Saturday, November 24, 2012

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 25, 2012 – December 1

The animating metaphor this week is the edge of shadow. What does it feel like to walk that edge? In deep shadow, we are able to find hiding places that only the self knows about. Granted these shadowy realms can bring up fears, but they also can be comforting, restorative. In full light, we are energized to expand, move upward, and express ourselves. The light can bring joy, but also a possibility of losing our center. Life is a continual flow between dark and light. The Moon’s cycles teach us about this flow. There is nothing demonic or wrong about light or shadow. One is not better than the other. Indeed, the light and dark need each other. Self-awareness expands when we observe and sense our ways through these absolute states as well as the in-between times—not wholly dark and not wholly light.

Magic resides in the liminal places of transition. We meet the Magician at the crossroads, feeling for a moment that we stand in the pivoting place where we might fall back into darkness or expand forward into light, or possibly the other way around. For a moment, we are able to let go of future-thinking altogether and sense deeply into the present where all change is possible. The Full Moon on November 28 could be a time to invoke this state. There will be a penumbral lunar eclipse on this Full Moon. The Moon will only move into the edge of the Earth’s shadow during this eclipse, therefore it will not be plunged into complete darkness. Given that this lunar cycle’s* intention is about connection to the unseen world, this edge-dancing is significant. What is the edge between the visible and the invisible? With eyes and hearts open enough, can’t we see this invisible world manifest all around us? What truly separates us from the other worlds? Edges also show us choice. We are always choosing even when we forget we are. Do you see the boundary as the edge of shadow or the edge of light? What are you choosing?

Sunday, November 25. The best way to navigate this week may be to notice the interplay between light and dark without attachment to either. Dissonance and paradox surface this week and today it begins with a quincunx aspect between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. Relationships are prickly and it may be time to have a soul-searching conversation with someone close to you. However, if anger is too close to the surface, it might be best to let that simmer down first. The Moon in Taurus draws attention to what we need for security and stability. It might be hard to compromise and listen to what others need if your own needs are being met. Remember, we all share vulnerabilities.

Monday, November 26. We walk the liminal edge between states of consciousness as Mercury in Scorpio stations direct today; and it is almost exactly opposite the Moon in Taurus. Taurus emphasizes accountability to that which we are indebted. We want security and look for predictable outcomes. Mercury’s retrograde voyage has encouraged us to penetrate into the hidden things below the surface. We try to find the balance point between these places today. It may be hard to keep things light and carefree.

Venus conjoins Saturn in Scorpio. Beauty and authority form a new partnership. The quality of our relationships matter much more than the quantity of them. These two planets stay close to each other throughout the week emphasizing commitment to all relationships including those to the unseen world.

Tuesday, November 27. Mercury’s station yesterday resonates for most of the day** due to the Moon going void-of-course after opposing Mercury. The last phase of this Mercury cycle is the period when Mercury travels through the same region of the zodiac for the third time. From now till December 13, we unkink the tangles from this retrograde cycle. Every part of Mercury’s cycle brings fresh insight. One thing we learn is adaptability. Have you learned to walk the edges just a little bit better? What are you noticing? When the Moon enters Gemini early evening, our minds are stimulated to learn even more.

Mars conjoins Pluto today. If the Mercury station has thrown you or others off center, dark emotions may erupt. The drive today is to live courageously in your own authority. Give energy to realizing your soul’s calling.

November 28—Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Illuminating.
Pieces are either falling into place or shattering into even more parts. I hate to be so vague, but this Full Moon in Gemini encourages both of these states. We started this lunar cycle with feeding the unseen world while the Sun was in Scorpio; now it’s in Sagittarius where we look for understanding. Let your heart expand into a yearning for understanding all the worlds, even as that flash of truth scurries away from the light and back into shadow. This Full Moon promises illumination through paradox. If that is your cup of tea, then enjoy the puzzles.

Core to understanding these puzzles is the relationship between Sagittarius (Sun) and Gemini (Moon). Both signs are about seeking truth but see very different sides to the same thing. Gemini tends to express duality; Sagittarius tends to seek the unifying truth. Back and forth from one extreme to another, we shift our attention to small and big things. There are messages everywhere. Both Gemini and Sagittarius encourage a certain level of detachment and observation. This practice helps us to understand ourselves better and release control. Other energies at the Full Moon encourage quite the opposite: to sense our way through emotion to protect what lies in our deepest selves. Part of the paradox is feeling a life and death struggle within while at the same time a curious detachment about the outcome. Most of the time, we experience this kind of dissonance through encounters with others who hold one position while we hold the other. One response is to recognize that everything resides within us too. Notice multiple truths: differences, similarities, illusion of separation, and the unknowable mystery.

The penumbral or partial lunar eclipse will be at maximum at 7:23 AM.** If you have a good view of the western sky, you can see the edge of shadow on the face of the Moon as it sets.

Thursday, November 29. The last aspect the Moon made yesterday before going void-of-course was a conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini. This expansive energy fills the day. All the tension between curious detachment and impassioned attachment from yesterday holds true for today as well. Right now Mars and Venus are encouraging us to find those people and situations that support the deepest parts of ourselves. Are you willing to listen to that call? Will you support those closest to you by listening too? If so, you may find that the Moon helps you to take a second look at old assumptions so you can clear the way.

Friday, November 30. Make time for yourself. The Moon in Cancer calls us to the hearth where we often get caught up in tending to the needs of others. Make sure you tend to yourself as well. After a prickly week, we need to be nurtured. Emotional cleansing helps.

Saturday, December 1.
Emotional dissonance tells us something about tending relationship. It teaches us about listening, cultivating awareness, remembering our values and intentions, as well as asking for forgiveness. If you’ve experienced dissonance this week, what has it taught you about relationship? Is there something you need to do today to feed your relationship with the unseen world? Where is the beauty in this moment?

* Read the forecast for November 13 to follow along with this lunar cycle.
** All times are CST.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 18, 2012 – November 24

The world we see around us is partnered with an unseen world. I think of this unseen world as the source of soul, the thing that gives the seen world meaning and purpose. Most of our lives, we forget about this vital partnership between the seen and unseen. An emphasis on the sign of Scorpio, this lunar month as well as over the next two years with Saturn moving through this sign, means we have an opportunity to tend and deepen this relationship.

As the Moon waxes into the crescent phase, I am ready to begin a practice of tending my relationship with the unseen world. [Please see last week’s forecast for more background.] This idea seems quite mysterious, doesn’t it? Yet somehow, I think it is the most ordinary thing we can do. All relationships need tending. We know almost instinctively that the way to tend a relationship with a beloved is to listen, spend time in their presence, to follow through on promises made, to ask for forgiveness when we don’t, to praise and admire that beloved, to give gifts, and to give support. That is what the unseen world wants from us as well. So, the question before me isn’t how do I tend the relationship. The question is what will I do consistently, and how may the planetary guides help me and challenge me in this work?

I know that I want acts of beauty to be part of this intention. Years ago I read a fascinating by an interview with Martin Prechtel in The Sun magazine: “Saving the Indigenous Soul.” He talks about the shamanic practice of mending the tears between this world and the unseen one. He says that damage in this relationship is caused by our failure to repay our spiritual debts. This debt comes from continually taking from the unseen world without paying back what we owe. Prechtel says that one way “to try to repay that debt (is) by giving gifts of beauty and praise to the sacred, to the invisible world that gives us life.”

The payback of debt is another Scorpio mission. What debt do you owe to the sacred? It isn’t about guilt or overwhelming burden. That world does not want or need our shame. No, that world needs our acknowledgement of relationship and our acts of devotion and beauty. Even in feeding that world, we are in turn fed. This flow and symmetry is beauty.

I suspect that these debt-reducing acts of beauty are not so different from what we do everyday in our lives, we simply need to do them with awareness. This week of Thanksgiving is a perfect time to practice things that strengthen relationship with the unseen world. Making things by hand, like cooking or decorating for the meal; expressing gratitude for our gifts; tending our hearths and connection with our families; and using the time off to listen to what the unseen world wants us to know—these things are a great beginning to this work. I recommend observing “Buy Nothing Day”, the day after Thanksgiving. It is important to recognize that good relationship is not about consumerism but rather about having open heart and soul. When we treat our own souls as sacred, it is easier to honor the sacred around us.
Sunday, November 18.
Is there a way for you to carry your lunar cycle intentions into your communities? The Moon in Aquarius stimulates our interest in collective action. As a group, can you dedicate an act of beauty to the unseen world? There is a fascinating tension between Aquarius’ desire for transparency and Scorpio’s desire to be hidden. That tension may surface today.

Monday, November 19. Remembering that Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio, when the Moon squares the trickster planet today, there may be confusion around communication. Did you assume your message was clear? How might you take another’s point of view into account? We can learn a lot today if we let go of being right.

November 20—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting.
The rest of this week is busy astrologically. Planets are teachers. Their lesson plans may hold some challenges, surprises, and support for manifesting whatever began consciously or unconsciously at the New Moon.

Today, Mercury (moving retrograde) reaches the degree of the Solar Eclipse on November 13. This is the second of three times that Mercury will pass over this degree. The first time was October 21 and the last will be December 3. Mercury is boosting the signal of this lunar cycle. Think of it as a super-charged lunar cycle; there’s more unpredictability and a greater possibility for profound shifts in our lives.

When the Moon enters Pisces midmorning** it contacts Neptune immediately. This watery energy supports listening to the unseen world but may make any kind of concrete planning for the holiday weekend more difficult. There is a strong desire to accomplish something however. Can you find a beautiful way to do what needs doing? The quality of our actions may prove more meaningful than the efficiency or productivity of them.

Wednesday, November 21. Sagittarius is a feel good sign.  Some of us are definitely going to appreciate the uplift in mood as the Sun enters this Mutable Fire sign today. After so much emphasis on the dark in the previous month of Scorpio, we get a boost of optimism. Others of us who still feel a pull to the dark will resonate more deeply with Venus’ ingress into Scorpio, also today. There’s a little of something for everyone. However, misunderstandings between these different approaches could occur. Venus is the ally of beauty. In Scorpio, Venus shows us the beauty in darker places not usually broadly appreciated. If something at first repels you, look again. There may be message about tending relationship in it.

Thursday, November 22. Thanksgiving in the U.S. begins as a dreamy and possibly confusing day and only kicks up a notch in energy in the evening (CST). Pay attention to what you long for in your relationship to the unseen world. As we spend time traveling and visiting today, it may be difficult to perfectly align our ideals with what is really happening. However, it is all useful information. Be an investigator. Observe when you know something is pleasing to the unseen world and when something isn’t. Without provoking conflict in the moment, can you make note of how to bring more beauty into your life in the future? Mercury has been in the invisible world since disappearing from the evening sky since around the 5th of November. Now, Mercury reappears in the morning sky. The messenger god returns with missives from the unseen world. If travel or communication is difficult today, take it as a sign to find some quiet time to listen to these messages.

Friday, November 23. Get moving today, and if possible, try not to do it shopping in a mall. Buy Nothing Day is a collective action that helps us remember that our consumption creates debt to the unseen world. How much do we really need? How can we share more of what we have? The choices we make create relationship and healing. The Moon is in risk-taking and impulsive Aries today touching off a trigger-happy square between Mars and Uranus. Hopefully, nothing violent will happen around you today, yet notice within you the desire to make something happen right now. This energy can also be a wake-up call. What we do matters.

November 24—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. High expectations don’t necessarily guarantee success. But without goals, we have a hard time making the changes we need to make. Today as Mars sextiles Saturn, we have the possibility to notice what a perfect balance between expectation and action feels like. The unseen world wants us to be conscious co-creators of this potent partnership. The work is to strip away the doubt that we are doing it.

* Read the forecast for November 13 to follow along with this lunar cycle.
** All times are CST.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 11, 2012 - November 17

If this world were a tree, then the other world would be the roots—
the part of the plant we can’t see, but that puts the sap into the tree’s veins.

    The other world feeds this tangible world—
    the world that can feel pain, that can eat and drink, that can fail;
    the world that goes around in cycles; the world where we die.

The other world is what makes this world work.
And the way we help the other world continue
    is by feeding it with our beauty.

Martin Prechtel, Saving the Indigenous Soul

Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about soul work—the deep work of reclaiming our true selves. When Saturn entered Scorpio in October, this kind of work began to resonate for many of us. This week, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio reaffirms this desire to look at what has been hidden within for a long time. Often when we think of what hides within us, the first reaction is fear. For many reasons, we may feel that we need to keep some part of ourselves secret. We aren’t ready to claim everything in the shadows of self. This is normal and helps us to cope with a complex world. However, at certain points in life, the soul asks us to unpack those fears and retrieve what lies deeper inside. We have that opportunity now to reconnect with the hidden world and claim the treasures residing there.

Imagine as poet and shaman Martin Prechtel says, that there is an invisible world that feeds this world. At times that other world seems very distant from our tangible world. At other times, like right now, these worlds come so close they kiss. We have the opportunity to tend the relationship between the tangible world and the other world at this moment. This work of feeding the unseen world is not just about the development of our individual souls. It also is about ensuring the survival of the tangible world we share. We need a healthy flow between these worlds. We feed the unseen and the unseen feeds us. For this next lunar cycle I am inviting intention around relationship with the unseen world. And if Martin Prechtel is right, and I believe he is, then the way I feed that relationship is through beauty.

Sunday, November 11. Breathing in. Breathing out. This lunar cycle, which began on October 15,* wanes into darkness. A lot has happened this last month. Each of us has been called upon to act for and learn about balance during this cycle. These last two days of the lunar cycle calls for release and rest. No need to push ourselves out into the world. Even if you need to be busy today, it is good to keep that connection open to the inner world.

Neptune is stationary, which means that the god of ocean is speaking forcibly to us. The message is heard best when we dream. Considering that Mercury exactly squared Neptune on the day Sandy hit the east coast, and that due to retrograde motion Mercury will exactly square Neptune two more times, I expect that one of Neptune’s messages is about climate change. How are the oceans changing? What does it mean that the ice caps are melting? Ask Neptune what he wants you to know. Notice waves and currents of emotion.

Monday, November 12. On the way to the Solar Eclipse tomorrow, the Moon has intimate conversations with Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto today. These three planets don’t play around. The amount we can open and empty today may reflect how well we may be able to use this next lunar cycle to tend our relationship to the unseen world. It is good to practice self-compassion.

November 13—New Moon (Solar Eclipse): Dreaming. Give yourself time to listen before setting intention this lunar cycle. Each phase of the Moon lasts about three and a half days. For this cycle, it may be more important to wait and listen to the messages from the unseen world before you decide what your own work will be.

Darkness, receptivity, and commitment are big themes in the chart for this New Moon. There is a solar eclipse today. The light suddenly goes out and then comes back. We don’t know where this potentially unsettling change leads. Eclipses are unpredictable but can be very helpful in moving us forward on the right path. Anyone with planets or important points around 21 degrees of Scorpio will most likely feel this eclipse more powerfully. That same degree of other Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius) are more susceptible too. We might feel the shock of darkness. But this shock helps us to open to connection with the unseen world.

Mercury is retrograde and exactly squares Neptune today. (See Sunday, November 11 forecast.) This aspect between these two planets may be the signature aspect of Mercury’s retrograde journey for this time. We reflect (a good thing to do during Mercury retrograde) on the experiences of the first square when the hurricane struck. This storm will have significance for some time. We go deeper into thinking about it now.

Other sensitive degrees for this entire lunar month are between 4 degrees and 7 degrees of any sign. Every sign at these degrees will be impacted by Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, and Pluto. The faster moving personal planets play round these degrees too this month to create an unsettled time. A lot is going on. If you have any natal planets at these degrees, you most likely will feel this even more. Last lunar month’s work with balance may be very helpful in staying centered while it seems that every god wants to talk to us at once.

Wednesday, November 14. Chiron stations direct today. Before a planet appears to change direction from Earth’s viewpoint, it stays put for a few days. While this happens, the planet’s energy is more focused. We have an opportunity to learn more about Chiron. Astrologer, Melanie Reinhart , writes beautifully about Chiron in Pisces: “The way of Chiron-Neptune is to experience our personal feelings deeply enough, with sufficient steady abiding, so that they open out into the realization that these stormy waves on the sea of our little lives are the very same feelings which, at this very moment, countless millions of others may also be feeling. For the sea represents something of our common humanity, beyond dogma, belief, or even cosmology. It is the felt sense of inhabiting a sacred world. No ‘proof’ is needed, no rational argument is adequate. This is the world of the mystic, where the presence of the Divine is a felt experience that needs no explanation.” The “sea of our common humanity” is sending a signal: Open to deeper connection with the unseen world. Whatever we feel, we must remember that we are not alone.

Thursday, November 15.  The last day of this New Moon phase may be dissonant and paradoxical. We might get impatient again. Whenever Mercury is retrograde, impatience usually leads to mistakes and miscommunications. Remember the cord of connection to soul. Part of us wants to maintain that quiet intensity a little while longer, another part wants to get on with change and action. If we don’t recognize these two parts within, we may encounter others who will play one of these roles for us. What’s the rush? Respect your own rhythm.

November 16—Crescent Moon: Beginning. 
I love it when I get to put real foundations under my mystical reveries. Just how do I serve my intention of feeding the unseen world with beauty? Today, we begin to experiment with how to manifest soul desire. How exciting! When Saturn entered Scorpio it began a significant exchange with Pluto. These two planets are in each other’s home signs. Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio (with Mars) and Saturn rules Capricorn. Since Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio, astrologers say they are in mutual reception. They both become stronger in their use of these signs. Capricorn and Saturn are all about real world manifestation. Pluto and Scorpio are all about hidden soul work. We get to manifest soul with the help of these planets. There is extra oomph coming today too from the ingress of Mars into Capricorn. Now, both co-rulers of Scorpio are in mutual reception to Saturn. Get out of the way. The Moon in Capricorn helps this sense of beginning an important journey. The path may be long, but dare to set tangible goals for yourself. We get a lot of support. 

Remember the messages from Chiron on the 14th? That may have been a day of expanded compassion or a realization of common experience. Saturn trines Chiron making it a good time to base your actions in compassion and your compassion in action.

Saturday, November 17. The Sun and retrograde Mercury meet today in their inferior conjunction. This meeting represents the core of this retrograde cycle. The Sun illuminates the messages of Mercury at 26 degrees of Scorpio. Honor this transit by sending beauty to the unseen world. Mercury, known as Hermes too, is the psychopomp, the messenger between the worlds of the living and the dead. What an auspicious moment to send your own promise that you will continue to feed those in that world.

* Read the forecast for October 15 to follow along with this lunar cycle.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 4, 2012 - November 10.

A giant storm spiraled its way into the east coast last week stirring up the lives of millions of people. The winds and rain have dissipated but a lot remains to be dealt with. The impact is certain to be profound. It is good to pay attention to what this means as we go into an election and as we contemplate our next steps.

There are times when personal intention gives way to a larger focus—when the collective need takes precedence. I usually focus on personal intention each lunar month, knowing that the personal is also universal. But the current realities we face call for expanded vision and working. As the Moon wanes this week, we focus on surrendering what gets in the way of manifesting intention. We also focus on the lessons we’ve learned from our past efforts. Yet, even as the Moon invites us to surrender
attachment, the time we live in calls for action. A wise friend of mine recently pointed out that before we are ready to act, we need to wake up. But waking up isn’t enough; we also need to care deeply about the outcome. Only then will action flow more easily toward solutions. We look at our problems as insurmountable. Perhaps that is because not enough of us have awakened yet into how much we need to care—not just for ourselves, but for every being on this earth.

The planetary allies are conspiring to move us along this path of action. 

Waking up. Mercury is good at giving us jolts. This god of communication, electricity, and travel (to name a few areas of his domain) is playing a huge role right now as it slows down to station retrograde. During the Full Moon storm, Mercury was at 0 degrees Sagittarius exactly squaring Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces. Square aspects are challenges from the gods to humans. These two sent a message that we are vulnerable to these oceanic forces. Our systems are fragile and our choices about energy usage are creating climate change, which puts these systems at risk.

Caring deeply. Interestingly, Neptune also is opening the way to caring more deeply. This ocean god invites us to melt away the boundaries of separation. Just like the waves that reconfigured the beaches of New Jersey, Neptune in Pisces is working to wash out old structures within us. A certain amount of surrender is called for. Neptune’s surrender leads us to connection and compassion. Neptune isn’t acting alone. Chiron in Pisces initiates us into a deeper sense of vulnerability and a desire to find our commonality.

Acting. In the chart for the Full Moon, when Sandy made landfall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Mars was opposing Jupiter. This contributed to the drama of the event. Mars helps us to act, but moves on quickly. The real stamina for action comes from Saturn. For the next two years, this planet says, “Work to uproot illusion. Be relentless in the face of fear. Go deep, listen to the soul of the matter, transform this world.”

These allies are shaping our choices right now. I believe these forces are asking us to wake up, care more deeply, and act now.

It is all about balance. This New Moon cycle began in Libra, the sign of the scales. As the climate changes, storms are getting stronger. Such storms seem to be the climate system’s attempt to find new balance. The farther we move into extremes, the stronger the balancing force has to be to get us back to equilibrium. How do we use the personal work we’ve done to bring about the balance in our lives to create greater balance in our human systems? How do we wake up and care more deeply about what is happening?

I’ll offer this idea: The sacred reminds me how precious this world is. As I devote myself to sacred places, to the sacred elements of the earth, and to the sacred beings who live here, my heart cracks open to how much I want their safety and wholeness. I mourn the loss of life, human and others. I mourn the unjust burden that falls upon the poor, the unwell, and the disadvantaged when our fragile systems are crippled by imbalance. I remember how much is at stake when I think of the children born and yet to be born who inherit these problems. From this awareness, deciding my next step becomes easier. What opens your heart? What will you do?

Sunday, November 4. With Saturn’s recent entry into Scorpio, a new pattern has emerged. We’re having more days when the Moon is mostly void-of course. This means that the Moon has finished making aspects with other planets and goes “void” until it enters the next sign. All the outer planets, from Saturn through Pluto, including Chiron are all in the first 10 degrees of a sign right now. This unusual situation means that we will be experiencing more void days for a while. The last aspect the Moon makes before going void-of course sets a tone for the rest of the period. That aspect resonates like a bell into silence. Today, the Moon in Cancer is void-of-course after making a trine to the Sun before dawn**. Both are in water signs. Water and emotions can be easily whipped up into overwhelming waves. Today let the resonance of the “water bell” help you find the peace and compassion hidden in the heart.

Monday November 5. The Moon enters Leo early this morning. With his Leo Sun, President Obama will be energized on this last day of campaigning. His opponent Mitt Romney will undoubtedly be feeling the pressure to succeed since his Saturn is also in Leo. In addition, transiting Saturn in Scorpio is making significant aspects to both men’s charts. Saturn is squaring Obama’s Mercury, the ally of getting his message across. For Romney, Saturn is squaring his natal Saturn, the ally of achievement. He has reached a pivotal place in his life. There are a lot of uncertainties about this election. The Moon today might reveal who has the momentum to succeed. Every one of us is important to the outcome. Share your light.

November 6—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. It is important not to lose track of what we care about deeply. Emotions will be high today. Mercury stations retrograde on an Election Day. Some astrologers think of retrogrades as Mercury’s visit to the underworld. In that place, Mercury sweeps away secrets and fears. He carries messages to and from the deepest parts of our selves. Astrologer Caroline Casey says we aren’t electing a person, we are electing a vision for the world. Let the rebellious, trickster nature of this retrograde Mercury be your ally in electing a vision of balance and reverence.

We are poised to use our evaluations of the state of the world’s imbalance to open our hearts and to act. Be critical, but don’t be despairing.

Wednesday, November 7. Post-election. There is a possibility that no clear resolution to the election will be known today. A possibility, not a certainty. The last aspect the Moon makes before going void for most of the day is a trine to Mars. The call to act resonates. Be courageous as you seek expansion of possibility. Tonight’s dreams may be influenced by the Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune. The quest is for wholeness, where our actions truly are in alignment with our hearts.

Thursday, November 8. Last night’s dreams may be inspiration for getting back to work today. The Moon in Virgo encourages us to bring order to our lives in some way. That might be a struggle since the retrograde Mercury can cause disruption to those systems. Some will still be trying to put their lives back together after the storm. If things do not improve quickly, tempers and patience will continue to flare.

Friday, November 9. Venus in Libra trines Jupiter in Gemini. This transit encourages communication that brings a sense of harmony and balance. These benefic planets bless our interactions. The possibility of achieving balance comes back, if only temporarily. Pay attention to this energy. It can guide us when we lose our way. 

November 10—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. It isn’t always easy to let go. Many of us are programmed to think that me must always push farther ahead, always be aiming for greater things, that growth is the only way we know that something is happening. This phase of the Moon reminds us that letting go is as important as beginning, manifesting, or learning from our work. This letting go reconnects us to our open hearts and is extremely important stage in achieving balance. Early tomorrow, Neptune will station direct. When a planet stations, it slows down in its apparent motion and looks like it is standing still. These are potent times to notice the energy of any planet. If Neptune wants us to dissolve the structures that keep us separated from each other, what are you noticing about that process today?

The Moon returns to Libra where it was when this lunar cycle began. Take stock of your inner scales. How do you realize the balance in your life? How will you act to create balance in our world? The way forward is full of challenge but is also exciting. Have you acquired new tools?

* Read the forecast for October 15 to follow along with this lunar cycle.
** All times are Central Time Zone.