Saturday, February 23, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast for February 24, 2013 - March 2

What are the cords that link us? Communities function within complex webs of connection. Think about your communities, the ones you love and the ones you hate—both feelings often live side by side in the realm of community—and sense into these connections. Some are blatantly overt and others more subtle. Some are matter of fact and some are mysterious. Some connections come from the practical side of life and others are linked to the heart. The Aquarius intention* of becoming more mindful of the place of community in our lives for this lunar cycle is now being colored by a strong shift into the energy of Pisces. This mutable water sign is expert at sensing connection. Encouraged by this sensitivity, we dive into the ocean together. And though it can be hard to retrieve a conscious thought from this sea, with intention and mindfulness we have the opportunity to understand our selves and our communities in much deeper ways.

Pisces’ intuitive gifts help us develop the sensitivity to understand currents of feelings within community. However, to make these messages more useful, we benefit from developing practices that encourage us to question the messages we are receiving. You could say that it helps to put our feelings into analysis, finding some way to sort them out, to check out their truthfulness and usefulness. Some of our messages aren’t useful to anyone else in community but ourselves. So how can we tell? The gift of intuition is strengthened by discernment. The sign opposite to Pisces—mutable earth sign Virgo—anchors us in practices of discernment. The Full Moon in Virgo this week gives us the opportunity to find balance between insight and usefulness. The two days this week that the Moon is in Virgo will give us important information about how to achieve this balance.

Forecast February 24, 2013 – March 2.

Moon in Leo
Sunday, February 24. Give yourself the gift of creative play today. You won’t regret letting go of outcome for once and surrendering to the fun of process. Get messy, take wrong turns, laugh at yourself, smile foolishly at others … Today’s Leo Moon, under the influence of a newly-retrograde Mercury in Pisces, encourages us to step into the flow to find our distinct gift of spirit. We have greater impact than we think, use that power to bring light to others. Who does that for you? That person is your teacher.

Moon enters Virgo 1:52 am**
February 25—Full Moon: Illuminating. If you have any tendency to get overwhelmed by big feelings and big ideas, then this Full Moon should be a wonderful opportunity to bring awareness to what helps you to ground and center in the midst of all that. Mutable signs are emphasized in the chart for the Full Moon. The Sun and four other “planets” (when we include Chiron) are in Pisces, the Moon opposes in Virgo, and Jupiter in Gemini is exactly square to the Sun and Moon. Mutable signs love discovery, love learning, crave integration, but sometimes under this influence we can get over stimulated and lose all those wonderful new insights. Big stuff is all around us, how do you discern (Virgo word, right?) what is truly important? Time to practice letting go of what doesn’t serve overall intention.

Another possible response to being overwhelmed is the attraction of checking out entirely. Sometimes too much input makes us want to turn off our senses altogether. When this happens the other side of Pisces—escapism, addictive behavior, and even martyrdom—can surface. My suggestion is to take notice when you want to deaden feelings and a find a way to accept even that. This expansion helps to create more room for our whole selves. As we expand into that, community also can expand into accepting more reality too. One of the most troubling aspects of community can be the tendency to conform and limit what individuals are able to do within community. If we practice acceptance within, we are able to extend that acceptance to others.

Later today, Venus joins the other planets in Pisces. It’s a love fest! Or is it? What do you feel? How do you accept those feelings without judgment? How do you discern what information is useful? Another side of Virgo, which may help us all, is the path of the dedicant. What will you devote your journey to? How will you acknowledge your devotion? There is surprising comfort in remembering your intention.

Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, February 26. Moon, Mars, and Mercury are having a conversation today. Due to retrograde motion of Mercury, this is the second time that Mercury and Mars have joined together. The first time was on February 8. The third time occurs after Mercury turns direct and catches back up with Mars on May 7. This connection between Mercury and Mars is a significant signature for this particular Mercury retrograde cycle. What might we learn about our wills, passions, and tempers during this period? Mars in Pisces is a great time to develop empathy. Yet, it can be a hard time to know when and how to act on personal desire. Are we forcing too much? Not enough? We are not alone; others share the same questions. Notice the fuse on your temper. Mercury might provoke outbursts today. The Virgo Moon encourages balance and then we let go when the Moon goes void-of-course at noon for the rest of the day.

Moon enters Libra 7:02 am
Wednesday, February 27. Chiron’s transit through Pisces can bring up many themes around wounds, from the personal to the collective. As the Sun joins Chiron today, notice these. Chiron’s mission is to make us aware of what needs healing. In the sign of Pisces, we become aware of the wounds to our oceans, rivers, and lakes. All water is sacred. Perhaps personal healing depends on realizing that we must also heal these waters. We are interdependent. When the Moon opposes Uranus today, we are sparked to act, especially to achieve justice and fairness.

Moon in Libra
Thursday, February 28. Under Piscean influence, we can open to a lot of emotion from others. Psychic antennas go up, we can be awash with feelings that we can’t fully process. When this happens, it is good to take time out for solitude, silence, and restoration. Today, take a little time for your self. The Moon is void-of-course all day. That means it may be hard to get a full head of steam going for any projects or activities you have planned. Merge with the flow today and see where it takes you. As Venus also joins Neptune, expansive feelings of love, compassion, and bliss are possible. The other side that may also surface is sadness and disappointment. Be loving towards what is showing up for you.

Moon enters Scorpio 11:33 am
March 1—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. There is a distinct difference between the signs of Pisces and Scorpio, even though they are both water signs. Being a fixed water sign, Scorpio brings perhaps a little more grit to a flowing situation. Today’s signature energy comes from the relationship between these two water signs. We get to apply this energy to this next phase of our lunar intention to be mindful of community’s place in our lives. Looking back over the lunar cycle since it began on February 10, what have you learned about navigating the waters of community? For this has been a watery experience and continues to be. Even in unconscious ways, we are developing new skills. The Sun trines Saturn in Scorpio and makes a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. We can know what we feel and give it definition. Things are a little less nebulous. Notice the concrete ways you use emotion to create and manifest. Fluidity can also be a strength.

Moon in Scorpio.
Saturday, March 2. Boundaries. Is it time to think about your boundaries in your relationships? Scorpio reminds us that there is a good reason to step out of the communal waters long enough to make sure we haven’t surrendered our essential truths to the collective. Feel good about establishing good boundaries. They help us to be effectively compassionate towards others.

* To follow along with this lunar cycle, please read the New Moon forecast of February 10.
** All times are CST.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 17, 2013 – February 23.

This Aquarius-inspired lunar cycle* is dedicated to community. I invite you to journey along with me, noticing the role of community in your evolving life, noticing the role of community in the evolution of life on this planet, noticing the importance of community regardless of your love or hate for community. The choice to make our communities more vital, joyful, and more in service to all creation might be the most important choice we could make. The road is not simple, but it can be very rewarding.

Perhaps we need to rethink our common understanding of what community is. In my dictionary, the first three definitions involve human communities—people living, working, being together, the fourth definition goes to nature: “community is a group of interdependent organisms of different species growing or living together in a specific habitat.” The picture of community in nature shows us how we are linked in complex, diverse systems that depend on and impact one another. The complexity is so dense that every single action affects the whole. Everything depends. Everything we do will impact everything else, and every action taken by another impacts me and you. That’s a big concept. The mind can be overwhelmed by the complexity; the heart understands it intuitively. My heart says, of course we are all connected; don’t you feel it?

The heart is a useful tool to cultivate while we invoke a mindful, non-judgmental, stance towards our communities. The predominant planetary energy right now comes from Pisces—several planets occupy this sign and Mercury will be stationing retrograde on February 23rd in Pisces too. Don’t be alarmed if your heart, feels a little more expansive while this is going on. At least, everyone is in the same boat. As mystic poet, Rumi says to us: “So the sea journey goes on, and who knows where! Just to be held by the ocean is the best luck we could have. It’s a total waking up!” Here’s to that awakening.

Forecast February 17, 2013 – February 23.

Moon enters Gemini 3:50 pm**
February 17—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. This Moon phase is about the first challenges of the lunar cycle. What challenges your intention? If the intention is to cultivate the tool of the heart in learning to be mindful in our communities, then the Gemini Moon presents the first challenge. Gemini is the Mutable air sign that is square to Pisces, Mutable water. Both are Mutable, both want understanding, integration and wisdom, yet the methods they use to get there are so very different. The air approach creates distance, feels more comfortable with some perspective. The water approach is to merge and lose the distinction between things. Notice how these two approaches create friction with each other but also give needed balance. The evening is a great time to notice what we assume to be true and investigate whether it really is.

Moon in Gemini
Monday, February 18. This day is a strange combination of greasing the chute to let everything flow and putting the brakes on big time. Flow comes from the Sun’s entry into Pisces and the Moon, still in Gemini, contacting Jupiter to expand our social instincts. The Moon is square to Mars and this increases some of the friction I wrote about in yesterday’s forecast. The brakes come from Saturn stationing retrograde today at 11 degrees Scorpio. If that degree impacts your own chart, you will be feeling the Saturn pressure more strongly. Energetically, the sometimes frenetic Gemini Moon creates friction with this somber Saturn energy. If we let it, Saturn helps us focus and ground when mental stimulation is overwhelming. And if we are ready, we receive new ideas that help us in our Saturn quest for mastery.

Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, February 19. It may have been hard getting to sleep last night. The stimulating Moon in Gemini contacted Mercury early this morning. Could you stop the mental chatter? Today the Moon goes void-of-course midday, this presents a perfect opportunity to slow down and release yourself from the pressure of getting too much accomplished. Time for integration.

Moon enters Cancer 4:45 am
Wednesday, February 20. More water in the forecast. The Moon enters a water sign and the Sun conjoins Neptune today. After some mental stimulation from the last few days, notice what you are feeling. And that just might be that you want to stay home tonight and make a nice soup. Find where you feel emotionally supported and restore yourself there. Any distress felt in the day can be assuaged by self-care. As we hone the tool of our hearts, pay attention to what you feel about the larger communities you belong to. Where does your heart lead you today?

Moon in Cancer
February 21—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. What is the lifeblood of community? Some say that every community needs a communal hearth around which to gather, celebrate each other, and feel welcomed and at home. With the Moon in Cancer, what role do you see the hearth playing in community? Does your communal hearth need tending? A grand water trine between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn presents an opportunity to tend to the needs of self and community in an energetic yet sustainable way. If you need something, you can be sure others do too. Welcome the wisdom of water.

Moon enters Leo 4:12 pm
Friday, February 22. The last aspect that the Moon made yesterday was a trine to Mercury in Pisces at 8:08pm. After that, the Moon is void-of-course until it enters Leo this afternoon. There are no other aspects today. We are invited to pay special attention to Mercury as it slows down to station retrograde early tomorrow. Mercury rules the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening. Many of these stories are based on past wounds. If we let the wounds be in charge of telling our stories, we may miss what is really going on. Mercury’s retrograde journey through Pisces is an opportunity to practice ways of knowing based on what we feel and then getting clarity by asking others if they see it that way too. Attention paid to communication will help us feel more connected.

Moon in Leo
Saturday, February 23. The days surrounding the station of Mercury (both retrograde and direct stations) are the strongest parts of the retrograde cycle. Today, Mercury stations retrograde. Around the Spring Equinox, Mercury will station direct. From now till the equinox, we can devote ourselves to the refining the skills of sending and receiving messages in all the realms.  With Mercury in Pisces for this extended period, we can expect our psychic antennas to be more open to picking up signals. But notice what happens when the signals get mixed-up. We will have the opportunity to understand each other on a much deeper level if we also are patient and aware that this business of intuitive, feelings-based communication is very subjective and hard to interpret clearly. How do you know what you know? Where does this knowing come from? What are the gifts and the challenges for community? With the Moon in Leo, our messages may be influenced by a need to be welcomed, seen, and appreciated by our communities. Can you extend that welcome to others? With the Pisces compassion, we understand much better how everyone needs to be seen and affirmed.
* To follow along with this lunar cycle, please read the New Moon forecast of February 10.
** All times are CST.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 10, 2013 – February 16.

Love or hate? What is your reaction when you see the word, community? Are you so immersed in it that you don’t even realize that another way of life exists or do you recoil from community, remembering past disappointments and dysfunctions that can be found there? Do you grudgingly feel that community is a necessary part of life, but wished it wasn’t? Or do you fully embrace all the gifts and foibles that come with communal experiences? Some of us willingly love community, some of us hate it, but all of us need community. Not only do communities help us survive but communities also help us to live lives that are more beautiful, meaningful, and responsible to the rest of creation. People are a better species when we are in community, or at least we have the potential to be. This potential draws us into the visionary realms of Aquarius where the hope for what could be often outweighs the reality of what has been.
Aquarius is a creative sign, and is especially concerned with the type of creativity that helps community realize its potential. So, we find both organizers, rebels, and scientists under the Aquarius purview. Some Aquarian types like to be right in the center of community concerns, while others walk the edges of community, offering the perspective of the outsider or the challenger to community assumptions. Just as every community needs many people to serve different roles, Aquarius shows us the many ways to approach community itself. Many Aquarians say that they can’t stand community, but still the pull of the ideal, which can only be accomplished through collective action and intricate webs of dependency and inspiration, draws us back into the fold. Many gifts wait for us in the communal experience. Will you dare to commit to the search for those gifts this lunar cycle?
Forecast February 10, 2013 – February 16.

New Moon at 1:20 am in Aquarius. Moon enters Pisces 3:19 pm
February 10—New Moon: Dreaming. The New Moon in Aquarius gives us the opportunity to explore the realm of community more deeply. The constellation for Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, an image shown in the Tarot card that represents Aquarius. The Star card shows the Aquarian desire to collect vision and pour it out for the collective good. Although the image is one of water, this Fixed Air sign is happily a conduit for ideas. Sometimes, it can be hard to cut off the flow, other times the fixity of the sign gets stuck in opinions so strongly, that it can forget that there are other valid points of view. Frustrations can arise quickly when the flow is stopped by the reality of human limitations. However, just as frustrating as humans can be, this humanistic sign believes that we are all co-creators and divine beings.

The New Moon dreamtime evokes Aquarius. Here are some questions to consider at this phase of the Moon. What visions fill your cup? What helps you to contain these visions until they are ready to be poured out? What role does community play in your life? What role do you play in community?

In the New Moon chart, Venus in Aquarius is square to Saturn in Scorpio. Venus is the goddess in the Star card. She invites us to express our Aquarian idealism in beautiful ways. She reminds us how fascinating and lovely community can be. Saturn in Scorpio presents a challenge to the Aquarian vision. Not everything we experience in community is pleasant. Sometimes secrets are kept; sometimes they are exposed. Sometimes people’s motivations are less than ideal. Power struggles happen. We experience limitations or a dislike of certain members in our communities. In these challenging times, vision doesn’t hold up to the grim realities. What do you do about those realities? What serve your communities and what causes more harm? The trick is to embrace the information we are receiving and see how it can strengthen our capacity to acknowledge that these things exist. Communities, just like individuals, have life cycles. Saturn in Scorpio encourages our communities to grow up. It is good to be aware of what is really going on and to find ways to address concerns.

An emphasis on Mutable energy (signs of Pisces and Gemini) in this chart points to a desire to integrate and understand. This is important to gathering the wisdom of the square between Venus and Saturn. Since so many planets are in the water sign, Pisces, primary understanding comes from the emotional realm. We will be challenged to uphold good boundaries in community and communication may be confused by projections. The square from the Pisces planets—Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Chiron—to Jupiter in Gemini says that it may be hard to acknowledge the feeling realm and the thinking realm equally. Practice taking a moment to let emotions cool before assuming you understand what others mean. Taking inspiration from the Star card, elevate your visions to serve the common good.

The Sun and Moon are square to the Nodes of the Moon (North Node is at 21 Scorpio/South Node is at 21 Taurus). This heightens a sense of needing to manage the experiences in this lunar cycle that pertain to community. Notice any attachments that that surface. Where are you stuck? The growing edge is to acknowledge what is brewing under the surface in our communities and in our relationship to community.

Moon in Pisces
Monday, February 11. Yes, it is true we can know how others feel without saying a word, but this may not be the best day to not use our words. The Moon joins the line up of planets in Pisces today. This is a perfect opportunity to notice where intuition helps and where it doesn’t. Seek clarity to support your feelings and your knowledge will be deeper and truer. Our boundaries are thinning. This can invite ecstasy and illusion. Welcome the adventure of learning the difference.

Moon enters Aries 7:51 pm.
Tuesday, February 12. Hearts are wide open as Mars joins Chiron. It is easy to feel others’ pain and we want to act to heal that pain. Notice communication styles that rely on emotional intelligence. If that isn’t your primary way of relating, there is a lot you can learn today. The Moon is void-of-course for most of the day, so the dreamy quality of the day seems to envelope us until the evening when we get a jolt from the Moon’s entry into Aries. 

Moon in Aries.
February 13—Crescent Moon: Beginning. This phase of the Moon fills our hearts with the hope that action can bring change. Before we’ve experienced any challenges to our New Moon intention, we are filled with excitement for what comes next. After a few dreamy days while the Moon traveled through Pisces, we feel like getting something started! What will it be for you? Can you take that passion and apply it to the health of your communities? This is a good day to realize that collective action has power. Notice the tension between the desire to individuate and the desire to belong. Not all is smooth sailing as we work together to change the world. Notice how you deal with friction today.

Moon in Aries.
Thursday, February 14. Valentine’s Day. Although Aries is known as the sign of the maverick, it doesn’t mean that we can only be true to our individuality at the expense of our relationships. This Valentine’s Day will be about welcoming independence into our partnerships. If we let go of defensiveness and over-attachment, freedom can be quite an aphrodisiac.

Moon enters Taurus 4:08 am.
Friday, February 15. As the Moon enters Taurus, we seek to create stability for our New Moon intentions. Notice what your body is telling you. The needs and pleasures of the body are excellent teachers instructing us how to listen to the needs in our communities for stability and security. These are simple and profound desires. What systems create sustainability? How do we insure that needs addressed and values upheld? The favorable aspects today support receiving real answers to these questions.

Moon in Taurus.
Saturday, February 16. Another day to notice the benefits from feeling grounded in our bodies. Take it a little deeper and notice whether attachments to comfort, pleasure, and security also have within an element of fear. Can you master the ability to enjoy materiality without fearing its loss? Saturn in Scorpio hints that we need to be balanced between acquiring things and letting them all go. Being aware that material things are temporal makes them all the more precious. We need that balance in our communities too. There is no such thing as perfect security.

* All times are CST.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Follow the Moon: Forecast February 3, 2013 – February 9

I’ve got a personal reason that this lunar cycle devoted to the journey of mastery has been a challenging one. I’m being goaded by Saturn, the planetary ruler of this lunar cycle’s New Moon sign—Capricorn.* This planet is getting under my skin. I will be having my second Saturn return this Fall and I think I’m already starting to notice the effects.

The Saturn Return is a transit. A transit is when a planet passes over a sensitive degree in our natal charts creating a reaction designed to help us manifest our fate—the composite of every choice we’ve made and every potential we are capable of achieving. A transit is an interaction with a planetary archetype, and we get to choose how fully and in what ways we want that interaction to occur. Even though there is choice, it sometimes doesn’t feel that way, and that becomes part of the challenge. Back to Saturn. By transit, Saturn returns to the place it was in the zodiac when we were born, every 28 to 30 years. Since it happens so rarely and because Saturn is all about developing our own authority, when Saturn comes knocking, the pressure can be quite high. It’s easy to feel as if this is the most important test of our lives. It’s also easy to feel, and rightly so, that we are just on the cusp of success. That makes the yearning stronger, thus upping the ante on pressure.

I’ve been particularly sensitive to how the desire for mastery evokes feelings of shame, self-judgment, hopelessness, and even inertia. At the same time, I’ve been working to remember that success is truly around the corner because I’ve seen this happen under Saturn transits time and time again. I am noticing the tension between these feelings and finding ways to accept them without attachment. Saturn transits and anything to do with this planet—like the season of Winter, the sign of Capricorn, the inevitability of aging, and the desire to create a legacy—are a challenge to our stamina. Twenty- eight to thirty years is a significant chunk of life. It makes sense that we tend to take it seriously.

Perhaps you’re also noticing the strong effects of Saturn in this season. If so, this lunar cycle is ripe with lessons as we enter the final week. As I begin to evaluate and compost this lunar cycle, I will be thinking about this question: What helps me to shake off the heaviness of expectation and open to the wonder of possibility? How will you answer?

Forecast February 3, 2013 – February 9.

Moon in Scorpio
February 3—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. The Moon conjoins Saturn. All those Saturn pressures are felt strongly, especially under this phase of evaluation. Each of us has to determine for ourselves how much pressure is good for our developing mastery and how much is harmful. The ability to go under the surface and feel our way to the answers is incredibly important to the whole process. I am guided by these words from Ranier Maria Rilke: “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” Answers are waiting for us, and when they come, they will answer questions we did not even know we had.

Moon enters Sagittarius 9:45 am**
Monday, February 4. We may be pushed and pulled in many directions today. Mutable energy can be unsettled and all the planets moving through mutable signs right now are being challenged by the Moon in the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius. We could be surprised by emotional reactions to events, where it might seem like small triggers release tensions. One current to acknowledge is the conjunction of Mars and Neptune today in the mutable water sign, Pisces. The glory of Pisces is compassionate empathy. The trouble is a confusion of boundaries and the tendency to escape what hurts. Mars has just entered Pisces and will be in this sign till March 12. Use this time to heal your responses to emotion. Notice what comes up for you today as a guide to that work. Later the Moon opposes Jupiter in Gemini, the mutable air sign. This could be a good time to notice thought patterns—ways that learning and connecting with others creates wholeness and ways that a busy mind creates more confusion. In addition, Chiron in Pisces is square to both the Moon and Jupiter as well. How are you being initiated into a deeper experience? What are you learning? What are you teaching?

Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, February 5. Mercury joins the other planets in Pisces. After two and a half weeks of stimulating our thoughts and visions in Aquarius, Mercury enters Pisces for an extended stay due to an impending retrograde coming up later this month. Mercury won’t leave Pisces till April 13. Time to practice our intuitive skills and to adjust to a reduction in things making logical sense. Some of us will love this and others will be more challenged. Practicing balance between the right and left sides of the brain will help. With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Sagittarius today, there is a strong desire for freedom. Let your spirits soar!

Moon enters Capricorn 11:55 am
February 6—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. We began this lunar cycle with the Moon in Capricorn, now we finish the cycle with the Moon’s return to this sign. What does the journey towards mastery bring for you? Just like the ups and downs of life, symbolized so beautifully by the phases of the Moon, this journey is not just one thing. There is excitement, joy, satisfaction, contentment, as well as shame, self-judgment, oppression and self-doubt to be found along the way. Within all that there is the still calm center of the Self who desires excellence as well as surrenders attachment to any particular outcome. Find that place today. Venus in Aquarius is sparked by a connection with Uranus. This could bring inspiration and a desire to begin a new relationship or bring new energy to existing relationships. Inspiration to create beauty is high as well. What moves you? Venus is also feeling Jupiter’s expansive qualities allowing us to look on the bright side, and that is wonderful. Mercury contacts Neptune. Practice opening to feelings. Take note of what comes up.

Moon in Capricorn
Thursday, February 7. In the cycle of seasons, the Balsamic phase of the Moon corresponds to late Fall, the season of Samhain in the Pagan wheel of the year. During this time, tree sap flows into the root where it waits until the renewing warmth of Spring. Today, the Moon is void-of course (VOC) all day, which means it isn’t making a contact with any other planets until it enters Aquarius tomorrow. Given that a VOC Moon can feel like a time when not much moves forward and that we are in the Balsamic phase of the Moon’s cycle, the guiding metaphor today is let yourself return to your roots. Find a way to spend time in the quiet dark. It will help you as you begin to embrace the rising energy of the next New Moon that begins on February 10.

Moon enters Aquarius 1:16 pm
Friday, February 8. I hope you were able to make use of the quiet dark yesterday, because the next two days leading up to the New Moon in Aquarius will not be as calm. The urge of Aquarius is to break free. After months of darkness and cold, folks in Minnesota, where I live, really do get cabin fever. What rut do you want to break out of? That desire is strong today. Mercury represents the quickest and most impulsive parts of ourselves, our minds. Today Mercury is conjunct Mars, another impulsive part of ourselves, our wills. Mercury also reaches the degree where it will turn direct after its next retrograde journey. Some astrologers think of this as the shadow portion of Mercury’s retrograde where it first passes over the same area of the zodiac it will again retrograde through in a few weeks. It zigzags, and this perfectly captures how our minds work too, zigzagging between clarity and confusion. Time to invoke a sense of humor and a sense of acceptance for what Mercury plans for us this time. Also, it can’t hurt to back up your computer files!

Moon in Aquarius
Saturday, February 9. Although technically, the New Moon happens tomorrow, in many ways, this is the time to formulate your intention for the next lunar cycle. I’ll write about my own intent next week. But for today, open to inspiration. The Aquarius Moon encourages us to pour out our visions, hopes, and dreams into the world—to sense the barren places that need innovation. We can be excited by the possibilities of change. What is your vision for the world, for your communities? What is your role in that vision? Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception (in each other’s home signs) and square each other today. This is a strong connection between these planets. We can expect to push the horizons of what we thought possible even further, especially if we use our intuition and come from the heart.

* To follow along with the story of this lunar cycle, read the forecast for the New Moon on January 11.
** All times are CST.