Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Moon December 16, 2009: Investing in Dreams

Astrology comes from the study of nature. Our human desire to see more, feel more, and be connected to more than just what the eyes can see provides the impetus to use what is visible to create deeper meaning. We see the sky, the Moon’s cycles, the Sun’s turning points, the seasons unfold and they tell us about hidden connections. They tell us about ourselves. Astrology uses every aspect of the natural world, not just the sky. The elements of fire, earth, air and water are also elemental to astrology’s wisdom. The elements are guides. They are allies. They are teachers.

This month I want to cultivate a deeper relationship to the elements—a relationship I plan to nurture throughout the next year. At the Winter Solstice, the Sun enters cardinal earth sign, Capricorn. It joins with Pluto there and signals that this is a good time to look at our own personal infrastructures, our investments in our dreams, our plans for manifesting not only abundance but authority over our lives. Capricorn’s challenge to each of us is to take responsibility for living in integrity. Pluto says, dig through the fears and blocks; claim your power.

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in the Fall of 2008, we’ve seen the ugly side of investment banking. Tired of hearing about greed, I want to claim the power of this planet’s ingress into Capricorn for the good that can come from Capricornian focus. I intend to invest in my dreams using the currency of the elements.

Each element provides a gift, a currency if you will, that can be invested into our heart’s desires. Perhaps one element calls more strongly than another. We can work with just one, or one at a time or all at once. All of the elements together create wholeness. It’s important not to exploit the elements but cultivate relationship and respect for these resources. If I commit to an ongoing practice of honor and devotion to an element, then there is greater probability that I will be open to learning from these allies and benefiting from the practice. There are many ways to do this, the guiding questions are:
What are the gifts of this element? What are the lessons that this element teaches? How do I cultivate relationship to the element?

FIRE’S CURRENCY. Fire is life force. Without fire, nothing happens. Fire also provides the spark, of joy, aliveness, energy that not only feeds are intentions but also helps whatever we are creating to spread out into the world. The Sun, which rules fixed fire sign, Leo, is a good example of fire’s gifts and lessons. We need the Sun. We also need each of us to claim our right to shine and create. This fire lesson is about feeding the flame of our gifts and honoring our light through belief in ourselves.
I honor fire when I allow myself to shine and when I notice the fire in others. Jealousy and envy are a manifestation of a scarcity mindset when it comes to relationship with fire. Delight and joy are the manifestation of fire-abundance.

WATER’S CURRENCY. Water’s gift is replenishment. Like the tides that flow back into dry places, water can bring nourishment, a re-juicing of our dreams. Water’s tidal awareness also gives us the intuition to know when to pull back, flow away from the shore, and merge with source to feed the soul. Water teaches about flow and rhythm, but it also provides the emotional connection to the heart’s desire. We can think of all emotion, the grief and the love we experience, as the energy that nurtures our lives. Water welcomes it all.
I honor water when I connect to the heart of compassion. I honor water when I rest and replenish myself. I honor water when I surrender to the flow.

AIR’S CURRENCY. Relax the belly and become aware of how air moves into your body. How did that feel? Breathing practices teach us that air is the key to living an aware, relaxed, and balanced life. Air’s energy can be frenzied and overactive if we grasp too much with the mind. Yet this element is the ally of balance and ease if we cultivate mindfulness. With air’s help, we can achieve perspective—the ability to see the big picture, which helps us to not only understand where we are but also see where we want to go next. Balance helps us to respond in the moment in a way that feeds our dreams rather than subvert them.
I honor air when I practice mindfulness, when I consider the exchange of energy in my life, and when I cultivate balance in all things.

EARTH’S CURRENCY. The physical world is our greatest teacher, and earth our most precious resource. Earth’s currency is the wisdom gained from all actions. We learn about limitations, sustainability, and responsibility from this ally. In spite of all the ugliness that humans are responsible for creating, we still long to be in harmony with the beauty around us. Dreams are fueled by beauty. Harmony with beauty is living in right relationship to the earth. This relationship is not easy; it requires that we use earth’s currency: work, commitment, service, and sharing of resources.
I honor earth when I set intention and back that intention with action. Personal practice is a way to support my intentions. Considering my impact is one way I can live in right relationship with earth.
As deep winter settles around us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we can use this time to explore these elemental relationships. How will you invest in your own dreams?

The following events of the month may illuminate relationship with the elements.

December 16 - New Moon is at 24° Sagittarius (mutable fire sign).
December 20 - Mars stations retrograde 19° Leo (fixed fire sign). Mars remains in Leo till early June 2010. [To read more about Mars retrograde see last month's blog.]

December 31 - Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 10° Cancer (cardinal water sign). This winter full moon is a special time to connect to the World Heart.
Next month, Jupiter will ingress into Pisces (mutable water sign). Water energy will increase significantly in 2010.

Saturn in cardinal air sign Libra plays an important role this month, especially at the New and Full Moons. Please see last month’s blog to read more about Saturn in Libra. 
December 21 - Jupiter in Aquarius (fixed air sign) is conjunct Neptune. Read more about the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Aquarius in past months.
December 25 - Sun in Capricorn will square Saturn.
January 13 - Saturn stations retrograde at 4° Libra.

December 21 - The Winter Solstice marks the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn (cardinal earth sign). The Sun will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.
December 25 - Venus enters Capricorn.
December 26 - Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn and stations direct at the next New Moon on January 15.
December 28 - Venus is conjunct Pluto.
January 4 - Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury
January 4 - Mercury is conjunct Venus
January 11 - Sun is conjunct Venus