Sunday, February 23, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 23, 2014 – March 1

Life is intense right now. That isn’t to say that there aren’t still plenty of opportunities to tune out and go with the flow, but that option doesn’t seem to be working as well as it may have in the past. Stuff’s coming up to be addressed in our personal lives and in the world. This process calls for a greater capacity to be mindful and intentional. I believe it also calls for more compassion all around—for self and others. In this moment, choices, conversations, and plans for the future are charged with heightened significance. Does it feel that way to you? Astrology sure is supporting this perception. Astrologers have been affirming what many of us have been sensing: We are living in a time of heightened significance. The stakes seem higher and our choices matter more. 

The ongoing transit between Pluto and Uranus is a marker for this time in our human history. These two planets are the questioners. They ask us to challenge the status quo and to think deeply about how we got here. In their long cycle of about 140 years, they are coming again to the forefront of experience and evolution. (This cycle began in 1965.) It is time to pay attention, to experiment, to question, and to change. I know many people who are engaged in this process. They are re-patterning their responses to others—they are looking with new eyes at privilege, social justice, ways to make healthy choices, and ways to live in proper relationship with all beings. This is good work. We are living in a time of potent integrity and a time when extreme social injustice is still very present. How do you build capacity to be on the vanguard of change?

This Aquarius lunar cycle* has given us an opportunity to look at the ingredients that help us make sustainable and healthy change. Perhaps you have also noticed how important compassion is to this process. This lunar cycle has been bookended with two significant transits from Jupiter in Cancer (encouraging heartfelt responses). Around the New Moon, Jupiter opposed Pluto; at the end of this cycle, Jupiter squares Uranus. Jupiter is one of those planets that can be a trigger for the release of built-up tensions. The trigger and the guidance come from the heart of Cancer. Issues of home, family, and nurturing are asking us to do the evolutionary work of changing reality.

Another huge influence of this cycle, Mercury moving retrograde through the first part of Pisces into Aquarius, has served to help us link universal emotion with visionary thinking. The gift may be to accept what we don’t know even as we pay attention to what our hearts are telling us.

Mars turns retrograde this week on March 1, the same day as the New Moon in Pisces cycle begins. Mars stations retrograde every two years. It will appear to be moving backwards until May 19. It will not truly complete this process until July 21 when it will reach the retrograde position of March 1. In essence, this whole process began on December 26 of last year when Mars entered the retrograde zone. For these seven months, the attention of our wills and passion turn to Libra and all the issues associated with that sign. While Mars is in Libra, it will also come into triggering aspect with Pluto and Uranus. If Jupiter triggered us through the heart of home, Mars may trigger us through the structures of partnerships and the necessity for balance.

Forecast February 23, 2014 – March 1

Moon in Sagittarius
Sunday, February 23.
The Sun makes its yearly conjunction with Neptune today. Even though the next New Moon (in Pisces, ruled by Neptune) doesn’t occur for five more days, the softening and flowing of the Pisces lunation has already begun. Tendrils of Aquarius intention expand into oceanic connection. I love to turn to Rumi’s ecstatic poems during this Piscean season. Just about any one of them will do. But, here are a few words to inspire: From “On Buoyancy” I saw you and became empty. This emptiness, more beautiful than existence, it obliterates existence, and yet when it comes, existence thrives and creates more existence! With the Moon also making a delightful connection with Mercury, write a poem of your own. You only have to show it to yourself.

Moon enters Capricorn 7:50 am CST
Monday, February 24.
We enjoy the gifts of structure and boundaries today. Sometimes, these very things chaff and confine us. Today, they are necessary grounding forces, which may help us to expand into change later this week. In fact, tomorrow may be a day of disruption and surprise, so take advantage of the Capricorn Moon (cardinal earth sign) and a helpful aspect between Venus and Saturn to find the structures and boundaries that support you. This is the third time since late fall of last year that Venus in Capricorn forms a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. Venus has been helping us to find the form and boundaries within our relationships. Notice what you are learning about this for yourself today.

Moon in Capricorn
February 25—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering.
Paradox is the closest thing to truth I know. As we think about our visions for the world, how does paradox inform you? We may be surrendering certainty under this phase of the Moon, but what fills that space when you are able to let go of opinion, needing to be right, or expecting others to embrace your vision? Without the safety net of certainty, what possibilities emerge? The Moon in Capricorn holds the tension between attachment to past forms and maintaining the larger vision that allows us to grow. Paradox is present when we both know and don’t know what our next steps should be.

Early, right after midnight CST, the Moon contacts all the planets in the tense aspect configuration of Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. Once again, easy solutions escape us when we are confronted with big obstacles. Perhaps it is time for us to master the ninja skills of paradox. Why is life so hard? Does it have to be? What is your superpower right now? How will you dare to offer yours to the unfolding story?

The aspect between Pluto and Chiron today aids the approach of transformative compassion. Pluto adds power; Chiron adds healing potential. As the Moon contacts Venus late tonight, notice the need for human relationship, for beauty, for comfort. Be gentle with yourself.

Moon enters Aquarius 8:55 am CST
Wednesday, February 26.
The Moon returns to Aquarius today as we begin to bring this lunar cycle’s intention to a conclusion. What do you notice differently about vision, heart, change, and sustainability? Early this morning, Jupiter in Cancer forms a square to Uranus in Aries. We may be jolted once again into realizing that change is afoot. We get to claim what we most desire in our homes and hearths. We may notice more profoundly how these areas impact our lives. Another Rumi poem comes to mind: “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.” Notice that you may have strong reactions, even anger, associated with wanting to wake up.

Moon in Aquarius
Thursday, February 27.
Mercury is stationing direct tomorrow. Right before that happens, the Moon pays a visit to the trickster planet through a conjunction today. The days surrounding Mercury stations are the most likely for those classic Mercury retrograde mix-ups in communication and travel. Because Mercury and the Moon are in Aquarius (an air sign), the potential for our minds to trip us up is even greater. There is no point in expecting perfection, but notice where you may want to bring more conscious attention to your communication. The Moon also forms a square to Saturn. This aspect may create profound disappointment around communication failures, but it can also support us in making new communication agreements.

Moon enters Pisces 8:52 am CST
Friday, February 28.
The Moon enters Pisces and we begin the process of flowing out of winter. The mutable signs (Pisces is mutable water) are the in between seasons, which occur right before we begin the next season. We are in between winter and spring. What do you need emotionally and physically right now to ease that transition? Mercury stations direct today. It is a good idea to be more patient and aware that some of us will not be as focused as we should be on things like driving or using tools and technology. This is a great day to practice compassion. The Moon is conjunct Neptune this afternoon (CST) while the Sun in watery Pisces is trine to Jupiter in watery Cancer this evening. Go with the flow. Be tender with yourself and others.

Moon in Pisces
March 1—New Moon: Dreaming.
As I said in yesterday’s forecast, the mutable signs (like Pisces) prepare the way for the next season. The spring season, which will begin during this new lunar cycle, may bring dramatic shifts in our world. Perhaps we will notice big changes in the world of politics or perhaps we will simply notice the profound change that happens every year at this time when the hours of daylight begin to exceed the hours of night (Northern Hemisphere). This is in itself a big change, which is helped by self-care and mindful intention.

Pisces is about flow. The sign encourages us to surrender and to expand into a vaster consciousness. This experience can be ecstatic and it can be disorienting. It is helpful at times to step back from the desire to merge with others and remember the boundaries of our own bodies. This is a good time to look at our eating and sleeping habits and return to the practices that encourage vitality. The Pisces lunar cycle is also a good time to attend to our emotional states. I live in a place that is covered with several feet of snow. As the snow cover melts, we begin to see the things we left in our yards emerge. These things may bring delight or panic, depending on what they are. This could be a good metaphor for what we experience in the Piscean time of melting. Surprising emotions may emerge as we melt away winter. We are not alone in this, even though it can feel that way. Holding ourselves and others with gentleness helps us make the shift.

At the New Moon phase, we dream about intention for the cycle. We may not know right now what the work will be. I am inviting myself to let the work be about self-care. What about you?
Even as the New Moon is encouraging flow, several planets are stationary giving a contrary experience. Things feel stuck right now. Today Mars stations retrograde in Libra. Yesterday, Mercury stationed direct in Aquarius, and tomorrow Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio. In just five days, Jupiter in Cancer will station direct. Will/anger (Mars), communication/thought (Mercury), responsibility/structure (Saturn), and belief/opportunity (Jupiter) are standing still. We may feel more pressure and forget that it will not always be like this. Take a breath before taking extreme action.

Pressure is present through the contacts between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in the chart for this New Moon. With Piscean sensitivity, we may want to numb out in response. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and disengaging for a while. It is all about balance and self-care. Remember the delight and gift of water as a tonic. Mars’ retrograde journey through Libra has us looking more deeply at balance and knowing when we can’t do it all.

My closing words come from Rumi, again: Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.
A white flower grows in quietness. Let your tongue become that flower.

*The Aquarius New Moon began on January 30. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 16 – February 22

Breathing deep, I notice myself responding to uncertainty. I notice some fears. As the Moon wanes from a dynamic Valentine’s Day fullness, many of us may be wondering about change, both the fears and joys attached to it. I am noticing that the more change is present, the more I need to feel certain, at least about some things. Certainty can be a comfort, an anchor, in uncertain times, and it can be a dogmatic attachment to my point of view. Too much certainty becomes toxic. I wonder what would happen if I could gently release my attachment to certainty?  Can I treat this part of myself with more compassion? Paradigms are shifting, causing many of us to notice ingrained responses to uncertainty. What I am noticing about myself is a desire to find sure footing.

I turn to my trusty dictionary and online etymology site to dig deeper into the word: Certainty means firm conviction, it is from the Latin, certus, meaning sure, fixed, settled, determined. Originally a variant past participle of cernere meaning "to distinguish, decide," literally "to sift, separate" [From]. My attention is piqued by the word ‘fixed’ since the sign of the current lunar cycle*, Aquarius, is fixed air. Fixity can be a gift and a challenge. This lunar cycle calls attention to paradoxical Aquarian qualities: being the instigator of change while at the same time fixing on ideas in response to the uncertainties that change brings.  

A somewhat hilarious component to this dynamic tension between certainty and change is that Mercury is moving retrograde through Aquarius right now. Mercury, aka Hermes the Trickster god, has a prime mission to point out the ways human attachment to thought, systems, and rationality are but tenuous dreams created to give us false certainty. Are you laughing yet? Mercury makes two important connections this week, a trine to Mars and a square to Saturn. Since Mercury is moving backwards, this is the second time Mercury has formed these aspects in recent weeks. When Mercury turns direct, it will come back for the third and final time. We are mid-conversation. The Mars contact reminds us of the speed of thought and word. How do we develop more mindfulness? The Saturn contact tells us that our words and thoughts carry significance and weight—how do we use these tools with responsibility for their impact?

In this season of fixed air (Aquarius) it is good to notice the desire for certainty. When the Sun shifts into Pisces this week, we become much more attuned to our common feelings, becoming ever more aware that fixity is impossible as we sense into that ocean. Not until the next New Moon, on March 1, do we set mindful intention around this Pisces mission. For now, we dismantle the Aquarian approach: sorting, discerning and sifting through what is and isn’t beneficial to meet the challenges of change.

Forecast February 16 – February 22

Moon in Virgo
Sunday, February 16.
Communication is primary for moving our visions forward. Mercury (retrograde) is forming a harmonious trine with Mars in Libra. In air signs, this transit speeds up thought and action. The tricksterish quality of Mercury at this time may play tricks on our assumptions, however. Is faster always better? The Moon makes favorable contacts with Pluto, Venus, and Saturn. We can take advantage of this energy to have deeper conversations that get to the heart of the matter.

Moon enters Libra 12:22 pm
Monday, February 17.
The morning may be a little sleepy. A good way to get the day started could be to use the Virgo Moon energy of the morning to integrate body and mind. Perhaps a meditation practice, exercise, or starting a new holistic diet would help you feel more prepared for the week ahead. Notice any tendencies towards self-judgment. What are your strategies for balance?

Moon in Libra
February 18—Disseminating Moon: Sharing.
Take it easy on yourself. Expectations or demands on our attention could be high today. This phase of the Moon invites a practice of gratitude. No matter how much better we could be, right now, each of us is good enough. Share that spacious self-acceptance in a practice of gratitude for what you are learning.

The Moon in cardinal air sign, Libra, sparks the paradigm-questioning configuration of planets—Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus in Capricorn. The Moon’s essential desire in Libra is to find balance and partnership. We may notice a real need for these qualities today. We may also notice how our lives may be out of balance or our relationships not perfectly aligned with the changes we need to make. The dynamic tension can teach us how to navigate through change. [Read this week’s introduction about certainty.] There is always another way to come at your challenges. What are your second thoughts?  By this I don’t mean your doubts, but what thoughts come next after your first thoughts? As Mercury (retrograde) squares Saturn, we have a perfect opportunity to cultivate the practice of second thoughts.

Other big, yet subtle, shifts occur today. The Sun moves into mutable water sign—Pisces. Although it may feel like winter still has a strong hold on your weather, depending on where you live, the Pisces season signals the thawing of hard forms. Get ready to flow into spring, into change, into life. The signs of the Moon’s Nodes are moving to a new pair of signs—North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries. For the next 20 months, the growing edge centers around the opposition between partnership/balance and individuation/action. We will be learning new ways to integrate these seemingly opposing impulses.

Moon enters Scorpio 9:33 pm CST
Wednesday, February 19.
Mental functions are stimulated this morning (CST). The Moon trines retrograde Mercury and forms a conjunction with Mars. It is up to you to decide whether you want to move forward with your new ideas or just sit with them for a bit longer. Both courses of action have their benefit. Since Mercury is moving retrograde, we just can’t expect to know how these things will turn out. Don’t be surprised if you have to redo something later. If you are OK with that, then go ahead and take action now. Later in the day, we feel emotional resonance. As the Moon and Sun—both in water signs—form a trine to each other; go with your flow.

Moon in Scorpio
Thursday, February 20.
After a crusty winter, what gifts does water offer you? Take advantage of the Moon in Scorpio making a grand water trine pattern with Neptune and Jupiter through the course of this day to deeply appreciate the delight and mystery of water. I don’t think I need to point out the possibilities. Today, they are hard to ignore.

Moon in Scorpio
Friday, February 21.
It may be good to check back in with our need for certainty and security today. With the Moon in fixed water contacting Mercury in fixed air and Saturn also in fixed water, we have the opportunity to notice the dynamic tension between intellectual certainty and emotional certainty. Saturn helps us to take responsibility for our impact. This is a day to build more authority through commitment.

Moon enters Sagittarius 4:11 am
February 22—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
At the New Moon, I wrote: “The work of this lunar cycle is to make Aquarius vision more effective through connection to our tender hearts of emotion while planting our feet firmly on the ground of sustainability.” In this phase of the Moon, we evaluate the experience of the lunar cycle. Change, compassion, flexibility, and grounded structures were important ingredients. What do you notice about your own experience? The metaphor that resonates for me at this stage of the cycle is the seed of knowledge formed from our intentions and experiences of this cycle. What is your kernel of wisdom concerning vision and change?

The Moon in Sagittarius encourages truth seeking and story telling. Take this time to weave a story of meaning. It may be ephemeral truth, not lasting for very long. But notice the desire to create story and meaning from experiences of this month. Poetic, ecstatic forms may serve better to express your story. With the Moon squaring Neptune, we may long to connect with universal stories only to find that each of our experiences is quite unique. Enjoy the process of expression more than the product you are creating. The firey Moon trines Uranus tonight (CST), it feels good to expand our horizons.

*The Aquarius New Moon began on January 30. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 9 – February 15

Red is the color of life. Where I live, the ground has been frozen and covered with deep snow for months now. Winter is beautiful in so many special ways. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. However, about this time in the winter season, I start to crave color. It’s a real thing. Just about mid-February, People here are looking to do anything to create more heat. I think valentines were invented to satisfy this strong need for hot color here in the frozen north. That may not be technically true, but it is how I feel about it.

There’s more to the timing of Valentine’s Day than a chance to sell chocolates and flowers. Valentine’s Day infuses a cold season with passion. The cold I am talking about isn’t just the winter temps. Aquarius*, oriented so strongly to airy, intellectual qualities, has a bit of a cold nature too. That isn’t a judgment, just an observation. Valentine’s Day occurs just when we might feel the most detached from life force and when we most need to restore passion and play into our lives. The contrast between cold and hot creates an alchemical reaction—a marriage of opposites, which yields fertile possibilities. We get the opportunity to experience this integration on the Full Moon in Leo this week, which just happens to be on Valentine’s Day (an on a Friday as well!).

There is no excuse to hide behind pale colors this week. Embrace the red as you would embrace life itself. Opposite signs give each other permission. Leo, opposite Aquarius, gives that cold and analytical sign, an opportunity to express uncensored passion. Aquarius helps give Leo more gravity (in an odd way for an air sign). Take your passions seriously; they show us where life force needs to go next.

Forecast February 9 – February 15
Moon in Gemini
Sunday, February 9.
Mental energy is strong and challenged. Mercury stationed retrograde on the 6th. With the Moon in Mercury’s home sign, we may notice the difference between ordinary mental states and extraordinary ones. My personal belief is that Mercury retrograde periods are times when we are forced to access our non-dominant thinking strategy. If we tend to appreciate rational logic, then we have to use intuition more. If we prefer intuition, then we have to exercise our logic muscles. Gemini reminds us of polarity and duality and the ways we shift back and forth. Perception is relative.

Moon enters Cancer 12:33 am CST
February 10—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
The nature of this phase of the Moon comes from the relationship between the signs where the Moon and Sun reside. Cancer (Moon) and Aquarius (Sun) offer each other just enough dynamic tension that we are forced to make adjustments. The primary friction comes from the interaction of cardinal water (Cancer) and fixed air (Aquarius). It is too easy for either of these signs to dismiss the other. But when they make room for the other, the potential inherent in this lunar cycle goes way up. Air signs benefit from having a tether to reality and relationships. Otherwise, their inspiration becomes too abstract to be valuable. The Cancer Moon asks Aquarius to anchor to real emotional experiences. This is not a simple process. We need discernment to know when and how to pay attention to feelings, to know when fears are founded and when they are not, and to know when to solve emotional problems or simply let them be.

The day starts with an emphasis on our feeling natures. Our dreams the night before may have been vivid and important. By the evening, the tension between emotion and abstract thinking may be the strongest as the Moon squares Uranus and conjoins Jupiter. We win when we make room for heart and mind.

Moon in Cancer
Tuesday, February 11.
Emotional honesty may be difficult but could also be liberating. By this, I don’t mean emotional dumping on others. Emotional honesty today could take the form of being fully present to our own emotions and taking responsibility for them. This responsibility could mean having an honest conversation, or could be knowing when to keep that information to ourselves. The Sun in transparency-loving Aquarius squares Saturn in shadow-loving Scorpio today. This connection is rich with emotional information seeking a way to transform our world. Your soul is speaking.

Moon enters Leo 1:15 pm CST
Wednesday, February 12.
The distinction between emotional knowing and intellectual knowing is more pronounced today. Mercury, which stationed retrograde in watery Pisces, reenters Aquarius. With the Moon moving into Leo, a new dynamic is needed. Think red. Think passion and play. If life has been feeling too serious lately, Leo energy provides the release valve. Laughter is healing and enlivens us.

Moon in Leo
Thursday, February 13.
Tomorrow’s Full Moon is already felt strongly. The first indication is a feeling of daring to express one’s unique point of view. The Moon in firey Leo trines Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). This aspect encourages self-expression. Life force is strong. Begin to notice how self-expression interacts with collective creativity. This Full Moon is an opportunity to integrate the communal perspective of Aquarius with the personal significance of Leo. The two can seem to battle each other, but there is an opening to find the ways they complement each other. What are you noticing?

Moon in Leo
February 14—Full Moon: Illuminating.
This will not be a quiet Full Moon—thank goodness! Mid-winter begs for firey expression. The more red, the better [See this week’s introduction]. Perhaps you are noticing the effects of repression. Something’s got to give. Where I live this is known as cabin fever.

Where is the romance? How many different forms can romance take? Don’t feel trapped by what is shown on TV. What kindles the flame of you heart? How do you appreciate this flame in others? We all need to be seen for our unique contributions to the whole. What happens when we celebrate ourselves?

Two aspect configurations command our attention. One is the dynamic, paradigm challenging aspects between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. This configuration feels a little reckless but also carries a lot of creative potential. The other aspect pattern is the opposition of the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo forming a square to Saturn in Scorpio. Three of the four fixed signs demand to be integrated. Fixed signs are stewards of their element. Air, Fire and Water are calling to us. Although, no planets currently occupy the fixed earth sign, Taurus, we can’t forget the need for grounded, embodied structures as we attempt to create these new paradigms. Saturn’s influence is felt as greater gravity. Things matter deeply. The stakes are high. Are you up to the challenge?
We invite in Aquarian inspiration and Leo creativity to spark the flames of change. May these changes feed the deeper structures of this world.

Moon enters Virgo 1:25 am CST
Saturday, February 15.
Did you feel the wild release of romance yesterday? Today’s Virgo Moon asks us to pick up the messy pieces of Full Moon exuberance. That is OK. After a release, we can feel a little fragile. Take care of yourself. Virgo brings a desire for healing and integration. The Moon opposing Neptune this morning (CST) gets the day off to a heart-full start. We can be grounded and connected to ever-widening spheres of compassion. Don’t be thrown. The Sun and Mercury retrograde conjoin today. This marks the heart of this Mercury retrograde journey. Unusual illuminations are all around.  Pay attention.

*The Aquarius New Moon began on January 30. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 2 – February 8

I’ve often thought the perfect committee would be composed of three essential but different personality types: people who break new ground, those who hold the values and forms together, and those who are able to shift perspective in response to new input. Of course, what I am describing are the three modalities of astrology—the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs. Modality means method of doing things. To keep our committees humming, we need every mode to contribute their piece. This may be true, and still we run into difficulty when another mode is very different from our own. It can be hard to see the value in someone trying to initiate change when you really value forms that have worked in the past. Perspective of the whole can help. That is one of the gifts I think astrology offers. We each have a piece; and there is a right time to assert it. 

Every sign has a mode and an element. For instance there are three air signs, one for each modality. Libra is cardinal, Gemini is mutable, and Aquarius is fixed. Each of these signs has a different mode of working with the realm of ideas and social connections—the air specialties. This lunar cycle in Aquarius, we are invited to notice our relationship to fixed air. One way that Aquarians contribute to the committee is by anchoring the forms of thought and social interaction. This can show up as attachment to ideas, dogmatic beliefs about social groups, and strong causes for which we will fight. Underneath these strong and sometimes difficult positions is the authentic desire to honor human inventiveness and what we can do together to make the world a better place. We need Aquarius on the committee. The task is to bring out the Aquarian gifts while being mindful of the Aquarian pitfalls.

Last week, I wrote: “The work of this lunar cycle is to make Aquarius vision more effective through connection to our tender hearts of emotion while planting our feet firmly on the ground of sustainability.” Time for transparency. I have an Aquarius Moon. I am talking to myself about myself. A large part of my life has been seeking to balance vision with heart and groundedness.  I know how difficult this task is. I sympathize if you are finding this a challenge during this lunar cycle, even if you have no Aquarian planets in your birthchart.

We are living in an Aquarian time right now. More and more we connect via the Internet. Social media is having a huge impact on the organization of our social groups. In some ways we are hearing more from others different from ourselves and in other ways we are collecting in more and more homogenous subgroups. Aquarius pushes against both of these realities, always tinkering with how we can connect in more meaningful and progressive ways. Even though Aquarius is fixed, this sign is focused on new, better, different. Thoughts speed up in this pursuit. If we don’t remember our tender hearts and our grounded feet, we just aren’t being effective committee members. This week may start out with some challenges to remaining compassionate and grounded. Practices that encourage large perspective, less reactivity, and more determination may help us through with Aquarian vision intact.

Forecast February 2 – February 8

Moon enters Aries 10:54 pm CST
February 2—Crescent Moon: Beginning. Imbolc.
Grab a book of poetry, or better yet, write a poem of your own today. Imbolc festivities include honoring Brigid, the goddess of poetry, by sharing poetry. Let yourself be inspired and be an inspiration to others. The sign and phase of the Moon today supports poetic expression. The Moon is in Pisces most of the day (CST)—a sign prone to poetic reverie especially of the mystical kind. The waxing crescent Moon is always a happy sight. During this phase, the Moon reappears after a period of darkness to herald new beginnings. Imbolc aligns with this phase perfectly. This seasonal holy day is a time to dedicate ourselves to new projects for the year ahead. We are infused with gentle hope for this Aquarian Moon cycle. Remembering the importance of heart and grounded form, it is good to attend to both at this beginning. If your heart is a vessel, how will you fill it? How will you pour it? How will it nourish your New Moon beginnings?

Moon in Aries
Monday, February 3.
Today is astronomical Imbolc when the Sun reaches the middle of Aquarius. We are at the core of the Aquarian journey. Hopefully you were able to take some time for yourself yesterday, while the Moon was in Pisces, because this could be a rough Monday. Be ready for unexpected reactions, frustrations or misunderstandings. The Moon in Aries gives us shorter fuses, however if you need a fire under you to truly commit to new projects, this is your day. The Moon contacts Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Venus through stressful aspects triggering this jittery configuration we’ve had influencing our lives for some time now. This isn’t new. If you are feeling stress, reflect on what responses you need to shift to make progress. We are being pushed to change. Venus is still at the degree of its station last week. Relationship is a primary place to make new and healthier choices. The dance could be between compromise and standing your ground. How do you know what to choose?

Moon in Aries
Tuesday, February 4.
Anything left undone? Use the energy of the Aries Moon making an opposition to Mars in Libra to move things along. With Venus, the relationship planet, now moving forward and Mars in Libra, the relationship sign, approaching its own retrograde journey (begins on March 1), we are seeing our relationships in a new light. This will continue for several months. Discernment is needed to know when conflict is healthy and when it is harmful. Sometimes there isn’t one right answer. Notice how we tend to think there is.

Moon enters Taurus 3:46 am CST
Wednesday, February 5.
Taurus Moon aids the intention of grounded structures. Taurus is the fixed earth sign that confronts the fixity of Aquarian air. A healthy give and take between Aquarian theory and vision with Taurean stability and protection gives us more to work with as we engage with the forces of transformation and change running through the world. Enjoy the calm that comes from embodiment. We feel more hopeful today after a couple of days of high-octane energy. Be aware that Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde tomorrow. We will need the patience of Taurus to wait out disruptions in communication and travel. A harmonious trine between Chiron and Jupiter increases empathy but may also mean we are more spaced-out than usual.

Moon in Taurus
February 6—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
Trust is the operative word for the challenge of this lunar phase. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces today we will have to employ trust when things don’t seem to be working out the way we planned. Perhaps a bigger pattern is being activated. Playful curiosity is a great way to approach Mercury retrograde periods. Mercury stations retrograde at 3 degrees Pisces (emotional wisdom) today, Mercury reenters Aquarius (visionary verve) on February 12. The core of the retrograde cycle happens on February 15 when Mercury joins the Sun; then Mercury will turn direct on February 28. The final stage will be when Mercury goes back through this area of zodiac until March 20 when it returns to the retrograde degree of 3 Pisces. Just because it looks like our plans are falling apart, it doesn’t mean we aren’t serving a larger Aquarian vision. Let us open the doorway to change.

The Moon supports Pluto and Venus today. We feel strong and connected to others. This evening (CST) the Moon opposes Saturn. We feel serious and may take the uncertainty that Mercury stirs up personally, as if we have failed in some way. Look under the surface of self-judgments. Something more important is afoot.

Moon enters Gemini 12:44 pm CST
Friday, February 7.
The trickster aspect of Mercury is evident today. With the Moon entering Gemini (ruled by Mercury) we need to be flexible and find the humor in things going awry. After all, you are trying your best. Notice the distinction between mind and heart as this airy Moon squares watery Neptune this evening. Temporary escapism may take off the edge, but don’t numb out entirely. We can learn something valuable.

Moon in Gemini
Saturday, February 8.
I am going to hazard a guess that it was not easy sleeping last night. Gemini Moon engages with Uranus this morning, which can feel a bit like being on speed. Notice how busy your mind wants to be. Some of that mental energy is helpful and some of it is a distraction from our hearts and grounded structures. Remember how that is so essential this lunar cycle? What are you noticing?

*The Aquarius New Moon began on January 30. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:

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