Saturday, November 30, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast December 1, 2013 – December 7

What if your life were a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces were scattered over a table? What if each piece represented a day in your life, and there was no photo on the box to guide you; how would you begin to put this puzzle together and what patterns would emerge as you sorted and tested each piece to find the right connections? What would you learn about yourself as the larger picture emerged before your eyes? Puzzles are everywhere and the shifting astrological season creates a desire to solve them.

We’re about to begin a new lunar cycle, infused by the dream of Sagittarius. This dream is inspired by the big picture and a quest to understand it. We see the constellation of the Sagittarian centaur pointing his arrow at the center of our galaxy—a symbol for core truth and, because there is a black hole there, a symbol also of vastness and mystery. There’s no quest too distant or too impossible for this sign. Other signs have quests. Capricorn must climb mountains to seek tangible success. The Sagittarian journey is about something hard to pin down—knowledge. Sagittarius wants to know more. Because Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, truth is understood in a fiery way—instinctually and energetically. The equation could be thought of like this: movement plus distance equals truth. As long as we keep that equation in mind and give ourselves over to the adventure, we feel as if we are making progress.

Although it may be impossible to really see the complete picture of our lives, as long as we keep moving and believing, the flame of truth will enlighten us. We will know more than we knew before. After a month of embracing the dark in last month’s Scorpio lunar cycle, I am ready for Sagittarian illumination. I am ready to see the big picture and take a leap into the next step to get that vantage point.

The new lunar cycle, which begins with the New Moon on December 2, carries us through the holiday season and ends on News Year’s Eve. Any quest for knowledge we undertake will be impacted by many things, including our cultural expectations of this season as well as the starsdance of the planets. There is a mixture of old and new dance steps to consider. The old: Saturn remains in Scorpio—inviting soul-searching self-honesty. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are still in close square aspect—continuing the reorganization of paradigms. Jupiter in Cancer has just turned retrograde and will inflate cardinal sign conflicts over the next five months especially as it relates to needing security. The new: Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra step into the spotlight to elevate the role of relationship and ambition in our ongoing quest for self-knowledge. Venus will station retrograde in Capricorn on December 21. Balance, relationship, values, and self-worth are important themes of this transit. We have a longer time to focus on these issues through the Capricorn lens—hard working, ambitious, and possessing an innate understanding of mastery. We notice our own high expectations. Mars enters Libra the first week of December. In March, Mars will stage its own retrograde journey through this sign of balance, justice, and relationship. Do you see a theme here? Partnerships of all kinds, even those that are openly unfriendly, rise to the top of the list of what matters most to us. Retrogrades give us time to reflect and go deeper. Mars is about our passions. Even in the peace-loving sign of Libra, Mars answers to desire. This will impact how we relate. If mastery and desire had a conversation about balance, what would be discussed? On Christmas, Mars enflames our passions to be authentic through an opposition to Uranus. On December 30th, near the end of this lunar cycle, Mars forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn—time to be honest about the passions driving our lives and to bring this honesty to relationship in a healthy way.

What insightful intention will you hold for this cycle? Sagittarius offers illumination. I invite you to join me in seeing with new eyes the picture of who you are. I don’t know what gifts/challenges this vision will offer, but with the courage and foolishness of a New Moon, I am ready for the adventure.

Forecast December 1, 2013 – December 7

Moon in Scorpio
Sunday, December 1.
This is the last day of the Scorpio lunar cycle. Give thanks for the journey through the shadows. Who did you meet? Who are your allies? The dark of the Moon reveals to our hearts alone the true value of our experiences of the last four weeks, which may have felt like much longer in terms of soul growth. As the Moon contacts Mercury today, find a way to express, even if only to yourself, what is in your heart. Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are supportive. We feel optimistic, connected to others, and able to integrate mind and body to create wholeness. Notice these fleeting experiences and anchor them in memory. It is always good to recharge the batteries when things are going our way.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:31 am CST
December 2—New Moon: Dreaming.
See this week’s forecast intro for more context about the lunar cycle that begins today. In the shifting pulsations of the zodiacal wheel, every water sign is followed by a fire sign. Water signs encourage interior experiences centered around emotion. Fire signs encourage expansion out into the world with a general mission to know who we are and how to express that self-knowledge in a new way. This shift from water to fire can feel big. Perhaps you are noticing that right now. Tap into a desire to know more about yourself. What are you noticing that feels like old patterns of response? What are you noticing that feels brand new? All of this is illuminating.

The transits at the beginning of this lunar cycle are less stressful than what is to come near the end of the cycle. Breathe into the flow that is supportive right now and make room in your plans to take care of yourself this month. Flow is happening in both fire and water signs. On the side of fire: We are feeling optimistic and expansive about change with a trine between the Sun/Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. In the realm of water: the trine between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio encourages productive emotional response. Notice how boundaries and compassion work together to bring the right amount of caring for others and self. Not everything is easy, however. Challenges arise around balancing the impulses of expansion and accountability. The opposition between Jupiter and Venus has us look at patterns around money and relationship. The goal is balance. A square between the Sun/Moon and Chiron reveals feelings of vulnerability. As we quest to know ourselves better this month, vulnerability can be a guide rather than a weakness. Self-love is the gift we may gain.

Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, December 3.
This is a day to express yourself! Communication has the green light. We are both empathic and pragmatic about getting our messages across. But there’s another side to getting things off your chest—the fallout could manifest as conflict. They say that there are healthy ways to be in conflict. I’m still learning that skill, but today may be a great day to practice expression and resolution even when it feels uncomfortable.

Moon enters Capricorn 12:49 am CST
Wednesday, December 4.
I hope you learned something about healthy conflict yesterday because today’s transit could provoke a little more of it. Once a week, the Moon triggers the ongoing square aspect between Uranus and Pluto. Today is that day. In Capricorn, the Moon is asking us cut the drama and be accountable. We may not know what that means, but we all can feel it. Perhaps it appears as a renewed desire to get something real done with your time, or a desire to be acknowledged for your hard-earned talents and skills. Perhaps it also manifests as a tendency to judge. I’ve found that the source of my own judgments is usually a projection of how hard I am being on myself. As we dedicate to self-discovery this month, what are you noticing?

Moon in Capricorn
December 5—Crescent Moon: Beginning.
For all the lofty ideals we can assign to the Sagittarian quest for truth, it must never be assumed that this adventure is motivated by anything less than having the most fun we can. Emma Goldman, who is sourced with saying, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution,” had Saturn in Sagittarius. She had to master the art of fun and social change. We can all take a cue from her in this lunar cycle. The contrast we notice today is between the serious goals of a Capricorn Moon and the fun goals of a Sagittarius Sun. I like to think it isn’t an either/or situation. How will you make your revolution fun?
Here is a challenge for you: How can you conserve your resources, whatever they are from social capital to money in the bank, while at the same time not being too miserly with them. We need to expand today. It is good to exercise those muscles.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:53 am CST
Friday, December 6. 
Today, Sagittarian optimism really kicks into gear. It feels good, rather than threatening, to push the edges. We learn, we connect with others, and we are inventive about it too. In addition to these quick and fascinating encounters, there is strong possibility that we will traverse the terrain of spiritual longing as well. This longing could look like escaping into your favorite fantasy story, writing poetry, or reaching transcendental states. The way there may be diverse, but the place we are going is all about losing oneself in a bigger story.

Moon in Aquarius
Saturday, December 7.
Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra today. Mars spent about eight weeks in Virgo (a normal time for Mars to transit through a sign). Mars will remain in Libra for about 33 weeks. The difference in length is that Mars will be turning retrograde in Libra in March, thus expanding its time in this sign. Every two years, Mars takes this retrograde journey. (Last time this happened in 2011 – 2012 the sign was Virgo.) The match up between Mars—the warrior planet of desire—and Libra—the sign ruled by gracious Venus—is not quite comfortable. This doesn’t mean we won’t learn a lot concerning these authentic desires: to be true to oneself and to be dedicated to collaborative partnerships. A lot of give and take is in store for us. Later this month, Mars will provoke the Uranus/Pluto square and we will notice all these contrary desires. For now, Mars asks us to mellow out just a little, listen just a little bit more, and find a way to be gracious as we quest for greater self-knowledge.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 24, 2013 – November 30

The week of Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) has always felt to me like a jolt to the system. After a soulful month of opening to the unseen world of the dark, the manic holiday season kicks into hyperdrive, trying its best to undo all the deep revelations we just experienced. Practices of mindfulness and intention help here a lot. Even though this pulsation between dark and light is natural, the way we often make this transition at this time of year seems more destructive to our well being than it has to be. The dark season of Scorpio* is followed by the expansive season of Sagittarius—there is a lot to discover and understand about the world of the living after we’ve had a journey with the dead—however, surely there is a more graceful way to do it than fighting over sale items in a discount store. With intention we can reclaim a meaningful way to return to the light of a new season after the dark of the preceding one. Our current transition into Sagittarius’ light happens under a waning Moon. It is important to factor this in when thinking about our own mindful transitions.
It isn’t as if being expansive and social are bad things. They aren’t at all. Some of us will dive into those experiences gratefully. Others, need a buffer between the experiences of the last few weeks and the time ahead. Pay attention to what you need.
The waning Moon is generally a time of reflecting on what we’ve experienced during the waxing phases. We long for meaning. At the beginning of the lunar cycle, we noticed the veils between the seen and unseen worlds thinning. With the extra impetus of a solar eclipse and Mercury transiting retrograde through Scorpio, we’ve had a chance to go deeper than we might have ordinarily. Even when we can’t put into words what the experience has meant, it is good to acknowledge that something has changed us. We’ve been touched by Mystery. There will be times this week when the interior experience will be pronounced. And the opposite is true too. Thanksgiving itself could be a time of illumination and release. The week ends with the Moon returning to Scorpio for the final days of the cycle—a perfect time to turn off external demands and be quiet, even if for just a moment.
Forecast November 24, 2013 – November 30
Moon in Leo
Sunday, November 24.
There’s a wild card element to the day. The Moon in Leo suggests we enjoy taking more risks today. At any rate, we feel like shaking things up a bit, just to see what happens. The Moon is void-of-course most of the day adding to a sense that we could get away with something that ordinarily we might not. Add to this a square between the Sun and Neptune and it could be that our judgment is just a little off. The dream leads us away. This could be an enchanting day. Find a little bit of magic for yourself.
Moon enters Virgo 6:11 am CST
November 25—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
Did you wake up with a hangover (figuratively or literally) from yesterday’s fun? Don’t worry; the Moon in Virgo will help you put things back in order. However, don’t be too quick to sweep away the odd pieces that don’t seem to fit together. We have the opportunity to open and respond today in a way that brings resolution to a question or problem we’ve held for the last few weeks—since October 8th to be exact. That was the first time Mercury conjoined Saturn in Scorpio. Due to retrograde motion, the second time Mercury and Saturn came together was October 29. Today, the third pass brings an end to this particular journey through our shadows. In the Last Quarter phase of the Moon, we put the pieces together to give meaning to the whole. What is your meaning? Saturn encourages us to get serious. The work has been in communicating, opening to the past, feeling vulnerable about the future, and hopefully reaching a place of knowing ourselves better.  The opposition between the Moon in orderly Virgo and Neptune in dreamy Pisces adds another element of whimsy that could actually be hiding something much more profound.
Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, November 26.
If something’s been telling you to wait till today to put your Thanksgiving plans together, go shopping, clean the house, make those lists, then you were right. This is the day for that. But rather than feeling like drudgery, all those things contribute to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Just remember—it isn’t about perfection! While you are being productive, give some thought to the meaning of the Thanksgiving season for you. What are you grateful for? How can you give back? What is important about family and home to you? These questions build over the next few days. These reflections help us shift from the dark time of reflection to the bright time of socializing and connecting in the holiday season.
Moon enters Libra 3:59 pm CST
Wednesday, November 27.
The predominant influence shifts to Venus in Capricorn today. With the Moon in Venus’ home sign, we become concerned with other people. Who do we want to see? Can our social interactions help our professional goals? How can we bring more charm and grace to a social gathering? Is the workload shared fairly? To make the most of the Thanksgiving break, try to flow with Libran balance through the next couple of days. With Mercury making happy aspects with the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, conversation is lively and possibly very rewarding on many levels.
Moon in Libra
Thursday, November 28.
Thanksgiving is a really a hearth holiday. Abundance and gratitude are the blessings we honor. Jupiter and Venus are opposed each other influencing our perceptions of the hearth. Jupiter in Cancer asks us to reflect on what beliefs, dreams, and values infuse our hearths with possibility. Venus in Capricorn encourages us to pay attention to our non-negotiables in order to ensure lasting abundance. These two benefics, even in an opposition, can have a good effect on each other. They encourage balance and integration, a give and take between self-interest and helping others. Watch out for extreme positions; cultivate the middle ground. Even though the Libra Moon influences us to play nice with others, the tense aspects between the Moon, Uranus and Pluto may bring out passive-aggressive behavior even in the best of us. Don’t play games. Stick with what your heart feels.
Moon enters Scorpio 10:03 pm
November 29—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering.
The best way to align with today’s celestial seasonings may be to stay away from the malls and decide to “Buy Nothing”. Your soul will thank you. This phase of the Moon craves the quiet spaces where we are able to honor our journeys and release them back to the dark. Since this lunar cycle has been about embracing the dark, the best way to complete this work is by noticing the distractions around us and returning to the present. What is really valuable? In this time of gratitude, the timeless and valuable parts of our lives, which create connection and meaning can be to be recognized and honored. The dark journey gives us a special gift. What are you taking away?
The Moon moves into aspect with the opposition of Jupiter and Venus that was exact yesterday. Choices may seem black and white. What if you adopted the attitude of Yes/And instead, and entertained all possibilities? The Sufi poet, Rumi, described this state of mind as “a field, out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing.” Step into that field.
Moon in Scorpio
Saturday, November 30.
Astrologer Caroline Casey works with the energy/metaphor of the Compassionate Trickster. On her website she describes her Trickster dedication this way: “cultivating eloquence, mythological literacy, metaphoric agility, the arts of blessing and storytelling—so that we be responsive agents of Trickster Redeemer cool, in a hot, reactive world.” What a great day to embrace the trickster and the compassionate parts of ourselves. The Sun is trine Uranus, encouraging change. The Moon is trine Neptune encouraging empathy. And the Sun is square to Chiron reminding us that everyone of us carries a transformative vulnerability that opens us to wisdom. Imagine this guiding your day.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 17, 2013 – November 23

An article on the Earth and Sky website inspires my astrological musings this week. It is entitled: Two Comets to fly by Mercury on November 18 and 19. [Watch a video here]. Right now, two comets are on their way to a rendezvous with Mercury, Comet Encke and Comet ISON. With the mindset that everything is alive and everything is communicating, what might this rare event be offering us? Let’s fold it into the ongoing celestial story of this lunar cycle. Let’s muse on the nature of comets. Let’s allow the unexpected and wondrous to infuse our lunar intentions.
This lunar cycle began with a New Moon in Scorpio.* At the dark time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio invites us to embrace the wisdom of the dark. Perhaps you’ve been learning more about your own relationship to darkness. I know I have. Another very important layer to this experience of the dark has been Mercury’s retrograde journey through the dark of Scorpio, joining Saturn in Scorpio to add weight and significance. Another layer was the Solar Eclipse that inaugurated this lunar cycle with a twist of the unexpected, as the Sun was darkened by the Moon’s passage in front of it.
And now two comets are rapidly moving towards the center of our solar system, passing very close to Mercury. Comets are visitors from the dark—dim regions that surround our solar system. As they break free from their comet nursery, they speed quickly towards the Sun; the closer they get, the brighter they shine, sometimes manifesting in showy tails streaming behind. There is a theory that icy particles from comets may have seeded our planet with water and perhaps even life. Are these comets seeding our experiences of the dark with new understanding and potency? Why, of course!
I appreciate the encouragement from the cosmos to allow more room for the darkness within me. The velvet blackness isn’t empty, isn’t void of wonder or meaning. It holds surprises and unexpected allies. It holds a message just for me and just for you too.
Forecast November 17, 2013 – November 23
Moon enters Gemini at 6:07 pm CST
November 17—Full Moon: Illuminating.
One of the beautiful things about a Full Moon is that the light does not entirely eliminate the dark. On the night of a Full Moon we see how to hold dark and light simultaneously. Every Full Moon shows us how to dance with opposite qualities without squashing either. At this Full Moon, observe how the Moon does this and invite that skill and grace into your life, too.
This Full Moon stands in Taurus, the grounded earth sign of Spring’s fecundity. The prime directive in Taurus is to create and enhance stability. Scorpio, where the Sun stands, is dedicated to sensing into the transformative darkness. This seems as far from stability as we can get. Who knows what the darkness holds? Who can plan for the ways it will change us? If each pair of opposite signs has a gift to give the other, how do these signs benefit from this exchange? Rather than see stability and transformation as mutually exclusive, we have the opportunity to offer a little bit of each to situations that feel stuck or feel too uncertain. Where is the balance point for you?
A major theme for the rest of this lunar cycle could be described as “Working things out.” Feelings have been stirred up from our deeper recesses. Now we have the opportunity to clear up misunderstandings, come to some conclusions, and understand ourselves a whole lot more. The ally bringing this all about is our friend—visited by not one but two comets this week—Mercury. Mercury forms aspects with Uranus, Chiron, and Pluto for the third time since this retrograde cycle began. [Next week on November 25, Mercury makes the third conjunction with Saturn, an important point of resolution.] At the Full Moon, Mercury is conjunct the North Node. This is an expression of how we are evolving. Comets carry messages to the Messenger God, seeding new ways to understand our own souls. Let’s pay attention to that.
Mars and Jupiter are teaming up to encourage us to bring wholeness to the hearth. As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, we don’t want to just go through the motions of honoring family obligations. There is a sense that a healthy home life is a basis of health and happiness in our whole lives. Gratitude comes authentically from this realization.
Moon in Gemini
Monday, November 18.
The Moon in Mercury’s home sign is encouraging a connection with the quicksilver part of ourselves. Be expansive. We are more prone to making social connections and acquiring new knowledge. We may also be more prone to changing our point of view in order to bring about those connections and insights. Even though we’ve been going through a rough patch of fixed points of view, we lighten up today, at least for a little while. Although not visible with the naked eye, Comet Encke has a close encounter with Mercury today. Welcome strange visitors.
Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, November 19.
Day two of comets visiting Mercury. Feathers may be more easily ruffled today than yesterday. Mercury is forming an inquisitive relationship with Uranus. People are being contrary. There is a need to think for ourselves and we may have a hard time listening to or appreciating another person’s point of view. This tension can be productive if we are looking for innovative solutions. A moderating factor is that Mars in Virgo is happily sextile to Jupiter in Cancer. If people are bugging you, spend extra time at home, maybe even cleaning a closet or organizing your desk. This effort brings inner peace.
Moon enters Cancer at 5:23 am CST
Wednesday, November 20.
Today could be the first time since the Full Moon on Sunday that we truly slow down enough take a breath. The past few days have been stimulating. With the Moon in Cancer, we hear the call to slow down and process internally. Mercury is still busy making contact with Chiron and Pluto, but the impetus is to use this energy to be powerfully present to compassion. Are you developing your empathy muscles? Do what you need to take care of yourself even as your desire to help others expands.
Moon in Cancer
November 21—Disseminating Moon: Sharing.
Take a moment to reflect on your experiences since the New Moon on November 3rd. What is the most resonant thing that comes up for you? Here’s the hard part, it may not be an experience you’d ever want to repeat. We have been going through some dark times. I don’t believe that everything happens to us for a good reason. Sometimes really bad things happen to us that we didn’t deserve or need in order to learn some important lesson. Sometimes this kind of experience is the harvest we are bringing in, and it isn’t fair. These are the times when the darkness is no longer a place to hide, but is a place where we see ourselves completely—what we are made of and the choices we wish to make. Even if you aren’t having this type of experience right now, someone else is. The disseminating phase of the Moon is a time to notice what we are harvesting from our experiences in this cycle. How do you greet this darkness? How do you tenderly take care of yourself and others?
Heart open and seeing with clear eyes is a good way to greet the Sun’s ingress into ebullient Sagittarius today. To seal the deal, the Moon conjoins Jupiter too, the ruler of Sagittarius. We don’t have to immediately dive into forgetting our dark journeys of this cycle even though that may be the temptation. Notice how the pulsation from dark to light is a constant pattern. What are you learning?
Moon enters Leo at 5:56 pm CST
Friday, November 22.
With the Sun and Moon in fire signs today, please embrace the upwelling of energy with joy and creativity. Water signs can give us comfort; fire signs give us hope. What brings hope to your life today? Share some of that energy with others. And look for those firey people waiting to share their energy with us. Fire likes to move.
Moon in Leo
Saturday, November 23.
The burst of fire energy yesterday may leave you feeling a little burnt out today. That’s another aspect to fire—learning how to tend the flame so we don’t have to experience those big swings of up and down. There’s still plenty of spark to this day, so find the thing that brings you joy and helps you reconnect with vital energy. Fire needs a solid container to be long living. Imagine your container is built by Venus and Saturn. Venus in earthy Capricorn makes a sextile aspect to Saturn in soulful Scorpio. This is the first of three times Venus makes this aspect with Saturn over the course of the next three months. Venus will be going on a retrograde journey this winter and spending an extended period of time in the sign of Capricorn. Venus likes this sign. She is able to bring harmony and balance to our quests for excellence. With Saturn’s help today, it is as if we want to take the creative fire energy of Leo and begin to create a masterwork, not just a pleasing sketch. What long-range dreams do you have for creative excellence? Dare to commit to that dream.
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 10, 2013 – November 16

As I spend time this lunar cycle* with the intention to embrace the dark, I know I need more than an affirmation to keep going. It is difficult to trust this part of the journey. Doubts arise. Just how much darkness are we talking about? Will I have to give up something precious? Will I lose my way? When fears threaten to overtake me, my core beliefs give me something to hold onto. These beliefs give me context, show me the way out of places I feel stuck, and help me to decide my next step, even when I can’t see very far ahead. Even when I am in the dark about a lot of things, there are some things that I know.
  • Our lives are about more than our individual experiences. Each of us is part of a bigger picture. We belong to a vast web of connection. I trust the relationships that are sometimes hidden from view. There are guides and there are reasons I am here, even when I can’t see them.
  • I belong to the natural world and the natural world shows me where I am in a cycle or stage of my life. I trust the process. Thus, I know that darkness has a balancing and healing function and it will eventually give way to light, which in turn will fall back into darkness.
  •  I’ll have more than one chance to do what I need to do, whether that is learning, healing, finding my life purpose, or expressing my gifts—wherever my soul is leading me. I can make mistakes. I can even forget my mission, and my soul will call again to give me another opportunity.
These beliefs work for me. What are yours? One of the gifts of the dark journey is to come to know our essential truths even when they seem to have deserted us. Somewhere waiting for us is discovery and a deeper resiliency because of it. I guess that’s another one of my core beliefs.
The transits this week emphasize the water signs. The flow can help us navigate towards our core beliefs, but it can also dissolve the foundation of those beliefs. Notice shifting emotions, some of these are telling us important information and others are adding fuel to misguided beliefs. This quality of water can be quite challenging, especially when committing to the dark. What do you know without reservation? Who are your guides through times of doubt? I offer these beliefs: you are worthy of being here, you have gifts to give us, and you don’t have to be perfect.
Forecast November 10, 2013 – November 16
Moon enters Pisces 8:36 pm CST
Sunday, November 10.
At long last Mercury stations direct in Scorpio after turning retrograde on October 21. Now, Mercury begins the third pass through this segment of the zodiac where we complete the lessons and undo the mix-ups we experienced since the retrograde station. Mercury reaches the end of this part of the journey on November 28th, Thanksgiving. Just in time to interact with friends and family in a more direct way.  Mercury has been digging deep into our psyches. It feels like we’ve been purging old and toxic patterns. If you feel exhausted by the effort of releasing and coping with strong emotion the last three weeks, congratulate yourself for the work. The reward is increased power, vitality, and self-knowledge. Mercury stations direct in a water trine to Neptune, which is also powerful right now due to being stationary itself. (Neptune will station direct on Wednesday.) The next two days will be strongly influenced by these two planets, which emphasizes intuitive knowing and transcendent experiences. There is also a need to turn off the input. Find time for solitude, daydreaming, or getting lost in an experience. Notice your patterns around numbing and escapism too.
Moon in Pisces
Monday, November 11.
Read yesterday’s forecast because much of that energy applies today too. Things feel right if we are willing to surrender to the flow. It may mean everyone is more sensitive, but that is OK. We learn that empathy creates understanding, which creates opportunity to move forward. This means we don’t have to rationally know why we are doing what we are doing, we just need to base our actions from the heart. Some of us will be needing to repair relationship or miscommunications that happened during the Mercury retrograde cycle, keep these heart messages and attunements in mind as you begin that work.
Moon in Pisces
Tuesday, November 12.
There’s a kite in the sky today. That is an aspect formation comprised of three planets in trine with each other in the water signs (a triangle) that is bisected by a pair of planets in opposition to each other (Mars in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces). The result looks like a kite when drawn in a chart. [Nicholas Campion writes a brief explanation of aspect patterns here:] The tendency to get overwhelmed by water is helped by a Mars challenge. His challenge: Don’t just be happy with knowing how you feel; take pragmatic action to make those feelings useful. Emotion is information, but isn’t the end of our self-discovery. We also must do something constructive with those emotions.
Moon enters Aries at 1:39 am CST
November 13—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
We notice a distinct shift in energy today. The watery flow of the last three days gives way to action. This is the pattern activated over and over by the Moon moving through the zodiac. Water signs are followed by fire signs. Water signs call up our memories. Fire signs transform them into new life. Water signs ask us to retreat into private spaces of soul. Fire sign incite us to emerge from an interior experience into a more expansive and interactive arena. Are you noticing this pulsation from inner to outer? How does this dynamic play into your lunar intentions for this month? The dark can be a cathartic place. The next step in healing may be to move from sensing into choosing. You’ve got something to do. Where will your experiences lead you next on this soul journey?
The Moon joins Uranus and squares Venus and Pluto. A new dynamic to the Uranus/Pluto square becomes apparent. Venus will be moving closer to a conjunction with Pluto over the next two days. Look for women to take an important role in bringing necessary change to the world. Beauty and justice, two qualities precious to Venus, inform our choices and give us power.
Moon in Aries
Thursday, November 14.
Just because we embrace the dark at this time of the year, does not mean we completely recede into inaction. The tension comes from the paradox between rest and action. What injustice really bothers you right now? The dark is a potent source of power. Corruption doesn’t really like the kind of power that is comfortable with the dark, perhaps because there are fewer places to hide. Claim the power of shadow that will not allow injustice to thrive. Venus squares Uranus today. Shake it up. There are more options than you thought.
Moon enters Taurus 8:49 am CST
Friday, November 15.
Every fire sign in the zodiac is followed by an earth sign. Outward energy coalesces into solid form. That happens today. What if there are no mistakes? Wherever that fire energy of the last two days has brought you, it is the perfect place to begin to lay down more structure. Sometimes we want to hang onto a particular elemental energy we are fond of. The Moon teaches us that everything must change; everything has its time to be and its time to be no more. Hopefully, you took bolder action over the past two days. Regardless of how that went, you now get to look at issues of longevity, commitment, and sustainability. Venus in Capricorn (an earth sign) conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. She means business here. How will you invite this ally to help you become more formidable yourself? The Moon opposes a newly-direct Mercury. This solidity translates into communication as well. Say what you mean.
Moon in Taurus
Saturday, November 16.
Tomorrow is the exact moment of the Full Moon, but today is a great lead in. The Moon in Taurus is opposite Scorpio, the sign inspiring the intentions of this lunar cycle. Oppositions invite integration to bring illumination. Taurus is the sign of spring’s regeneration, calling us into the dance of creation. Scorpio, of course, is the sign of fall’s dying time, calling us into the dance with the dark. Potent forces! Are you glad to be a dancer in this grand waltz? The best qualities of earth are manifest today. Capable, determined, ambitious, discerning, and accountable, earth signs mirror for us what it takes to create something lasting. Celebrate the ways you show up with these qualities in your life. This is the way we create meaning from the dark.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 3, 2013 – November 9

What does the dark mean to you? Is it a place to turn off the noise of life’s demands? Is it a lonely or sad place? Or scary? Or beautiful? Does the darkness hold possibility? Or emptiness? I ask these questions, not because I think any of us has one single answer; I know I feel all these things and more about the dark. I ask because this month our souls would be well served by paying more attention to our relationship with darkness.
The dark is vital. Globally speaking, there is as much night as there is day at any moment in time. The Moon’s cycle contains as much dark as it does reflected light. Shadows live hand in hand with light, yet it is so easy to gloss over experiences of darkness. We’ve got countless ways to push the dark away—the literal dark and the dark times in our lives. All that effort must be telling us something about ourselves. Possibly, the source of our culture’s near constant stress and unhappiness stems from how fast we try to run away from darkness. What if we embraced the darkness? What if we stopped filling the emptiness of the dark with more things to do? What if we stopped running to catch up with the light? I invite you to join me in welcoming the wisdom of the dark.
This week the Scorpio lunar cycle begins. This sign mirrors the season of October when we notice the darkness more easily and touch the veils that separate the worlds of the living and the dead. Awareness of these worlds has been deepening since Mercury stationed retrograde in Scorpio on October 21. This particular Mercury retrograde is significant because it conjoins Saturn three times. A year ago, Saturn entered Scorpio. Since then, Saturn has given us the task of soul development. Mercury is reminding us that this work isn’t over yet. With Mercury’s help, we are compelled to turn toward the solemn experience of Saturn’s transit of Scorpio. Another ally supports this work. This week, Mars in Virgo forms an aspect with Saturn that reinforces these experiences. In the dark and in our depths, regeneration waits for the right moment to arise. Perhaps our work is to learn to trust that process.
Forecast November 3, 2013 – November 9
Moon in Scorpio
November 3—New Moon: Dreaming.
The Scorpio lunar cycle starts with a Solar Eclipse. The lunar cycle begins with a perfect opening to notice the gift and challenge of darkness as we experience a temporary loss of light. Even though it may not be visible where we live, the darkening of the Sun’s face acts like a resetting of the systems we are used to. Dark gives us a gift by taking away what the light has been hiding. Ordinary states are suspended. Sometimes it takes a while to regroup after a solar eclipse event in our lives. Other times, the unexpected change in welcomed. Because we don’t fully know what to expect, we enter a liminal place, a pause between realities, which becomes a potent moment to initiate our lunar intention to develop deeper relationship with the dark.
Now isn’t the time to know your answer to the question: What does the dark mean to you? But there are hints in the New Moon chart, whispers from the planetary guides. Mars in Virgo is supporting the work with a goal of creating wholeness and healing. Some of the shadows within the shadows may be the feeling that we must be perfect in order to attain wholeness. What does the dark want to say to you about this? Neptune is stationary (turns direct next week), making it a strong influence. In Pisces, Neptune is supporting the Scorpio planets, asking us to suspend ordinary reality in order to expand our connection with others. In the dark, the dream states of Neptune take us on deep journeys. Honor the visions and feelings by grounding them with acts of service and devotion. The square between Uranus and Pluto, which was exact on November 1, sends strong pulses through our world. Change is a constant. Can we learn to be the midwives to the change that can heal our world? Will the dark teach you how? Jupiter in Cancer is stationary too (turns retrograde this week). This planet has brought the breath of belief to our hearts and hearths since entering Cancer in June. Now this expansive energy pauses to retrace these steps. We have time to reflect on the real value of these things. Jupiter’s initial pass through a sign is the young wine. While moving retrograde, the wine ages and mellows. Our homes are necessary for our developing relationship with the dark time of the year. Venus has reached her greatest elongation as the Evening Star. At 28 degrees Sagittarius, the Queen of Heaven points to the center of our galaxy. The contrast between the sparkling beauty of Venus and the darkness that anchors the galaxy is potent with mystery and meaning.
Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:14 pm CST
Monday, November 4.
Slowly we move from interior places to engage with the outside world. For some, this will be quite a relief! The Moon is officially waxing now, even though the cycle has just begun. We get excited about the next phase of our journeys. Don’t let the excitement lead you away from the welcoming darkness, especially since the Moon squares Neptune opening up the intuitive side of things. Notice the contrasting impulses. Welcome complexity.
Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, November 5.
Notice what gives you hope. The Moon in expansive Sagittarius invites us to dream big and gives confidence to our intentions. What are the big gifts that could come from a more comfortable relationship to the dark? Venus enters Capricorn today. Later in the year, Venus will turn retrograde in this sign. Venus won’t leave Capricorn until March 2014—a longer period of time to be in one sign for Venus. In Capricorn, Venus makes getting down to business a beautiful thing. Capricorn is the winter sign that also has a relationship with the dark. In the dark, our plans take shape. In the dark, we decide what is truly important to us. In the dark, we begin the journey up the mountain. [I’ll be writing more about Venus’s mythic retrograde journey in the coming weeks.]
Moon enters Capricorn at 3:44 pm CST
November 6—Crescent Moon: Beginning.
After the Sun sets tonight, look for Venus and the Crescent Moon. These two will be very close to each other in the western sky. Venus greets the young Moon and gives hope to our intentions for this lunar cycle dedicated to the dark. This pairing reflects the archetypal energy of this phase of the Moon—the optimism and confidence that we have at the beginning of a journey. Perhaps you are excited about a new spiritual practice or about what you might reap after doing the work of this cycle. You might receive renewed inspiration or feel emboldened to break free from something in your life that has been holding you back. Let Venus be your initiator. While Venus is in Capricorn we expect to be rewarded for our work and have help in staying committed.
The Sun joins Saturn today for their yearly meeting. These two shed light on what we hope to accomplish. Since the work of Saturn in Scorpio involves the soul, we may learn more about what that means to us. The focus today ranges from work to home. Jupiter stations in Cancer, the sign opposite Capricorn. We get a sense that attention to harmony and happiness in the home feeds our greater ambitions and vice versa.
Moon in Capricorn
Thursday, November 7.
The Sun reaches the midpoint of Scorpio today. This is a powerful degree in the Fixed signs and a good day to notice the dark. The Moon joins Pluto (co-ruler of Scorpio) and squares Uranus in the early morning (CST). These two planets have been sending the messages that we must change our relationships to the earth and to all beings on the earth. There may be extra stress today, but wisdom flows into the silence and the dark, pay attention. Venus is in a sextile aspect to Neptune. The right relationship is the one that is beautiful. In the darkness, beauty can be surprising. We have the opportunity to let go of superficial beauty to find the beauty that creates sustainability and balance.
Moon enters Aquarius at 5:30 pm CST
Friday, November 8.
Today the dark holds visions for a new world. Whether we start big or little, we feel inspired. Retrograde Mercury forms a sextile to Venus. In his retrograde persona, Mercury can cause all kinds of communication/technological upsets. This aspect between Venus and Mercury may ease some of those frustrations. We can see the purpose behind some reversals or delays. Does the dark give you more patience or less? One area of potential conflict is where the individual’s need for safety meets the group’s need for taking risks to push our edges out further. Change happens in pulsating waves between these two poles of desire.
Moon in Aquarius
November 9—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
This phase of the Moon asks us to look at our dissatisfactions and decide what will we do about them. What are you experiencing this lunar cycle? Are you following the dark into new soul awareness? Or have you deferred that work until your soul has rebelled? This season when death is so close to life, we are reminded to cherish our days and live lives of meaning. Take stock. The planetary allies are supportive. The sextile between Mars and Saturn affirms that we can find the wholeness that creates health and balance. The source of this strength is in the dark. Mercury is stationary (will turn direct tomorrow) and so has stronger influence on our communications and thoughts. Neptune is also stationary and is trine Mercury. Both of these planets are in water signs, emphasizing that our emotions are potent communicators. Notice how words and thoughts impact a larger sphere than we are usually aware of. Waves connect us. From this understanding, how will you manifest your soul’s calling?   

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