Sunday, December 29, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast December 29, 2013 – January 4, 2014

A pivotal time. The New Moon of January 1 begins a dynamic and intense lunar cycle. This lunation is powerful not simply because it falls on the first day of a new year. This New Moon also rings a bell that awakens a new stage in our evolution. Uranus and Pluto are the harbingers of this change. These two planets of cultural transformation have been moving in and out of an exact square aspect since 2012. This waxing square phase of the Uranus/Pluto cycle lasts for another year. It is unusual to have two planets take so long to move out of sync with each other. It is as if we are in labor and we’ve been experiencing the slow build of contractions. In April, this transit reaches a new peak with Mars and Jupiter and a couple of eclipses playing big roles in moving things along. This lunar cycle is a preview of more excitement this spring.
A challenge, a hope. We are poised to go to new levels of self-awareness, accountability, power, and transformation. The arenas for these changes are broad. From global arenas like politics, the environment, the economy, and international relations—to the personal arenas of love, home, work, and identity—everything is up for deep investigation and rapid transformation this month and through the year. Every realm has potent significance.
A new heroic vision. With core issues being affected, this coming lunar cycle and transformational spring season call for a new response. Our notion of heroism must shift. The old image of the rugged individual fighting alone, encased in armor, and discounting the costs of battle no longer serves. A new vision is coming forward to meet the challenges of change, and is part of the transformation underway. This new vision requires communities to support individuals. The new vision is community as hero. There are pitfalls. We’ve inherited very real shadows from past experiences of group mind. The challenge will be to look clearly at these shadows of exclusion and conformity, while at the same time rejecting the idea that we must remain separate and alone as we go forward.
A belief in transformation. It is human nature to fear change even when we know that change can also bring hope. It is also natural for fear to ebb and flow. Sometimes it can feel paralyzing and sometimes fade to a mere blip on the screen of our perceptions. The task is not to judge this response but to remember there is more going on. The current positions of Pluto and Saturn are inviting us to take transformation seriously. At times this will mean we will be afraid. But both of these planets offer us things that are more precious than security. Saturn offers the authority to manifest. Pluto offers rebirth after death. In the dark times, a belief in the power of transformation gives us reason to continue.
The bones of intention. This next New Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn. At each New Moon, we begin a new cycle of dreaming and practicing mindful intention. As we pause at the beginning of a new year and new lunar cycle, what do we wish to invoke from the sign of the goat fish? Capricorn and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, rule the bones. Capricorn provides the skeleton for our intentions. This sign insists that we start with the basics, the foundations, in order to ascend to success. With Venus moving retrograde through Capricorn, we are called to remediate, to move back to those foundations and take a good look at the bones that will support transformation and growth. We develop trust in our knowing when each of us can name what that is. I ask you to join me in the journey into the bones of self and possibility as we follow the Moon through the Capricorn cycle.

Forecast December 29, 2013 – January 4, 2014
Moon enters Sagittarius 11:37 am CST
Sunday, December 29.
Does it feel like a long time since we began the Sagittarius lunar cycle on December 2? The exuberance of Sagittarius led us into the deepening and wondrous dark of late fall. Now, at the very end of this cycle, the Moon returns to Sagittarius with a question for you: What did you discover? Every lunar cycle is about discovery, but the Sagittarius cycle is even more so about the quest for knowledge and truth, with lots of fun thrown in. The mutable fire sign offers a torch to light the way through times of doubt. Remember that flame. The Sun and Mercury come together to spark conversation, realization, and a hidden desire to understand our essential natures. The square of both the Sun and Mercury to Uranus make these things even more daring and potentially explosive. Sometimes, the biggest change we can make is to change our minds—not someone else’s mind—but our own. Notice the freedom this can bring.
Moon in Sagittarius
Monday, December 30.
Quite likely, sometime today, you will be challenged to choose between conflict and resolution. Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn—a tense aspect at any time—is more significant this time because Mars is making this aspect to Pluto again after it turns retrograde on March 1. This is one of the transformative planetary exchanges that will occur at the New Moon and this spring when it will be stronger. (See the introduction to this week’s forecast for more about this.) Pluto in Capricorn wears the clothes of oppressive authority. Mars in Libra just wants fairness and equality; is that too much to ask? What if there are no bad guys in the solar system? How do we embrace powerful forces of responsibility with equanimity that doesn’t just roll over and acquiesce? Notice how you react.
Moon enters Capricorn 12:01 pm CST
Tuesday, December 31.
New Year’s Eve. Not every thought and feeling we have is pretty or a source of pride. There, I said it. None of us are perfect. Today, Mercury joins Pluto and if we are brave enough, we get illuminating perspective on our imperfections that can actually lead to empowerment. What do you need to say? What are you not saying? And why? Sometimes the enlightenment doesn’t come from saying what hides in our hearts but in being able to actually look at what hides in our hearts without judgment. Mercury also squares Mars today increasing the likelihood that we will say something impulsively. Others are having the same trouble with their tongues too. The good news is that there is power in words; perhaps as a way to honor the cusp of a new year, you can set aside time to unleash words that will create the world anew.
Moon in Capricorn
January 1, 2014—New Moon: Dreaming. New Year’s Day.
See the introduction to this week’s forecast for more context about this important lunar cycle. I used a metaphor, describing the transits of this New Moon as a bell ringing in a year of transformation. We are ringing in a new year and most likely a new paradigm too. Goodness knows, some things have got to change. The Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mercury are closely conjunct in Capricorn. There’s a lot of energy here to get to the core of what we want to manifest this cycle. Capricorn invites us to look at the bones of our vision for the future. There’s a lot of support for taking ourselves seriously. The stakes feel high and we can use the forward momentum of a new lunation and a new year to set strong intention. This line-up of planets in Capricorn is challenged by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This is not the signature of patience. Passion can help us get to the bones of what really matters and to let go of the externals that aren’t important. Whatever we can do to discharge stress or impulsivity will be helpful. This is not a time to squelch our feelings, but neither is it a time to act unconsciously. Remember the community as hero that I wrote about earlier. We can help each other. Sometimes it isn’t even necessary to know how we are helping. The important thing is to know that we matter to each other in ways that are not always visible. Jupiter in Cancer opposes the Capricorn planets and Mars, and there is a wide-orb square to Uranus too. This configuration of planets in the Cardinal signs will repeat with more force this spring when the aspects are more exact. The Cardinal signs rule the core areas of life: identity, home, relationship, and profession. It might feel like nothing is safe from upheaval. Personal practices that bring you to a calm center are very helpful. Taking action, even if it is symbolic, is also a way to greet these energies with vitality. If you aren’t certain about the direction you need to go, send out a plea to your allies for help. It may take several months before you really know.
It should be noted that Venus disappears from the visible sky by today. Venus is moving retrograde in Capricorn until January 31. Venus will appear again around the 20th of January as the Morning Star but still moving retrograde. During this time, we reflect on whether our relationships are serving our life plans. Capricorn means business and we want to make sure our partners align with important goals.
Moon enters Aquarius 11:03 am CST
Thursday, January 2.
Did you feel the earth move yesterday? It was a powerful day, followed by another powerful one today. The Sun squares Mars. A square is an challenging exchange between the planets involved. Both the Sun and Mars feed a sense of purpose and vitality. When they challenge each other, that energy is off kilter. Perhaps we are trying too hard, or perhaps we reach a roadblock that makes us snap. Perhaps we need to learn to stand up for ourselves without blowing everyone else away. A needed adjustment between ego and will can be made today. The Moon in Aquarius feeds the energy to bring a different approach.
Moon in Aquarius
Friday, January 3.
Mercury opposes Jupiter in the middle of the night, which may have disturbed your sleep. Are you waking up in a cranky mood? Resist the impulse to make matters worse by saying something you might regret later. In spite of this, you can improve communications today. Perhaps compassion comes when we realize that everyone else is in the same boat. A nap may be in order.
Moon enters Pisces 10:58 am CST
January 4—Crescent Moon: Beginning.
The first few days of this year have not been very quiet. Even if nothing much looks different on the surface, a lot has been going on underneath. You may want to exhale today. Winter is a time to get in touch with our absolutes, which I am framing as the bones of my intention. At the Crescent phase of the Moon, we announce to the multiverse what we want. I recommend doing this out loud. When we tell the world what we want, the world is able to respond with gifts and challenges to help us manifest that intention. There are no short cuts on this journey, however an amazing amount of time can be saved when we get behind our own visions by proclaiming  them clearly. The Moon in Pisces invites us to come at this intention from another direction. Intuition and dreams play a big role. Don’t be surprised if your heart feels bigger and maybe more fragile as you dare to speak your heart’s desire.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast December 22, 2013 – December 28

Here is what I am planning this holiday week: expect the unexpected, take more time to do everything, be more patient with others, and when possible, avoid conflict situations. Whatever feels like a crisis can probably be more manageable if I just breathe before reacting. This week is an excellent time to really observe the season and slow down. The voices of vision and change will speak to us in every encounter. We can avoid massive miscommunication if we give ourselves a buffer zone to reconsider what we think we just heard. This week is a test of mindfulness and choice; and here is why: Mars will oppose Uranus on Christmas Day, just when our expectations can be high and our margins of error can be low. Mars and Uranus have a tempestuous relationship. They like to see who can cause the most sparks—the rebel or the fighter. Sometimes it is hard to tell them apart. This interaction between Mars and Uranus is part of a bigger story that really heats up this spring, but I am thinking of this first encounter as a taste of “no turning back.” We are on the cusp of change. I like to think we can meet that change with conscious choice and intention.

Please, don’t overreact; I am not an alarmist astrologer; the world is not ending, but I think it might be helpful to share this information up front. And, if this week turns out to be the mellowest, most laid back holiday week you’ve ever had, then no problem. We do have ameliorating circumstances that could help with the stress. One, Mars is in peace-loving Libra while this is going on. There will be an extended focus on action through cooperation while Mars retrogrades through Libra. The consciousness of “We first” will help us seek solutions to conflict. Another contributing factor is the current retrograde journey of Venus in Capricorn. Periods of retrograde invite us to reflect and internalize. Both Mars and Venus (in their very different ways) contribute to a restructuring of relationship. We may make breakthroughs in relationship struggles; finally decide to make relationship changes; or retrieve something we’ve been missing in our relationships. Because Uranus is in the equation, we learn that radical change comes through the give and take of collaboration, however we won’t be able to dismiss independent action. Balance and accountability play a big role in how we move forward into the next year.

Additional context for the transits this week is that we are in the waning days of the Sagittarius lunar cycle that began on December 2.* My intention for this cycle was the quest for self-knowledge. Often Sagittarius is focused on the far horizon, searching outside the self for the core of truth that reflects back who we are. This year, I felt the desire to turn this around. Through the darkening days of late fall, I’ve shifted that gaze inward to see the big truth inside. A starry sky appears within and reflects back the eternal. This image, though not fully understood, seems to be an important anchor for my choices ahead. As you gaze inward the last days of this cycle, and I hope you do find the time to do that, what shows itself to you? Will this vision be your anchor to carrying forward your true self, your true gifts, and your true values as we enter another year?

Forecast December 22, 2013 – December 28

Moon enters Virgo at 1:19 pm CST
Sunday, December 22.
With the Moon in Virgo, we always feel better if we can deep clean or tidy at least one thing in our surroundings. There is a lot to prepare for with the holidays upon us. We get a full three days of Virgo Moon this week so let the industrious energy of Virgo inspire our efforts. Turn off the noise of perfectionism, which is just Virgo satisfaction on steroids. More is not better. The Sun and Moon form a nice trine (both in earth signs) helping us draw needed boundaries.  

Moon in Virgo
Monday, December 23.
See yesterday’s entry about Virgo. That applies to today too. The Moon trines Pluto and is sextile to Jupiter later tonight. Look at your wellbeing from a holistic perspective. Self-care is the root of caring for your family and loved ones. Notice how health and wealth are linked and what each of us can do to be healthier and wealthier through attending to the things that really matter. Time to let go of the distractions if possible.

Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, December 24.
The next two days are the Christian holy days celebrating the Virgin birth of Jesus. With today’s third full day of Virgo (the Virgin) Moon, notice what you think a virgin birth signifies. The concept of purity is a tricky thing that can be used to shame ourselves and others. But there is another way to look at a core value like purity—the power of the clean slate is one of them. What old patterns do you wish to wipe clean at this time of expectation? As the year comes to an end, as Venus retrogrades, as many of us gather with family and loved ones, will you take a moment to honor the power of beginning anew? The Sun is sextile to Neptune; opening to inspiration and compassion comes naturally.

Moon enters Libra at 12:17 am CST
December 25—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
What are the gifts of self-knowledge? If we know our patterns and triggers better, without judgment, how does this impact our choices and ability to change even those familiar patterns and triggers? Since the energy may be tense today due to transits between Mars, Uranus, the Moon, and Pluto, (please see the intro to this week’s transits for more information), it is a good idea to be aware of these patterns. Everyone’s reaction times may be shortened due to the nature of these planetary aspects. At times, this can be exciting and at other times exhausting. Give yourself a break when you need it. There is more afoot than noticing personal patterns. The larger story that will develop into the spring season is about change. We are on the cusp of those changes. Let’s bring our whole selves to the next chapter on this earth. In spite of potential stress today, a great deal of authentic joy is possible too. Notice what makes your heart leap in love and wonder. Make a plan to cultivate this joy.

Moon in Libra
Thursday, December 26.
In the central time zone our dreams are influenced by a delightful aspect between Mercury and Neptune in the middle of the night. The dreams seek to communicate visions of compassion and connection. If yesterday was stressful, we get a chance to even out those feelings. With the Moon in Libra, notice relationship dynamics that you appreciate and that you can improve. What do you need for balance?

Moon enters Scorpio at 7:58 am CST
Friday, December 27.
If you are an introvert, the Scorpio Moon calls you back into your shell to recharge after the holidays. That is just fine. We may need to smooth out ruffled feathers. We may just not feel like talking. But that doesn’t mean that hearts aren’t connecting anyway. The influence of Neptune from yesterday into today asks us to listen to our hearts. Even if you aren’t an introvert, it may be easier to be alone today as we acknowledge tenderness.

Moon in Scorpio
December 28—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering.
We are letting go of the year at the same time we let go of this lunar cycle. With the Moon in Scorpio, surrendering the past may take the form of purging and releasing to make way for the new. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity and shedding unnecessary baggage. If we are making room for a new world in 2014, what do you need to surrender right now? Attachment and detachment show us essential things about ourselves. We never stop learning who we are. The Sagittarius cycle is ending but the journey continues.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast December 15, 2013 – December 21

… a night that seems like a lifetime when you’re waiting for the Sun.
So why not sing to the nighttime and the burning stars up above?
Maybe peace hides in a storm.
Maybe winter’s heart is warm.
Maybe light itself is born
in the longest night of the year.

            from the song, Longest Night by Sara Thomsen on Winter Wanderings
This week, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the longest night of the year—the Winter Solstice. That is the moment the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. We leave behind the expansive and questing fire to enter the cave of long sleep and deep dreams. So much of this season seems to tell us to slow down, but paradoxically, Capricorn is probably one of the most industrious and hard working of all signs. As a Cardinal earth sign, Capricorn does not usually respond to the dark by doing less. This sign wants a plan for getting through the lean times. This sign wants to identify the absolutes. This sign means business. So, even when our bodies may be telling us to rest, our instincts are telling us to plan and work. The tension between the two poles of desire can be difficult but also filled with lasting satisfaction, not to mention ensuring our survival through the cold. Finding our own sense of balance in this season is the gift we give ourselves.
Perhaps paradox lives in winter most of all. The song I quoted above has been part of my soundtrack as the days shorten. I think there may be a core of wisdom in this song that pertains especially to what I need this winter. The transits for the remainder of this lunar cycle could very well illicit intense experiences of storm, cold, and darkness. Perhaps these times will be when I need to remember that peace, warmth, and light are hiding here too.
Mars, Uranus, and Pluto provide the drama through the rest of this cycle. Indeed, these three, with the addition of Jupiter next year, will continue to create a drive toward change and transformation in our world that peaks in April. Most likely this will be a tumultuous time. In preparation, it is good to ask ourselves now, how we find peace in the storm and light in the darkness. Our choices make a difference, not only in our own lives, but to the whole as well. A tantalizing guide into the heart of this winter will be Venus in Capricorn. Venus turns retrograde on Solstice. Does she hold the key to paradox in this season? If so, we need to pay attention to relationship, values, self-love, and beauty to give us insight.

Forecast December 15, 2013 – December 21
Moon enters Gemini at 12:40 am CST
Sunday, December 15.
If you are noticing huge waves of inspiration, a restless urge to change, or frustration at conventionality, you are picking up on the Uranus station. [A planet is said to station when it slows down to change apparent motion, either retrograde or direct.] When planets station, their influence is stronger. Uranus will station direct on the Full Moon in a couple of days but we feel this mental energy strongly now with the Moon in Gemini.
Moon in Gemini
Monday, December 16.
With the Moon in Gemini opposing Mercury in Sagittarius and Mercury forming a quincunx to Jupiter, it will be easy to have our thoughts get ahead of themselves today. It is fun to exchange witty remarks, make surprising new connections, or to get lost in a book, movie, or hobby. Enjoy the fresh approach that a Gemini Moon brings, just be aware that flow can sometimes disguise a missed connection or make it too easy to say the wrong thing unintentionally. However, we often overlook the importance of fun and flow in our lives. This is a good day to cultivate that quality, with just a bit of caution thrown in too.
Moon enters Cancer at 12:17 pm CST
December 17—Full Moon: Illuminating.
The last two days have felt like the Full Moon even though technically the Full Moon doesn’t happen until early this morning. The Moon in Gemini has been reflecting back onto the Sagittarius Sun giving us an illuminating perspective on things begun at the New Moon* The energy is about to shift and it’s a good idea to take this moment to notice what you have been learning. It might come in handy later.
I like to think of the differences between Sagittarius and Gemini as macrocosm meeting microcosm. Through the small perspective Gemini achieves the same thing that Sagittarius does through its big perspective. It is all about learning and sharing what we are learning in these big and small ways. Both signs are nimble and expansive. Both are optimistic. This hopefulness prepares us for the winter season ahead. If there is any fault to be found in either Gemini or Sagittarius, it is that they sometimes are so busy with the next thing, details can be overlooked. It is easy to leave the serious work to more pragmatic signs. But now is not the time to critique Sag or Gemini. Now, we need to affirm the quest for knowledge and the joy of discovery. Yes, the starry night sky is filled with wonder and we are blessed to gaze upon it. Is it possible to fold that emotion into a small packet and put it in our pockets for a rainy day? I hope so. I want to remember this.
Over the next two weeks the energy shifts. For one, the Sun will move into Capricorn with its emphasis on hard work and accountability leading us to respond in our own ways to long-term realities. For another, today Uranus stations direct releasing pent up frustrations about change. Mars in Libra will be opposing feisty Uranus on Christmas Day. We’ll need to look for peace amidst the storm during this transit. On the Winter Solstice, Venus in Capricorn will station, moving retrograde until January 31. This transit of Venus has the potential to bring us into the powerful and beautiful center of winter. We will want our relationships and our values to be blessed by this journey. At the end of December, Mars squares Pluto. We are about to get a lesson in authentic conflict. This is an opportunity to practice generosity as well as truth-telling.
Thinking of what could be ahead, how will you bring the joy of this Full Moon into your heart? What does this illuminate in you?
Moon in Cancer
Wednesday, December 18.
I admire people who can acknowledge their fears without letting those fears tell the whole story of who they are. There is courage in this authenticity. We get to aspire to that type of strength today. What helps you to remember a bigger story? Our homes and families may play a big role in helping us remember who we are today and what we really want for the world. We are not alone, even when we are afraid. And when we embrace that larger story, we strengthen others.
Moon in Cancer
Thursday, December 19.
Yesterday’s mood was a little tense. Try to spend some restorative time at home tonight. Home and hearth become very important in the darkening days of winter. Gratitude for our hearths and reaching out to those who do not have a welcoming hearth is a wonderful way to honor this day.
Moon enters Leo at 12:48 am CST
Friday, December 20.
The upbeat Leo Moon arrives on the scene just in time for the weekend. We feel like letting off steam, dressing up in something sparkly, and kindling the warm fire of social interaction. We’ve almost reached the longest night of the year. Where do you find the spark of light within that darkness? Creativity is another way to access the light. Enjoy.
Moon in Leo
December 21—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Winter Solstice.
Whatever light you’ve discovered in this lunar cycle dedicated to self-knowledge, commit yourself to sharing just a bit of that flame with another today. This phase of the Moon encourages sharing the merit, the journey, the understanding we’ve received. On the longest night of the year, each of us has a spark to share.
Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn today. Venus will station direct on January 31 and then will move back over the same area of Capricorn until early March. During this period, Venus will rapidly descend from high in the western sky at sunset. Venus will disappear from the sky around New Year’s Day. This is the short disappearance however, and we will be able to see Venus as the Morning Star near the end of January. The change in direction and disappearance of Venus has been mythologized by many cultures. The Sumerians told a story of Inanna leaving her heavenly throne to visit her sister Ereshkigal in the underworld. We can frame this journey in similar ways if we choose. Do you hear a call? Is there a reversal that you need to make in your life? What needs to be reinvigorated by a visit with your dark sister? What is your soul telling you about this winter season? How will you honor this journey within?
The Moon in Leo encourages celebration as well as serious reflection since it squares Saturn in Scorpio today too. May you find peace, warmth and light in this season of paradox and wonder. 

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast December 8, 2013 – December 14

Stir me, furnace of stars,
see through my dense and transparent center.
generate something that shines in the night of me
opalescent, generative, true
                        by marna, published in We’Moon calendar for 2013

There is nothing like looking up into a night sky full of stars on a cold winter night to infuse my soul with expansive wonder and possibility. My heart leaps. I soar. This is the felt sensation I most associate with Sagittarius—the desire to move outward, to quest for truth, and to embrace with joy the wonder of the world.

The darkness of this season allows for the sparkle of starlight to show us something new in ourselves. This lunar cycle*, I am holding an intention to see with new eyes the picture of who I am. As a fire sign, Sagittarius reminds us that each self is a generator of energy and creativity. Through the fire signs we have the opportunity to discover a healthy way to value ourselves and recognize our impact. Fire is an essential element to life and there is an essential need to know the self in order to support the whole of life. Looking at the small sparkle of stars in a vast darkness of space, we see a picture of each individual’s significance. Sadly, this is not often how we honor every individual—not ourselves, not those who are on the fringes. If fire engenders love, where does love begin?

The poem above invokes another aspect to seeing ourselves anew. We are constantly being transformed like stars that are born, die, and are born again. We are star stuff, both darkly dense and opalescent. Simultaneously cold and hot, bright and dim—this season of stars invites us to become aware of paradox. We are mere specks in space and we are essential lights.

The week’s transits may increase a sense of paradox, thus bringing us closer to truth. A quincunx aspect between the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter (the ruling planet of Sagittarius) in Cancer invokes dueling desires to hit the high road of adventure and snuggle deeply into our nests. The liberating thing about paradox is that if we are able to see beyond good and bad, we open new doorways to the possible. New possibilities hover around the themes of freedom and commitment. Another paradoxical aspect forms between Mars in Libra and Neptune in Pisces. This doorway opens up new possibilities in relationship around conflict and connection. In the midst of stretching between poles, a trine between Jupiter and Saturn anchors us in hope and reality. Where does this point you in your journey of self-seeing?

Forecast December 8, 2013 – December 14

Moon enters Pisces 2:34 am CST
Sunday, December 8.
Shorter days and longer nights (here in the Northern Hemisphere) invite us to dream more. The Moon in dreamy Pisces adds to that impetus. Today, the Moon conjoins Neptune, the co-ruler of Pisces encouraging even more drifting and dreaming. As the Moon is now waxing in brightness, notice the expansive desire to travel through mystical, spiritual, or fantastical realms. Think of this impulse as a mirror of your Self. What do you see reflected? Rational communication may be fuzzy today. Better to use an intuitive, receptive approach.  

Moon in Pisces
December 9—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
As the Moon and Sun form a square in mutable signs today, we notice the ways that water and fire interact with each other and how this interaction affects our lunar intentions. The Moon in watery Pisces and the Sun in firey Sagittarius have a lot in common concerning the quest for truth. All mutable signs are seeking resolution, understanding, and wisdom. However, each of the four mutable signs is influenced by their unique elemental nature, which offers different approaches to similar ends. We notice the tension between these approaches. We may experience frustration as we encounter other ways to access wisdom. Conflict reveals a lot about ourselves. Notice your patterns around conflict. Especially with Mars now in Libra, we will be reminded often of the need to balance between expressions of anger and conciliation. Too much of either will get us nowhere. If we adapt a mutable approach, able to adjust our positions, we learn through trial and error to honor both self and others.

However, not all is discordant today. There is a Grand Water trine aspect pattern between the Moon in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio. Water signs encourage empathy and compassion. Watch out for victimization or caretaking. If either or both show up, how can you make room for the authentic desire underneath? Knowing what that desire is will help us to make adjustments through the rest of the month.

Moon enters Aries 7:05 am CST
Tuesday, December 10.
In spite of a dreamy time yesterday, you may be starting the day with a deficit of sleep anyway. The morning starts speedy and doesn’t let up. Try not to over-caffeinate to get going. Better to increase your movement, maybe through exercise, when your energy sags. Activity could help even out the potentially disruptive events of the day and help you harness the high level of creativity that also will be present. The first of the week’s quincunx aspects gives an unpredictable quality to events. On one hand, we feel like spreading our wings to range far and wide, and on the other we just want to snuggle into a cozy nest. Restless energy is pulling at the edges of our awareness. Don’t fight it, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t always comfortable either.

Moon in Aries
Wednesday, December 11.
If fire signs drive us to better self-knowledge, we should be learning a lot about ourselves today. The Aries Moon confronts Pluto and Jupiter through square aspects. The learning style of an Aries Moon sometimes looks like getting into trouble and then finding a way to back out of it. The extraction process can feel clunky, but it reveals a lot about who we are and forces us to reinvent ourselves from time to time. How do you feel about your mistakes? Pluto gets under the surface. Jupiter makes it seem so much bigger. The trine between the Sun and the Moon gives us optimism, however. We believe we can come through our challenges with energy to spare. A phoenix rising from the ashes comes to mind. 

Moon enters Taurus 2:40 pm CST
Thursday, December 12.
Both Saturn and Jupiter are in water signs right now. Back in July, these two planets were trine to each other from these signs for the first time. Today, due to Jupiter’s current retrograde status, they are in trine again. [The third and final trine will happen in May 2014.] These two planets hold energy that is often understood as oppositional. Saturn is constricting and Jupiter is expansive. We get to leave behind the notion that responsibility is burdensome and adventure is escapism. Let yourself weave a new story about following your dreams. The soul journey is highly productive right now. With the Moon in Taurus we are encouraged to find the stability that hides within the journey. It isn’t a cop out to seek security.

Moon in Taurus
December 13—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
The quest for greater self-knowledge is a bit like learning to spin fire. There is a certain amount of risk-taking inherent to the journey, but if we are respectful of fire and practice good safety measures, the flame is free to dance. Like juggling, like any balancing act, fire skills take focus. This phase of the Moon is about that kind of tension. We understand that discernment plays a huge role in attaining our hearts’ desires.

The energetic baseline today is provided by the Moon in earthy Taurus. Earth gives fire a container and fuel for burning. Honor your containers and resources for self-discovery and expression. Mars in Libra is quincunx Neptune in Pisces—this is the second paradox aspect of the week. We’ll need to test our assumptions about how to achieve harmony and connection to others. Sometimes conflict helps to clear the way to deeper relationship, but only if we hold a value of working through it. The heart is a good guide. Fire gets us moving, even when we don’t know where we are going.

Moon in Taurus
Saturday, December 14.
Let’s address shopping, shall we? It is the holiday season and culturally and seasonally, we want to share. I have a theory that sharing abundance creates more abundance. As we go into the lean times of winter, we increase our chances of survival by giving. The Moon in Taurus helps us tune into the magic of resources and the flow of abundance. However, we don’t have to maniacally over-shop in order to contribute to this flow of abundance. Today, we are aided by the Moon’s opposition to Saturn to help us say no to overspending. The trine between the Moon and Venus helps us to appreciate beauty and value even more. Experiment with the type of giving that doesn’t break the bank. [This advice is for me more than anything; you get to hear me talking to myself! Wish me luck.]

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