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New Moon June 1, 2011: The journey of desire

Where I live, spring is in full flourish. The incredible beauty of the fertile earth awakening and multiplying is delightfully awe inspiring. However, beauty can bring another response—important to acknowledge this month—the fear within the vulnerable, open heart of longing.

The journey of desire. Beauty nudges our hearts to want more. This desire is both exquisite and painful. I believe it calls us into life. The journey begins with asking this question, “What am I afraid to wish for, believing in the depths of my soul that I could never really have it?” The answer is different for each of us. But all of us have that story living deep inside. No matter how small, and it may be very small, that small kernel of shame or disbelief colors the story of our lives. It becomes an essential reality that impacts our lives profoundly. Perhaps this month will be a good time to notice this seed, to coax it out of hiding, to see the truth as well as the falsehood of our limiting beliefs.  
Eclipses. This lunar month begins with a solar eclipse. Physical reality informs my interpretation of an eclipse—the light goes out and then comes back. The waxing and waning of light and darkness is a rhythm repeated during the lunar and solar cycles of the year. Our human bodies understand this. Yet during an eclipse the cycle is quick and potentially unsettling. Suddenly, we are plunged into darkness. Suddenly, the light returns. Even when we cannot see the eclipse, we can feel its effects. A unique feature of the next two months is that there will be two solar eclipses back to back. The next lunar cycle beginning July 1 will also be a solar eclipse. The full moon in between these two will be a lunar eclipse. The last time this happened was July 2000.

Karmic patterns and the nodes of the moon. Shadows bring up stuff hidden within. An eclipse is an opportunity to illuminate long embedded patterns. This can be experienced in physical reality—something happens to us to create the possibility of a new awareness or a new path to take in life. Or an eclipse can work on the spiritual/intentional level. We are given an opportunity to understand ourselves in new ways. The two back-to-back eclipses are south node eclipses introducing the theme of karma to these experiences. Dana Gerhardt describes the south node in her excellent article on the nodes: “It's a comfort zone, describing attitudes and talents which, for good or ill, are easy to believe and express.” This comfort zone has a karmic component to it. What are the patterns that keep repeating in our lives? Even if these patterns are frustrating or harmful, we are used to them. Sometimes it feels more comfortable to live with the demons we know than to take a chance on awakening new ways of being. So, the possibility exists to erase the patterns that repeat, “I will never realize my heart’s desire and it hurts too much to let myself have that desire.”

Cracked open. The heart is a tough organ, the strongest muscle in the body. Yet the heart feels vulnerable. What the heart represents is so core to what it means to be human, that we work hard to create impenetrable defenses. Ironically those defenses prevent us from being in our hearts—open to longing and intimacy. Neptune and Chiron having been working to crack open these hard shells around the heart. Both are in Pisces, the mutable water sign of dissolution, transcendence, and ultimate connection. Both Chiron and Neptune station retrograde this month, which means they have stronger influence. Also these two planets will receive square aspects from a series of planets transiting through Gemini this month. These squares highlight the way that Pisces and Gemini dance together—the mutable dance of water and air.

Pisces and Gemini. Duality is an important theme for both of these signs. Both long to repair the sense of separation that duality evokes. Using water, Pisces feels its way to union. Using air, Gemini learns, discovers and communicates to understand what is missing. Gemini has the reputation of being a lightweight. The eternal youthfulness of Gemini fools us into thinking there isn’t any substance underneath. This month proves that wrong. Gemini holds up the mirror of reality—how we create our world through thought and belief and how we can alter that reality through changing our thoughts and beliefs. When longing is reflected back to us our souls are revealed.

Desire and manifestation. Jupiter enters the fixed earth sign Taurus this month where it will remain for one year. Jupiter’s focus on possibility and belief creates an impulse to embrace the gifts of the sign it is transiting. We will all want to be Taureans this year. Taurus is good at is using beauty and pleasure to manifest the heart’s desire. Although that sounds really good, and it is, shadows reside here too and we will have the opportunity to understand ours more deeply. When we give birth to our heart’s desire, it becomes mortal. Everything we bring into existence will eventually pass away. Forms change. One block to manifestation is the defense of keeping the heart’s longing within the heart, not letting it take form so we won’t feel this pain. Jupiter encourages risk. We have the opportunity to risk the pain of loss in order to manifest desire.

Full Moon Lunar eclipse. The Moon in the full moon chart is conjunct the north node. If the south node represents karmic patterns, the north node represents current evolution, the growing edge. The north node in Sagittarius is about the journey to truth and meaning. Perhaps the light will suddenly go out of a belief system of yours. Perhaps the light will suddenly illuminate another path leading you to new truths. Is it easier to believe we deserve the treasures that reside in our hearts if we align ourselves to the star that gives meaning to our lives? The heart is a muscle—it needs to be used. Keeping our desires hidden inside does nothing to strengthen our capacity to use our hearts for the highest good. As darkness and light play around the edges of your life this month remember to honor your heart.

Transits important to these themes. *

Eclipse triggers. Astrologers note that we may feel the impact of an eclipse both before and after the actual eclipse. Planets transiting the degree of the eclipse can trigger the effect. The eclipse of June 1 is at 11° Gemini. The eclipse of July 1 is at 9° Cancer. Dates when these degrees are transited are listed below.

June 3 Mercury 0° Gemini squares Neptune 0° Pisces
June 3 Neptune stations retrograde
June 4 Jupiter enters Taurus
June 5 Mercury 5° Gemini squares Chiron 5° Pisces
June 6 Mercury triggers solar eclipse at 11° Gemini
June 8 Chiron stations retrograde
June 10 Venus 0° Gemini squares Neptune 0° Pisces
June 12 Sun conjunct Mercury 21° Gemini (illumination of themes)
June 13 Venus 5° Gemini squares Chiron 5° Pisces
June 15 Lunar eclipse 24° Sagittarius
June 18 Venus triggers solar eclipse at 11° Gemini
June 20 Mercury triggers solar eclipse at 9° Cancer
June 20 Mars enters Gemini
June 22 Mars 0° Gemini squares Neptune 0° Pisces
June 27 Mars 5° Gemini squares Chiron 5° Pisces
July 6 Mars triggers solar eclipse at 11° Gemini
July 11 Venus triggers solar eclipse at 9° Cancer
August 16 Mars triggers solar eclipse at 9° Cancer

*These dates are not a complete list of transits for the month, but rather are times when the themes of these stories are stronger. Each aspect between planets carries its own energy of harmony or conflict. These shifting relationships create the plotlines of our stories. These are:
Conjunction – merging
Sextile – encouraging
Square – challenging
Trine – harmonizing
Quincunx - perplexing

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