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Follow the Moon: Forecast September 22, 2013 – September 28

Physical work has a fine way of bringing balance into my life and I really need that. Frankly, being an astrologer can sometimes be a pretty ungrounded profession. I take regular spirit journeys into the stars while writing a forecast or preparing for a consultation. I am inspired and nurtured by communion with the cosmos but I also highly value being present in my body in the here and now. From here, I believe I do the most good for others and I live the best life for myself. Over the years, I’ve developed a sense for when I’ve traveled too far and for too long and need to reel it in. Everyday work, anchored in the physicality of earth, helps me do that.
During this Virgo lunar cycle* I’ve been exploring work. Virgo is the mutable earth sign that reminds us that ordinary, everyday activities make us whole and give us meaning. It is true: What I spend my days doing becomes who I am. Doing and being unite in Virgo. Virgo’s placement at the end of summer is significant too. We are given the opportunity in this season to refine the sense of balance that comes from our work. After that adjustment we are ready to step into the fall season through the balancing sign of Libra.
Wholeness, balance, and work are themes for the week ahead. The Moon is waning. We are beginning to notice the difference between what we expected to happen during this lunar cycle and what actually did happen. We reap the gifts and we analyze the results. The Virgo cycle isn’t over until the next New Moon on October 4. Until then it is good to notice the affect your work has on you. What is the balancing activity that helps you achieve wholeness? What are the barriers to bringing that balance into your life? What are the gifts? When I reach a obstacle, I try to look for a way to reframe that challenge into an opportunity. What is your opportunity?
The planets help us reframe. The questions around what longing, commitment, and surrender have to do with work still resonate. Mutable signs seek integration and knowledge. Weaving together our expectations with our actual experiences, we acquire new wisdom. In everyday work, the most profound truths of our lives can be revealed.
 Forecast September 22, 2013 – September 28
Moon in Taurus
September 22—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Fall Equinox.
Through the course of the year, the Sun travels through the sky in a big wave pattern. It appears to travel north during the spring to its highest declination at the summer solstice, then it turns south rising lower each day until the winter solstice when it turns north again. The fall equinox marks the halfway point in the extremes of the Sun’s journey from Cancer (summer) to Capricorn (winter). Libra, the sign marking the fall equinox, is the balancing sign. I like to think that on this day, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are handing the Sun off to the folks in the Southern Hemisphere. We say goodbye and they say hello. On that day we are connected globally through this exchange; there is a whole-planet sense of balance and relationship.
Step into that balance. Let it imprint your cells. This sensation is a gift for recreating balance in our lives when we most need it. The Moon in Taurus is an ally of embodiment. In the chart for the Equinox, the Moon opposes Saturn, Venus, and the North Node. Saturn’s journey through Scorpio has complex meaning, hard to sum up in a sentence or two. The directive, however, is to go deeper, to confront shadow and fear and powerlessness in order to claim a deeper knowledge. The experience is transformative and healing. The Moon in Taurus reminds us to balance that intensity with the gifts of beauty, embodied pleasure, and stability. Also in the Equinox chart, Mars in Leo is square to the Taurus/Scorpio opposition. The strong desires of this Mars could be the most likely factor to upset a sense of balance. The extremes of the Leo lion can range between a ravenous hunger for attention to an incredible generosity of spirit. A balanced ego helps us to balance the extremes of this season.
This complex day also represents the beginning of the disseminating phase of this lunar cycle. There are gifts to share. What are the greatest gifts you’ve received from your work? Perhaps you haven’t yet found the work that really feeds you. Can you let the longing for such work be the gift? We begin to celebrate the fall harvests—a good time also to honor all we have been given.
Moon in Taurus
Monday, September 23.
The earthiness of today’s Moon in Taurus helps us to evaluate what we love and hate about our work. The focus is on security and comfort. Does your work provide this for you? Satisfaction comes from sensual pleasures. Smell, taste, and touch bypass the thinking processes and that is a good thing. The Moon is void-of-course all day adding to a sense that not much needs to happen today. It is good just to enjoy our ordinary lives.
Moon enters Gemini at 2:34 am
Tuesday, September 24.
Oh where did yesterday’s solidity go? With the Moon entering the mutable air sign, Gemini, thoughts are stirred up. Where thoughts go, actions follow. What are you anxious about? Take clarifying deep breaths. With the Sun in trine aspect to the Moon, notice how your thoughts affect your sense of balance. It may be easier today to make the mental adjustments necessary to achieve inner peace. However, complete clarity may be hard to find because Neptune is giving us mysterious messages today and tomorrow. The response to confusion may be to numb out and look for answers later. Notice whether this is your best choice.
Moon in Gemini
Wednesday, September 25.
What leap of faith would help you begin to make the changes you really want to make? Today there is guidance coming from intuition and from rational mind. Most people seem to favor one way of thinking over the other. Today, entertain contradictory messages and stretch yourself to follow them somehow. This is a good day to say what is on your mind. It is a risk, of course, but we are feeling bold.
Moon enters Cancer at 2:24 pm
September 26—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
Something about the fall air lends itself to examining the past with an eye for what we want to do about it in the future. We are busy evaluating our successes and failures in this season and phase of the Moon. How happy are you about the structure of your day-to-day life? Does it support your health? Your relationships? Your reason for being? These are big questions and most of us do not lead perfect lives that completely support the lives we deserve to live. Many of us still need to make adjustments, and that is not all bad. The fall air also brings a sense of excitement about beginning new projects.
Keep these contrasting qualities of critique and excitement in mind as you make your way through the day. Contrasts are present. On one hand, an emphasis on water (Venus in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Cancer trine to Neptune in Pisces) creates sensitivity and flow and a desire to acknowledge the role that emotion plays in how we feel about our lives. Intuition is a key component to decisions. On the other hand, today and tomorrow, the Moon and Sun are part of a tense aspect pattern with Uranus and Pluto (Grand Cardinal Cross). Frustrations lead to impatience, which can lead to poor decisions. Our frustrations are messengers, however, for what isn’t working in our lives. Pay attention.
Moon in Cancer
Friday, September 27.
The tensions and frustrations of yesterday may be even stronger today. Strength to stick with intention comes from a trine between the Moon and Saturn. The tension comes with the Grand Cardinal Cross aspect pattern that stimulates the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto. This isn’t new energy but something to pay attention to none-the-less. We’ve almost reached the halfway point of this nearly three-year period of these two planets coming in and out of exact square aspect. (The next exact square will be on November 1.) Are we getting used to the friction between these planets or are we poised to respond more dramatically to this friction?  Mileage varies for individuals based on personal birth charts. The same goes for nations. The affect of this ongoing square in the Mideast is profound and dramatic. Pay attention to the news today. We could see trends that are significant for the next few months.
Moon in Cancer
Saturday, September 28.
It feels good to be home today. Hopefully, wherever you are you can evoke the sense of home, belonging, and that delightful sensation of nesting that fall brings out in us. Beautification projects feed us soulfully. The cosmic lovers—Mars and Venus—meet in a square aspect. The tension is both sexual and demanding. Compromise may not be easy, but it could be exciting to find the right balance between self and other.
* To read more about the Virgo lunar cycle that began on September 5, go to

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