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Follow the Moon: Forecast October 27, 2013 – November 2

As the veil thins, we are reminded that everything dies. Death is the ultimate and inescapable force of transformation running through our lives. Perhaps you’ve already noticed the thinning. Sometimes I think the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is really just the strength of my denial. It is easy to overlook death when the garden is in full swing of growth and productivity. When the growing cycle ends, it is hard to deny that we too will die someday. Death can be a heavy weight. That goes for everything that also feels like a death—a change of identity or a loss of relationship or role in life. These experiences can be described by one word: transformation. We are in the thick of transformation now. The dance of the planets and season affirms this process. The highlights of the week’s transits are: the 4th of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto; unpredictable retrograde Mercury contacting Saturn in Scorpio and then contacting Uranus and Pluto; and Mars and Uranus through a quincunx aspect forcing an adjustment to be made in our expectations—all while the Moon wanes into darkness and the season of Samhain deepens. It feels like a lot.  
The more change there is in my life, the more I want to make it safe, make it comprehensible. The more I want to control everything around it. In delightful synchronicity, just as I was sitting down to write about this week’s challenges the following poem was sent to me. Gently, but with great humor, Hafiz pokes fun at the very thought we can outwit the inevitable. This is the message I need.
Tripping Over Joy
What is the difference
Between your experience of Existence
And that of a saint?

The saint knows
That the spiritual path
Is a sublime chess game with God

And that the Beloved
Has just made such a Fantastic Move
That the saint is now continually
Tripping over Joy
And bursting out in Laughter
And saying, “I Surrender!”

Whereas, my dear,
I am afraid you still think
You have a thousand serious moves.
-Hafiz trans. by Daniel Ladinsky
This lunar cycle is dedicated to an invocation of balance, and we need an extraordinary amount of it at this moment. Feelings of loss, grief, and anger over injustice and foolhardiness are real and serious. As co-creators of the possible, it is no wonder we feel the pressure of needing to make a “thousand serious moves”. Balance between the dire and the delightful is possible, but I know it will take a lot of grace. The best help may be to emulate the saint who laughs while saying, “I surrender.”
Forecast October 27, 2013 – November 2
Moon in Leo
Sunday, October 27.
Let go of self-criticism. Sacred fun is clamoring to be acknowledged. Read the poem, Tripping Over Joy, by Hafiz. Imagine you are playing chess with Mystery. What excellent chess move will you celebrate today? The Moon in Leo encourages our passionate involvement in the dance between life and death. Sense into this momentous exchange and find your joy. Uranus encourages risk taking. Underneath these passionate moments, Saturn and Mercury approach their second conjunction in the current Mercury retrograde cycle. Transformation is serious business. Paradox is present.
Moon enters Virgo 10:44 pm CDT
Monday, October 28.
Empathic connection is important during these transformative times. We are learning how to navigate the fears that arise when we open to the pain of others. Chiron’s transit through Pisces is inviting us to become more compassionate. Today, Pluto, the god of transformation and death forms a helping aspect with Chiron, the god of the sacred wound. These two have been doing this dance through a sextile aspect since May 2012. The dance doesn’t end until February 2014. We are learning to give and ask for support. Vulnerability is not a weakness. The Moon is still in Leo most of the day; we notice that everyone is essential. We all have impact. 
Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, October 29.
Two conjunctions are asking us to take ourselves more seriously. This might sound dour, but embracing the work grounds us while we experience the closeness of death and transformation this week. The Moon in pragmatic Virgo joins Mars in the same sign. We open to change by putting our affairs in order. We remember the quest for balance while being mindful of our expectations for perfection. The step toward wholeness is more important than achieving it. Mercury retrograde joins Saturn in Scorpio for the second time in this cycle. (The first time happened on October 8.) Do you notice a thread of experience from that date? Remember that Mercury is known as the guide of souls. We may feel the touch of death today. Certainly we feel more serious about life. Give yourself time to notice what is coming up for you. What is transforming? Difficulty in communicating, travel, or technology may be trying to wake us up.
Moon in Virgo
October 30—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. Tease free the cords bound around the fear of change. We don’t need to control what will happen next.  We simply need to be present. The Balsamic Moon phase is an excellent time to let go. This phase is most like the final stage of death when the body decomposes. We transform through the alchemical process of surrender. The day before Halloween/Samhain, notice the beauty of decay. Most people, myself included, recoil from death. But at this special time of the year, we can linger just a little longer, open just a little more. There are gifts here. How does the nearness of death impact your ability to flow with balance into a state of grace?
The day may feel fated. The Sun conjoins the North Node of the Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio. Astrologers say this is the beginning of the Draconian Year (the Dragon Year). How are you evolving? What new depths have you discovered? Is there a dragon speaking to you? Mars opposes Chiron. Perhaps there is an opportunity to integrate the division between the roles of healer and fighter. 
Moon enters Libra at 7:21 am CDT
Thursday, October 31
Samhain. The Moon reenters Libra, the sign that began this lunar cycle, which is coming to an end. Notice the difference between the beginning and end of this cycle. Samhain is the holy day that marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. We are in a liminal space—a place between the worlds—where we have the opportunity to evaluate and set new intention. We also celebrate our ancestors in this season. As you remember those who have gone before, what is the message from the other side? Mars and Uranus are having a heated discussion today. Mars advocates for careful process—an unusual point of view for Mars, but the agent of desire is in Virgo, after all. Uranus, in impetuous Aries, has been urging all of us to take risks in bringing more change to our lives. Can you be careful and daring at the same time?
Moon in Libra
Friday, November 1.
Sheer numbers might describe this day best. There are 12 exact aspects today. It feels like we’ve reached a crescendo of significance. And with all this celestial activity going on, it may just feel like a very busy day. However, I believe we experience reality on many levels. Our daily lives may go on just as always, but there is a mythic reality that runs alongside it. I love astrology for its ability to help us tap into that mythic level. Pay attention for insights about the important themes of your myth. The most significant aspect is the square between Uranus and Pluto. The Moon in Libra plays a big role too by opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. These Uranus/Pluto transits are presenting us with uncertainty and showing us how we are living right now. I am noticing that many of us seem to be in a permanent state of stress. Like with a bad fashion choice, can we just take off that outfit and slip into something more becoming? The mythic journey of Mercury retrograde reaches a pivot point as well—Mercury conjoins the Sun in Scorpio. Together, the Sun and Mercury form aspects with the Uranus/Pluto square. We are at the midpoint of this dance between Uranus and Pluto. With the Sun and Mercury joining in, it feels like we learn something important and notice a new paradigm. My favorite part of all these celestial coincidences is that these events happen on Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. What do your ancestors have to tell you about living a life of joy and balance? How did they live? How did they adapt to their changing world? How can we together create the balance our world needs?
Moon enters Scorpio at 12:35 pm CDT
Saturday, November 2.
Be sensitive to a pervading desire to be alone. Find the time and the place to soothe your soul. Water is the healing element of the moment. If you feel called, the evening would be a great time to try water scrying. This is simply letting our gaze soften as we look into a bowl of water. This meditative state can bring peace and possibly significant insight too. Open to the next lunar cycle that begins tomorrow with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast October 20, 2013 – October 26

The veil between the worlds is thinning. Many of us are familiar with this metaphor for the subtle shift in energy in this season (in the Northern Hemisphere) when life force returns to the root, when we honor our beloved dead, and prepare for winter’s fertile darkness. This is the season of death. Death’s realm is an invisible world hidden behind the veils most of the time. But death comes closer now, giving us the opportunity to notice its influence upon everything in this life. This week a conspiracy between the planets and the season asks us to hone our senses and deepen our awareness of the thinning boundaries between the visible and invisible worlds. Notably, the waning Moon returning to darkness, Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio, the Sun entering Scorpio, and the Moon later in the week entering sensitive Cancer to form aspects with every outer planet of change—all these events create a tone of opening to depth through emotion and intuition.
With ordinary perceptions suspended, we are able to sense into the differences and similarities between the visible – what we are paying attention to, and the invisible – what influences us yet is not seen. Especially with Mercury moving backwards, the differences between these worlds blur even more. Some things are invisible simply because we have not attuned to them yet. Science continues to reveal hidden connections. Observing nature, hidden worlds become visible. Does the other correlation apply here too? Does the visible world have influence on the hidden? How do we attune to that exchange? The thinning of the veils is about a lot of things, but the one I’d like to pay attention to this week is how to expand my sensory awareness to see more and to acknowledge more about the visible and the invisible realms.
The mysterious veil between seen and unseen impacts the work of this Libra lunar cycle.* I am working with an intention to live in balance, especially as that applies to my relationships. I am mindful that balance is not only a state I achieve as an individual. I am also subject to the vast forces of balance in the cosmos. Death is a balancing force; it is an exchange, just like every breath I take, between the visible and invisible worlds. I invite you to join me in opening to these sensations—Notice the veils between worlds with all your senses. Do you feel the thinning? How do you know? Notice the exchange between the visible and invisible. What part do you play in this balancing force?  
Forecast October 20, 2013 – October 26
Moon in Taurus
Sunday, October 20.
This week we notice death, the inevitable force of transformation. The Moon in Taurus emphasizes the exchange between death and regeneration. Scorpio, the sign of death, and Taurus, the sign of rebirth, have an intimate partnership. These two signs are opposite each other in the zodiac. Notice the sweetness that death brings to life and the passion that life brings to death. Mercury is stationing, ready to turn retrograde tomorrow. Mercury, also known as Hermes, is the only god able to travel at will between the land of the living and the land of the dead. We are poised to take a mythic journey with Mercury as the guide between the worlds. The connection between the Moon and Jupiter give us hope that the journey will be a fruitful one.
Moon enters Gemini 11:14 am CDT
Monday, October 21.
The Moon in Gemini helps us play along with the shapeshifting shenanigans of Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury rules Gemini, so the Moon in his native sign will give us a little more flexibility as we deal with reversals and surprises today. The mythic nature of this retrograde journey is strong. Mercury (or Hermes) is the psychopomp—the guide of souls traveling to the underworld. As the veils thin, he leads the way down into depth. We are invited to participate in this transformation. The Moon squares the opposition between Neptune and Mars, increasing the desire to see things on the mythic level. We struggle to find the practical way to use these feelings and insights. Perhaps the first step is to surrender.
Moon in Gemini
October 22—Disseminating Moon: Sharing.
What has changed in your life since the New Moon on October 4th? Even before the exact stationing of Mercury, which happened yesterday, I’ve noticed big shifts and surprises in emotional and relational states. I’ve been asked to adjust to big fluctuations that have challenged my sense of balance and conscious response that I want in my life and relationships. Now that Mercury is retracing his steps through that terrain, we get to review those experiences. The gifts we have to share from this cycle thus far come from doing this review and remembering what worked and what didn’t. With the Moon in Gemini, conversation may lead to insight. You never know when an idea you share with another will the truth that they needed to hear at that moment. Keep your ears open and notice the invisible connections that help us all find balance. Be willing to tend the web with heart and compassion.
Moon enters Cancer 10:36 pm CDT
Wednesday, October 23.
Where I live fall days can go from sunny and warm to cold and gloomy in an instant. We may live in different weather regions, but we all notice a sudden shifting and chilling today, no matter where we live. The veil between the visible and invisible worlds thins even more with the Sun moving into Scorpio. What are you noticing about the exchange between the visible and invisible worlds? We are becoming more sensitive. The Moon in Cancer later this evening encourages us to attune to the flow of emotion. Drink from the source of life and pass the gift to those on the other side of the veil.
Moon in Cancer
Thursday, October 24.
Opening to bigger awareness of the interconnection between the visible and invisible worlds, hearts also open. Here is the balancing challenge for today: hold this heart-centered awareness while at the same time adjusting to likely disruptions in the field. We are in a Mercury retrograde period and need to remember to flow with unforeseen events. Not everything unexpected is a disaster. Delight is possible too. The Moon in Cancer is trine to Neptune and sextile to Mars. These aspects encourage spiritual connection and insight. We also desire to find pragmatic ways to practice compassion. The Moon also contacts the tense square aspect between Uranus and Pluto. These two outer planets of change and transformation are nearing their next exact square on November 1. People are sensitive and perhaps more impatient than usual. Give yourself space when you need it.
Moon in Cancer
Friday, October 25.
This is a squishy, watery day. Home and family play a big role, even under circumstance that don’t seem to have anything to do with these things. The Cancer Moon takes us on a journey of memory into our childhoods; we then find ourselves responding to the present with those memories driving the bus. Compassion for self and others is important. The Moon is trine to wayward Mercury retrograding through Scorpio. Expect communication to work when we are aware of emotional cues. The Moon is also conjunct Jupiter, which is readying to turn retrograde at this degree in Cancer. We are feeling big heart and big messages from the heart. This may include defensiveness. Can you accept the message without taking it personally? The Sun is trine to Neptune. The ocean, literally and metaphorically, feels like a resource for healing. We don’t always need words to communicate.
Moon enters Leo 11:11 am CDT
October 26—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
We’ve been swimming in the ocean for the last few days. The veils between the worlds have continued to dissolve. Where does this leave you on your lunar quest? Has this cycle been about balance and relationship for you? Or was it something else? We’ve been given a gift of expansive sensitivity. What will you do with this information? The Moon enters Leo and we look for the spark that brings joy, creativity, and acknowledgement from others. Notice the balance between wanting to share and needing to be fed. Too generous or too needy, we lose connection with others. Even though we may feel that the boundaries around self are dissolving while the veils dissolve, this does not have to be so. We are still distinct individuals. On this side of the veil, the living have a precious gift to share with the other side. Our living light is the gift. Let us treasure it..

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast October 13, 2013 – October 19

I hear a lot of people, myself included, talking about needing more balance. The assumption being that if I were living a balanced life, I’d be able to roll with the punches, or I’d know how to say, “No” better, or I’d be healthier physically and emotionally. If only my life were in balance, I’d have …. You fill in the blank. If only, if only. What if I am coming at this balance thing all wrong? What if I don’t achieve balance first and then all those other things fall into place? What if I invite in those other things, no matter how imperfectly, and then find: Hey, balance must be present because I am living into the thing I need most right now in this moment. What would that be like? I can’t help but think that balance has something to do with nimbleness and perception. I’ve got to be quick to notice those states of balance because life is going to immediately throw something else my way that won’t feel or look like balance at all and I’ll need to adjust once again.
Every lunar cycle invites us to make better friends with the sign of the New Moon. Seasonally, energetically, it is an opportune moment to pay more attention to those qualities represented by that sign. Some lunar cycles sneak by with little attention needing to be paid about Getting It Right. This month, not so much. Libra is holding up those scales and taunting me with the notion of Balance, forcing me to lust for that state of nimble perception where I get to feel, however briefly, the delightful sense of being able to change, adapt, and adjust when needed.
In the Northern Hemisphere, Libra is the season of moving into darkness. This is another adjustment we need to make, another reason to examine balance. Questions about survival arise when we know the growing season is ending. How do we get ready? Uncertainty in the world, showing up in a variety of ways right now, increases this sense of needing to be on guard, needing to find the balance that says we are going to be OK. During this lunar cycle, uncertainty is mirrored in astral events: Mercury begins a retrograde journey in an even darker sign—Scorpio, a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on October 18th, and the fourth of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto happens on November 1. These things can catch us off guard.
I invite you to make a list of what your life would be like if you lived in a state of balance. Make room for those things. Congratulate yourself when you notice those fleeting moments when balance is present, and forgive yourself when they aren’t. Balance is motion, presence, and surrender. May we fall into that grace.

Forecast October 13, 2013 – October 19
Moon in Aquarius
Sunday, October 13.
Communication would be a piece of cake if it didn’t have to involve other people. We may be seriously frustrated about communication today. Sometimes our thoughts move much faster than our hearts. We need to adjust the signals between what we think should be happening and what is happening on the emotional level. If you are feeling stuck emotionally, find a way to get a new perspective on things. A friend could give you a fresh point of view.
Moon enters Pisces at 4:05 pm CDT
Monday, October 14.
Outbursts of temper or unexpected reactions create a desire to turn off the noise. When the Moon moves into Pisces this afternoon (in CDT) notice your patterns around soothing discordant feelings. The temptation may be to numb out. Not a bad choice, but is there something that will help you achieve the balance of quiet and calm without disappearing altogether? Saturn moves into a new part of Scorpio today, signaling new work in the realm of understanding our deepest feelings.
Moon in Pisces
October 15—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
Let’s look for the middle ground between impossible expectations and just giving up altogether. Where does that balance live in you? During the Gibbous phase of the Moon we find ourselves immersed in the work of becoming. The seed of the New Moon is ready to blossom. This can feel great or like a lot of pressure (or both). Notice where you are. Mars moves into Virgo, a sign of high expectations, but also a sign of moderate steps. Can you baby-step your way into a state of balance? A large part of the adjustment is to acknowledge our hearts. Hopes and wounds are near the surface so don’t give up if that feels overwhelming. Take advantage of quiet moments where you can get in touch with a state of grace. If you can’t find those moments, that is telling you something about where you need to find more balance.  
Moon enters Aries at 8:17 pm CDT
Wednesday, October 16.
The next two days will be more dramatic, so take advantage of the Pisces Moon respite for most of today. Venus contacts both Uranus and Chiron; feelings could be all over the map with a mix of confidence and vulnerability coming to the fore in relationships.
Moon in Aries
Thursday, October 17.
Now that the Moon is in Aries, we really get to test our progress in choosing response over reaction. Both balance and relationship require us to develop the skill of responsiveness. Aries is a fire sign that sometimes acts first and thinks later. The Aries gift is one of spontaneous acts of unintended courage. Even after a fall, Aries gets up and tries again. However, this gift becomes a challenge for anyone who wants to pay attention to the subtleties of balance. The give and take between Aries and Libra is the primary negotiation in every relationship—the balance between self and other. We get to practice this dance today. The Moon adds oomph to the tense square between Uranus and Pluto. Don’t be surprised by impatience, frustration, and outbursts of anger. However, the Moon trines Venus as well. There is a desire to work it out. Perhaps the best thing to do is to acknowledge everyone’s individuality and go from there.
Moon in Aries
October 18—Full Moon: Illuminating. Lunar Eclipse.
It may be time to press the restart button if things are off track. That’s the beautiful thing about an eclipse—whether we like it or not, something about the old paradigm has suddenly shifted. We see with new eyes. What old ideas about balance and relationship no longer apply? What brand new adjustments will you need to make now?
The chart for the Full Moon shows Jupiter in Cancer squaring the opposition between the Sun and Moon. If an opposition is about integrating the two extremes (Libra relationship and Aries individuality), then a planet in square to these extremes will challenge our ability to find synthesis. The reason a Full Moon can be so illuminating is that we have the opportunity to integrate pieces of ourselves that have previously felt alienated. While we are working on balance and responsiveness we come to find that we need to also make room for individuation and certain amount of risk taking. Jupiter says, “Wait a minute, I don’t feel comfortable with this much change. Where’s my security? What do I have to do to make sure we are all safe?” On the cusp of finding the grace of balance, we are challenged by big waves of fear and reaction. Good practice!
There is another opposition in this chart—Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces. Mars in this sign is the champion of order and service. Neptune is the god of surrender and salvation. We are offered a chance to use both discernment and faith to create a new synthesis.
Our work ahead. The approaching square between Uranus and Pluto (exact on November 1) is consistently reminding us that the world is changing dramatically and quickly. This is a major test to finding balance. Mercury in Scorpio is stationary (will station retrograde on October 21). Although this transit is far less rare than the Uranus/Pluto square, it is no less significant in our task of finding balance. We work on communication. We see the flaws in our systems. We learn how to adjust.
Moon enters Taurus at 2:27 am CDT
Saturday, October 19.
The Moon in Taurus has a calming influence. Take pleasure in your senses. Enjoy comforts and beauty. Everything is unfolding as it should. We get an infusion of patience. The opposition between Mars and Neptune is exact today. Take a little time to dream and a little time to organize your life. The balance will feel delightful.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast October 6, 2013 - October 12

We don’t have to look far to see people behaving badly right now. The government shutdown is one example. Right on cue, responding to tense aspects to Uranus (planet of rebellion) and Pluto (planet of transformation), we see people digging in and taking their stands regardless of who gets hurt. This is my complaint about most revolutions. Righteous fervor often encourages people to think that the ends justify the means. The best revolutionaries don’t forget that no matter how awful the status quo is, no matter how worthy of radical change, we don’t get a free pass to overlook our values, our aspirations, or our agreements in order to bring the new world into existence. The only way we live into a better world is to keep true to that better world right now. Step by step, choice by choice, an authentic revolution is made.

This is the rarer kind of revolution, and it takes a great deal of strength and grace to attain. Grace and strength—the kind of strength that arises from grace—are excellent qualities to work with the lunar cycle* dedicated to the “grace full” sign of Libra. We pay special attention to Venus during this cycle. This planet is the ruler of Libra, so Venus will be the “transmitter” of our lessons about grace and strength. During the season of Libra, we acknowledge that we cannot act alone. Partnerships are vitally important. These partnerships range to every type of relationship. Is it time to sweep out the cobwebs in your relationships? How do we pay better attention to our friends, lovers, and allies? As each of us must deal with a strong urge to assert our own authentic wills this month, what necessary counterbalance comes from consideration of our partners?

In addition to minding Venus, this month we pay attention to Mercury, who is taking center stage to help us reorient attitudes. Mercury will station retrograde in Scorpio on October 21. Due to this apparent forward/backwards/forward motion, it will form aspects with some of the planets three times. Scorpio brings out the depths. One of my favorite Scorpio images is a plow tilling the soil, exposing what is under the surface and preparing the field for life to emerge. Scorpio feels like it is about death but has a lot to do with life. This “three-pass” of Mercury through Scorpio is a time to till even deeper, make sure we uncover things that would impact the complete recovery of life and vitality. Since the planet is Mercury, we need to uncover more that is hidden within our minds. This experience will impact communication, awareness, and knowledge. It looks like the primary relationship work we need to do will be in the realm of communication. This takes patience. When it feels hopeless, breathe into a new reservoir of intention.

Forecast October 6, 2013 – October 12

Moon enters Scorpio at 3:33 am CDT
Sunday, October 6. Sometimes it is good to be alone, and today may be just that kind of day. Take some time for yourself to sort out your feelings and get your bearings on the relationship/communication work that you will need to do this month. That doesn't mean you should avoid contact with others—there is a strong desire to make our connections meaningful—so be prepared for deeper and perhaps more intense conversations. Mars in Leo is adding fireworks as it triggers the Pluto/Uranus square through a minor but challenging aspect to both planets. An eruption might show you what you need to pay attention to right now.

Moon in Scorpio
Monday, October 7. Venus, our guide to this Libra lunar cycle, enters Sagittarius. The sign of the Archer, asks us to align our attention with our intention. What is your guiding star? When faced with deep relationship issues, it helps to remember intention and aspiration. Mercury harmoniously trines Chiron today. One aspiration may be to choose only healing words today. Even when we don't fully understand another, we can choose empathy. With the Moon squaring Mars tonight, frustration and anger may challenge these lofty ideals.

Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:21 am CDT
October 8—Crescent Moon: Beginning. The day begins with a desire to challenge assumptions. It is tiresome to be put in a box that someone else has designed for us. What a good beginning to working on clarity in our relationships. What are the projections that others place upon you and what projections do you place upon them? Everyone does this dance in relationship. Sometimes it helps us evolve into better people, sometimes we get stuck in roles that don't fit. A guiding mantra today could be, "I will be true to self and soul." Whether we are looking for it or not, the work of Mercury's retrograde transit through Scorpio arrives today. Mercury contacts Saturn and we get down to business. Ideals play an important role too as the Moon in aspiring Saggitarius invites us to aim higher.

Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, October 9. A couple of weeks before Mercury turns retrograde, it reaches what is known as greatest elongation. This means that Mercury is as far from the Sun (from the vantage point of Earth) as it will get in this cycle. Metaphorically, the traveller god has traveled as far from source as he can and begins to be pulled back into the center. Today is Mercury's greatest elongation.  Do you feel stretched to the max? The vibrant source of life is calling you back. Because the sign is Scorpio, we are called to traverse the terrain of death, transformation, and soul in order to return to ourselves. The Moon in Sagittarius adds confidence to the journey we begin today.

Moon enters Capricorn at 10:17 am
Thursday, October 10. You may have noticed some doubts recently concerning your relationship ideals. Those doubts could come to a head today. Venus is in square aspect to Neptune, pointing out all the ways we seem to fail at this relationship/balance thing. It could be that we are particularly sensitive to our disappointments, betrayals, and losses around relationship. Can we remember that these experiences don't define us but are the road to better expectations for our relationships? Heartbreak can become greater faith in love if we surrender to the mysterious alchemy of Neptune's process. Thankfully, the Moon is helping us see things in a clear and grounded way. This helps build persistence to get to a better place.

Moon in Capricorn
October 11—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. Are people still behaving badly? The Moon touches off the planets of revolt again—that pesky square between Uranus and Pluto. Pluto is the purger. We can think of some sad behavior as a last attempt before the order of things is changed forever. Uranus is the impatient one. This god speeds up the process of transformation. The uncertainty that this speed generates is one of the primary stressors on all of us.  When will it end? When will things get back to normal? Is there even such a thing as normal anymore? In this lunar phase of manifesting, what is the world you wish to create through this process? Let's not forget that we don't have to let the people behaving badly set the agenda. The future may look grim but it is not foregone. The grace of balance, the joy of living in beautiful relationship to all beings, and the integrity of living a value-based life everyday does more to bring authentic revolution than foolish grandstanding ever will.

Moon enters Aquarius 1:00 pm CDT.
Saturday, October 12. The day may start with the repercussions of big emotion but it settles into a desire to get a handle on those feelings by creating distance. This isn't a bad thing. The Aquarius Moon invites us to take a breath, get a sense of the big picture, and find process-oriented solutions to relationship issues. We turn to the intellect to sort out what we feel and what we need to do about it. What innovative idea really excites you? Spend some time tinkering with new concepts. We need to be inventive to find a way out of stalemate.

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