Saturday, March 30, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast for March 31, 2013 – April 6

The beginning of a journey is a time of daring mixed with naivety—all we need to do is risk beginning and events take over from there. The last stages of a journey feel more complicated. Realizing that the end is near, we want to make sense of it—learn from our mistakes, celebrate our successes, or grab a kernel of wisdom before life’s tides take us to the next place.

Where do you get stuck? Beginnings or endings? What is your innate gift: the courage to take a leap into new territory or the drive to understand what has happened? Both of these qualities are needed at this time of great change. It may be difficult right now to know which gifts are most helpful or how to maintain a single point of view. Perhaps we are not being asked to know the answer to these questions; perhaps the best thing we could do is to act as best we can in alignment with personal values and leave the rest to mystery.

This lunar cycle is ripe in contrasts—contrasts between dream and action, ending and beginning, forgetting and remembering. It seems entirely appropriate, given such extreme fluctuations, that we end up in the last week of this lunar cycle not really knowing where we are. Or at least, that’s what I am noticing for myself. Perhaps some of you are feeling this too.

The New Moon on March 11,* invited us into the Pisces realm to both forget the past and open to the dream. Paradoxically, a time of forgetting is part of the process to opening to the dream of a new cycle of growth. What rises up for you when you release the past and take the leap into the unknown? What have these last three weeks been like? What emotions, events, and realizations did you harvest? Where does this leave you as you begin to let go of the entire lunar cycle to prepare for the next New Moon in Aries?

We’ve been standing at a doorway. There is a threshold before us. Questions always arise at these moments. Will you choose to live into the life you are meant to live? Are you ready to move forward?

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill

where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.

Don’t go back to sleep.~ Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

Forecast March 31, 2013 – April 6
Moon in Sagittarius
Sunday March 31. Fiery natures may be provoked today if they can’t find a productive release of energy. This is not a day to take it easy; the rising energy of Spring asks us to be active. Women’s issues may be at the forefront (as they have been for a while) since Venus is square to Pluto and sextile to Jupiter today. The Pluto connection reveals toxic and unhealthy conditions. It is up to us to release and transform these patterns. The Jupiter connection makes these processes bigger, both the power to heal and the power to harm. Venus and the Sun are so close that later in the day, the Sun also squares Pluto. What is illuminated right now about toxic systems? An empowered Venus is an ally for beauty and love and the kind of wealth that sustains these things. What bold action will you take to support the life force?

Moon in Sagittarius
Monday, April 1. If we were able to face some demons yesterday and do something about it, today dawns with more optimism. The Moon is void-of-course for the whole day, so we don’t feel as motivated to finish things. This may be a good day for planning the next project that will take you to your growing edge. The Sun and Jupiter conspire to inspire our hopes.

Moon enters Capricorn 12:35 am**
April 2—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. The Capricorn Moon supports a process of evaluating whether or not something serves our long-range goals. Perhaps like me, you’ve followed dreamy pathways to this moment and have a hard time evaluating their worth. Perhaps it is hard to even recall where those pathways have led you. Let go of the linear and ask yourself, “How do I know when something is right for me?” We have the ability to know ourselves deeply and to know when we know. What does it feel like in your body? Find an anchor to this knowing, it will come in handy all year. We may be called on to think fast and take powerful positions today in support of what is right for us. There is a sense that changes that have been building for a long time are now starting to manifest. We’ve been in training for a long time to step into our part of this story.

Moon in Capricorn
Wednesday, April 3. Here’s another day when the Moon is void-of-course for most of day. Use this energy to get in touch your bottom line. This could be in the area of finances, relationships, or commitments. We all need foundations and boundaries around the arenas of life that are vital to our happiness. What are yours?

Moon enters Aquarius at 3:41 am
Thursday, April 4. An interesting relationship between Pluto and Chiron has been going on since September of last year. These planets (yes, we know neither are a planet in astronomical terms) are concerned with depth experiences and deep healing. Today is the second of five exact sextile aspects between the two, ending in 2014. One manifestation of this transit is the desire to do something about the pain and suffering we see around us and in our own lives. Feeling compassion is not enough; we need to take action too. With the Moon is revolutionary Aquarius, we are called even more to act, to organize, or search for solutions.

Moon in Aquarius
Friday, April 5. Welcome new insights. Someone is introducing you to a new way to think. Enjoy the shift in your own point of view. Perhaps you also are doing that same for someone else. This is a good day to appreciate diversity and community connections.

Moon enters Pisces 8:00 am
April 6—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. At the beginning of this lunar cycle we surrendered to an ocean of feelings. Today we dive back in for another time of surrender and release as the Moon wanes into its final phase of this cycle. For the next two days, welcome the water in you. Welcome the power of water to cleanse, dissolve, nourish, and connect us. We need these qualities. As the world speeds up, as we are asked to change, as we prepare to leap into another year, connect with the water within and around you. A spark of creativity and possibility awakens today within this watery awareness. Venus and Mars form an exact conjunction in Aries. The last time these planets were conjunct was in 2011. What makes this conjunction a little more special is that both Venus and Mars are hidden within the rays of the Sun. Shamanic astrologers overlay a mythic journey to the underworld upon planets who are temporarily hidden from sight.*** The classic lovers are united in the depths of transformation. If we choose it, we can allow this animating transformation to inform our relationship to action and our desires to pursue the most beautiful telling of our own stories.

*To follow along with the development of this lunar cycle read the New Moon forecast for March 11 at
** All times are CDT.
***Thanks to Caroline Casey’s Visionary Activist Show with Daniel Giamario for framing this event:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast for Forecast March 24, 2013 – March 30

An intention, for me, is an anchor for how I want to live my life. I envision that by following the Moon’s phases and orienting myself to the signs and seasons of the Sun, I am able to find the timely anchor for living a life of mindfulness, joy, and meaning. I am looking at a list of transits for this week, which are many and dynamic, and am noticing that it may be hard to keep hold of this anchor. What happens when you are derailed from living into your intentions? Many of us may be challenged to keep to our centers and intentions not only this week but during the entire Spring. It is good to think about how we cope, react, and judge ourselves in the face of needing to respond to new input. I am putting my faith in the idea that in spite of sometimes seeming to lose track of my intentions, because I declare them in the sacred darkness of the New Moon, they still exist and make a difference in how I ride the currents.

The planets are buzzing with interconnectivity this week! Most planets, all but Neptune (and even Neptune is pretty close), are traveling through a narrow band of degrees—between 6 degrees to 11 degrees of their current sign. This means there are lots of aspects between planets. Aspects are connections; each type of aspect carries a different energy, some challenging, some harmonious. With so many connections being made a certain amount of unpredictability occurs. There are so many variables. Longstanding pressure could be released. Like firecrackers waiting for a match, any one of the quicker moving planets may touch off a chain reaction that could rapidly move through these connections. If we imagine the planets as quietly keeping to themselves this Winter, they suddenly have a lot to say and all at once.  

That’s why I think it may be hard this month to remember the dreamy, interior intentions of the Pisces New Moon* of March 11. By the Full Moon this week, we are already in the thick of coping with quick changes. These changes can be welcomed but may also be disorienting. Remember that anchor of intention? Even though the anchor may not be visible, like a dream it still walks with us as we take this journey to our own becoming.

Forecast March 24, 2013 – March 30

Moon enters Virgo at 10:49 am**
Sunday, March 24. The Moon in Virgo presents us with a test. Do we choose to focus on perfectionism or on progress? In the current Gibbous phase of the Moon, it is easy to get caught up in judging imperfections. We get to practice shifting our perspective today from self-judgment to self-congratulation. That will be progress indeed! The balance between pragmatism and idealism is a great place to start in achieving a balanced life.

Moon in Virgo
Monday, March 25. How are you feeling stretched? The more pressure we are under, the easier it is to snap. Perhaps the biggest change we could make in the face of internal and external pressure is to stop believing the lie that somehow it is our fault. Systems need to change and we can ready ourselves to become the co-creators of those new systems if we dare to think of ourselves as the solution not the problem. That desire to live a joyful, authentic life is a wonderful guide. It is time to notice the various components of what we desire. Not everything makes logical sense but all the pieces are important.

Moon enters Libra at 4:31 pm
Tuesday, March 26. The aspects today could be incredibly exciting, vibrant, and revelatory. And they could be dramatic and scary—much like the image of the Tower card in a Tarot deck is exciting and scary. This is one of those days to give our passions wide berth. Lightening wants to strike. We can make good use of this power if we are willing to let go of resistance to what needs to change. There is a tide of transformation moving through the world. How do you wish to engage with this force? With the Moon moving into Libra, we seek to balance this energy through relationship. Even those relationships that are going through some rocky places are teaching us something important. 

Moon in Libra
March 27—Full Moon: Illuminating. Before 1pm** today, the Moon makes six aspects to other planets. This fact is just one way to frame the volatility of this Full Moon day. The illumination comes from the spark of Aries fire igniting action and reaction in so many arenas of life: our relationships (Venus in Aries), our egos (Sun in Aries), our quests for authenticity and freedom (Uranus in Aries), and our wills and passions (Mars in Aries). So much change is possible! One key to using this energy is to dare to be a little more vulnerable. Take a risk, initiate something new, move your body, and be willing to not know where it will take you. Aries energy is often compared to the Fool card in the Tarot. With a sense that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, it is time to begin an adventure.

The Moon in Libra gives a counterbalance to Aries’ drive to more fully know who we are. Opposing signs form a partnership of wholeness. We are not on this journey alone, even though it takes an act of personal daring to get going. Relationship helps us to moderate our impulses and become accountable for our actions. The squares from Pluto to the Moon, the Sun, and the three other Aries planets in the Full Moon chart, show that powerful issues will be addressed through the balance of impulsivity with accountability.  This isn’t a time to hold back, but can be a good time to return to the anchoring intention of this lunar cycle.

Two Yod aspect configurations in this chart point to a time where not everything falls into place easily. We are being challenged to incorporate new information or other points of view that could create dissonance with what we thought we knew. This means we are learning a lot right now, especially in the realms of mind, action, and heart. Cherish complexity.

The square between Chiron and Jupiter attunes us to the suffering of others. It feels huge to be aware of so much need. We can be grateful for the fires of action but release expectation that solutions will be immediate.

Moon enters Scorpio at 7:53 pm
Thursday, March 28. In spite of a day that has the potential for many unexpected events, underneath it all we feel that we can make progress towards a satisfying goal. Mercury in Pisces is trine Saturn in Scorpio. The recent Mercury retrograde period is now coming to completion as Mercury aspects planets for the third time in this cycle. Now, we integrate Mercury’s lessons. Perhaps this will help us feel more confident about our skills of intuition, empathy, and dreaming. Perhaps we will also feel that all the miscommunications, technical difficulties and just plain old confusion of the last few weeks will have been for a good reason.

There are mythic tones to the day. Venus, the Sun, and Uranus come together at 8 degrees Aries. Venus has disappeared into the rays of the Sun. The myth associated with this astronomical event is Inanna’s visit to the underworld. This Sumerian goddess turned away from her power as Queen of Heaven to visit her sister Erishkigal who was midwife for the dead. Because of this journey Inanna was reduced to a bag of bones. No one could understand why such a powerful goddess would do this. We can take this journey ourselves. What might we receive? With Uranus involved, the gift may be the readiness to let go of anything that keeps us from our authentic selves.

Moon in Scorpio
Friday, March 29. If you’ve lost connection to your New Moon intention over the last couple of weeks, Mercury may help you retrieve that felt connection to heart and dream today. Be grateful for emotional awareness that creates empathy and also tells us when we need to take time for ourselves. Recently, life may have felt larger than life. Let all that sink deeper into your soul and make it welcome.

Moon enters Sagittarius 10:13 pm.
March 30—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. The practice of gratitude can be such a tonic. Whether we are feeling joyful or overwhelmed, gratitude is a great way to even things out, make the good more lasting, and make the fearful more doable. This phase of the Moon is a wonderful time to practice gratitude regardless of what is showing up for us. Make a list. Think back over this lunar cycle that began on March 11, what are you grateful for? This is what we also have to share. We are reaching for truth and big understandings right now. We’re being asked to stretch in many new ways. What keeps you grounded and what keeps you reaching?

*To follow along with the development of this lunar cycle read the New Moon forecast for March 11.
** All times are CDT.
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Follow the Moon: Forecast March 17, 2013 – March 23

I feel like a cranky toddler who doesn’t want to wake up from her nap. I remember my kids going through this when they were little. If you are a parent, you probably know what I mean, those days when nothing makes them happy, not the staying in bed and not the getting up. Best word for it: cranky. This late Pisces season* that is now in the process of shifting over into Aries is just like that for me. This week, we are all going through the transition from napping to waking. How does it feel for you?

For myself, noticing this crankiness, I invite mindfulness—a state of non-judgmental self-awareness. Then, I am able to ask myself, Why is this emotional state showing up? How do I make room for it and allow it to move me forward into Spring? How is this mood part of manifesting my intention this lunar cycle?

The transition between one sign in the zodiac to the next takes a bit of an adjustment. The qualities of adjoining signs are quite different from each other. However, I’ve always felt that the transition between Pisces and Aries is one of the most difficult. Seasonally, we are moving from Winter to Spring, from an expanded awareness of the whole to an individuated awareness of the self. Part of me wants to stay in the collective sea and the other part wants to get on with my own journey. The first experience we have as newborns is leaving the womb where we were merged with our mothers to begin life as a distinct individual. That change is what we are dealing with right now. Our birthcharts are set for this moment. The moment of the transition between the womb and life is the pattern that impacts our whole lives. It’s kind of a big deal. Maybe that’s why I feel cranky. I don’t really want to bring all the consciousness that I can to this moment. I want to space out, forget, eat too much, sleep too much. It makes perfect sense to me. And so I notice.

This week, Spring begins as the Sun enters Aries on March 20. The chart for that moment is like a birthchart for the collective. Astrologers call this type of chart an ingress chart and it can be used to forecast the coming year for a nation. So, if you are also feeling some pressure about the significance of the moment and not sure you really want to dive into it all, give yourself a break. I always tried to give my kids lots of room when they were cranky. I know transitions can be hard.

Forecast March 17, 2013 – March 23

Moon enters Gemini at 1:09 am
Sunday, March 17. The planets in their journeys reflect states of being. One of the things that Mercury’s retrograde cycle reflects is the frustration of communication, commerce, thought, or travel not working out the way we want it to. There’s been a bug in the systems the last three weeks. That can make any of us cranky. Today, Mercury stations direct. We can look forward to more clarity, but probably not just yet. The Moon is in Mercury’s home sign and so we may think about things faster than we can actually accomplish them. If you are planning on being part of or around St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, take extra care to slow down, others may not be thinking clearly.

Moon in Gemini
Monday, March 18.
Mercury stationed direct in Pisces yesterday. That planet has seeded something in our unconscious we may not understand until after April 6 when it reaches its retrograde degree. However, subtly, we may notice being called to wake up into the action of the impending Spring—just a little. There are no major aspects today, yet the energy of connection, conversation, and curiosity is strong.

Moon enters Cancer at 1:55pm
March 19—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. “I open to the dream I will live by for the next year;” that is the intention I am investigating this lunar cycle. There are different kinds of dreams. The Pisces dream comes from the unconscious, isn’t easy to express in words, and may not ever be completely understood. This type of dream leads to an initiatory experience. To be led by this kind of dream is to say I will let my own soul, which I have no control over, be a guiding force in my life. I will be led by my own becoming without knowing what I will become.

At this phase of the Moon we encounter challenges to intention, second thoughts, doubts, limitations in understanding, and blockages in flow. These challenges are necessary to the initiation. Today is the last day of Sun in Pisces for this year. With the Moon in another water sign, Cancer, honor the unconscious dream and the challenge of trusting in the wisdom of that force. Offer a home to your own becoming.
Moon in Cancer
March 20—Vernal Equinox. The transition is over; the birthday of the year is here. From here on out, life speeds up. The chart for the Equinox shows Mars in Aries moving towards a conjunction with Uranus and a square to Pluto. The Moon in Cancer is forming a square to Mars/Uranus and is opposing Pluto. These Cardinal signs provoke each other. Essential parts of life—like Selfhood, Home, and Mastery—are agitated by these planets. Things that have needed to change for a long time are suddenly on the front burner. Other planets have strong voices now too. Saturn in Scorpio is at the apex of a Yod that involves Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus. We search for simple solutions, but Saturn forces us to be accountable to things that usually are hidden. Check out assumptions. Don’t believe your first thoughts. What is really motivating the changes you are making? What is really motivating others? These desires go deeper than our first impressions. And because of this depth, real healing is possible. Another Yod, with Jupiter at the apex challenges our intentions to go slow and be thoughtful. In spite of the tension, volatility, and drama of this chart, there is a strong underlying component of water. We can empathize with others and come from a place of compassion. This may be our saving grace.

Moon in Cancer
Thursday, March 21. The day begins with a harmonious connection between Saturn and Chiron, offering hope that real healing is possible. We are encouraged to commit to healing both self and others. Any Scorpio style of healing is especially potent—those methods that are soulful, depth-oriented, and transformational. Venus joins the crowd of planets beginning to amass in Aries adding spark to our relationships. Maybe it is time to ask ourselves what we really want from our friendships and partnerships. Allow others in your life a little more freedom. Breathing space can be good.

Moon enters Leo at 1:50 am
Friday, March 22.
The Moon being in a fire sign today just may save us from the strong impulsivity that this day holds. The Leo Moon encourages us to be playful, creative, and spontaneous. Just the thing for when Mars comes into an exact conjunction with Uranus today at 8 degrees of Aries. These two planets can ignite rapid change, especially in a fire sign like Aries. The key ideas for Uranus: revolution, change, authenticity, radicalization, awakening, and innovation will be in evidence. Honor these parts of yourself. We are officially in the season of awakening. In the evening, as the Moon squares Saturn we have the opportunity to take a breath and reflect on how to use this energy responsibly over the long haul.

Moon in Leo
March 23—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. The last few days have been energetic, exciting, and possibly even alarming in some way. There are gifts in all of these experiences that can feed our intentions. The gibbous phase of the Moon brings new challenges because we are still reaching for something, trying our hardest to manifest something new. Tension builds between yearning and reality. We feel this tension today from the quincunx aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. If Jupiter is wild hope then Saturn is grim reality. Both of these states actually feed what we are building. Where does this paradox lead you?

*To follow along with the development of this lunar cycle read the New Moon forecast for March 11.
** All times are CDT.
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast for March 10, 2013 – March 16

“Pull the strings of your psyche and watch yourself unravel.” Cynthea Jones in “Seasons of the Soul on Pisces”

Every sign of the zodiac describes a season of life. Each season takes its form from the natural cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth. The Pisces season is about undoing everything that has gone on before. This season is even beyond death; here we enter a state of non-differentiation where the perceptions of an individuated self don’t even make sense. If you think this sounds incredibly strange; you are right. Words fall short. Mystic poets are the ones who come closest.

Perhaps if we step back and look at the wheel of the year, it will help orient us to a good intention for the ineffable New Moon in Pisces that begins on March 11. What is Pisces all about?

Spring is the start of the astrological year and Aries is the first sign. Through Aries we quest for individuation. We ask the question: Who am I? We endlessly explore the answers. Then in Taurus, we become attached to this life and this Earth. She welcomes us by offering incredible beauty and pleasure. In Gemini, other people and the diversity of things we can learn and understand multiply into a kaleidoscope of color and sensation. Spring has fully reawakened us.

Summer begins with restoration of the soul. Cancer helps us to constellate what we desire within our homes and families. How will this nurture the evolving self? Mid-Summer Leo, we simply get to shine because we exist. That warm Sun affirms we are unique and worthy. The seasons continue to unfold. We learn to choose and select the finest examples of the first harvest while the season of Virgo turns our attention to practical matters at the end of the growing cycle.

Fall begins with the days and nights balanced for a short period. Libra asks us to balance individuation with partnering. The mirror of the other gives us a fuller picture of our selves. The further north you go, the more dramatic the season of Scorpio is. Green life dies; the vital energy of plants returns to the roots and we take a soulful journey through the dark. We get to know death. But the journey doesn’t end here. What emerges from death is the significance of the bigger picture. The final four signs are about universal, cultural concepts that are beyond one individual. In the season of Sagittarius, the bounty of harvest and the coming Winter calls forth a reason to celebrate and to know our values. Culture forms around these experiences.

Then Winter arrives with a stern Capricorn eye on the bottom line. We define the boundaries of excess and create a map toward mastery. The broad ideas of Sagittarius and Capricorn find a communal home in Aquarius where all those beliefs, obligations, and responsibilities are put to a test. Is that really how we want to organize things? We tinker with our communities; we throw out the old to make way for the new. And then what? What could there possibly be left to do, to experience, to integrate on our way to the next cycle of the year? What role does Pisces have in the big scheme of things?

“In a place where it is all a dream, we are asked to choose the dreams that we will live by, the dreams that we will make true.” Cynthea Jones “Seasons of the Soul on Pisces”

The season of Pisces is about two things: destructuring the past and dreaming about the now. Everything that we learned and created through the previous year must first come undone before we can begin again. Aries can’t muster the energy for its wildly exuberant quest for identity until it feels like this is very first time it has ever been done. And to get there, we need to forget. That isn’t as easy as it sounds.

However much we are able or even willing to let go of attachment, we are actually still alive, in bodies, with pasts that follow us around. This isn’t an easy paradox to live with. Releasing form releases a lot of feelings. No wonder we sometimes deaden to the experience through various forms of escapism. The chaos of destructuring can be overwhelming. Perhaps that is why Pisces is also known as the sign of compassion. We need compassion for self and others as we enter this strange state of non-being.

The season of Pisces doesn’t last long, usually just one month while the Sun travels through the sign. Recently, extenuating circumstances have heightened the Pisces season. Mercury has been retrograding through Pisces; and Mars has been traveling through Pisces, joined by Venus, Neptune and Chiron. Most of us are feeling it, and perhaps wondering, will it ever end? Yes, it will, and the funny thing is many of us will miss it. There is a special potency to Pisces that comes from a profound ability to dream deep dreams. If we choose, we can let one or more of these dreams guide us through the next wheel of the year, traveling along side us like beautiful ghosts. There, I have found my intention. In this New Moon in Pisces, I open to the dream I will live by for the next year. Will you join me?

Forecast March 10, 2013 – March 16
Moon enters Pisces 12:19 am CST
Sunday, March 10. The day before the New Moon, we are already deep in the mystery of Pisces. The Moon is busy contacting five of the eleven major players in our sky, beginning with a conjunction to one of the rulers of Pisces—Neptune—early this morning.* This is a good reason to stay in bed late and have that one last dream. If you practice intentional dreaming, the night before is a good opportunity to set that intention. Pay attention to the deep unreal and the big feelings that arise today. These are clues to what we are releasing. Gentle compassion helps us through.

Moon in Pisces
March 11—New Moon: Dreaming. Although the New Moon phase is about initiating a new cycle and new intention in whatever sign it occurs, there is nothing new about the Pisces energy today. Since early February, when Mars entered Pisces, we’ve been deep in the process of Pisces. Already, you may have noticed that you’ve been destructuring elements of your past and receiving mystical messages from the dreamtime. This New Moon isn’t really about beginning that experience; rather I think it is about integrating that experience.

The chart for the New Moon shows the Pisces lineup we’ve been dealing with—from the beginning of the sign (where Neptune is hanging out) to the very last degree (where we find Mars). If you have any planets or major points in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), you are being deeply impacted. The reactions can range from the profound, life-altering experience of enlightenment to the emotion-numbing escapism of addiction. When mutable signs are activated or stressed, it can be hard to focus and we can get over-stimulated. That confusion is telling us we need time to integrate. Rather than zone out in front of the TV, can you take time to be in a supportive environment that honors this profound process? Remember to be kind to yourself.

Another prominent feature of this New Moon is that Jupiter in Gemini is square to Neptune, Mercury (still retrograde), and Chiron and is also at the apex of a Yod with Pluto and Saturn. The tendency to be over-activated mentally is very strong. When feelings are big (all that Pisces), it is easy to jump to conclusions and decide what we believe about any situation before us. Pay attention to these conclusions. It may be that they are true, but it also may be that they aren’t. If we can’t fully trust our thoughts, what do we rely on to tell us what to believe? Another place that the Pisces journey leads us to is the realm of faith. How do we act on faith, regardless of doubts, that the heart can be a guide for difficult choices?

Moon enters Aries 6:17 am
Tuesday, March 12. Mars breaks free from Pisces and arrives on the scene in Aries today. This may feel like quite a shock to the system, which is not helped by the fact that the Moon enters Aries very soon after. Although Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20, today is a little preview of what that will feel like. Mars rules Aries, so we get a strong boost in energy until Mars leaves Aries on April 20. Jolts of anger might be part of the power boost.

Moon in Aries.
Wednesday, March 13. Undercurrents are strong today. Our suspicions may be aroused and we might feel pretty reactive about them. Others are feeling the same way. What can you do to help build trust in those important relationships in your life? What choices do you want to make about the wrongdoing you sense around you?

Moon enters Taurus 2:08 pm.
Thursday, March 14. Not until mid-afternoon does the unsettled energy of the previous day shift. Be good to your body. Relish in your physical surroundings. Let beauty inform your dreaming.

Moon in Taurus
March 15—Crescent Moon: Beginning. We are not spirits having an embodied experience. We are human bodies having a spiritual experience. This may be a good thing to contemplate today. The relationship between Pisces and Taurus is an important and supportive one. How does your body inform you about the dreams that want to accompany you through the next year?

Moon in Taurus
Saturday, March 16. How much of a sense of humor do you have? Mercury is stationing, getting ready to turn direct tomorrow. Planets are stronger at their stations. Rather than fear or dread Mercury’s antics, can you invite a sense of gratitude for how Mercury has helped you open to other states of being during these last three weeks? If not, can you at least have a good laugh?

* All times are CDT.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast for March 3, 2013 - March 9

Life likes to throw us paradox, or at least the unexpected. On some days, I find this amusing and even wonderful. On other days, frustration, disappointment, self-judgment, and blame are the result of things not turning out the way I expected. The heavens are a mirror for this paradox, just as our communities are too. Point yourself in any direction (this is a metaphor for intention) and behind you in the opposite part of the sky is another equally valid point of view. Opposing signs in the zodiac mirror this quality of life. Point in any direction in your community—this can look like a shared intention or value—and lo and behold, the opposite thing arises. How do we navigate these tensions or pulses in our communities and in our selves?

The Moon is waning through the last week of this lunar cycle dedicated to the Aquarian theme of community.* This last part of the cycle is about evaluating and letting go of attachment. That, in and of itself, is a paradox. The process of evaluation means we care about improvement, about doing it better next time, and that our actions make a difference to outcome. The process of letting go means we surrender to the fact that we can never really know nor recreate the impact our actions and intentions have had. We try our best and move on. At the end, we release so a new cycle can begin.

Perhaps the best way to navigate through paradox is to develop attunement to cycles. I certainly believe this is one of the major gifts that astrology offers. The stars do not compel us to act in any particular way; yet when we align with their cycles, the way becomes easier, we develop the muscles that help us swim through the currents of paradox rather than be swept away by them.

Sometimes when things don’t turn out the way we plan, something even more wonderful happens. This week, Venus, a retrograding Mercury, and even Pluto and Saturn are orchestrating a week that could hold a lot of the unexpected mixed in with a dose of wonder. Certainly paradox will also be present. Are you willing to take the plunge?

Forecast March 3, 2013 – March 9.

Moon enters Sagittarius 3:10 pm**
Sunday, March 3. The morning may be a good time to process deep emotions with someone close to you. A somewhat slow, internally focused day turns more energetic towards the afternoon/evening when the Moon enters Sagittarius. Flights of imagination may take us on mind-expanding journeys.

Moon in Sagittarius
March 4—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. How idealistic are you that communities have the power to change the world for the better? That question may be part of the evaluation of this lunar cycle. Does involvement in community seem like more trouble than it is worth? Or is there something inherent to the experience of community that helps us do the changing we need to do? Perhaps community is the petri dish of evolution. Perhaps we really do need each other. And perhaps you realize how important community is and have still been disappointed by it. All that is fodder for new understanding. Mutable energy stimulates our desire to learn and understand, and that energy is strong now. With so many planets in mutable signs today, we may be over-stimulated but there is also the potential to be surprised with new information.

Mercury reaches the heart of its retrograde journey today as it comes into an inferior conjunction with the Sun at 14 degrees Pisces. The Sun stands for consciousness, ego, and our ordered understanding of the way things are. Mercury can help us achieve better understanding of these parts of ourselves but also may work as the Trickster, providing the paradox that forces us to change our point of view. Be open to unexpected insights.

Venus in Pisces is square to Jupiter in Gemini. With the Moon in Sagittarius, a configuration called a t-square is formed, which adds even more to the story of needing to see from a different perspective. Mutable signs are about perception too. Oceanic feelings meet instinctive action, meet abstract intellect—at the very least we will have interesting encounters with other people today. And at the most, we integrate new understanding about something that has been troubling us. If more confusion arises in your communications with others, give it time to resolve after Mercury turns direct on March 17.

Moon enters Capricorn 6:13 pm
Tuesday, March 5. A little bit of tension starts the day. The last aspect the Moon makes before turning void-of-course until the early evening is a square to Mars. Conflict may have us wanting to run away. With conscious choice, what do you really want to do? Venus conjunct Chiron today opens up our hearts. This may be uncomfortable too, but the lessons may be very important. Can you stay open?

Moon in Capricorn
Wednesday, March 6. Feelings are bubbling up all over—all sorts of feelings. What do you do with them? The Moon in Capricorn encourages us to find useful form for these feelings. As the Moon contacts both Uranus and Pluto today, the form we may want to create could be to make change happen in profound and even revolutionary ways. Mercury—the god of thought and communication—and Venus—the goddess of love and beauty—join together in Pisces. Both of these planets are too near the Sun’s glare to be visible. An interesting thing to contemplate is that from the Earth’s perspective, Mercury is in front of the Sun and Venus is on the other side of the Sun. However, they are still conjunct because they are at the same degree of the zodiac. I love the image of Venus and Mercury making a Sun sandwich. As these planets and the Sun align, we invite big transmissions of understanding and heart opening. Another big boost to this alignment is Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in a supportive exchange with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Today and tomorrow, things come together in strong and powerful ways.

Moon enters Aquarius 9:01 pm
Thursday, March 7. It is common for folks to complain about Mercury retrograde. Some hate the disruption to the way things regularly proceed. Others hate that everyone is always blaming Mercury retrograde for when things don’t turn out the way they planned. The haters may not have reason to hate today. Even though Mercury is still moving retrograde (from the perspective of Earth), the alignment that Mercury makes to Saturn and Pluto today makes it all better. Expect things to go pretty well if you are willing to take responsibility for the outcome.

With that said, the paradox I mentioned in the introduction to this week’s forecast may be presenting itself to us in a big way. This past Winter, a Yod aspect configuration formed between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Yods stretch our perceptions; we have to account for paradoxical experiences. This same pattern is present again from now until the first week of April. Jupiter in Gemini challenges us to surrender dogmatic truth. If we let go of cherished beliefs, we might find a deep source of transformative power.

Moon in Aquarius
March 8—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. The Moon returns to Aquarius at the end of this lunar cycle. What have we learned about community? The ways we are connected are more mysterious and vast than any human can possibly understand. I invite you to release trying to manage your communities and trust the process. Mercury contacts Chiron today. Chiron often provokes an experience of initiation. Are you being initiated into communal awareness?

Moon in Aquarius.
Saturday, March 9. The dark of the Moon, before a new cycle begins can be a great time to vision about your next soul journey. It is coming soon. The Moon in Aquarius encourages visioning. Mercury and Jupiter form a square to each other, and because they are in each other’s home signs, we say they are in mutual reception. This strengthens the exchange and collaboration between these two planets. Express what you are feeling in your heart. Someone else may need to hear that message.

* To follow along with this lunar cycle, please read the New Moon forecast of February 10.
** All times are CST.
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