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Follow the Moon: Forecast June 30, 2013 – July 6

I am thinking about the Buddhist practice of invoking good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end. Here ‘good’ means effective, the best we can do, and the action and attitudes that will further the practice itself. At each phase of our practice, whether it is to sit in meditation or to engage in conscious manifestation of intention, it is good to acknowledge what helps us achieve goodness at each phase. At the beginning, what will help me to make best use of my practice? In the middle, what will help me to stick with the practice? In the end, what will help my practice create goodness for others?
The beginning, middle and end are described by astrology’s modalities—the way a sign acts in accordance to its placement in a season. Cardinal signs dare to begin. Fixed signs deepen into the center. And mutable signs dedicate the experience of the whole to a greater understanding. The current lunar cycle* that began in a mutable sign (Gemini) is coming to an end in one week. The question that resonates for me is, How do I best practice “good in the end” as I complete this cycle? What we do at this phase impacts more than our own lives, desires, and experiences. Our journeys impact everyone else’s, and theirs impact ours. Mutable signs invoke this sort of awareness—how we are connected and how our wellbeing is linked to the wellbeing of others.
“Dedicate” is a word that comes from the Latin meaning to devote or consecrate. Acts of devotion help us achieve goodness in the end. I am partial to small, daily acts of gratitude to do this. The planets this week have some suggestions too. We can’t ignore that Mercury is now moving retrograde through Cancer—a sign that calls attention to hearth and home. If home systems are going awry, honor Mercury by a small acts of devotion to your home. Also this week, the Sun in Cancer will oppose Pluto and square Uranus. When strong defensiveness arises in connection to our homes or families, it is best to acknowledge that all of us feel fear sometimes. Sending out compassion for this fear in self and others is a way to consecrate our very real shared experiences. Venus in Leo shakes up complacency this week too. This planetary ally tells us that joy, love, and desire are acts of devotion too, even when they rock the boat. Good in the end may revolve around finding delight, being compassionate, and honoring how important hearth and home are to us.  
Forecast June 30, 2013 – July 6
Moon in Aries
Sunday, June 30.
Short fuses and repercussions may sizzle through the next few days. Moon in Aries is not particularly patient. And with retrograde Mercury forming a square to the Moon today, people may easily snap. It especially doesn’t help that the Moon is also playing into the Uranus/Pluto square today too. I have a friend who enjoys saying, “How fascinating,” when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to. This is definitely a “how fascinating” type of day.
Moon enters Taurus 4:43 pm**
Monday, July 1.
Relationships need our attention. Recent events may have put a stress on them. Core to the problems may be a feeling of not being appreciated or feeling stifled by the other. The fire of Venus in Leo—encouraging creativity, romance, and fun—can help burn away illusions and help to clarify what you really want from your relationships. The trick is to find the balance between commitment and freedom that works for you. The Sun opposes Pluto today adding more intensity to any discussions we have. How do you keep your center intact when feelings are strong? We see a hidden truth. Healing is possible when we integrate that revelation.
Moon in Taurus
Tuesday, July 2.
We aren’t done with the processing and negotiations of yesterday. The Moon activates the discussion and takes it deeper. The emphasis on fixed signs: Venus in Leo, Moon in Taurus, and Saturn in Scorpio tells us that any conflict we experience is around core issues. Whether or not we fully resolve these issues, we are able to learn more about ourselves and about the significant others in our lives. Don’t sell yourself short. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
Moon in Taurus
July 3—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering.
With the beginning of the Balsamic phase of this lunar cycle occurring in the sign of Taurus, the metaphor of compost fits today’s energy perfectly. As you seek to find “good in the end,” what needs to be composted in your life? Compost is the gift and magic of earth’s transformative energy. We don’t have to hold onto everything. Good in the end is letting go. Neither success nor failure is what matters now. Everything becomes food for the next cycle of growth.
The Sun squares Uranus today. This July 4th holiday of independence is flavored by restless desire for another revolution. Uranus is the great awakener. This planet will push us out of complacency if we aren’t paying attention to the changes we need to make. This is a crucial time to ask yourself what you are ready to do differently.
Moon enters Gemini 4:21 am.
Thursday, July 4.
As the Moon comes back to Gemini to complete this lunar cycle, what are you noticing about your connections to others? Gemini is the great pollinator. Ideas have been exchanged with others. Now, comes the fruit of that exchange. Holiday gatherings take their energy from this Gemini Moon. This is a good day to enjoy lighthearted conversations and breezy summer fun. Since Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is retrograde, don’t expect all your plans to come off perfectly. It could be quite fun to let go of expectations and see where the god of travel wants to take you.
Moon in Gemini
Friday, July 5.
A storm cloud may move over what is a mostly delightful day of Gemini fun. Venus in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Pluto. This paradox aspect impacts how we relate, not only to humans but to the earth, to our resources, and to all other beings. How do you resolve the paradox between consumption and conservation? Between taking what you need yet leaving enough for others? Who gets to tell you what is right and what is wrong? How do you live in right relationship? Rather than be overwhelmed with questions like these, find a new way to think about them.
Moon enters Cancer at 5:13 pm
Saturday, July 6.
Today we learn about the transition from Gemini’s pollination to Cancer’s gestation. The Moon in Cancer contacts Jupiter in Cancer today for the first time since Jupiter entered this sign on June 25. Jupiter will stay in this sign for the next year. From Jupiter we are encouraged to believe, to dare, to find the larger story. What is the larger story for you? Consider these Cancer regions to be prime territory for expansion: gestation, tending the hearth, protecting precious home turf, recovering memories, and nurturing others. The New Moon in Cancer will happen in a few days. Begin to dream about your intention for that new beginning.
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on June 8.
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast June 23, 2013 – June 29

From what I understand, quantum theory supposes that matter and energy have the properties of both particle and wave, but of course, not at the same time. It depends on the observer. There is a good metaphor in here for what we are experiencing this lunar cycle. The Gemini New Moon, that began on June 8,* has been infused with a mixture of air and water, inviting the integration of mind and heart into this cycle. This week, notice whether events take on waveform (emotion) or particle form (thought) for you. Or do the forms keep switching back and forth? With Mercury—the ruler of Gemini—stationing retrograde in the water sign, Cancer, we’ll notice an abundance of changing forms that vacillate between emotion and intellect.
This lunar cycle reaches its apex at the Full Moon on June 23. After that peak, the waning phases of the Moon ask us to reconsider what we thought we had learned and what we believe to be true. Don’t jump to conclusions! We have a ways to go before the end of this cycle, and it may not be until Mercury stations direct on July 20, that we go back to being sure of what we know. So, enjoy the quantumness of it all: being a particle type, you might want to see what the wave has to teach you. And if you’re a wave kind of person, allow the particles to fascinate you. The process of integration requires us to be open to everything.
Although particle thought forms dance through the week, a tide of emotional waveforms is poised to wash over us. Jupiter leaves Gemini and enters Cancer for the next year on June 25. Sensitivity to the needs of others expands with this transit. We become more attuned to issues of protection and nurturance. Leaving Gemini, the mind becomes less important as a way to understand everything and we begin to value memories, instincts, and intuition as a way to know the truth. In addition, there is a Grand Water Trine of Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and the Sun in Cancer. These planets, in all three of the water signs of the zodiac, offer cooling respite from anxiety or frustration. Take advantage, especially, of the reinforcing connection between bottom-line Sa
turn and empathic Neptune. These forces don’t often get along with each other so well. This is an excellent time to deepen spiritual practice that is in alignment with pragmatic reality.
Forecast June 23, 2013 – June 29
Moon enters Capricorn 3:08 am**
June 23—Full Moon: Illuminating.
Thoughts and emotions become useful tools, rather than distractions, when we know our primary objective. The Full Moon in Capricorn gives us the perspective of the Mountain Goat who sees the goal and commits to climbing toward that goal with integrity and fortitude. What is your goal? Of all the diverse, sometimes fascinating, and sometimes distracting opportunities that flit by in this season of pollination, what is worth committing your whole attention to? That is the certainty of Capricorn—a gift of clarity. When we know where we are headed, the vagaries of emotion and thought don’t feel so overwhelming and can even bring delight and new inspiration.
The Capricorn Moon helps us harness the potential of the Grand Water Trine. The harmony between Neptune and Saturn allows us to give our dreams a firm footing in reality and our grim realities an influx of compassion and idealism. Rather than feeling brought down by the serious tone of this Full Moon, we are relieved to know what is really important, and that there are allies who can help.
When the Moon triggers the square between Uranus and Pluto later in the day, don’t let the temporary disruption to clarity deter you.
Moon in Capricorn
Monday June 24.
Monday mornings are a great for looking at the week’s goals. Let the energy of the Capricorn Moon fuel your ambitions. What does success look like to you? The Moon opposes both Mercury and Venus. Any miscommunications, especially those that have an emotional component are a signal that we are about to enter a Mercury retrograde phase. Make note of your response to frustration. Do you want to give up or try harder? The contact with Venus adds a note of uncertainty in relationships. The trick is to be determined about our own agendas but accessible to others at the same time.
Moon enters Aquarius 2:26 am
Tuesday, June 25.
If you didn’t take your goals seriously yesterday, you may be feeling some guilt today. With the Moon squaring Saturn it is easy to be self-critical. Acknowledge your inner critic and then move on. The real news today is that Jupiter enters Cancer. The water works begin. Since the Moon is in a distinctly non-emotional sign, Aquarius, the tension between thought particles and emotional waves could be noticeable.
Moon in Aquarius
June 26—Disseminating Moon: Sharing.
Think back over the last two and a half weeks since the New Moon, what drew you out into the world like a foraging honeybee to discover sweet new experiences? What alchemy did you work to transform your experiences into deeper wisdom? Did you also experience the tide of emotion carrying you into memory—stored joy or pain—that caused a shift into new spaces within your heart? If you are feeling overwhelmed, the good news is that the waning phases of the Moon invite us into a more reflective frame of mind. We don’t have to entirely understand everything we have experienced but only need to trust that the experience wants to find its way deeper into our souls.
Mercury stationing retrograde in Cancer today is an ally of becoming quieter. Astrologers talk about all the “re” words that are appropriate to a “re”trograde of Mercury: reflection, restoration, replenishing are three such words that I invite you to use for the remaining weeks of this lunar cycle. One unique feature of this retrograde journey for Mercury is that Mercury will not make any aspects during this retrograde cycle with any planets, except with the Moon and one conjunction with the Sun, which happens during every Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury is going on a retreat too. Cancer is the water sign most associated with nurturance. Rather than be frustrated, as often we are by Mercury retrograde periods, let any disruption to the normal flow of information be a call for you to find the restoration that you need. Our lives are so busy, and we are so dependent on quick connections and easy access to information, that we forget we pay a price for those demands. Mercury retrogrades are about rebalancing. Let that happen for you.
The Sun exactly trines both Saturn and Neptune today. These planets are allies of our intentions to be more balanced. The way into this balance is through our emotions. Trust the mysterious nature of your heart. True structure, reliable tools, and real progress are available to us through this medium.
Moon enters Pisces 3:32 am
Thursday, June 27.
The Moon entering Pisces seals the deal; we are in the flow now. Only one planet, Mars in Gemini, is left in an air sign. This Mars can be an ally for gaining perspective about overwhelming emotional experiences. Venus enters Leo and becomes an ally for releasing stuck emotions through acts of creativity, joy, and plain ole flirtation. We can’t forget that she IS a goddess of love. What happens when you go with the flow?
Moon in Pisces
Friday, June 28.
To challenge our resolve about integrating heart and mind, the Moon in a water sign squares Mars in an air sign to see how well we are doing. What does integration of heart and mind look like to you? Really. How will you know when you have it? The Moon trines Mercury later in the day, remember to relax by turning off information overload and feel into the moment.
Moon enters Aries 8:06 am
June 29—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating.
Before deciding whether we’ve been successful, we need to know what success would look like. Yesterday’s question was, what does integration of heart and mind look like to you? Another good question is, what good comes from integration between heart and mind? Or perhaps, what harm does a separation between heart and mind cause us? This phase of the Moon is about evaluating our intentions. Not every intention succeeds, not every intention gets us to the place we really want to be. This is the time to gently wonder: What about my intention seems worthy of repetition and what might need an overhaul?
The Moon in Aries may create impatience with any sense of failure we have, or it may give us the daring to scrap everything and begin again. I suggest that you be gentle with yourself, regardless.

*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on June 8.
** All times are CDT.
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Follow the Moon: Forecast June 16, 2013 – June 22

All abuzz. How do you deal with the constant input and output of information surrounding every one of us? Information comes in all forms—electronic, conversation, books and newspapers, signs, facial expressions, the temperature in the room, the amount of sunlight or moonlight that may be present… Well, creating a list of all the information we are receiving consciously and unconsciously at every moment is too overwhelming. That’s the point, right? Information can be overwhelming and as most of us also know, it can be very exhilarating, like when we learn something that opens up a whole new way of being.  
Some people define mindfulness as the practice of noticing our minds. When we go down that rabbit hole, we find everything—the things we love about ourselves and the things we hate. Practices that help us attain a state of equilibrium also help us in this terrain where thoughts quickly vacillate from one extreme to another. The mind loves polarities and doesn’t like to stick to one thing for very long either. This is possibly why Gemini, the Mutable Air sign of the Twins is the sign of mind—its nature, its development, its tricks, and its gifts.
Distracted from distraction by distraction,” T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets
Gemini’s affinities for polarities teach us about consciousness. The current lunar cycle* begun in the sign of Gemini invites us to pay attention to our minds. Other planets are supporting this work. Mars in Gemini (May 31 – July 13) is driving us onward into a constant buzz of information and distraction. More importantly Jupiter has been in Gemini since June 2012. The big guy of the solar system is at the end of his journey through Gemini; this is the last few days of this transit. Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25. We’ve been in a major mind download for the past twelve months. Learning to manage our input and output levels has been a major piece of this transit. The practice of noticing our thoughts and finding a still point around which to find balance is an excellent way to use the gifts of Jupiter’s transit through Gemini, and an excellent way to live harmoniously with the constant buzz of information all around.
“At the still point of the turning world,” T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets
Notice these still points this week. The Moon is waxing through its challenging phases. We are busy working on improvements. Minds can overload. The emphasis on water signs this week shifts into Scorpio. Gemini and Scorpio don’t necessarily see eye to eye, so we will feel the tension seeing and not wanting to see the shadows. The story of Edward Snowden, who revealed the NSA surveillance practices, invites us to look at the interplay between hidden information and revealed information. The price of bringing the hidden out into the world can be great. That drama is unfolding right now.
 Forecast June 16, 2013 – June 22
Moon enters Libra 8:18 pm**
June 16—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
The Moon in Virgo earlier today squares the Sun in Gemini creating this phase where we encounter challenges to the manifestation of intention. Virgo and Gemini make an interesting pair. They are both ruled by the same planet, Mercury, but they have distinctly different points of view. Virgo challenges Gemini intention by asking these types of questions: Is it useful? Can it be systemized? What are the small steps that will get me there? Who will do the work? Although these questions may not seem like much fun, they help ground us in the true potential of this cycle.
Chiron stations retrograde in Pisces. Once again, our hearts are called to open, even as we are immersed in mental activity. Chiron reminds us of the healing that is needed and asks us to act as healers in the world.
Moon in Libra
Monday, June 17.
Find that balancing still point today if you can. The Libra Moon helps but it also contacts the square between Uranus and Pluto too. We’ll be hard pressed to find any stillness or peace today even if we want to. Mars is sextile to Uranus—time to make some changes in the status quo. When the Moon trines Mars later in the day we are eager to connect with others in friendly, fun ways.
Moon in Libra
Tuesday, June 18.
Any lingering tension today is influenced by the effects of miscommunication or a sense that emotional needs are not being met. But you have lots of resources for solving these problems. The mind is comforted by the balancing actions of a Libra Moon. What restores a sense of harmony in your life? Cultivate beauty and you will be rewarded with insight and peace.
Moon enters Scorpio 1:30 am
Wednesday, June 19.
Things get more soulful the next two days with the Moon in Scorpio. Gemini mutability chafes at the fixed stare of Scorpio. However, there is something very seductive about the combination of these points of view. If you are a Gemini-type who laments never being taken seriously, take lessons from Saturn in Scorpio today. A vast reservoir of depth and intensity resides in each and every one of us. The Moon links the trine between Saturn and Neptune further enhancing a feeling of spiritual inspiration. Into this mix, we add the sparkle of the Gemini Sun meeting Jupiter. Stay open to paradox, complexity, and surprising insight. Can you take all this internal and external revelation and apply it to acts of compassion and healing in the evening hours?
Moon in Scorpio
June 20—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
At the beginning of this lunar cycle, the interaction between Air signs and Water signs inspired me to make an intention about integrating my heart and mind. What are you noticing about your intention? This phase of the Moon asks us to stretch out of our comfort zones. It really isn’t about attaining perfection as much as it is about what happens when we reach further. The continuing paradox between Gemini and Scorpio is the stretching agent for this cycle. Mercury and Venus in Cancer trine the Moon and form an exact conjunction with each other. This is a seed moment for mind and heart. Pay extra attention to the home fires. How does your home life support or impede your intention for more integration? This is a good time to make changes in your home that bring dynamic balance to relationships. Be curious about another’s experience.
Moon enters Sagittarius 3:31 am
June 21—Summer Solstice.
Daylight hours peak in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun enters Cancer and summer begins. This is a good moment to take a breath. Mid-summer, Jupiter and Mars will spark the square between Uranus and Pluto, but for now we can work on the small things in our lives that bring wholeness and joy. The chart for the Solstice is graced with the conjunction between Mercury and Venus in a trine with the Moon (see yesterday’s forecast). The season of Cancer is the storehouse time. It is the time to store up the sunshine, fresh food, summer adventures, and relaxation in preparation for fall and winter when we’ll appreciate the resources. The focal point for this storage is the place we call home. Home base feeds us when we are stretched. Pay attention to this resource. All the tensions of this lunar cycle (the stretching between Air and Water) are still present. But they are not overwhelming if we find that still point amidst the turning.
Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, June 22.
With only one aspect, an opposition between the Moon and Mars pre-dawn in the Central Time Zone, this a great day to enjoy the adventurous Sagittarius Moon. Yes, we are feeling the peaking energy of the Full Moon, which will be exact tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time! Some Sagittarian suggestions for entertainment: a comedy club, outdoor adventure, or even an intriguing lecture or movie (science fiction would be good). What feels expansive to you? Give that your energy.

*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on June 8.
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast June 9, 2013 – June 15

It’s easy to criticize and to fall in love with Gemini. This sign is as complex as our own minds and as fraught with illusion and mischief. The truth is our minds shape our reality for good or ill. That is pretty powerful. Yet even so, Gemini is the sign that is taken least seriously. One reason: This Mutable Air sign does not like being pinned down. Gemini needs to keep all the balls in the air, just like Mind itself. The Gemini strategies of distraction, shapeshifting, and sheer exuberance aim to deflect any effects that gravity might want to inflict on it. This is both the charm and bane of this sign. And it describes the infinite creativity of mind to maintain its control over reality, even at the cost of being taken seriously by anyone.
Let’s put this slippery, always on the move, forever mutating aspect of Gemini into the mix of what we will be dealing with this lunar cycle. Then let’s add the contrasting qualities of water: our emotional responses, soulful connections, and memories of vulnerability. We’ve got a potent stew beginning to brew. This week begins during the New Moon phase of the Gemini lunar cycle.* I find myself wondering what practice or intention will serve me best right now.
The essential quality of this lunar cycle centers around the interplay between Air and Water. Sometimes these two domains work together like oil and water, or in other words, they don’t. Yet, when we are able to honor both equally and strive to make good use of both, we have the best of all worlds. This work of equally honoring our thoughts and our hearts belongs to the Great Work undertaken by alchemists. These magicians sought to combine essences that didn’t easily unite—like water and air. The alchemists’ quest was to attain the Philosopher’s Stone, the essential wisdom of life. This month we can move closer to this wisdom through integration of disparate parts.
What are the alchemical processes available to us for creating an integrated understanding of our hearts and minds? Currently, I am fascinated by honey bees. These master alchemists turn nectar into honey and pollen into “bread.” In pursuit of their own magic, they pollinate the plants around them, ensuring that life continues for all. What a model for an integrated life! I’d like some of that in my own life. This month as the New Moon in Gemini begins, I commit to practices of integration with the hope that the work will bring sweetness to the world.
Forecast June 9, 2013 – June 15
Moon enters Cancer 11:16 am**
Sunday, June 9.
The trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will be exact this week on June 11. Today, the Moon in Cancer forms a Grand Water Trine with these two other planets. Here, we enter the important realm of the heart. It is important to make room for the wisdom that comes from our souls. A trine represents an easeful connection. We can hope that the support of the trine will help us when we encounter the vulnerability that also comes up when we touch on the whole of our hearts—the hurts as well as the hopes. The Cancer Moon supports the nurturance of our hearths. Comfort brings trust, which can bring new openings.
The integration of mind—in all its tricky aspects—with the heart presents itself through the foreshadowing of Mercury’s next retrograde journey. Right now, Mercury moves through the degrees in Cancer through which it retrogrades later this month. Begin to notice the emotional component to your communications.
Moon in Cancer
Monday, June 10.
Yesterday, the Cancer Moon touched on the supportive trine between Saturn and Neptune. Today, the Moon triggers the more stressful square between Pluto and Uranus. The reaction may be to become defensive or vigilant to protect someone or something very dear to you. Emotional triggers are teachers, helping us develop more empathy not only for others but for ourselves too. Mercury trines Chiron—look for messages of healing and compassion. As the Moon contacts Mercury in the afternoon, you may be able to resolve emotional triggers through communicating feelings. Notice your thought patterns around dealing with stress.
Moon enters Leo 11:59 pm.
Tuesday, June 11.
Most of today, until right before midnight, the Moon is void-of-course in Cancer. Yesterday was probably stressful due to having to be on top of lots of things coming at you. Today, the stress may be due to a lack of energy, or what happens when you have too much time on your hands. This is a good day to rest in the soothing waters of our souls. Deep currents are flowing through those places. Even though it can be scary, the insight we gain from honest self-appraisal gives great power. The trine between Saturn and Neptune is exact today. Through Neptune, we reach for expansion of belief and faith. Through Saturn we find the practices, the work, and the relationships that foster a grounded approach to that expansion.
Moon in Leo
June 12—Crescent Moon: Beginning. The last few days were a chance to expand into feelings. There were moments of ecstasy, connection, and joy. There were also moments of doubt, fear, and vigilance. All of this belongs to the realm of Water. With the Moon now entering the Crescent phase in the dynamic sign of Leo, we begin to support our intentions for the month through action influenced by everything we felt the last four days. At this stage of the cycle, we don’t have to see the big picture, we just need to take the next steps. What step will you take towards integration? What is your next alchemical work?
The Moon taps into some essential energy: a square to Saturn challenges us to commit to emotional integrity; a sextile to Mars encourages us to be curious about the next steps; and a trine to Uranus pushes us to try a new strategy. The stress today may come from relationships at home. Venus in Cancer squares Uranus. The good second thoughts we have today involve accepting everyone’s differences.
Moon in Leo
Thursday, June 13.
We clear out the cobwebs. Embrace possibility. When you lose yourself in a creative endeavor, you forget to worry if others are appreciating you enough. Everyone gets to add their sparkle to this day. Appreciate everyone’s unique contribution.
Moon enters Virgo 11:26 am
Friday, June 14. Virgo has the magic potion to turn Gemini into a productive member of society. But do we really want that? Both signs are inventive, but Virgo wants the effort to go towards what serves the bigger picture. This is a great exploration to have in mind today. What really serves your intentions, your communities, your work? The answer may not be simple but should involve real structure as well as visions of a better world. Go for it.
Moon in Virgo
Saturday, June 15.
You might be obsessing over a puzzling situation in your life. The way out may not be along any familiar pathways. Perhaps these lines from Rumi will help us find a different way,
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense.
Ironically, out beyond ideas and language, you are able to find a new thought and a new heart’s desire. Be productive, but don’t grasp too hard for perfection.
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on June 8.
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast June 2, 2013 – June 8

Oh where did I put my body? It wouldn’t surprise me if this question comes up in the next few days, if it hasn’t already. The elemental energy is shifting. The fact that the current lunar cycle* began in an earth sign is perhaps all but a dim memory since the only planet left in earth right now is Pluto on the edge of our solar system. Pluto’s been in an earth sign since 2008, so that can’t be too big a deal, right? Yes, Pluto is always a big deal, astrologically that is, but this planet alone can’t make up for the fact that there are no other planets in earth right now. That matters.
I invite you to travel to the far past of three weeks ago when the New Moon in Taurus kicked off. Four planets (I’m calling the Moon and Sun planets here) were in Taurus at that time and Venus had just completed her transit through Taurus. Embodied Earth influenced our hopes, dreams, and intentions for this lunar cycle. Earth was the teacher and the initiator. Depending on your own relationship to this element, you may have relished or struggled with this chance to let Taurean values be the guiding force.
Whatever it was like for you, we may truly miss the slower pace, the sense-based wisdom, and the grounded determination that Taurus invited into our bodies. As Air and Water become the driving forces for the next few weeks, we get a primer on the differences between reality-based Earth and these more fluid elements (Water and Air). In the procession of the year, each sign provides contrast to the one before and a foundation for the next. During the time of the Taurus lunar cycle, we planted a cord in the earth that can be used to return us to what we have learned and accomplished. This cord is an anchor to a better relationship to resources, a better knowledge of our values, and a better way to discern when enough is enough. This anchor will help us as we move forward. Evaluating this cycle, noting the benefits, and surrendering the forms are all in preparation for a new lunar cycle in Gemini that begins on June 8.
Forecast June 2, 2013 – June 8
Moon enters Aries 1:33 am**
Sunday, June 2. Be active today, and if possible do something completely new. The Aries Moon makes favorable contacts with Mars helping us to move through stress or conflict stirred up by the Moon also contacting the Uranus/Pluto square. If you are willing to let go of expectations for perfection or a particular outcome, you can make a breakthrough in something that has been bothering you for a while. Begin honing your emotional IQ as Venus enters Cancer, joining Mercury already in this sign of watery instinct. Because the Moon is waning, tune in to what your emotions tell you about letting go.
Moon in Aries
Monday, June 3.
Water is the theme today, and for the next two months, really. Water signs are known for having greater ability to understand and express emotion. How do you define emotion? Consider this definition: “Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscientist at New York University’s Center for Neural Science, describes emotion in terms of “survival circuits” that exist in all living things. An organism, as simple as an amoeba or as complex as a person, reacts to an environmental stimulus in a way that makes it more likely to survive and reproduce. The stimulus flip switches on survival circuits which prompt behaviors that enhance survival. Neurons firing in a particular pattern might trigger the brain to order the release of adrenaline, which makes the heart beat faster, priming an animal to fight or flee from danger. That physical state, LeDoux says, is an emotion.” [] A Grand Water Trine involving Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces has all of us diving into the realm of emotion. Whether we think of our feelings as “survival circuits” or not, honor the wisdom of feeling and flow.
Moon enters Taurus 10:53 am.
June 4—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. The Moon returns to Taurus. Notice the difference between the last two days of a firey Aries Moon and the next three days of a Taurus moon. Part of the process of surrendering the experiences of a lunar cycle is to honor what it has meant. We get to keep these lessons as we acknowledge that this season is now passing.
The Moon forms a Kite aspect configuration to the planets in the Grand Water Trine, still active from yesterday. This means, the Moon is opposite one planet in the grand trine (Saturn) and is in an encouraging sextile aspect to the other planets. (These are Venus, Mercury and Neptune.) The opposition to Saturn is a spine showing that the greatest support comes from holding intention and doing the work we need to do. What a great day to make use of Earth to form a container holding Water. What does this metaphor look like to you? I imagine a cup that holds my heart, keeping it safe, centered, and open to giving and receiving. Develop your own metaphors today. These images hold power.
Moon in Taurus
Wednesday, June 5.
A one-and-a-half-day void-of-course (VOC) period begins today at 8:25 am. The last aspect the Moon makes while in Taurus is a harmonious trine to Pluto. Then we get to hang out without any major transits at all until the Moon enters Gemini at 10:32 pm on June 6. This is a longer than usual VOC period and seems apt for doing the releasing work of this Taurus lunar cycle. Usually when the Moon is VOC, we either don’t feel like beginning new things, or if we do, we don’t have the energy we need to follow through. How does this feel to you? If you are stressing about getting things done, remember the anchoring cord to all the gifts from Taurus. You are enough and the timing is just right.
Moon enters Gemini 10:32 pm
Thursday, June 6.
Everything I said yesterday still applies. However, you may be itching to move out of stagnation even more today. The Gemini Moon is calling, and really becomes active tomorrow. Patience and a willingness to let go will serve to help you embrace the inrush of Air that is coming.
Moon in Gemini
Friday, June 7.
Even though the New Moon in Gemini technically begins tomorrow morning, it feels like it begins today. The stage is being set for our coming intentions for the next lunar cycle. Neptune, a key part of the Grand Water Trine of this week is especially powerful today because it is stationing retrograde. The next lunar cycle is colored with oceanic feelings, a desire to expand beyond all boundaries, and a tendency to lose ourselves in the process. Being lost is not the problem; that is part of any transformative journey. Giving up on our journeys, by numbing our feelings through any kind of addictive behavior is the Neptune problem. Mars and the Moon in Gemini form a square to Neptune, challenging us to not give in to impatience or having to understand the process in a logical, rational way. It is time to trust intuition, even when it is terrifying.
There is a lot of encouragement this lunar cycle to develop deeper, authentic connection with others. It is all about choosing to let ourselves be vulnerable even when everything inside us screams, “Protect!” There is a middle ground. We can honor the urge to build safe containers for our feelings and also leave just enough opening so that we connect with others. Connection/communion is a huge theme for this Gemini Moon cycle.
The planets are also making lots of connections with each other. Mercury opposes Pluto—perhaps the first act of vulnerability will be to share your truth with someone else, even if it feels scary. However, remember our truth belongs to us alone and we can’t expect anyone else to embrace it. Mars quincunx Saturn provokes the paradox between mind and heart. We must avoid disassociating from strong emotion while at the same time use our minds as tools to bring understanding to what we feel. With communication being another huge theme this lunar cycle, the struggles we have to communicate clearly today show us where we need to grow.
June 8—New Moon: Dreaming. In the season of Taurus, the earth awakes with incredible fertility. Flowers are the promise that this fertility will give us fruit and seed in the coming months. To make sure this happens, we need pollinators. Flowers are calling out to these pollinators as seductively as anything in nature can, to come and spread their goodness. These pollinators busily visit flower after flower so the fruit can come. Before setting your New Moon intention, notice the pollinators around you—the bees, small insects, all the busy ones who ceaselessly buzz around blossoms. They teach us about the potential inherent in this cycle. We learn a lot about the motivations and gifts of Gemini from them.
All the transits from yesterday hold true for the New Moon chart. Mercury and Venus in Cancer are forming a t-square aspect pattern with the Uranus/Pluto square—a tense and triggering energy, especially in relationships. However, Mercury and Venus also are completing the harmonious flow of the Grand Water Trine. This sets up an interesting dynamic of complex responses: busily pollinating and connecting, flowing into deep feelings, and/or being triggered to make transformative change happen. This complexity seems appropriate to Gemini, which loves to adapt to ever-changing patterns of influence. How adaptable are you?
We are invited to become pollinators in our worlds. Imagine the delight!

Work Dream by Carl Adamshick
If my job were pollination,

I'd punch in early.

If my job were to walk

on soft petals and bump

the stamen of its fine gold

flour, if my job were to fly

in midday on my own wings

and leave a trail of sundust,

if this were my job,

I'd take no money, I'd give my time.

If this were my job I'd come home

to the honeycomb singing. 

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