Saturday, April 27, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast April 28, 2013 – May, 4

During this Aries lunar cycle that began at the New Moon*, I’ve been thinking a lot about acting with passion without any guarantees of success. What if the path of passionate devotion is also a path right through the field of vulnerability? Desire itself is not the problem. We’ve been given a lot to chew on concerning violence in our world recently. Blame and projections are rampant. Some of that blame is even focused on ourselves. But shame is not the same thing as being vulnerable. It’s actually a way to avoid that uncomfortable feeling. We are all familiar with the drill: shocking event followed by frantic efforts to identify the bad guys, followed by asking ourselves why, followed by blaming some faction or group, followed by bemoaning the decay of society, followed by grumbling, followed by nothing much changes. The path of retribution, escalating violence, doesn’t bring the kind of change we need either. We go through a few moments of soul searching and then move on. I recognize in myself that blaming and shaming is part of a pattern of not feeling comfortable with conflicted feelings about my own desire nature. This is a way to avoid the vulnerability of caring a lot.
This Aries lunar cycle is about moving beyond our growing edges and it’s also about finding the thing in our lives that is deserving of our devotion. We emerge in the springtime to rejoin the flow of life. In this season, we recognize the force of desire that compels us to take a leap into the unknown, without guarantee, without knowing where it will ultimately lead. This is vulnerability. Without the armor of certainty, we escape fundamentalism and the same old patterns of blaming others and ourselves.  That field of vulnerability lets us reclaim Mars passion. Reverent, vulnerable passion is the medicine for the mess we are in.
The Moon is waning. We bring our attention to reflecting on events since this lunar cycle began. What are you learning about your desire nature? Have you stepped up to your growing edges? What happened? This birthing process requires us to clear away the dead matter from the past. Are you removing the blockages in your life?
The next New Moon in Taurus on May 9 will ask us to make a deeper commitment to life. What do you need to do in these last days of this lunar cycle to prepare yourself for that opportunity? Although there are planetary patterns that seem to emphasize the very serious nature of life right now (we will look at Saturn this week), please do not underestimate the power of joy. It simmers under the surface calling to us; it is the force that animates desire.
Forecast April 28, 2013 – May, 4.
Moon in Sagittarius
April 28—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Let the tendency to philosophize today lead you into discovering your own truth about passionate service. What do you believe with your whole heart? Are your values aligned? The conflicts and paradoxes are important teachers asking us to not give up. There is always more to learn and more to share about what we are learning. Your questions may be someone else’s answers.
The Sun in Taurus is opposite Saturn in Scorpio. These opposing signs are the guardians of life and death. They are intimately entwined in the process of transformation. Taurus encourages us to secure the beauty of life. Scorpio encourages releasing attachment to externals. This opposition was forceful at the recent Full Moon lunar eclipse on April 25. We are drawn back into the process of purging and releasing through a directive from Saturn. It may be scary to let go of something cherished in order to infuse that thing with new life, yet it is crucial. Mars is close to the Sun, also in Taurus. In a few days it will exactly oppose Saturn too. There is potential to renew devotion through this Scorpio release.
Moon enters Capricorn 7:21 am**
Monday, April 29.
It feels good to be productive today. We have a chance to apply new understanding to our goals. Take advantage of the feeling of balance in spirit, body, and emotion to further intention and notice where you feel successful.
Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, April 30.
Mars opposes Saturn today. This aspect between passionate action and responsible accountability has been noticeable for the last few days, especially since the Full Moon. The pressure finally breaks and we learn how to flow harmoniously with passion and responsibility, rather than at odds with them. The day is deliciously deep and beautiful when we acknowledge what truly moves us.
Moon enters Aquarius at 9:19 am.
Tuesday, May 1. Beltane.
The emphasis between death and life through the opposing signs of Scorpio and Taurus inform the renewing rituals of Beltane. This is the season to celebrate the fertility of earth and the rebirth of joy and life. These are the gifts we receive when we look across the wheel of the year to Samhain, the season of Scorpio. The tension today is felt in our community relationships. The Moon in Aquarius adds the desire to bring vision to the creative forces unleashed in this season. Some will feel that change is happening too slowly, others will insist for more transparency and honesty, while others will question whether the communal values are being upheld. In spite of these valid concerns, take time to honor the wisdom of earth’s cycles. There is time enough.
Moon in Aquarius
May 2—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. The elements teach us that there is more than one way to apprehend reality. Fire ignites passion; water cools and deepens; air lightens; and earth gives weight. Today’s elemental story is about the differences between air and earth. Notice your natural proclivities and how different approaches by others can annoy or illuminate. Air folks need to entertain possibilities. Earth folks need to be realistic. We can honor both of these methods in our ongoing process of understanding the journey of this lunar cycle. What are you noticing? Is it getting easier to step up to your growing edge? Do you know what you need to dare vulnerability in service to your truth? Using air, record what you are noticing. Using earth, dedicate yourself to practice.
Moon enters Pisces 1:25 pm
Friday, May 3.
Take a journey into beauty and ecstasy. These states can reinforce our capacity to feel more and care more. Notice any tendency that may arise to numb out. Although understandable, considering the pressure we’ve been under, try to make another choice. There is a relationship between right action and vulnerability. Being afraid (just a little) can be a good sign that we are choosing to stay aware and present to all the possibilities around us. Don’t be surprised if guides appear for you. In fact, invoke them right now.
Moon in Pisces
Saturday, May 4.
Things come together in a beautiful way today. The challenge is to slow down and enjoy. We feel aligned and open when we honor our commitments, strengths, and passions. Yet don’t force yourself to be too productive, this can also be a good day to take an aimless journey into wonder. We need this kind of inspiration.
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on April 10
** All times are CDT.