Saturday, May 25, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast May 26, 2013 – June 1

Nature is having an orgy outside my door and I’m finding it very distracting. In honor of this beautiful, fecund season here in Minnesota and the current lunar cycle devoted to Taurus*, I think I’ll write a shorter forecast this week so I can get outside. The earth is incredibly seductive right now and it wouldn’t be right to ignore that siren call when my very intention this month is to be led by Taurean values of beauty, strength, and sensual pleasure into knowing when enough is enough.
The question that seems really relevant in this moment of the cycle is, “Am I enough?” I have a near constant internal dialog that is all about evaluating my performance. I could name this demon my Shame Monitor. When I notice this demon getting too hungry, I send it love as best I can. One thing I suspect, there is no way I can develop the discernment of knowing my right relationship to resources (delighting in enough), when I have a hard time knowing that I am enough. Just me, just the way I am showing up right now. Enough.
So, how do we know when we are enough? As the Moon wanes past the Full phase this week, I invite you to join me in noticing the answers to that question. I’m pretty certain, if we follow the wisdom of the earth, the wonders of beauty, and the strength of our desires (all qualities displayed by Taurus), we will discover important answers.
Forecast May 26, 2013 – June 1
Moon enters Capricorn at 4:28 pm**
Sunday, May 26.
In the early part of the day, before we wake  (in the Central Time zone of the U.S.), the Moon in Sagittarius opposes Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter in Gemini. The Moon then goes void-of-course until it enters Capricorn in the late afternoon. A bright, curious tone is set here for the early part of the day. Jupiter and Mercury meeting in Gemini this week will stimulate mental energy. Following our thoughts mindfully can show us a lot about our mental habits. There is nothing wrong with our minds, but we have an opportunity to leave behind entrained patterns of thought that imprison us. The void-of-course period may be a wonderful time to notice what happens when your thoughts feel unproductive. The Sun squares Neptune today too, which relaxes our grip on rational mind and invites wild leaps of intuition. Be curious about uncertainty and see where it leads. Then as the Moon enters Capricorn, we are primed to be realistic and productive.
Moon in Capricorn.
Monday, May 27.
Even though this is a national holiday where many of us like to kick back and enjoy the beginning of Summer, we still want to keep a sharp mental focus. It will be important to account for emotions that are under the surface of lighthearted gatherings. Yet in spite of the potentially serious tone of the day, if we invite in whimsy and nonattachment to outcome, we probably will accomplish more than if we tried to reel in every thought and make every encounter productive. In other words, paradox is our friend today. If you can laugh at yourself, you are ahead of the game. This sense of humor comes in handy when unexpected stress or tension intrudes as the Moon contacts the still active square between Uranus and Pluto.
Moon enters Aquarius at 4:48 pm
May 28—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Generosity of spirit helps us to remember we are more alike than different. Most of us, perhaps all of us, feel the fear of scarcity from time to time. If we have common fears, we also have common strengths, like the power we feel when we connect with others. The Aquarius Moon reminds us that collectively we are more powerful than we are alone. The conjunction of the two benefics of the sky, Venus and Jupiter, has us wanting to make those connections with others that enhance our strengths and remind us of the abundance all around. Here is a blessing to share with others, “May you continue to walk in Beauty and may you know the contentment of Enough.”
Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, May 29.
We all need a little space from time to time. On this airy day, with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius, give yourself the gift of spacious freedom. Air helps us gain perspective. We are able to see patterns and feel empowered to make changes if we choose. It’s easier to be social if we don’t feel obligated to do so.
Moon enters Pisces at 7:30 pm
Thursday, May 30.
Most of today, the air theme from yesterday continues. We have more energy for social contact or immersing ourselves in reading, learning, or writing. With the Moon making a trine aspect to Jupiter, Venus and Mercury today, there is no holding you back in whatever you wish to do with this expansive mental energy. Notice the shift in the early evening** when the Moon squares Mars and then enters Pisces. Did a misunderstanding or a careless word create hurt feelings? Air has a way of doing that. From a tender place, we may need to apologize or seek an apology for the wrong words.
Moon in Pisces
May 31—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. So have you done it? Did you follow that Taurus wisdom into a new relationship to scarcity and abundance? Did you discover that you are enough? Even if you only gave it a thought or two, or even none at all, the Taurus lunar cycle works its magic on us. The birth pangs of transformation have landed us squarely back into our bodies and on the earth. Hallelujah! The wheel of the year continues to spin into a new lunar cycle in one week. Now is the time to notice the benefit you may have incurred from the last three weeks of this journey. Water signs introduce us to emotions. Mercury enters Cancer and the Moon in Pisces joins Neptune as we dream into a new day. What was your first thought on waking? To contrast these watery influences, Mars leaves Taurus today and enters Gemini; we are propelled forward into the Mutable Air season of connection and pollination.
Moon in Pisces
Saturday, June 1.
You may need to lighten up today. The Sun in Gemini contacts the stressful square between Uranus and Pluto and asks us to look at how we are managing the changes going on in our lives right now. Perhaps we can turn off the autopilot that has kept us going and find a way to authentically feel what we feel and think what we think. We are enough. As we co-create this reality, what do you choose?
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on May 9.
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast May 19, 2013 – May 25

I am all in favor of giving ourselves a break this week. I suggest that when tension or stress arises, we just let it go because pressure is building. The metaphor for this Spring season is birth, and possibly the next few days could feel like that critical end-stage of birth called transition—the culminating waves of contractions that precede birth.
The current lunar cycle* is colored by Taurus—the Fixed Earth sign that anchors the Spring. Everything around us is fertile now. Life is popping out all over. Even though we forget it sometimes, we humans are creatures too, caught up in the fecundity. Regardless of our genders, our ages, our choices about actually procreating, we feel this pressure to produce when everything around us is getting it on. What do you want to give birth to this season? We are able to tap into some amazing energy this week, which could either sweep us away into the next chapter of our lives, or help us manifest an intention that matters most to us.
There’s no doubt that some of the pressure we may be feeling is about survival. If we look honestly at the tally sheets: comparing consumption to resource, truly noting the costs of our present lifestyles, forecasting how long we can go on this way, the outcome looks very bleak. Taurus is a sign that asks us to live within our means. It needs sustainability. This season encourages us to pay attention to the wants and needs of our bodies and to embrace pleasure and abundance. However Taurus also challenges us to develop awareness of knowing when we are satisfied, when we’ve had enough and don’t need any more. What a gift and what pressure this challenge can be!
As the Moon waxes into the Full Moon phase this week, we feel pregnant with this possibility. Potent transits, like the third exact square between Uranus and Pluto and another lunar eclipse on the Full Moon influence both the feelings of potential and of being overwhelmed. Getting back to the birth metaphor, perhaps the best we can do to encourage the transition is to let the waves wash over us this week. How we handle the contractions of birth is as important as what we are giving birth to. Really, I don’t see how we can separate them. If we want to develop understanding of living within our means, we must learn how to stay present, aware, and trusting that we have the all the resources we need to do so.
 Forecast May 19, 2013 – May 25
Moon in Virgo
Sunday, May 19.
If any sign can help us to manage the details, it is Virgo. We are able to get organized for the coming week today, but be careful not to try for perfection. It isn’t possible. The best balance to achieve is between yielding to a desire to be entertained, either in fascinating conversation or a good book, while making sure we are productive enough to feel that we haven’t wasted the whole day. Congratulate yourself if you achieve that balance. Noticing this balance could set a pattern for approaching the rest of the week.
Moon enters Libra at 12:07 pm**
Monday, May 20.
The winds of change blow mightily today. First of all the Sun enters Mutable Air sign Gemini while the Moon also enters the Cardinal Air sign, Libra. If that’s not enough, Uranus squares Pluto for the third time since June 2012 and there are a whopping four more exact squares to come during the next two years. We are in the midst of a whole lot of change and transformation. Many astrologers, including me, have written extensively about this ongoing transit between these two planets. Astrologer Barry Perlman writes: “whenever Uranus and Pluto come together in any hard aspect (i.e., conjunction, opposition or square), we witness a period of increased societal unrest and turbulence, during which issues of human rights and social welfare are more loudly addressed.” This transit also rocks our individual lives, especially if you have planets or important points in your natal chart around 11 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).
As these winds blow, there is a forceful, but perhaps unconscious, desire to smooth things over and put on a pleasant face to cover our strong feelings. This represents a choice point. How do you want to handle conflict? Should conflict always be nicely resolved or do we sometimes need to live with messes for a while? Mercury, the communicator, is active in this dynamic too. Perhaps thinking outside the box helps us to welcome these birth pangs.
Moon in Libra
May 21—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting.
Pressure was present yesterday, and it hasn’t gone away today. My image for the gibbous phase of the Moon is a pregnant belly; so continuing with this birthing metaphor for the season, now is when we feel the complex and paradoxical emotions at the end of a pregnancy: excited, overwhelmed, industrious, disgusted, and blissful. The Moon exactly contacts the square between Uranus and Pluto. As the Moon represents our unconscious habits and needs, we may be surprised by fierce desires to create harmony, even when the world does not cooperate with us. Whatever tone is present in your life today—from highly chaotic to highly ordered—add the pleasing interval that sounds like harmony to you. Perhaps if we all tried better to harmonize with our environment, we might learn how to sense a proper balance between want and need.
Moon enters Scorpio at 3:55 pm
Wednesday, May 22.
This is a good day to exhale and regroup. The Moon goes void-of-course after making a pleasing trine aspect to Jupiter. The pause before the Moon enters Scorpio in the afternoon is a good time to reflect or wrap up loose ends. When the Moon enters this Fixed Water sign, we go deeper under the surface of our intention for this lunar cycle. What do think it is really all about? What agenda has your soul carried on as you were thinking that you knew what you wanted? Now, what do you really want? Under the Gibbous phase, we are able to make those adjustments.
Moon in Scorpio
Thursday, May 23.
The Moon contacts Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. It is OK to take things seriously today because we are encouraged by Neptune to apply our hard work to enormous healing. The hardships we’ve experienced recently are connecting us in ways we can’t fathom. Time to trust that there is a reason and that we have what we need to endure.
Moon enters Sagittarius 4:49 pm.
May 24—Full Moon: Illuminating. Today’s Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, the third eclipse we’ve experienced in this current eclipse season (lunar eclipse on April 25, solar eclipse on May 9, and this one). Usually there are only two eclipses in a row, so this particular cycle feels more significant and possibly more overwhelming. However, the Moon barely touches the Earth’s shadow in this eclipse so perhaps we only feel the barest breath of shadow in our souls this time.
The light of the Moon illuminates the visionary sign of Sagittarius. Look up to lift your spirits. Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer with a gift for believing that the journey is more important than the destination. A Sagittarian love for seeing the big picture balances the Gemini tendency to split things into parts. To make things more interesting, Neptune plays a powerful role. It is both stationary, getting ready to turn retrograde on June 7, and it is square to the opposition of the Sun and Moon. Neptune in Pisces encourages expansion as well, especially the expansion into heart and emotion. I recently read an article in an online science journal that described emotions as “survival circuits.” These circuits get us in touch with what we need to do. Emotions are automatic responses that give us important survival information. The author went on to propose that “every living thing interested in survival emotes in some form.” The circuits that we are running at this Full Moon carry information about hopes, wounds, illusions, and truth. Rather than worry about trying to sort it all out, accept what washes over you as what you need right now.
Venus and Mercury are exactly conjoined, very near Jupiter (all in Gemini). These planets should be visible at sunset in the west and will make an inspiring sight. If Sagittarius is about the unifying truth of the big picture, Gemini’s gift is an appreciation for the amazing complexity and delightful diversity of all things. Mercury, who rules Gemini, is happy as a lark sandwiched between the two benefics of the solar system. These three will grace our thoughts with inspiration.
Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, May 25.
I find it hard to sleep on nights of a Full Moon. This might be the case for this particular one as well. However a square between Neptune and the Moon in the wee hours of the morning, invites us to step off into dreams. As you awaken, take a moment to remember what those dreams were. The square aspect may mean the dream is especially vivid or might be tense or confusing. Let all that be as it is. Neptune’s influence on us is about the need to surrender. That too is an important part of birth.  
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on May 9.
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast May 12, 2013 – May 18

In the Upper Mississippi River region where I live, Spring is an amazing gift. After what seems like endless months of frozen ground, little green, and weak Sun, the return of life and light is stunning. When I contemplate the gifts that Taurus brings, I am influenced by this power. Rebirth is a big thing—as big as death, as big as life force, as big as vision. These big words describe essential gifts we receive from all the Fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. No wonder worshippers of earth-based religions have marked these seasons with important rituals for who knows how long. These zodiac signs anchor us to a sacred pattern living within the wheel of the year, hence the appropriate word—Fixed—to describe them.
With the recent New Moon in Taurus,* we begin a lunar cycle dedicated to an intentional and mindful relationship to what Taurus offers. The power of rebirth is one gift. Our earthy senses give us so much wisdom. How does the instinct to rejoin life feel to your body? It is time to pay attention to our animalness. How does rebirth smell? What foods give it pleasure and health? How does rebirth like to work, play, or rest? The body’s wisdom does not need to be invoked. We simply pay attention to what it is already telling us.
In Taurus, and especially this week, there is a tension between expansiveness and sustainability. The guiding question, “How do I know when enough is enough?” Can our animal senses also tell us about this? What sensory pleasures remind us that more isn’t always better?
I recently read a great interview with Frans de Waal, a biologist and primatologist, discussing ape culture. [The Cosmopolitan Ape, by Steve Paulson]. In speaking about empathy, one statement really intrigued me: “More than any other animal I know, chimps seem to have some understanding of their community as a whole. They seem to worry about the level of harmony in the group.” How do animals pay attention to the whole this way? I wonder if humans can reclaim this ability? If so, can our animal senses tell us what is most needed for our happiness? We live in a consumerist culture that is constantly repeating the message that more stuff equals more happiness. We’ve lost touch with understanding how that mindset affects the whole. We’ve lost touch with knowing how the happiness of the whole creates more stability for each of us.
As the Moon waxes into the Crescent phase and then the First Quarter phase this week, we feel the expansiveness of rebirth. Possibilities abound. We can welcome in this hopefulness while at the same time being aware that there are boundaries to expansion too. Let’s give ourselves the gift of living in the whole, aware of the necessity to sustain life in the ways we live.
Forecast May 12, 2013 – May 18.
Moon in Gemini
Sunday, May 12.
A very young Moon contacts Jupiter today. Look for these two together in the western sky at sunset. This should be a beautiful and inspiring sight. Both in Gemini, these two lift our spirits by encouraging new connections with others, new ideas, and new projects. Adding to the expansive nature of this transit, Venus is nearby but may still be too close to the Sun to see with the naked eye. However, even before we can actually see it, we sense that this emergence of Venus as the Evening Star in Gemini will bring much-needed inspiration. As May progresses, it will be easier to see Venus, and we will be treated to a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter the last week of May. Another bonus is that Mercury will be joining them. We have the opportunity to link lofty aspirations (Gemini) with Taurean groundedness.
Moon enters Cancer at 4:57 am**
May 13—Crescent Moon: Beginning.
After an airy weekend of Gemini expansiveness, the knowing of heart, hearth, and home calls us back into our senses and our emotions. The two are linked. Both emotion and sensory input give us immediate information on which we can base our instinctual knowing. We are laying down new patterns. Our homes and hearths are precious. When we feel secure there, we have the flexibility to adapt our responses to complex situations. The trick is to avoid over protectiveness. Time spent sprucing up our homes will give us a sense of rootedness.
There is a tinge of self-deception present today. We are always telling ourselves stories; some of which are true and some of which aren’t. What stories are you telling yourself? What purpose do these stories serve? Compassion towards self leads to compassion for others.
Moon in Cancer
Tuesday, May 14.
This day may be awash in emotions. It is good to acknowledge how fear can rapidly escalate reactivity. This awareness helps us to be patient with ourselves and others. The real desire is to honor our roots and care for our beloveds. Later in the day, we get to the bottom of conflict or misunderstandings. It may be a struggle to communicate how we are feeling but the effort is worth it. The dialog can open up a whole new perspective if we open to it.
Moon enters Leo at 5:37 pm
Wednesday, May 15.
The protective emotions of the last few days give way to the desire to be seen for our gifts. Mercury enters Gemini where this planet of mind and communication feels strong and frisky. The Moon in Leo makes a sextile contact to Mercury at the same time. We feel brilliant, and maybe we are. Tend your creative fires tonight.
Moon in Leo
Thursday, May 16.
Mars reaches the same degree as the Solar Eclipse of May 9, which may trigger unexpected events. It’s as if the eclipse has another moment of rattling the cages to make sure we’ve truly begun the next phase of development. Astrological events like transits and eclipses are opportunities for integration and evolution. Perhaps what we thought this lunar cycle was going to be about for us changes to something deeper, more intense or more meaningful today. The Moon squares Saturn also and we remember this task of living sustainable, joyous lives is also very serious. Our survival as a species may depend on it.
Moon in Leo
May 17—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
The friction between earth and fire creates the possibility of manifestation for this phase of the Moon. This lunar cycle, begun in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, holds a great deal of fertile possibility. To tap into this fertility, we commit to earth qualities like pragmatism, accountability, persistence, and embodied awareness. Earth energy is slow and flows towards the center of our planet. Fire is heat and movement. It moves quickly in all directions. The instinct with fire is to seek fuel and release energy. Leo is the Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. The Sun is a great metaphor for what Leo brings to the table, which is creative life force. Although Taurus is the potential of rebirth, we need the solar fire of Leo to fuel the potential. Cosmically, these forces support each other. In humans, they can cause conflict—between individuals as well as internally within each of us.
Notice your own tendencies. Do you lean toward earth or fire? Do you resent others who need attention or act impulsively? Are you impatient with those who change slowly and seem to think too much about limited resources? Do they squelch your creativity? Do they squander their opportunities? These conflicts teach us about balance and how to nurture precious resources of substance and creativity.
Moon enters Virgo at 4:33 am
Saturday, May 18.
Take a deep breath; not everything can be accomplished in one day. The Moon in Virgo, the Mutable Earth sign, feeds into the Taurus desire to manage our resources wisely. The Virgo way is through work. Home chores take center stage, but we might also be very busy in service to others. Idealistic Neptune squares Mercury. The messages we receive may be mystical or just plain confusing. Better to wait for more clarity. Mercury’s connection to Saturn today adds a sense that the message is important. Don’t forget to look for Venus and Jupiter at sunset; they are closer than at the beginning of the week. If you get a chance to see Venus, take time to notice this bright energy moving in your relationships. There is a sense we are able to change old patterns if we confront fears about power.
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on May 9.
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast for May 5, 2013 - May 11

The web of being is so intricate it is easy to feel lost sometimes, even if we aren’t actually lost at all. There is nothing wrong, really, with being lost from time to time. In fact, I think it is probably good for us for lots of reasons. Still, sometimes I need to orient myself to a pattern, a rhythm, or a story so I can make sense of where I am, who I am, and how to align myself with that knowing. Astrology is a map, a way to orient myself to what can often look like complete chaos (and sometimes is, and that is OK too). Astrology even makes room for chaos. After all this big cosmology dares to declare: “As above, so below. As within, so without.” That is a vast philosophy, isn’t it? It seems to hold everything.
Back to the map. In my astrological practice, I pay attention to the cycle of a lunar month—the waxing and waning of this cycle gives insight about following intention and practicing mindfulness. I also pay attention to the wheel of the year—the Sun’s journey through the signs and seasons. This cycle tells us about a larger pattern of being alive on this earth within a community of other living beings.
We’ve just experienced the Aries season of emergence. This season had some of us daring greatly; some of us individuating; and some of us developing a relationship to passion, anger, and will. These manifestations of Aries are all similar and yet different in the way each of us is expressing it.
This week, the Moon wanes through the last few days of the Aries lunar cycle. We begin to surrender that experience. For some, this may be hard and for others, we are eager to leave it behind. Where are you? In the solar cycle, the Taurus season follows Aries. New lessons, urges, and responses to what has gone on before are called for by this next phase of the wheel of the year.
Aries is Cardinal Fire and Taurus is Fixed Earth. From brash emergence in the Aries season, we are moved to form solid foundations in the season of Taurus. This transition teaches us that energy and passion alone are not enough. These get us started, but to maintain the momentum, we need to access our resources, create sustainability, and cultivate more patience and determination. Taurus’ secret power is knowing how to be led in this work by Beauty. The challenge thrown into Taurus’ lap is to embrace abundance, beauty and substance while cultivating the wisdom of knowing when enough is enough. The New Moon in Taurus on May 9 is an opportunity to acknowledge this stage of the journey with intention and mindfulness.
Forecast May 5, 2013 – May 11.
Moon enters Aries at 8:03 pm**
May 5—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. Are you aware of the times you stepped past your growing edge this lunar cycle?* Did you try anything new? Did it turn out the way you imagined? Or do you wish you could take back a rash action, a moment of anger, or a time when you played it safe and didn’t take the challenge given you? It is not possible to navigate the Aries season perfectly without mistakes. The Balsamic phase is a time to notice and let go of everything: failures and successes. At this stage, I now have a better understanding of the Antonio Machado poem about the golden bees making “white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.” There is an alchemy that happens when we surrender our imperfections. Can you find the sweet honey from this lunar cycle?
The Moon returning to Aries reminds us of the intentions we set at the beginning. The trine between Mars and Pluto provides the earthy, powerful grounding that we need to trust the innate wisdom of nature’s cycles. We are where we need to be. The opposition between Mercury and Saturn colors this day with a desire to express ourselves clearly and meaningfully.
Moon in Aries
Monday, May 6.
Later this month, Uranus will exactly square Pluto for the third time since these planets of change began this transit in June 2012. (This is a long process of cultural and personal transformation. There are four more squares to come over the next two years.) The Moon nudges these giants today. Have you learned anything about acting impulsively this last month? Some passion is justified. You may get an opportunity to practice applying what you are learning about passion.
Moon in Aries
Tuesday, May 7.
Mercury in Taurus is asking us to be careful about our thoughts and words. We benefit from literal thinking by asking ourselves, it this expression useful? Is it true? Will it bring strength? Does it serve beauty? If we agree to discipline our thoughts today, we reap benefit. Cultivate steadiness. The body helps the mind to focus. A focused mind can bring healing to the body.
Moon enters Taurus 5:09 am
Wednesday, May 8.
The powerful New Moon tomorrow is already being felt. The Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn lending a tone of solemnity. Notice the fears around scarcity. These fears are teaching us about non-attachment. Beauty is still the secret power of this season. Dare to find beauty where you are.
Moon in Taurus
May 9—New Moon: Dreaming.
Today’s New Moon in Taurus is also a Solar Eclipse, adding a sense of heightened intensity as well as unpredictability to the lunar cycle. That doesn’t mean we can’t set intention and practice mindfulness. In fact, it may be more necessary. As you dream about the potential of this Taurus season, what do you most long for? What tangible desire will you manifest?
Saturn in Scorpio (the sign opposite Taurus) plays a big role this season. This planet of accountability insists we modify our relationship to money, possessions, and anything that we use as a crutch to stave off fears of scarcity. The potential of this lunar cycle is to tell a new story about sustainable relationship to the earth. Let’s learn the power of “Enough.” In the New Moon chart, Saturn is lending support for this type of transformation. There is a harmonious trine to Neptune from Saturn. We can be idealistic as long as we anchor it in realism.
Mars, Mercury, and the Sun and Moon are near each other in Taurus. The closeness of Mars to the Sun means that mythically, the hero is still in the underworld communing with the light of purpose and devotion. Perhaps the quest is about the hero surrendering stubborn attachment so that new possibilities are reborn. We need the determination and strength of Mars in Taurus to help us navigate possible upheaval this month when Uranus will once again exactly square Pluto (May 20).
Venus enters Gemini for just under a month. Venus as the ruler of Taurus is a guide to invoking beauty, charm, and pleasure. These qualities will appear most easily through social interactions and expanding mental horizons. Venus squares Neptune in the New Moon chart. For the first part of this lunar cycle, we could notice a tendency to be duped by a person or situation that is too good to be true. However, we can find beauty in a fantasy. The effect this has on our hearts, making them more open and receptive, is a good thing.
Moon enters Gemini at 4:21 pm
Friday, May 10.
Delight in social contacts and mental activity is strong. The Moon contacts Venus. Where do you notice beauty today? Listen with open ears;ter the call comes on the wind and may be hard to pin down exactly, yet fills the air with a sweet scent of enticement.
Moon in Gemini
Saturday, May 11.
Gemini shenanigans continue. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, comes into its superior conjunction with the Sun. This is a pivotal moment in the Mercury/Sun synodic cycle. During its 88-day orbit of the Sun, Mercury spends some of its time as an Evening Star, some of its time as a Morning Star, some times too near the Sun to be seen and some of the time moving backwards in relation to the stars behind it. This busy planet is a good symbol for our busy minds. Midway between its shift from the morning sky to the evening sky, Mercury visits the Sun for a conference about Taurus. Quick-witted Mercury doesn’t always feel comfortable under the sway of this Fixed Earth sign. Do your thoughts feel sluggish? Or are you feeling particularly stubborn about your own point of view? Let the Sun burn away mental resistance. The gift can be a calmer, more focused mind.
 *See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on April 10
** All times are CDT.