feed a deepening delight of the Earth.

Moon enters Taurus 9:23 am CDT
Monday, April 28.
Pay attention to styles of communication today. And pay attention to the source of conflict around those differing styles. Mercury in Taurus is quincunx to Mars in Libra today. Since both of these signs are ruled by Venus, we may find our differences manifesting around diverse Venusian themes like fairness and immutable certainty. There may not be a true moral high ground; we’ll just have to figure out how to get along anyway. Although the actual New Moon in Taurus does not begin until tomorrow, we may as well declare that the Aries cycle has given away to the new fixed-earth focused lunar cycle today. As I wrote in the week’s introduction, Here is a simple prescription for working with the next lunar cycle: “Fall in love again with the Earth.” Yes. That applies.

Moon in Taurus
April 29—New Moon: Dreaming. Solar Eclipse.
The brain is the biggest sex organ. Maybe you’ve heard this before. This month, I’m interested in seeing if it is true. The Taurus New Moon signals the renewal of fecund desires, no matter our gender or age. When the birds and bees are doing it we all feel it. Now, what does the brain have to do with this? A solar eclipse is like throwing a wild card into the lunar cycle. I could list the areas of life that pertain to Taurus, fertility being one of them, and invite everyone to follow a Taurean intention for the month. But with an eclipse, the real action may not be about typical Taurean themes. The real action may be about our perception of those themes. Our brains handle our perceptions. We have a chance to see the age-old story of sex in a new way. Here’s an idea: Let’s broaden the whole idea of what sex is, and then let’s make it sacred to boot. This extra potent New Moon could help us to step more fully into living this truth. I have a feeling that falling in love with the Earth again is a good place to start this exploration and sacred work. Will you join me?

The chart for the New Moon is dramatically patterned by the Cardinal Grand Cross, which was exact last week. Has this transit been a life-changer for you? With the Moon moving into the Taurus cycle, we can now become more rooted in making desirable changes last. Taurus holds embodied wisdom. Listening to our bodies, listening to the Earth, our questions receive answers. Healing balms are also available. Later this month, Saturn will play a bigger role in this healing. Saturn in Scorpio turns our gaze toward the gifts we receive through the dying process. From Scorpio compost we gain the power of regeneration in the spring season of Taurus. The primal exchange between death and life anchors the changes that are afoot in the world and in our personal lives. I think of this primal exchange as the force of sex. The more available we are to the energy of the life-death-rebirth cycle, the better we can be gifts for the Earth.

Moon enters Gemini 3:56 pm CDT
Wednesday, April 30.
Springtime reminds us of the importance of our pollinators. Without them spring’s promise is barren. What can you do to support these vital beings? With the Moon entering Gemini today, literal and metaphorical pollinators are more noticeable. Notice social connections, interesting conversations or essential information received today. Mutable signs, like Gemini, invite us to notice synchronicity. There are so many levels to reality and they are all feeding this moment of opportunity. Pay attention; unexpected connections could be important seeds for this lunar cycle just getting underway. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, makes favorable connections with Jupiter and Chiron. We do not have to abandon our sensitive hearts as we go forward with our lives.

Moon in Gemini
Thursday, May 1.
Beltane.  Pagans celebrate the fertility and gifts of the Earth on Beltane. Since Beltane falls during the waxing phase of the Moon this year, our celebrations are infused with action and desire to manifest a new reality. Many devoted people are working hard to do the right thing by the Earth. Let this Beltane be a blessing for the hands that do the work of rebalancing our relationship with the Earth.

The Moon remains in Gemini and we continue to be the pollinators for the future we are hoping to manifest. The day starts (CDT) with significant dreams coming from the Moon’s contact with Neptune. The rest of the day is dynamic. We are encouraged to act on visions of change. The paradox is symbolized by the Sun in the embodied sign of Taurus quincunx to Mars in the conceptual sign of Libra. Since it will be easy to let our thoughts take over today, remember to bring abstract ideas into concrete and sustainable form. Not that easy, but a good exercise in meaningful relationship.

Moon in Gemini
May 2—Crescent Moon: Beginning.
The questions we’ve been holding this lunar cycle about listening to our body’s wisdom, about being a gift for the Earth as the Earth is a gift for us, and about honoring sexual energy as sacred, begin to take root. In the life cycle of a plant, the seedling grows down before it can grow up. This phase of the Moon is the beginning of what we will manifest by our intentions. A lot is still going on under the surface, but not for long. With the Moon in Gemini for another day, mental energy is strong. We are interested in tasting a variety of sweet nectars. It is hard to stay still. Amidst that stimulation, Mercury (the ruler of Gemini), which is currently in the sign of Taurus, opposes Saturn in Scorpio. Although this aspect may seem to put extra weight upon a lighthearted day, this aspect is actually very valuable for tapping the potent energy of the life-death-rebirth cycle. Compost is the metaphor for gathering power. What ideas need to transform through a death-like experience? What new growth is visible because you have already done this work? Relationships, study, and expression are empowered.

Venus leaves Pisces to transit Aries for the next three and a half weeks. We’ll have much less patience for injustice. Over these three weeks, Venus will aspect the planets in the grand cross. We’ll see some fireworks. Get ready to get mad.

Moon enters Cancer 1:43 am CDT
Saturday, May 3.
After the recent days of Gemini Moon, the Moon’s ingress into Cancer could feel like a necessary exhalation. The relationship between the signs of Cancer and Taurus is supportive to what we need for security and stability. With the Sun in a harmonious trine to Pluto (both in earth signs), this support is cemented by a sense of empowerment. Bring this solid strength to your hearths. We can tend more than one. I think of the hearth as my heart’s home. I invite my beloveds to gather there and am happy to offer the food that sustains us all. Where does your heart feel at home? Give blessings to that hearth.  

*The Aries lunar cycle began on March 30 at the New Moon. Read more about the beginning of this lunar cycle on my Starsdance blog at:
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast– April 20, 2014 – April 26

Laying down new patterns. Astrology theorizes that something incredibly significant happens with our very first breath. For thousands of years, astrologers have been looking at charts based on that moment and telling meaningful stories about how a whole life is influenced by it. In that moment of the first breath, a new pattern is laid. I am not sure why this is so, but I have a theory that part of the power comes from the power of beginnings. That first breath is a potent moment. The irony is that most of it is completely out of our control. The impulse to join life occurs outside the realm of knowing what we are doing or where it will lead. It is truly a Fool’s journey. We are in the dark one moment, and the next we’ve been pushed into a new place where patterns are laid, which will impact the rest of our lives. I find this awe inspiring and incredibly scary at the same time.

Every year during the Aries lunar cycle*, we re-experience the potency of beginnings. This year, the feeling of risk and uncertainty is stronger than usual. A planetary dance is reaching a crescendo this week. Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars perfect the grand cross aspect pattern on April 22 at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. Drawn in a chart, this square looks like a portal stretching open. Just like at birth, we can move through into a new beginning. The cardinal signs represent core areas of life—identity, home, relationship, and aspiration. They are the signs of initiation. They are the signs of beginnings.

Beginnings happen all the time. Important ones create more impact upon the web of life. Imagine that April 22nd is a time of birth for you. Indeed, babies will be born on that day and their lives will be laid with this dynamic pattern. In spite of a seeming fatedness about all this, we still have choice about how we use the original patterns of our lives. Even though we do not have control over what the pattern will be, our relationship to this pattern is one that will grow and change as we continue to make choices. Every choice changes the possibilities inherent in our patterns. Nothing is fixed by, yet everything is influenced by, original patterns.

The gods of change are active right now. Pluto invites us to experience deep transformation. This god shows us how death is a part of life. In Capricorn, we have the opportunity to bring this healing force into our hierarchies and our aspirations. Uranus invites us to risk the type of radical change that leads to more authenticity. This god encourages a new approach, a fresh solution, to old problems. In Aries, we have the opportunity to be bolder about our beginnings. Jupiter invites us to expansive belief. What truth fills your soul with meaning? What do you treasure? In Cancer, we have the opportunity to treasure the deep seat of self—our homes. Mars invites us to acknowledge the importance of passion. This god is the prime instigator of beginnings. What do you desire? Mars is moving retrograde in Libra; we get a chance to review (retrograde) all the prime motivators of our partnerships. We have the opportunity to re-pattern how we do the dance of relationship and how we express our passions. Because these planets are in challenging relationship with each other, none of this is simple, but all of it is important. A pattern is being set in motion. How will you breathe into it?

Forecast– April 20, 2014 – April 26

Moon in Capricorn
Sunday, April 20.
The Moon joins the grand cross of planets (see intro to this week’s forecast). But today, we don’t need the Moon’s nudging to realize that big stuff is going on. Uranus and Pluto started making exact squares to each other in June of 2012. When they are finished with this particular transit in 2015, they will have formed a total of seven exact squares. Tomorrow the fifth one happens. Astrologers seem to agree that this one could be the most significant of them all. That’s because Jupiter and Mars have also moved into the aspect pattern. Jupiter makes things bigger. Mars can make things more impulsive; except this Mars is retrograde and in considerate Libra, so all bets are off about how much passion and anger will play into the paradigm change we are undergoing right now. Revolution is still necessary, but perhaps we are learning from past dead ends to do it differently. Will we shake off slumber and get angry about injustice? Capricorn rules our aspirations but not the aspirations based in fantasy. These goals are hard won and take a long time to manifest. These aspirations can truly change the world. How will you be part of that new beginning? Today, Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. It will be hard to be complacent. Significant heart opening can occur too. Venus in Pisces conjoins Chiron, the shamanic healer. When we unlock our hearts, we discover a potent source of power.

Moon enters Aquarius 11:18 pm CDT
Monday, April 21.
My astrologer friend, Heather Roan Robbins, pointed out to me that on the day Vladimir Putin was born, the Sun was at 13 degrees Libra. It isn’t surprising that he is acting erratically now that the Uranus/Pluto square, which is exact today at 13 degrees of Aries and Capricorn, is transiting his Sun. The other interesting piece is that the Sun of the United States is at 13 degrees of Cancer, also being exactly transited by these planets. (We shouldn’t forget that Mars and Jupiter are also at 13 degrees of Libra and Cancer.)  There are lots of pressures on Putin and on Obama. The world stage is a mirror for personal experiences. On some level, each of us is feeling the pressure too. How do you bring your best self to the table? May that be true for world leaders as well.

Moon in Aquarius
April 22—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
This Aries lunar cycle began on March 30.* We begin the last week of this cycle today. What have you noticed about the spring thus far? Perhaps action happened in stops and starts creating self-doubt. Perhaps you noticed your own fears around sticking out your neck into life. Did you take a risk? How did it turn out? Do you find yourself on the shores of this month of change with frustration, self-criticism, or anger about the obstacles you encountered? A lot of life happened in these last three weeks. Can you approach the evaluation of these experiences with appreciation for your mistakes in equal measure to your successes? I declare that this is a good time to applaud all the daring new things we risked this month, regardless of how they turn out. Can we appreciate that even the smallest actions on behalf of personal integrity are an act of amazing courage?

Sometimes we don’t feel very graceful when we are in the midst of creating great change in our lives. Sometimes creating change feels awkward or not well thought out. Today may feel awkward in that way. The Moon in Aquarius encourages a new point of view. We are more willing to change things. Mars in Libra forms a square to Jupiter in Cancer. Notice what lies buried deep within. It is trying to make its way to the surface. Passions are stronger. 

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, April 23.
If yesterday dislodged something for you, the transits today may very well complete the process of transformation. Mars completes the grand cross with an opposition to Uranus and a square to Pluto. Find the calm center in your life. Use those practices that help you ride the waves of reactivity. And if you are being challenged by this transit, sometimes the best way to survive the giant wave is to dive right into it. The currents of evolution are moving through us. We can come through more alive and ready to be part of the action. A shift in communication happens today as Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus. How can our words plant the sustainable seeds of tomorrow? Careful self-expression is called for, if we can muster it.

Moon enters Pisces 1:55 am CDT
Thursday, April 24.
Astrologer Caroline Casey says that “to ‘for give’ is to give energy for change.” We are living in potent times of change and may have experienced a lot of it this week. With the Moon in Pisces making gentle aspects with the Sun, Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter today, we could feel a strong desire to forgive ourselves and others. Possibilities for innovative and sustainable change come from laying aside our hurts and shame and remembering ways we share the same dreams. Venus in Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio. The impulse to feel more deeply in our relationships is supported by concrete commitment. The heart really is telling us something important.

Moon in Pisces
April 25—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering.
The Disney movie got it right this time: Let it go. The Moon in Pisces helps us to take the wider view about our fitful efforts to make new beginnings this lunar cycle. The new astrological year, which begins in Aries, is well underway. The pattern for the year has been laid. Sweet gifts and unexpected challenges lie ahead. That is always true. There is a wistful tone to the day. Take time to honor all your feelings. The Sun and Mercury meet in a superior conjunction. This means Mercury is on the far side of the Sun from Earth’s perspective. This is a seed moment in the sign of Taurus. Pay attention to the yearning for simplicity and stability. This yearning becomes part of the next lunar cycle in Taurus.

Moon enters Aries 5:01 am CDT
Saturday, April 26.
 The Moon returns to Aries for the last couple of days of this Aries lunar cycle. We get a different look at the desire to emerge into life’s new beginnings. Are you any wiser than you were at the beginning of this lunar cycle? How do you feel about uncertainty now? Is there more clarity about what is pushing you to stick your neck out? The delightful aspect between Mercury and Neptune invites us to do a little daydreaming. Answers come from approaching the questions indirectly.

*The Aries lunar cycle began on March 30 at the New Moon. Read more about the beginning of this lunar cycle on my Starsdance blog at:
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast– April 13, 2014 – April 19

Sticking out one’s neck. Today I want to write about “doing it afraid.” My favorite description for Aries boldness comes from Cynthea Jones of Diana’s Grove Mystery School. She says that when people see Aries, they see courage and daring because Aries goes first. Aries people make a life of sticking out their necks over and over. What most don’t see is that Aries rarely feels confident about this. In fact, speaking as an Aries myself, we are often terrified. But the Aries season is about boldness of beginnings. Cynthea taught that Aries is continually “doing it afraid.” The image in nature is the first green shoot popping up above ground after winter recedes. This is literally sticking your neck out. Will the cold come back and kill me? Will a hungry animal make a meal from my tender shoot? Will I be stepped on? Where’s the guarantee that life’s daring is going to pay off? I wish I knew, because I would sign up for that guarantee.

No guarantees but a lot of potential. This Aries lunar cycle* elevates the sensation of risking one’s neck for a potentially big payoff. Yes, I’m talking about that Grand Cardinal Cross and Full Moon lunar eclipse that kicks into gear this week. I’ve been writing about this aspect configuration since this lunar cycle began. [If you are curious or want to know more, see my introduction to the Aries lunar cycle.] Other astrologers are writing about this event too. Ralfee Finn is an astrologer who isn’t prone to overstating things and has an interesting point of view. [Read what she writes about this transit]. Essentially, a grand cross looks like the planets are forming a box. Is it wrong that I keep seeing this box as a guillotine waiting for us to stick out our necks this month? Here’s the thing, in the land of metaphor, getting your head chopped off isn’t the worst thing that can happen. It just feels that way. Hence, the anticipation of something dire soon to happen may be the worst part of this transit.

What is the benefit of sticking your neck out? The obvious answer is nothing new is ever achieved without some risk. The feeling of doing it afraid, in the right amount, is stimulating, approaching the feeling of joy for some. However, there are levels of fear that are in no way beneficial. I am in the process of noticing that kind of fear response in my life right now. What are the practices that help me retain joy as I stick out my neck once again? As I await the explosion of flowers soon to come, I’m drawn to working with a flower essence. Here is what I’ve learned from Flower Essence Society about the lovely blue flower that bees love so much, borage: “Borage, as a flower essence, is for heavy heartedness and lack of confidence when facing challenges. The remedy is said to bring courage to the taker, providing a condition of 'buoyancy of the soul'. (Katz and Kaminski 1994)" That feels like a good remedy for fear of risk and for the season of new beginnings.

Let’s not squander this opportunity to stick our necks out in a big way this month. Nothing is gained from hiding. Perhaps daring is what we humans are really good at. Perhaps the interconnected web of all beings need us to stick our necks out from time to time. When we show up, exposed and hoping, perhaps we contribute to the green force of desire renewing the land.

Forecast– April 13, 2014 – April 19
Moon enters Libra 3:33 am CDT
Sunday, April 13.
The actual Full Moon occurs on Tuesday at 2:42 am (CDT). But don’t be fooled, for all intents and purposes, the Full Moon begins when the Moon enters Libra today and just gets more and more intense until the energy peaks with the lunar eclipse in the very early hours of Tuesday morning. All the Libra areas of life are key to the integration and illumination of this particular Aries cycle—relationship, balance, justice, beauty. Appreciate the mirrors in your life. By this, I don’t mean those shiny things that reflect exterior surfaces. I mean the kind of mirrors that show us what is really going on inside each of us. These can be our beloveds, our enemies, our aspirations and beliefs; even the yearning for wholeness can be a mirror. Mars retrograding in Libra is pulling us out of ourselves to get a new perspective on what is going on inside. This Full Moon promises to be surprising and illuminating.

Moon in Libra
Monday, April 14.
The actual Full Moon happens at 2:42 am CDT tomorrow. But this is the day of big balancing forces. First of all, Pluto stations retrograde today. For several years now, Pluto makes this annual station in the spring when the Earth is waking in the northern hemisphere and going dormant in the south. This means deep rumblings from the god of the underworld. Earth energy is potent. Planets become stronger at their stations. Since Pluto is also moving into position for the grand cardinal cross, we will feel the breath of the underworld on our vulnerable, extended necks (see intro to the week). Pluto gives us a choice, to stay in control but cut off from life force, or to let the wildness of transformation run through our lives so we may harness the power of regeneration. Risk is involved. Pluto is acting in the public realm as well. How do we negotiate with transformation? How do we encourage a rebalancing of power? By 11 am (CDT) the Moon in Libra will have aspected every planet in the cardinal cross—Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mars. Then, even more significantly, Mercury in Aries begins to transit these same planets. We may try to release stress by communicating. Some of this communication may not be as graceful as we want it to be. In fact, we can all be a little more forgiving of misspoken passion. We could all be guilty of it. But this impulsiveness also serves a purpose—if we wait till we feel 100% confident before saying something, we may never get the idea off our chests. Before going to bed tonight, decide if you want to see the lunar eclipse that will be visible in the central time zone at 2:47 am. Here is a website to calculate when the eclipse will be visible where you live.

Moon enters Scorpio 11:20 am CDT
April 15—Full Moon: Illuminating. Lunar Eclipse.
This Full Moon is a day of extremes. The Moon brings illumination but also darkness. Just as we are ready to release some of the constricting energy of the grand cross that has held us in its grip, the illuminating Moon turns dark from an eclipse. The contrast between the desire to let go and the necessity to still hang on could be dramatic. How will you work with this paradox? Physical work and play could help with tension. Quiet meditation could help with impatience. Gratitude practice gives perspective and renews a sense of joy. Beauty is always a tonic and guide to return to what really matters. The signs of this cardinal cross remind us of the core areas of a happy life—knowing who we are, a home and hearth that nurtures us, relationships that support us, and work that is worthy of our aspirations. Pour blessings into these areas.

When the Moon enters Scorpio, we may need to turn inward to find restoring balance after a big expenditure of energy. Neptune encourages compassion for self and others.

Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, April 16.
During an intense and powerful week, this day of a Scorpio Moon invites us to go deeper. Look under the surface for a source of power and transformation. People may want to spend more time alone or in more intimate settings. This isn’t a day for superficial social exchange. Be discerning. Interactions and conversations could be deep, healing, and illuminating if we are fearless about looking at ourselves and if we are able to find the right person to dialog with. Mercury in Aries is opposite Mars in Libra. This is a potentially passionate transit. Move past minor annoyance to value the mirror that is being held up for you. Mars is quincunx to the shamanic healer, Chiron. We may feel vulnerable but there is a potential to move past patterns of woundedness. In the midst of this intensity, Venus, Moon, and Jupiter encourage heart-centered feelings. We have support to be in this vulnerable place. 

Moon enters Sagittarius 4:44 pm CDT
Thursday, April 17.
As the day begins, we feel earnest about our commitments and what we have learned from the last few days. Take that in and then let it go. Trust the process of transformation. The trine between Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer encourages watery expressions. We are better able to see everyone’s sensitive edges of growth. Conventional astrological wisdom could caution us to avoid feeling over-expansive, especially in the arena of spending money or falling in love too quickly. But, after the challenging transits we’ve been having, it feels good to indulge in a little fantasy. When the Moon enters Sagittarius in the early evening (CDT), the desire to escape pressure gets stronger. Do we always have to act like grown-ups? New adventures could reveal new truths. This is a day to enjoy synchronicities of all sorts.

Moon in Sagittarius
April 18—Disseminating Moon: Sharing.
What have you learned about yourself these last two and a half weeks since the Aries lunar cycle began? The Aries mission is to discover yet another truth about our identities. Who are we? The beginning of the journey sets a pattern for the whole experience. That pattern is a layer of self. Through self-awareness we can enhance or shift the patterns. As the Moon wanes through the rest of the cycle, we develop more perspective about our patterns. This is the fruit of this disseminating phase of the Moon. We are harvesting self-awareness.

The Moon in Sagittarius encourages storytelling. Tell the story of who you are right now. The lessons we are learning are not so hard to take with an encouraging aspect between Venus and Pluto. These two make passionate love today. Let that inspire you!

The winds of spring may be strong today. Notice what happens when you let go of control and let change blow through your life as well.  

Moon enters Capricorn 8:28 pm CDT
Saturday, April 19.
Although some of the tension of this month may seem lessened by the release of the Full Moon, the grand cardinal cross is still very much in force and getting stronger. The quincunx between Venus and Mars today may ruffle our relationship feathers. The differences between us may reach an untenable stage or we may find a new way to resolve conflict. Big energies are moving through our lives. Give yourself a break if the pressure seems overwhelming. At the brink of big decisions, what actions serve your intentions? Who do you want to be as you start a new pattern in your life? Earth grounds us just in time. The Moon moves into earthy Capricorn and the Sun enters earthy Taurus this evening (CDT). The Aries lunar cycle isn’t over, but it has suddenly become more real, more grounded, and we see how our new beginnings can manifest in the world.

*The Aries lunar cycle began on March 30 at the New Moon. Read more about the beginning of this lunar cycle on my Starsdance blog at:

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast– April, 6 2014 – April 12

Are we having fun yet? Last week, I declared that the New Moon in Aries* is the true beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. A week later, it is time for a check in. What have you noticed? If spring is about beginnings, a fresh start, an undeniable impulse to join with the emerging life force, then what did you notice last week? Ninety-nine percent of astrology is paying attention to the present moment. Astrology is a framework for structuring this awareness. Certainly, astrologers spend a lot of time thinking about what the future transits will bring, but the only way we have any reference at all to the potentialities of a maybe future is to spend a lot of time noticing the present.
A conundrum for me as a prognosticator (love that word, which for me hints at another word, procrastinator, something I am quite good at) is to separate personal experience from universal. I can’t help but see the present moment through my own personal lens. What responsibilities does this incur? How do I account for what may be a skewed vision, depending on my personal situation at any moment? I am constantly pondering these questions. Sometimes I feel I need to be transparent about them. Now is one of those times.

Spring is stalled for me. My personal situation is living in the upper Midwest where we just received 6+ inches of snow on the 4th day of April. I can imagine that somewhere, many other somewheres in fact, spring is really happening. There is grass; there are flowers. Not here. I also happen to be an Aries. My birthday is coming up. With my ruling planet, Mars, retrograding through Libra, perhaps I feel more acutely than others how slow things are progressing. This retrograde Mars is slowly moving into a Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto later this month. This aspect configuration looks like a cross. When we are on the cross, we are skewered by many challenges into a kind of freeze frame. If the tensions are just right, we don’t go anywhere. Until the dam breaks. This is the problem with being an astrologer. I am looking ahead to when the dam is going to break. Hypervigilance just creates more discomfort, confirming what I expected from this lunar cycle: a lot of tension and uncertainty, mixed with expectation for renewal.

So, here I am at the second week of the lunar cycle, waiting for the dam to break. This is where I am; where are you? One of my intentions for this Aries lunar cycle is to explore strategies for times of new beginnings. I’ve had a lifetime of Aries beginnings to reflect on the regrets and pleasures of being carried forward by life’s momentum. Is there a different way to still be an Aries and be more centered and mindful as life takes me for the next turn? I am still wondering.

Forecast– April, 6 2014 – April 12

Moon in Cancer
Sunday, April 6.
The metaphor of the moment for me is a dam breaking. Will something that is stuck be released today? The aspects between the Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto could very well signal that something like this happens. Are you ready to give a nudge to release the tension? The ultimate goal of this release could fall anywhere, but with the Moon in Cancer, we are particularly attuned to safety, home, and family. Cancers are also nurturers. Have you been pushed to the max in taking care of others? What has to give to bring things into more balance? How do we share responsibility?

Moon in Cancer
April 7—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
Notice the obstacles that present themselves to you today. And then, notice your reactions. This phase of the Moon is created by a square aspect between the Sun and Moon. Squares are about tension and challenge. What was begun at the New Moon is being tested. This test is a necessary stage of manifestation. Although it can feel uncomfortable, we know something is really happening when the discomfort forces us to make a choice, a decision, take an action. We also get to notice our patterns when these types of challenges occur. The more familiar I am with my patterns, the better I can shift them to another resolution. It is all information. I am telling myself this as I notice that today may be challenging and impulsivity may be higher too. Mercury enters Aries today. This planet is our next instigator of change. Next week, Mercury will aspect the planets of the forming Grand Cardinal Cross: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. Mercury’s quickness of thought and action is enhanced by being in the speed-loving sign of Aries. Isn’t faster better? This is a pattern I wish to investigate. Mercury in this sign is an ally of telling our truth. The telling may be impulsive and it could very well end by moving us farther on the path toward real change. Impatience is present. A good counterbalance to encountering the impatience of others is to take calming breaths and find the divine humor in our silly human responses. The calming influence today comes from a trine between the Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. We may just want to hide out at home tonight. Nothing wrong with that.

Moon enters Leo 4:50 am CDT
Tuesday, April 8.
The crescendo of a Mars retrograde, if we can visualize Mars retrograde as even having a crescendo, comes at the halfway point when Mars opposes the Sun. That happens today. Mars in Libra is opposite the Sun in Aries. We are halfway through the backward journey with Mars, and today the Sun sheds light on what we have been experiencing and what it means to us. The story is a little more dramatic because the Sun is in the sign that Mars rules. The Sun is encouraging us to expand into the world through the green force of desire. Who knows where it will lead? And Mars isn’t making that easy at all. In fact, we are more reflective of our impact on others than is usual in this time of bold beginnings. Does this feel uncomfortable or just right? I am thinking about the ways we are being asked to look at privilege in our lives right now. In a sense, an unchecked Mars does represent privilege—an ability to act without having to consider the consequences. Perhaps this Mars retrograde is showing us that this privilege is a type of blindness. The Sun shines a light and Mars shines it back.

Moon in Leo
Wednesday, April 9.
The Moon in Leo helps us move forward. If you are feeling paralyzed by choice right now, consider doing the thing that brings the most spark to your life. This spark could be creativity, fun, romance, or anything that makes you feel just a little proud of yourself. Puff out your chest; toot your horn. Go where the light is shining. Life does not always have to be all sturm and drang. Hopefully, each of us finds the joy that supports the growth of this season.

Moon enters Virgo 5:07 pm CDT
Thursday, April 10.
If you are feeling a bit unambitous, don’t worry about it. The Moon is void-of course until the evening when the Moon enters Virgo (CDT), which will signal a renewed desire to get something accomplished. With the Moon in playful Leo, it may be a good day to find a bit of Sun to bask in. The fires of spring are rising; attune yourself to that warmth. Don’t let the sudden shift from driftless pleasure into earnest perfomance of tasks in the evening be a cause for self-criticism. We get plenty of time over the next two days to make use of Virgo industriousness.

Moon in Virgo
April 11—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
What if the last couple of days have been a respite from personal crisis? Wouldn’t that be great? If you have been able to let go of some of the cares you’ve been carrying around, then you are better poised to make good use of this Gibbous Moon phase in Virgo. If not, then don’t cave to the pressure of perfectionism. I fervently believe we accomplish more through imperfection. We need that fudge factor of chance mixed with our glorious mistakes to really get anywhere.

There are a slew of aspects today making it an interesting stew of possibilities. The Sun in Aries is quincunx Saturn in Scorpio. The quincunx aspect can be very determined to tidy up loose ends, to make sense of the nonsensical. Saturn tends to gravitate towards self-criticism, so we may feel the heaviness and pressure to be perfect. Beginner’s mind is a gift offered by the Aries season. Beginner’s mind encourages us to let go of being an expert. We are just beginning right now—a whole season of growth is before us. How do you wish to greet these possibilities?

Venus conjoins Neptune today in Pisces, giving us a great counterpoint to any sense we can create perfect order in our lives. Beauty and reverie guide us to balance. Open to your mystical side.

Moon in Virgo
Saturday, April 12.
A Virgo Moon on a weekend day has us wanting to do some spring cleaning around the house. How good does it feel to clean away the remnants of winter? I invite you to look at clearing away a remnant of winter in you deeper self as well. What has been holding you back? An adjustment can be made today to open up the channels. Perhaps the dam will not break, perhaps by steady attention and conscious release, we find ourselves flowing to a new place. Perhaps we are already doing the work.

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