Saturday, April 27, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast April 28, 2013 – May, 4

During this Aries lunar cycle that began at the New Moon*, I’ve been thinking a lot about acting with passion without any guarantees of success. What if the path of passionate devotion is also a path right through the field of vulnerability? Desire itself is not the problem. We’ve been given a lot to chew on concerning violence in our world recently. Blame and projections are rampant. Some of that blame is even focused on ourselves. But shame is not the same thing as being vulnerable. It’s actually a way to avoid that uncomfortable feeling. We are all familiar with the drill: shocking event followed by frantic efforts to identify the bad guys, followed by asking ourselves why, followed by blaming some faction or group, followed by bemoaning the decay of society, followed by grumbling, followed by nothing much changes. The path of retribution, escalating violence, doesn’t bring the kind of change we need either. We go through a few moments of soul searching and then move on. I recognize in myself that blaming and shaming is part of a pattern of not feeling comfortable with conflicted feelings about my own desire nature. This is a way to avoid the vulnerability of caring a lot.
This Aries lunar cycle is about moving beyond our growing edges and it’s also about finding the thing in our lives that is deserving of our devotion. We emerge in the springtime to rejoin the flow of life. In this season, we recognize the force of desire that compels us to take a leap into the unknown, without guarantee, without knowing where it will ultimately lead. This is vulnerability. Without the armor of certainty, we escape fundamentalism and the same old patterns of blaming others and ourselves.  That field of vulnerability lets us reclaim Mars passion. Reverent, vulnerable passion is the medicine for the mess we are in.
The Moon is waning. We bring our attention to reflecting on events since this lunar cycle began. What are you learning about your desire nature? Have you stepped up to your growing edges? What happened? This birthing process requires us to clear away the dead matter from the past. Are you removing the blockages in your life?
The next New Moon in Taurus on May 9 will ask us to make a deeper commitment to life. What do you need to do in these last days of this lunar cycle to prepare yourself for that opportunity? Although there are planetary patterns that seem to emphasize the very serious nature of life right now (we will look at Saturn this week), please do not underestimate the power of joy. It simmers under the surface calling to us; it is the force that animates desire.
Forecast April 28, 2013 – May, 4.
Moon in Sagittarius
April 28—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Let the tendency to philosophize today lead you into discovering your own truth about passionate service. What do you believe with your whole heart? Are your values aligned? The conflicts and paradoxes are important teachers asking us to not give up. There is always more to learn and more to share about what we are learning. Your questions may be someone else’s answers.
The Sun in Taurus is opposite Saturn in Scorpio. These opposing signs are the guardians of life and death. They are intimately entwined in the process of transformation. Taurus encourages us to secure the beauty of life. Scorpio encourages releasing attachment to externals. This opposition was forceful at the recent Full Moon lunar eclipse on April 25. We are drawn back into the process of purging and releasing through a directive from Saturn. It may be scary to let go of something cherished in order to infuse that thing with new life, yet it is crucial. Mars is close to the Sun, also in Taurus. In a few days it will exactly oppose Saturn too. There is potential to renew devotion through this Scorpio release.
Moon enters Capricorn 7:21 am**
Monday, April 29.
It feels good to be productive today. We have a chance to apply new understanding to our goals. Take advantage of the feeling of balance in spirit, body, and emotion to further intention and notice where you feel successful.
Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, April 30.
Mars opposes Saturn today. This aspect between passionate action and responsible accountability has been noticeable for the last few days, especially since the Full Moon. The pressure finally breaks and we learn how to flow harmoniously with passion and responsibility, rather than at odds with them. The day is deliciously deep and beautiful when we acknowledge what truly moves us.
Moon enters Aquarius at 9:19 am.
Tuesday, May 1. Beltane.
The emphasis between death and life through the opposing signs of Scorpio and Taurus inform the renewing rituals of Beltane. This is the season to celebrate the fertility of earth and the rebirth of joy and life. These are the gifts we receive when we look across the wheel of the year to Samhain, the season of Scorpio. The tension today is felt in our community relationships. The Moon in Aquarius adds the desire to bring vision to the creative forces unleashed in this season. Some will feel that change is happening too slowly, others will insist for more transparency and honesty, while others will question whether the communal values are being upheld. In spite of these valid concerns, take time to honor the wisdom of earth’s cycles. There is time enough.
Moon in Aquarius
May 2—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. The elements teach us that there is more than one way to apprehend reality. Fire ignites passion; water cools and deepens; air lightens; and earth gives weight. Today’s elemental story is about the differences between air and earth. Notice your natural proclivities and how different approaches by others can annoy or illuminate. Air folks need to entertain possibilities. Earth folks need to be realistic. We can honor both of these methods in our ongoing process of understanding the journey of this lunar cycle. What are you noticing? Is it getting easier to step up to your growing edge? Do you know what you need to dare vulnerability in service to your truth? Using air, record what you are noticing. Using earth, dedicate yourself to practice.
Moon enters Pisces 1:25 pm
Friday, May 3.
Take a journey into beauty and ecstasy. These states can reinforce our capacity to feel more and care more. Notice any tendency that may arise to numb out. Although understandable, considering the pressure we’ve been under, try to make another choice. There is a relationship between right action and vulnerability. Being afraid (just a little) can be a good sign that we are choosing to stay aware and present to all the possibilities around us. Don’t be surprised if guides appear for you. In fact, invoke them right now.
Moon in Pisces
Saturday, May 4.
Things come together in a beautiful way today. The challenge is to slow down and enjoy. We feel aligned and open when we honor our commitments, strengths, and passions. Yet don’t force yourself to be too productive, this can also be a good day to take an aimless journey into wonder. We need this kind of inspiration.
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on April 10
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast April 21, 2013 - April, 27

I need to write about Mars. The tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon last week; the practice of U.S. drone bombings, which have been terrorizing and killing innocent people (even if they also happen to kill bad guys); the NRA’s victory against gun control legislation; and the culture of rape, which protects the rapist and accuses the victim, are all events related to the Mars archetype being out of control. Why is there so much violence?
Last week, Mars exactly conjoined the Sun in Aries—one of the two signs that Mars rules. [The other sign, Scorpio plays a big role this week in the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25 (more about that later).] Other planets transiting Aries right now increase this energy of volatility and potential violence. Yet, there is another side to Mars. In fact, every archetype carries an essential piece of who we are. The path of mindfulness and intention proposes the question, How do we harness this essential, healthy energy while discharging the painful and toxic ways it can also show up?
Caroline Casey, a wild and brilliant astrologer, explores this type of healthy relationship to the archetypes of astrology in her classic book, “Making the Gods Work for You.” She proposes that a “toxic mimic” of a wholesome quality can invade when we fail to truly honor what an archetype is showing us.
 She writes, “Modern society is bereft of rituals of invitation to Mars, so strong in young people and in those who have identified with this god by serving in the military. The predominant message we give to young people and veterans today is “Get lost, we don’t need you”—a counterinvitation to exile, exclusion, and by default, crime, homelessness, malls, and video games. But in fact we do need them; we need everybody. There is much heroic work to be done: bridges to be rebuilt, forests to be replanted, cities to be revitalized, children to be cared for.” Often, it is this disempowered Mars in young men that acts out in the most confusing and violent ways.
We spend a lot of time worried about Mars: denying our own desire natures, trying to elevate ourselves beyond Mars, punishing those who express Mars, wondering why we can’t get in touch with our own Mars. Yet, it feels like we are getting nowhere in creating a world where Mars is present and useful. Even as we hate our own violence, we are becoming more violent.
One missing piece to a healthy expression of Mars is a deep sense of reverence. Too often we use our Mars energy to compete, either out of greed or desperation, which lands us in Mars isolation where violence breeds. We can choose a different path and put Mars to good use. This Aries lunar cycle is an opportunity to fall in love with the exquisite beauty of life. Reverence, like love, is one of those risky things that don’t come with a guarantee. The vulnerability isn’t something our culture is comfortable with. Yet, to be in reverent service is an antidote to the toxic mimic of Mars isolation and repressed fury. Where will you place your devotion?
Forecast April 21, 2013 - April, 27
Moon in Virgo
Sunday, April 21.
Don’t cave to the pressure of perfectionism. The Moon in Virgo has other gifts to offer. This sign excels at reverence and devotion—the very qualities that can restore Mars balance. If we can resist the square between Jupiter and the Moon, which is contributing an urge to speed up and be bigger, we are able to take small but significant steps on the path of devotional practice. The square between Pluto and Mercury provokes a desire to heal through telling the truth. If the timing is right for you, make use of this momentum. But don’t force it. Transformational truth may fall on your ears too.
Moon in Virgo
April 22—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. There is a difference between perfectionism and the task of perfecting our intentions. The gibbous phase of the Moon presents us with this puzzle to solve for ourselves. The mission* this lunar cycle has been to cultivate a Mars-inspired sense of daring devotion to emerging life. How do you continue to craft and hone this intention without resorting to getting caught in downward spirals of self-judgment? Judgment may be strong today as we put beauty, balance, harmony, and love under the spotlight of Saturn. Strict control is a cop out when the truly daring thing is to love with all our hearts regardless of outcome. Saturn respects such commitment. From this place, we learn how to dedicate ourselves to life.
Moon enters Libra at 2:24 am**
Tuesday April 23.
 We are made aware that systems are out of balance today. This realization may actually serve to engage our wills to fight for change. Our choices, even the choice of what we pay attention to, has impact. The energy is building to an important Full Moon eclipse. Consider what you wish to transform in your life.
Moon in Libra
Wednesday, April 24.
Springtime emergence is a birthing process for whatever new things need to come next. Just when we are ready to give up, that thing arrives. The wisdom of birth comes from the earth. Open up to the messages about your own birthing processes.
Moon enters Scorpio 5:25 am
April 25—Full Moon: Illuminating. The Full Moon in Scorpio today is a lunar eclipse. What a powerful culmination to an intense Aries lunar cycle and how appropriate that Mars rules Scorpio as well as Aries. These two signs show us two essential natures of Mars—the passionate fool and the committed warrior. We have the opportunity to bring the healthy expression of Mars into our world by doing the work of Scorpio soul retrieval. Any place in the psyche that feels numb or overwhelmed is a potential opening for toxic mimics to take root. This happens to everyone. Scorpio’s gift is the power to sense into these places and root them out and to regenerate where we are wounded. Eclipses give us a sense that this moment is crucial, that events have been leading up to this moment for a long time, and that we need to pay attention.
In the Full Moon chart, Mars in Taurus is conjunct the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct the Moon. The Saturn and Mars dialog is between essential parts of ourselves: Saturn is the wise one with the long view, who asks us to commit to integrity and responsibility, and Mars is the passionate one who longs for reverent service. Oppositions give us an opportunity to notice how we have split off parts of ourselves. The story could be we need to control our wild natures, or we will always be betrayed by passion, or changing the status quo is just too hard. These are false messages that can be rooted out. The sign of Taurus gives us a clue to the path of reverence at this crossroads. This is the sign of rebirth, the beauty of body and earth, the reverence for life cycles, the quest for sustainable and just relationship with resources of all kinds. Saturn becomes an ally for commitment when we align with service to these ideals.
Moon in Scorpio
Friday, April 26.
The Full Moon energy reverberates. Find ways that release tension and makes space energetically for healthy transformation. There are many ways to do this, find your best way. Mars makes an inspiring contact with Neptune. Tell the story of your Mars. What is your reverent service? Do you know your calling? Aim for the most beautiful vision of that calling.
Moon enters Sagittarius 6:32 am
Saturday, April 27.
This week may have provoked a lot of soul searching and self-analysis. With the Moon in far-ranging Sagittarius, turn your attention to “foreign” lands. Learn about a culture or a point of view that is entirely different from yours. There is a tendency to over idealize, so find a way to be realistic about what you are experiencing without surrendering the experience.

*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on April 10
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast April 14, 2013 – April 20

Approach growing edge and stick one toe over. That’s how I’ve been treating this Aries Moon cycle.* I’m not feeling particularly courageous at the moment, nor even particularly energetic, however, I do want to claim new space for myself in this season of emergence. I want to shed an old layer of skin and see how far out I can grow. This growth might not even look like much on the outside, but inside I feel the change. In honor of Aries, I am honoring what feels like boldness to me, not someone else’s notion of boldness, but my own awareness of my growing edge and my commitment to move beyond it, even if it is just by a toe.

How do you recognize your growing edge? It seems important in this work of boldness to identify what the edge feels like, just so we can know we are at that moment of daring. For me, I recognize my growing edge by being aware of my standard patterns of action and reaction. For instance, noticing what triggers me is a way to know that I’ve reached a point of potential where I can make a new choice. What if, instead of reacting as I usually do, I choose a different response to the trigger? There is an element of frustration and even boredom at my growing edges. I’m tired of the same old thing happening. I’m tired of my same old responses to it. Invoking the April Fool, what do I have to lose by trying something new? It is all part of the trial and error of growth. Some of our experiments succeed and some don’t. The time of Aries growth isn’t about surefire success; it is about risking something new.

Not every growing edge is about dissatisfaction. Every one of our gifts wants to grow bigger. It is as if the gift itself is taunting us by saying, “Come on, show us what you got. Come on, this is so rich and juicy, don’t you want more?” It is entirely appropriate in the season of emergence to want more, to dream of being bigger, to take a bold leap, even if it is by only a toe’s length. I love Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day, for this enticing call into the joy of being. At the end of the poem she asks:

Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

Would we really want our lives to go by without a least one or two magnificent failures? This poem by Antonio Machado, Last Night As I Was Sleeping, celebrates our failures as sweet gifts: 

Last night as I was sleeping,

I dreamt—marvelous error!—

that I had a beehive

here inside my heart.

And the golden bees

were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old failures.

As the Moon waxes, it is time to be bold. We can account for our failures later. 

Forecast April 14, 2013 – April 20

Moon in Gemini
April 14—Crescent Moon: Beginning. The Moon joins Jupiter today and that should help us dare to be bolder. Hold the image of a seedling in your heart today. Like that seedling, each of us is emerging into a new season without any guarantees of where we will ultimately end up. Honor the vulnerability of this state of being and the shear joy of life force that makes us act this way even when we know better. While holding that image of a seedling, what resides in your heart that longs to grow just a little bigger and be just a little bolder? This lunar phase of daring to begin fits with the Aries season perfectly. While the Moon is in Gemini, we can expect mental stimulation to be high. There are lots of ideas and plans for what we’d like to see emerge in our lives. Find a way to center and capture these ideas before they flit away.

Moon enters Cancer at 9:49 pm**
Monday, April 15.
Venus shows up as the Evening Star after a long disappearance from the sky. Look for the bright star of Venus in the western sky at sunset and welcome the planet of beauty and abundance. Following our hearts into the exquisite longing for beauty is a bold surrender to life. We can embrace that desire. Venus is also entering Taurus, one of the signs of her rulership. We feel stronger and perhaps braver when we embody what we love.
Moon in Cancer
Tuesday, April 16.
Recklessness meets protectiveness today. Do you feel that you need to disregard messages about safety in order to be bold? Or do your fears get in the way of pushing past growing edges? The relationship between the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Aries today heightens the tension between being bold and being safe. This feeling peaks on the 18th when the Moon enters its First Quarter phase. Notice where this tension lives in you. Neither point of view is wholly right or wrong. To embrace the energy of Cancer, honor the role that your home or family plays in your emerging growth. The urge to protect or defend our homes could be a strong factor in the bold actions we take today.
Moon in Cancer
Wednesday, April 17.
Mars joins the Sun today at 28 degrees Aries. This is a “seed moment” for the two-year long Mars cycle. We begin a new journey in our relationship to will, desire, passion, and action. Mars as the ruler of Aries is an ally of boldness. On a primal level, Mars represents energy. It can be helpful to release excess energy today in the form of exercise or physical activity. Exercise releases endorphins that help us to appreciate the gift of Mars energy—feeling alive and capable of acting on behalf of our strongest desires. When we are not in touch with this energy, we are more prone to fits of anger or frustration. With the Moon in Cancer, we are extra sensitive about anger. Allow this energy to move through you in positive ways.
Moon enters Leo 10:13 am
April 18—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. Challenge. How do you react when you’ve taken a risk, stuck your toe out past a growing edge only to be discouraged at the very first moment you try something new? What happens when those tender seedling leaves meet a cold snap, or a drought, or an animal that eats them up right away? Unfortunately, no guarantees means no guarantees. And that kinda sucks. This phase of the Moon is when we learn that we will be challenged on the way to manifesting our hearts’ desires. This is when we get to develop our real strengths. Yesterday was probably an exciting, energy-filled day. It may have also been a day of overwhelming emotional reactions. Notice what discourages you right now. Even that is an ally of bold action because it is teaching something important. As the Moon enters Leo, we become sensitive to feeling discouraged. Try to remember the gifts that are urging you to expand. Don’t give up. Venus and Neptune conspire to inspire us. The beauty around us is a reflection of the beauty within.

Moon in Leo
Friday, April 19.
The season of Aries shifts into Taurus today with the Sun’s ingress into this Fixed Earth sign. Because we are still working through the waxing phase of the New Moon in Aries, we get to use this Taurus energy to infuse our bold actions with grounded integrity. This can be a welcomed addition to the unsettling impulsivity of Aries or it can be a frustrating slowing down of forward momentum. Both are true and both are necessary. The need to make adjustments in how we are doing things is also reinforced by a quincunx aspect between Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Scorpio. Even though we may have to broaden our point of view, the new input will help us in the long run.
Moon enters Virgo at 8:08 pm
Saturday, April 20.
Mars joins Venus and the Sun in Taurus today. We get to remember what the body knows. One of the lessons that Taurus offers is how to make our efforts sustainable over time. As you’ve been inching past your own growing edges, what have you begun to identify as ways to sustain this expansive growth? We get more pragmatic this evening as the Moon enters Virgo. To be whole in body and mind, what adjustments do you need to make? The wild card today is the Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries. Open to brilliant new insights.
*See to follow along with the themes of this lunar cycle that began on April 10
** All times are CDT.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast April 7, 2013 – April 13

In the place I live, the first green of Spring is a fierce chartreuse. We need such a color in Minnesota. This vibrant green pierces the old skin of Winter, which lingers for so long here. It demands room be made for new growth. It carelessly discards the long season of darkness with its parceling of resources. It is a bold commitment of a color—a color that dares.

Perhaps this is the true color of Aries, the sign of Spring’s daring. I am embracing such boldness and daring this Spring as my own recommitment to life. The planets are supporting this intention. Right now five planets are in Aries and later this week the  Aries New Moon will take place on April 10. Another resurgence of Aries boldness comes from Uranus, one of the five planets in Aries. From now till Uranus turns retrograde in July this planet is forging ahead into brand new Aries territory—between 8-12 degrees Aries. Uranus is the planet of authenticity—if something doesn’t feel right in our cores, Uranus demands we do something about it. This planetary ally on the side of daring is by itself a fierce energy.

That bright green is such a happy color. But underneath is a question, a fear that perhaps it won’t be enough. Can a color really do all this? Wouldn’t it be great if we could feel bold and daring without also feeling vulnerable and afraid? Wouldn’t it be great to barrel ahead with confidence, sure we will succeed, sure we will cause no harm? Don’t you know people who seem to be able to do that? What is their secret?

One of my teachers describes Aries people as those who have to “Do it afraid.” Notice the words, “have to,” because I’ve found that most Aries people would much rather not have to step out into a new environment and claim space. Most would really love it if someone else would do that for them. But that drive to begin a new cycle of growth is stronger, stronger than fear, stronger than doubt. There is no wonder to me that April Fool’s Day happens when the Sun is in Aries. This is the most foolish energy there is. So, I submit to you the idea, that those people who seem to have it all together, the ones who look confident, the ones who look like they enjoy forging new pathways really don’t feel that way at all. And that actually is a beautiful thing.

Forecast April 7, 2013 – April 13

Moon in Pisces
Sunday, April 7. Yesterday’s forecast* still resonates today. Water is an ally for opening to the New Moon energy that is on its way. Pay attention to the emotional tenor of your surroundings. There is a clue here about your next daring emergence. Listen to what that inner voice is telling you. Even the boldest acts must start small and in the darkness. Allow yourself to be curious rather than certain. Appreciate your own flexibility.

Moon enters Aries 2:02 pm**
Monday, April 8.  The first indications of Spring can be very tiny. It helps to keep our attention focused on the smallest things. Even in warmer climates than where I live, you are also at the beginning of something tenderly new. What shows you the energy of Spring today? We’re still in the time of the old Moon, the Balsamic phase, but once the Moon enters Aries today we are drawn to expand out into life. How will you nurture what is emerging in you?

Moon in Aries
Tuesday, April 9. We might feel more uncomfortable today with the boldness we need to dare greatly. What are the potential costs to taking a stand? Pluto is slowing down at 11 degrees Capricorn this week getting ready to station retrograde on Friday. Pluto’s effect on us strengthens. The life affirming expression of Pluto is to believe deeply in the power of transformation. This gives us strength to dare change. However, if fears begin to paralyze us, we revert to trying to control the outcome of our choices and transformation is stifled. There are real risks to taking a chance. Honor the courage it takes to let this happen. Forgive yourself for the ways you aren’t yet ready.

Moon enters Taurus 10:22 pm.
April 10—New Moon: Dreaming. The New Moon in Aries begins today. As a way to honor this new beginning, why not practice cultivating an appreciation for courage? We might first want to think about what type of courage we admire most. For me, knowing that courage does not mean feeling fearless, I so admire those who have to do act even when they are afraid. The root of the word courage is to give heart to something. When we give heart to those who are courageous, we encourage acts of daring that affirm the life force of regeneration. By encouraging others, I find I too am strengthened and encouraged. Sharing this gift helps sustain courage.

In the chart for the New Moon:
Uranus is square to Pluto. This aspect between these two outer planets strengthens as the Spring progresses (becoming exact on May 20). We’ve been noticing that this transit is a signal that we urgently need new responses to crisis and change. This isn’t a time for denial and it isn’t a time for the kind of reactions that put us right back in the same place—in other words, a perfect time to tap into heart-centered courage.

The Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in Aries are quite close to each other. A lot of stories are merging into one mission—to dare greatly in a recommitment to life. Now is the moment to act.

The restraint in thought and communication that we may have felt over the Winter while Jupiter has been in a Yod aspect formation with Pluto and Saturn is over. Jupiter begins to move quickly through the last half of Gemini until the end of June when it enters Cancer for a year. The benefit we may have gained from the Yod was around an appreciation for complexity and paradox. The frustration may have been around not feeling certain about our beliefs. This is not such a bad thing. Jupiter works best when it encourages a search for truth and causes trouble when we revert to fundamentalism.

There is a quincunx between Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. This aspect forces us to make an adjustment between these two planets. One adjustment could be between the need for personal authenticity and personal responsibility. Freedom chomps at the bit. Mastery says slow down and make real changes, not superficial ones. The tension can teach us important lessons.

Pluto is stationary, stronger now and insistent that we take our own lives more seriously. The stakes are high; we can commit to our own significance.

Moon in Taurus
Thursday, April 11. The season of Spring never feels long enough to me. Some of that may be due to the tendency to yield to life speeding up. I sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the moment. Today is a good day to slow down and immerse ourselves in the physical pleasures of Spring. If you’ve been wanting to change your diet, clean out your house, prepare your garden, the Moon in Taurus gives support. Watch out for the inner critic that says you “should” do these things and embrace the good way you feel when you do them with joy.

Moon in Taurus.
Friday, April 12. You may be familiar with the myth of Persephone. This goddess shares time between two realms—her life on Earth, when the growing season is strong, and her life in the underworld, when the growing season is fallow. In the underworld, she reunites with her lover, Hades (also known as Pluto). Recently, at the dawning of Spring in the northern hemisphere, we celebrated Persephone returning to the Earth’s surface. However, a final farewell reverberates from the depths of the underworld as Pluto stations retrograde today. Pluto stations once a year. Since 2002, this has been happening in the springtime. During a season when the Earth comes alive and begins communicating to us about growing, Pluto stationing reinforces that these messages are tinged with the memory of death and longing. Commune with the Earth today. What do you hear?

Moon enters Gemini 9:13 am
Saturday, April 13. Life is buzzing. The Gemini Moon encourages us to make connections. This is stimulating energy and helps us to act boldly even when we don’t necessarily feel brave inside. Mercury leaves Pisces today after an extended stay in that sign. The last traces of Mercury’s retrograde through this dreamy sign in February and March are completely gone. Are you noticing chartreuse? Fully awake, what does the day have in store for you? Intuition and curiosity play a big role.

** All times are CDT.