Sunday, January 26, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast January 26, 2014 – February 1

For this week of transition, when the Capricorn* lunar cycle ends and the Aquarius lunar cycle begins, I am thinking about two cards from the Tarot—the Tower and the Star.** In the Tarot the cards follow a set order. The Tower, a card depicting abrupt change, is followed next by The Star, a card of calm and hope. Together, these two cards tell a story about change that is important for our times. Both Tarot and astrology are archetypal symbol systems that reveal original patterns of nature. Tarot and astrology can be used together to show us processes of life that are eternal. The step between The Tower and the Star cards resembles the same step we take from this Capricorn lunar cycle into the next Aquarian lunar cycle. The original patterns help show the way as we take this step into new paradigms.

Old paradigms/new paradigms. In the Capricorn cycle, we have had the opportunity to look at our structures—our towers—and take them apart to get to the essential building blocks. This process has been preparation for more dismantling of paradigms this year. The Capricorn lessons have helped us know the structures that support us. If we know what is essential, we are able to let go of the rest, freeing us to take up the Aquarius mission of ushering in new paradigms. The image of destruction and upheaval (The Tower) is followed by an image of grace and flow. The Star holds out a promise that from destruction, renewal is possible.

Lessons from The Tower and The Star. Change is coming, though it will not look the same for everyone. For some, a lightening bolt will bring sudden change. For others, the process may look more organic, like the erosion of stone into sand. However it shows up, change is a constant. We are always in some form of change and in some form of building again from the rubble. In the last days of this Capricorn cycle, notice your relationship to this process.

In the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, The Star card corresponds to Aquarius. This image teaches about the gifts of Aquarius and gives us insight about avoiding typical Aquarian missteps. With the name, The Water Bearer, many people assume that Aquarius is a water sign. But it is not. Aquarius is fixed air. The naked woman in this card pours out inspiration. She is pouring out ideas. Following The Tower, this card shows the inner calm that can help manifest Aquarian vision. The image of flow and the earth taking in the water shows us where we need to balance Aquarian vision with emotional connection and realistic boundaries. Without these elements, Aquarius feels impulsive and unproductive. If our essential natures are airy, we will do well to remember emotion and structure as we create from the foundations of our old towers. If we are missing air, then The Star card offers a way to embrace pure potential as a flow from the heavens. Grace and inspiration are all around us. 

Forecast January 26, 2014 – February 1

Moon in Sagittarius
Sunday, January 26.
Energy can be low during a waning Moon, but that is not the case today. The Sagittarius Moon makes favorable contacts with the Sun and Uranus giving us hopes about the future. The day starts off with some confusing dreams that may be very revealing if you can remember them. It is good to sense the tender emotions lying under the surface before we get too caught up in the excitement of new adventures. Have fun; you deserve it.

Moon enters Capricorn 11:04 pm CST
January 27—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering.  
Although technically, the Balsamic phase of the Moon begins today, we won’t really feel it until tomorrow when the Moon will be fully returned to the sign of Capricorn. Coming full circle. What do you recall about the start of this lunar cycle, which auspiciously began on New Year’s Day? How did you embrace the new year? Since then, what stones from your foundations are still holding up and which ones have tumbled to the ground? Honor the gifts of Capricorn from this cycle. Structure, mastery, and relationship with Time are some of the Capricorn treasures I have been appreciating. In this phase of surrendering, I release my hold on these stones, knowing they are strong by themselves.

The Moon, while in Sagittarius, makes favorable contacts with Mars and Mercury. Get out excess energy by going to the gym, getting fresh air, or dancing away the winter blues (at least here in the ice bound upper Midwest!). Make a gratitude list. Imagine thankfulness as a sweet fire that warms you all over.

Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, January 28.
Underlying tensions ensure we remember our foundations. Some may crumble today as the Moon triggers the current pattern of planets in tense configuration—Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter are the paradigm changers of the zodiac right now. There are times we need to stand up for ourselves, and times to let annoyances go. Being able to discern the correct response for you is exactly the kind of foundation work Capricorn encourages. We are building core muscles. But that doesn’t mean we have to fight our way out of our problems. The Moon conjoins Venus tonight nearing the end of her retrograde journey. Venus has been helping us to firm up the relationships that support inner strength and standing our ground. Give thanks through creation or appreciation of Beauty.

Moon enters Aquarius 10:33 pm CST
Wednesday, January 29.
Most of the day is void-of-course for the Moon, and considering that this is the last day of a lunar cycle, it may be best to wrap up lose ends rather than try to initiate any new projects. The Star card (see week’s introduction) lunar cycle dawns tomorrow. Rest and reflection will help you with the flurry of action that is coming next.
Moon in Aquarius
January 30—New Moon: Dreaming.
We are deep into winter where I live, the very core of it in fact. In three days some will honor the sabbath of Imbolc, a holy day of celebrating the shift from our winter repose into our spring emergence. This shift is subtle. Right now where I live the temperatures are hovering around 0° F, but daylight lasts longer and the Sun travels higher in the sky everyday. Right now, the Sun’s angle of declination is the same as it was near the beginning of November. To honor this season, some of us invite the goddess Brigid to bless our fires of creativity, healing, vision, and justice. She tends the spark of the next growing cycle. Right now, we turn our attention to those flames of potential.

Devotion to Brigid often takes the form of tending her sacred flame. Night after night, devotees to Brigid keep vigil over this fire. In the heart of winter, the New Moon in Aquarius is an opportunity to reflect on the fires of our hearts and how we keep vigil for our sacred flames. Even the smallest spark of inspiration can be nurtured at this time.

Aquarius is a sign that envisions potentialities and asks, “Why not act now to create the future we desire?” Get ready to feel those winds of change and action as we increasingly wonder, why not now? The work of this lunar cycle is to make Aquarius vision more effective through connection to our tender hearts of emotion while planting our feet firmly on the ground of sustainability. Water and earth are allies; with these two anchors in place, inspiration pours out.

To begin the dreams of this lunar cycle, we notice that Venus stations to turn direct tomorrow. Venus has taken an underworld journey of transformation to come back to a sensitive degree in Capricorn—conjunct Pluto, opposite Jupiter, and square to Uranus. These planets have been sounding the steady drumbeat of paradigm change. Venus reminds us of the primal importance of beauty and partnership to this work. The two goddesses, Venus and Brigid, are guides for us at this time.

Moon enters Pisces 9:44 pm CST
Friday, January 31.
Big doings in the sky today. For one, Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto. We may feel blockages and oppositions in our own lives profoundly. When Pluto is active, we notice the fears and the exhilaration of blasting through stuck places. Jupiter asks us to orient ourselves to our deepest connections—family, hearth, and heart. What threatens the most precious things in your life? Don’t be surprised if a close examination reveals that you are the source of power after all. We can choose to reclaim power and lose our victim stance. Venus stations direct today—the journey, which began on Winter Solstice, ends. Important relationships have been cemented and those that don’t serve have gone away. Another thread—Mercury enters Pisces—we are attuning to mystical, mysterious messages. In a few days, Mercury will station retrograde (February 6), moving from this expansive connection back into the busy mental energy of Aquarius. Notice how these states of perception are different; we need both types of thought processes. When the Moon enters Pisces tonight (CST), exhale and remember emotional connection will serve us this cycle. What are you feeling?

Moon in Pisces
Saturday, February 1.
Empathy is strong today. The Moon in Pisces makes harmonious contacts with Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus. The undercurrents of conflict can be soothed by an open heart. Notice the difference between empathy and projection. The sextile between the Moon and Pluto gives us just enough edge to keep our own boundaries intact even as we sense into collective emotion.

*The Capricorn New Moon began on January 1. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:
**Image for these cards Tower is XVI Star is XVII

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast January 19, 2014 – January 25

What is your relationship to Time as a Mysterious One? Does this question catch you by surprise? Have you never thought of Time as a being with whom you could have relationship? If so,  I invite you to entertain that notion. It could shift your whole life. I know it has mine.

Pressure and panic are signals that I am not in alignment with Time. Too focused on the future, I lose my anchor to Present Being. Like a child who feels neglected and who knows she is the center of the world (don’t we all know this?), Present Being warns, “If you lose me, you lose everything! Future won’t help you and it won’t help me. Come back to me. I need you.”

Anchored in the present, I am free to expand my relationship to Time. The capital letter Time is frankly beyond my true comprehension, but that doesn’t stop relationship. I have a friend who opened my mind to respectful and accountable relationship to Time. Claudia taught me to stop blaming Time for my choices. When I say, I don’t have time, or time is running out, or there isn’t enough time, I am really talking about my choices, not Time’s. If I feel pressure or panic, I have forgotten that Time is infinite and is more than willing to be my ally in helping me focus my desires and choices in this very present moment.

Time is important to the current Capricorn lunar cycle.* Focused on both limitations and possibilities, Capricorn makes us aware of reality. I’ve been looking at my foundations during this Moon cycle. I am aware that we are in a very important moment of choice in our world. Resources are crunched. Systems are out of balance. Change needs to happen foundationally. If this isn’t a formula for panic or escapism, I don’t know what is. And so, how do I remember my lost child, Present Moment? How do you? As the Moon wanes to the next lunar cycle that begins on January 30, I want to practice shedding the obstacles that keep me from the present moment.
I really need this. I hope to shift my worries into abundant possibilities. For the next two weeks, I hope to lighten my hold on the qualities that keep me from the present and add those I want in my foundation.  

Five things to shed: shame — scarcity fear — comparison — deadening emotion — despair
Five things to invite: gratitude — calm mind — joy — beauty — devotion

Will you join me?

Forecast January 19, 2014 – January 25

Moon in Virgo
Sun enters Aquarius 9:51 pm CST
Sunday, January 19.
The grounded awareness of this Capricorn lunar cycle gets a jolt from the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius today. As the Fixed Air sign, Aquarius loves the realm of ideas. Thought plays with Time, speeds it up, and tempts us to initiate change by inviting us to imagine a different future. All that is good, however do you notice stress creeping in too? Rather than get caught up in the future, can you bring this infusion of inspiration into your present moment? With the Moon in Virgo, we are drawn to tinkering with systems to bring better efficiencies. Balancing effort with pragmatism brings wholeness. This adjustment helps us to be healthier as well as calmer. The Virgo imperative isn’t about perfection. [I always say this, because I need to be reminded.] However, Virgo’s gift invites a purification that helps us begin again in wholeness. Every one of us can return to the present moment with new attention and willingness to work. Notice communication mix-ups or assumptions that create misunderstanding. Jupiter and Mercury are asking us to reconsider something we thought to be true. 

Moon in Virgo
January 20—Disseminating Moon: Sharing.
I believe that each person is significant. We matter. Many times we don’t know what impact we are having. If everyone is connected in a giant web of interbeing, there is no way we are not continually influencing others. This phase of the Moon invites us to accept our impact and consider what impact we wish to have. The paradox is we can never really know and we can’t control how others will be influenced by what we share.
We’ve been looking at the bones of our foundations this lunar cycle. How has this journey influenced what you want to share? The Moon in Virgo encourages us to look at both the parts and the whole. What is your access to wisdom—the big picture or the small details? Both ways will create reverberations in the web as we continue to interact.

Venus has made her big migration from the evening sky to the morning. Venus is till moving retrograde in Capricorn, encouraging an investigation of our foundations. Perhaps you are noticing a new point of view in the Venusian areas of life, which include our relationships, resources, and values. Venus, as the planet of balance, spends an equal amount of time as Evening Star and Morning Star. Consider what needs to shift for you to bring more balance into your life.  

Moon enters Libra 6:43 am CST
Tuesday, January 21.
Open the channels of dialog, even if it just with yourself. What do you need to say? Will you also be ready to listen? The Moon in Libra emphasizes partnership and collaboration. We are reminded that we don’t have to do it alone. Cultivate allies in your journey and reach out to one of them.

Moon in Libra
Wednesday, January 22.
We are checking in with the forces of change and transformation today. When the Moon hits a Cardinal sign (in Libra today), it activates the other planets—Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars—which are moving in and out of tense aspects with each other currently. The emphasis is on restoring balance. This could look like frustration about injustice, isolation, or inertia. Interactions could be tense because of impatience or mounting stress. Communication issues will become increasingly important over the next three months. Today Mercury enters what is often called the shadow zone of its next retrograde journey. We begin to get an inkling of the kinds of communication improvements we need to make. Mercury won’t turn retrograde until February 6, so the real impact may not be felt until then.

Moon enters Scorpio 3:43 pm CST
January 23—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
Scorpio is known for its x-ray vision. This sign sees deeply. With the Moon entering Scorpio, we each acquire this superpower for a few days. We are encouraged to ferret out any remaining insights about Capricorn foundations as the Moon wanes into darkness over the next week. Are you down to the bones yet? Do you understand your foundations better? Are you ready to let the extraneous go? Another Scorpio superpower is the ability to purge what we don’t need so we can focus that intense x-ray vision on what really matters. In this week’s introduction, I wrote about shedding the obstacles that keep us from the present moment. Consider using your Scorpio superpowers to purge shame, scarcity fear, comparison, deadening emotion, and despair. That’s a big list but the payoffs are great. When we let go of these things, we make room for the strong foundations of a good life. That is the Capricorn gift.

Moon in Scorpio
Friday, January 24.
A lot falls into place today. The Moon supports ongoing transformation in our lives. Although it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, we feel rewarded by the efforts of sorting, purging, and getting down to the gritty essentials. Let that strength flow through you today. I recently read a description of psychological resilience. The author observed that the difference between those who give up and those who persevere is the belief that transformation is possible. We can change, and for the better. Mars and Mercury encourage active communication of ideas, inspiration, and connection. Notice what inspires you. Will you incorporate that into your transforming foundation?

Moon enters Sagittarius 9:12 pm CST
Saturday, January 25.
We don’t get the uplift of the Sagittarius Moon until tomorrow (in CST). Today, we complete the Scorpio tasks of reaching down deep and purging what we don’t need. As the Moon and Mercury contact Saturn in Scorpio today, we are reminded of our responsibilities and commitments. How do Scorpio’s superpowers help you in your work? One of these superpowers is the ability to maintain focus. If we can get past being overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we want to accomplish, we find inner resources to enjoy the effort. Really. The hardest step may be communicating your truth today. The tension is between transparency and power. Neither of these urges is completely right or wrong. If your tendency is to keep a tight grasp on information, perhaps take a risk to share it. If your tendency is to let everyone know everything, then try keeping silent and see what happens next. 

*The Capricorn New Moon began on January 1. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast January 12, 2014 – January 18

Capricorn means business—both literally and metaphorically. We do not get to pass through the gateway of Capricorn without performing an analysis (conscious or not) of the basic foundations that ensure we survive and thrive in our environments. If life feels a little heavy now, that is why. We’re immersed in the Capricorn lunar cycle. The New Moon* of New Year’s Day is waxing to fullness this week, so the pressure is mounting. A lot of my own personal practice centers around noticing when this type of stress is present and then finding a way to acknowledge why, what I can learn, and how to shift it into energy, action, or a state of being that is useful for my well-being and for the success of the things I care about.

Stress isn’t useful, but I do think stress shows up because something important is going on. With the helpful lens of Capricorn pragmatism, I am looking at my stressors critically. Am I reacting habitually, without cause? Or am I concerned because I need to pay attention?

Business. Most of us have a reaction to that word. A lot of us could benefit from giving it a new frame. I appreciate Capricorn for these equations: to receive, we must give; to achieve, we must work; to lay strong foundations, we must know what we are putting down and why. To continue to co-create the worlds we envision, we must get down to business—at least for as long as this lunar cycle lasts! And if Capricorn plays into your essential nature, this point of view is your gift to all of us. If life feels heavy, if you are noticing more stress, invite in an appreciation that the heaviness and stress are the messengers announcing that something that matters very much is going on. Our job is to figure out what that is and to respond without retaining the heaviness and stress as we get down to business.

Forecast January 12, 2014 – January 18

Moon in Gemini
Sunday, January 12.
As a mutable sign, Gemini is gifted with the ability to change form easily in response to external stimuli. On one hand, this is helpful in adjusting to and releasing stress due to change. On the other hand, stress also can come from not fully knowing where we are anchored. This month as we attend to our foundations, Gemini may struggle with the tension between solidity and mutability. All points of view are needed; all energy is a gift. Gemini says, “Lighten up!” We don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water. [Sorry, that aphorism has been floating around my mind recently.] Can you invite in an appreciation for change while you anchor yourself to your core structure? With the Moon in Gemini, we dance with paradox. Enlightenment is around the corner.

Moon enters Cancer 6:25 pm CST
Monday, January 13.
 With the Moon still in Gemini until this evening (in the CST zone), invent a mantra to help you navigate the terrain of shifting foundations. The one that occurs to me: Be shackled to nothing, question everything, choose your beliefs, entertain possibilities, welcome surprise. We can find delight wherever we are, but this doesn’t mean we have to shut down our hearts. Not an easy thing to do. The edge today between the mutable air of Gemini and the cardinal water of Cancer is noticeable. My primary value as an astrologer is that every sign is necessary and we learn from them all. The emotional sensitivity of the Cancer Moon develops strongly over the next two days, culminating in the Full Moon in Cancer. Abstract concepts become very real when our hearts start talking.

Moon in Cancer
Tuesday, January 14.
Emotional reality is tricky, just like all other realities. The input may be clear [insert whatever emotion you happen to be feeling], but the reason for and value of the emotion may not be. How do we discern whether an emotional reality is helpful or harmful? I’m beginning to appreciate emotion as ally helping me to be fully awake in my body, heart, and mind. Through emotion, we can inhabit states of empathy, love, gratitude and a host of other feelings that make us better humans. And sometimes emotion brings us into patterns that we may want to consciously shift. The journey goes on. Today’s emotional reality is colored by the planets of paradigm change—Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. Tomorrow, Mars adds another hue. The Full Moon tomorrow is already felt as tension between a desire for solid foundations and a feeling that everything is about to change. Honor your tender heart. We are sorting and discerning what to keep in our foundations. Emotional reality plays a big role in this process.

Moon in Cancer
January 15—Full Moon: Illuminating.
Every Full Moon offers us the opportunity to integrate opposite signs, opposite truths, opposite qualities that together form a whole greater than their parts. This Full Moon feels very important. Even though the lessons are challenging, our experiences now will help us navigate the rest of this year, which promises to be one of big change. You may be feeling foundations shifting, some structures already falling. I keep thinking about the Tower card in the Tarot. This card depicts the type of foundational change we are facing. Change, like the process of grief, takes many forms. Each of us has our own way of dealing with it and our own patterns of being eager for change while also being afraid of its uncertainty. With an eye focused on the gifts of Capricorn and Cancer, how might we embrace the fullness of change?

As a water sign, Cancer helps us dissolve the current structures, which no longer serve. As an earth sign, Capricorn helps us cement the foundations we need to build our future upon. Both the heart and the head are needed. As I’ve been thinking of my own choices around foundations this lunar cycle, I’ve developed a list of questions as a guide.

Foundations and change—what do I keep; what do I change?
What is pragmatic?
What is sustainable?
What sustains?
What is beautiful?
What is eternal?
What is mutable?
What is important?
What needs to change?

Our allies and teachers of the moment. Venus retrograding through Capricorn helps us pay attention to what is beautiful and sustaining. Pluto in Capricorn has entered a new segment of that sign. From now till April when Pluto stations retrograde, we are uncovering new shadows that need transformation in our foundations. Mars in Libra for the next six months encourages desire for balance and justice. Jupiter in Cancer tells us that big truth comes from our hearths and hearts. Uranus, ever impatient, but more so now, keeps the fire under us to embrace change. Saturn in Scorpio says look deeply at the sources of comfort and stability. At the core, all beings need the same things. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces continue the heartbeat of universal compassion. Mercury, in Aquarius until the end of the month, encourages experimentation. Accepting our failures, we evolve new successes.

Moon enters Leo 7:00 am CST
Thursday, January 16.
The gift of Leo is creative energy. What sparks your desire to create? Venus in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra today—an interesting addition to creative endeavors. Squares create through tension. There is tension between our notions of sustainable beauty and the active pursuit of harmony. In a way, these desires are perfectly aligned, but hidden tension reveals even more potential. Think of it as an intriguing puzzle—how to satisfy all of our desires. At times, that feels unrealistic, today entertain the possibility that it isn’t.

Moon in Leo
Friday, January 17.
We may wake up wishing we had gotten more rest through the night. The creative impulse from yesterday crept into our dreams. What new idea has your attention? We feel energized—perhaps after a cup of coffee, or even better, after a morning workout—to share our new inspiration. What if we greeted everyone today with the question, “What is your brilliant new idea?”

Moon enters Virgo 7:23 pm CST
Saturday, January 18.
Notice the contrasting energies of expansion and contraction. The last couple of days may have felt more expansive with a boost from a Leo Moon. Today, that Leo Moon is square to Saturn and then moves into pragmatic Virgo by the evening (in CST zone). Did some creative exuberance help you to identify the foundational structure you cherish most? Did you receive inspiration about sustainable change? Were you able to creatively problem solve? Use today’s transits to make one solid step in the direction you discovered. The gift of Virgo is the steadiness of slow but sure progress.

*The Capricorn New Moon began on January 1. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Follow the Moon: Forecast January 5, 2014 – January 11

My house is full of rocks. I used to pick them up wherever I was. I liked holding them, turning them over, and trying to peer inside them. I liked imagining the journeys they took to get to the places where we were meeting. I began to consider that rocks have a life of their own, with their own life spans, concerns, and deep wisdom.
I stopped carrying rocks home with me many years ago. Now, when I run across a particularly beautiful one, I like to simply admire it in place or perhaps construct a temporary outdoor altar where it can be admired by the other rocks. I don’t need to bring the rocks home anymore but I still treasure the ones in my home. They hold stories and journeys.
Rocks carry me away and ground me in place at the same time. Both things I need for the current Capricorn lunar cycle.* Capricorn wisdom teaches that a good foundation is needed for lasting structures. From the bones and stones beneath us, we get an inkling of what is realistic about our wildest dreams. Is it crazy to think we can turn global warming around? Is it completely unrealistic to think we can modify our economies to be just and sustainable? What legacy will we leave behind when our lives are over? Does my work matter to the progress of the whole? Heavy questions call for heavy companions. Inside the rocks, I believe there are answers.
Listening to the rocks, I hear these words: Time, Perspective, Relationship, and Patience. The rocks are telling me to remember the bigger picture—the longer time frame; to develop deep relationship with the people and world around me in the place I live; to be more still; to trust the process. As the Moon waxes this week, I think I’ll put these words into my cauldron of intention.
Forecast January 5, 2014 – January 11
Moon in Pisces
Sunday, January 5.
With the Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer opposing the Sun, we may feel at times like we are suspended in a vast ocean. This could be wonderful or terrifying, depending on how buoyant we are feeling at the moment. Are you longing for solidity? The Sun in Capricorn (see the introduction to the week’s forecast) wants to gravitate toward the concrete, but this is not a day that offers that kind of certainty. Sometimes when we feel adrift, it is hard to remember that states of ecstasy and enlightment are close by too. Invite a much larger perspective and connection with others. Silence brings respite and grounding.  
Moon enters Aries 1:45 pm
Monday, January 6.
A bit of mental organizing could go a long way today to stave off confusion and stress. Simplify in order to have more impact and to secure your foundations. The next couple of days could bring more upheaval and reactivity. Take care of yourself to meet those challenges with grace and ease.
Moon in Aries
January 7—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
Pulled in all directions. That could easily be the pervading theme today. A Grand Cardinal Cross aspect pattern colors this day with a desire for action that could manifest as reaction. Tempers and frustrations flare. The Moon in Aries joins Uranus in Aries. The Moon will also oppose Mars in Libra and square both Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in the opposing sign of Cancer. The Moon acts as a trigger to release the volatile energy trapped in this pattern. Cardinal signs initiate new action, especially in the core areas of life: identity, home, relationship, and profession. Transitions can happen rapidly in such configurations or we can feel immobilized, like we are stuck between conflicting desires. It can be hard to know how to move forward; sometimes it is a relief to let events take over and move us along without having to decide. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, we could feel trapped by the high expectations of this lunar cycle. Something may have to give. The potential of this Capricorn lunar cycle is to attain mastery through tending our foundations. But some of these foundations are tenuous and may crumble today. Setbacks are not failures. The possibility that I’d like to share with you is the value of release and renewal that can come from letting unsupportive foundations transform. A major piece of the work of this year will be to meet such change with joy and eagerness as it helps us get to the real potential of our lives. Another major piece of the work of this year is supporting each other when changes are overwhelming and joy is hard to find. This isn’t a journey to be taken alone.
In the midst of this conflicting energy we look for encouragement from Mercury and Venus conjoining in Capricorn. Venus is currently moving retrograde and has disappeared into the rays of the Sun inviting us to look anew at the foundations of our relationships. Mercury adds the piece about communication. Since these planets are in Capricorn, we appreciate realistic goals in these areas and can use this energy to move forward.
Moon enters Taurus 8:24 pm
Wednesday, January 8.
Watch out for exaggeration. Mars in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer. It is easy to make a mountain out of a molehill. The main stressor may be a desire for security. Notice defensiveness and seek compassion. The antidote is to cultivate balance while seeing issues from the other perspective. If we step away from reactivity, we are able to put a lot of positive energy into places of security like our homes. Notice the importance of home and family. In the news, national security issues may be prominent.
Moon in Taurus
Thursday, January 9.
It is good to move past the Aries Moon energy of the last three days and find calm with some grounded self-care. The Moon in earthy Taurus is supportive of this lunar cycle’s attention to foundations and goals. Notice what it feels like to be in alignment with sustainable structures. It may be a good day to balance your checkbook Get your accounts in order and then settle into pleasure this evening. A night at home feels just about perfect.
Moon in Taurus
Friday, January 10
. The Taurus Moon adds support to the Capricorn lunar intention to know and strengthen the bones of our foundations. With the Moon opposing Saturn, we take life a bit more seriously even as we enjoy the full-bodied pleasure of this earthy Moon. Use this energy to support healthier dietary choices, more exercise, and sustainable use of your resources. With the Moon trine Venus, we appreciate spending time with friends and partners who help us to live healthier, more balanced lives. Spa date, anyone?
Moon enters Gemini 6:26 am
January 11—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
We awaken with a grounded sense of having made some progress in our lunar intentions inspired by the Capricorn New Moon. In the middle of the night, retrograde Venus made a sextile aspect to Saturn, which was followed a couple of hours later by the conjunction between Venus and the Sun. This is a seed moment infusing Venusian areas of life—like relationships, values, balance, and wealth—with Capricorn-inspired ambitions. This lunar cycle began with an exploration of our foundations. This Venus transit today helps us to use that firm base to work towards achieving our highest goals. Make connections with the right people who can help you find your version of success. Look at your relationships with a critical eye. It may be a good idea to cull the people from your life who don’t support your goals. There is only so much energy to go around.
As the day gets underway, the Gemini Moon adds a sparkle of mutability to the day. Learning, socializing, and being inspired by innovative ideas are the themes. Although Gemini and Capricorn sometimes have trouble appreciating each other—Capricorn can be too serious, Gemini can be too unreliable—when these signs are allowed space to be themselves, a lot of terrain can be covered quickly, furthering our progress towards our goals. Seize the day!

*The Capricorn New Moon began on January 1. See more about the beginning of this lunar cycle at:
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