Friday, June 11, 2010

New Moon June 12, 2010: A Dire and Wonderful Moment

The world is heavy with burden. I don’t really need to list the overwhelming concerns before us at this time. We know the challenges are fierce; the stakes are high. It is also true that everyday, in profound ways, people all over the world are engaged in marvelous acts of wonder, compassion, and courage. Perhaps humans have never been more connected to a global awareness, to our place in nature, and to selfless action on behalf of our ideals than right now. Do you also see evidence of this? I think it may be true. Knowing that, right now,  two extremes of being are both present—the dire and the wonderful—how do we begin to comprehend it all?

These are the thoughts I’m having as the New Moon in Gemini approaches. Every sign provides a filter for viewing the world. Gemini’s filter highlights such dualities as: We are doomed and we have never shown more potential than at this moment. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury (or Hermes) is often called out on his glorious ability to tell lies. It is easy to see lies when we get attached to one side or the other of duality. If we are doomed, then it is a lie that we have never shown more potential. Yet, if it is true that we have never shown more potential, then it must be a lie that we are doomed. Hermes, help us through this maze!

Gemini and Mercury have a close connection to our minds. What we think creates reality. Hermes is the patron god of the alchemists, the hermetic science of creating the most precious substance imaginable from the basest ingredients. Our minds hold this ability too—to take the ordinary stuff of thought and make a new world, new possibilities, even new meaning from them. But it isn’t easy. The mind is a hard thing to control. Our thoughts are slippery; we want to believe in true and false; yes and no; right and wrong. Duality is itself true and is itself a trap keeping us from the truth. Most of the time, most of us seesaw back and forth between extremes—one day thinking we are doomed, the next day in wonder at what we are creating.

At this New Moon on June 12, we can invite another way to comprehend reality. It may be very important to see more clearly how we frame the world in dualities and to find a way to step off the seesaw.

The most significant seesaw influence right now is the ongoing opposition between Uranus and Saturn. These two planets have been opposing each other since November 2008 in the mutable signs of Pisces and Virgo. The last exact opposition in this series will occur next month in a new pair of signs: Aries and Libra. I’ve written about Uranus’ ingress into Aries as a big temperament shift. There is more volatility and more willingness to make changes now. Libra on the other hand invites balance and consideration of options. Saturn and Uranus can represent two extremes in approach. Saturn is concerned with authority. Uranus is concerned with overturning authority. However, both of these planets can collaborate to bring more authenticity and true cultural evolution to our world. We just need to know how to work with both. My hope is that by stepping off the right/wrong seesaw, we will learn how to embrace this potential.

This opposition is by no means the only important influence this lunar month. The charts for both the New Moon and the Full Moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, are full of challenges.

New Moon on June 12, 2010. There is a t-square configuration in this chart. That means there is a triangle of planets in potent relationship to each other. Mars opposes Chiron and a nearby Neptune. This opposition is squared to Mercury (our hero of the month). Our minds will be working hard to understand and craft the reality we want. Most likely we will run into dead ends. If we pay attention, they may even be meaningful dead ends. Mars in Virgo demands pragmatic detail and longs to be of service. Chiron and Neptune create a roadblock to the effectiveness that Mars desires. It isn’t only about the plan and the work. Sacrifices need to be made. We need to remember why we do the work and get out of our own egos.

Keeping up with Pluto in Capricorn.
Since Jupiter and Uranus entered Aries recently, we are getting a new taste of Pluto in Capricorn. The square between these planets is a strong influence this month. It seems that everyday more corrupt business practices or inept government oversight is uncovered. Pluto is doing its job of revealing hidden, toxic patterns. Uranus and Jupiter give us the impetus to do something about it.

The role of empathy. The Yod pattern in the New Moon chart pointing to Neptune warns us to pay attention to dreams and illusions. Even though the “truth” seems obvious, attachment to outcome or to fantasy, will only keep us bound to the seesaw of duality. On the other hand, Neptune offers the necessary connection to empathize with those beings, human or not, who are currently suffering. We have big work to do.

Full Moon, June 26, 2010. The Grand Cross aspect configuration shown in the Full Moon chart initiates a pattern in place all summer—the tense t-square relationship between Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. An extra arm is added to the t-square at this Full Moon, which creates a Grand Cross configuration. If Saturn were in Libra instead of Virgo, we’d call this a Cardinal Grand Cross. The challenge of a cardinal grand cross is to be able to move past inertia to take action. Even though Saturn is out of sign, this is an extremely potent time when we may feel a lot of frustration. We are entering the summer of the T-square. T-squares create tension. They can be felt as entrenched patterns that are difficult to transform or as turning points of growth. The struggle presented by a t-square gives gifts but not easily. This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses have the potential to set us suddenly upon new paths. They are a time to release the old and find the new. They can set off unexpected events.

Structure and nurture—the Capricorn/Cancer polarity.
The Full Moon in Capricorn asks us to pay attention to our structures. The purpose of Capricornian structure is to ensure survival. The need is to create a legacy of abundance for our descendants. The opposing Sun in Cancer illuminates nurturance. The concept of family can be quite broad. Who/what do we cherish as if they were blood relations? How broad is your definition of family? Cancer nurturance offers unconditional love. The polarity of Capricorn and Cancer displays the whole range of love, from tough to soft. Under the light of this Full Moon, we can experience this full range of emotion. Moving away from duality (my family vs. your family), we have the opportunity to see the whole Earth as family. The heart is a powerful muscle. With full and open hearts, feeling deeply and letting go, we are strengthened to do the work needed to ensure the survival of our precious Earth family.

Dates important to our stories: *
June 19 Sun 28° Gemini square Saturn 28° Virgo
June 21 Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice)
June 21 Sun 0° Cancer square Uranus 0° Aries
June 23 Sun 1° Cancer square Jupiter 1° Aries
June 24 Mercury 28 Gemini square Saturn 28° Virgo
June 25 Mercury 0° Cancer square Uranus 0° Aries
June 25 Sun 4° Cancer opposes Pluto 4° Capricorn
June 26 Mercury 2° Cancer square Jupiter 2° Aries
June 26 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4° Capricorn
June 27 Mercury 4° Cancer opposes Pluto 4° Capricorn
June 27 Saturn 28° Virgo quincunx Neptune 28° Aquarius
June 28 Sun conjunct Mercury 6° Cancer
July 4 Uranus stations retrograde 0° Aries

*These dates are not a complete list of transits for the month, but rather are times when the themes of these stories are stronger. Each aspect between planets carries its own energy of harmony or conflict. These are:
Conjunction – merging
Sextile – encouraging
Square – challenging
Trine – harmonizing
Opposition – confronting
Quincunx – perplexing