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New Moon November 16, 2009: Daring to Dream

I hear a call
it comes from far away
I know not where it leads
I’ll follow to my destiny.
    Come away human child
    Come away to the greenwood
    See wonders great and wild
    You always knew that you could.

These words are from a familiar chant in the Pagan communities I belong to. We sing these words to evoke the sense of mystery and destiny that arises when we follow our dreams into the unknown. Astrological themes of the moment may remind us about the wonder and fear that can come from hearing the call and following it into destiny.

We live in small circles and big circles simultaneously. In the small circle of our individual lives we may experience disappointment and disillusionment about dreams and destiny, which have no relation to the effect of these very same dreams on the large scale, that bigger circle of co-creation of our world and realities. A personal failure can still be a global success. How odd is that truth, and how painful.

I belong to a community of dreamers who have been fortunate enough to have been led into wonders great and wild by two extraordinary dreamers—Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm of Diana’s Grove. The Grove is undergoing profound transformation at this time. Recently, Patricia wrote: “Our (unrealistic) dream was to create a sanctuary where people could come to experience the world of nature free from the distractions of modern city life. We dreamed of a place to be in touch with the natural elements and to honor wind, fire, water, and earth. We also dreamed of a community of people striving to find ways to heal self, world, and relationships.” This dream led them to create a Mystery School founded on this land and this dream. After 16 years of tending the land and creating this dream, they are finding it harder to sustain it economically and have decided to sell the land. The Mystery School will continue but their intention is to pass the land onto others who will have the same magical connection to it.

This might seem like failure on the small scale. Those demons of self-doubt rise up whenever we give ourselves wholly to a dream, but these women know a thing or two. And in spite of demons, they are still willing and ready to serve the dream. On the large-scale, on the level that is hard to fathom and can only be felt, Mystery continues to unfold; the ripples touch unseen shores. What wonder would never have existed in this world if they had not followed this dream?

This story, this event, surely a small-scale event in the big realm of things, is an example of the energies that the celestial mirror is reflecting back to us right now. This energy begs us to ask these questions of ourselves: What dreams have I followed to my destiny? Am I currently lost along the way? Am I experiencing the pain of disappointment on the small-scale level of reality? Or am I excited for the journey ahead? Am I engaged with the call of the unknown and what is possible from daring to dream? The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune— a fairly rare occurrence (last time it happened was in 1945)—has been slowly, over the past few months, developing new dreams while exposing the raw vulnerability of passing dreams.

During the lunar cycle that begins on November 16, these energies come to the forefront of collective experience.

THE NEW MOON chart shows a square aspect between the Moon/Sun and the triple conjunction. The relationship between the two signs, Aquarius (Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter) and Scorpio (Sun, Moon) is one of tension. Aquarius has a heady, cerebral approach to dreams and Scorpio looks under the rocks for the real feelings and shadows attached to them. At the New Moon, we can set intention to integrate our heads with our hearts. On a deeper soul level, the realm that Scorpio loves, we need to acknowledge our feelings of grief surrounding the death of dreams and our desires to control the outcome. We simply can’t control the dream. We can only follow it to our destiny.

Following to our destiny sometimes takes the courage as well as the foolishness of the hero. Mars is a good representation of the hero. This planet shows our passions, desires and ways we will pursue those desires. Every two years, Mars embarks upon the hero’s journey when it turns retrograde. Mars will be stationing retrograde on December 20 at 19° Leo. Right now, as Mars begins to slow down and station at that degree, this planet opposes the triple conjunction in Aquarius. This is an important stage where we are able to integrate into action the dreams these planets are weaving.

A Mars transit is often a trigger for release of energy connected with astrological patterns. For instance, whatever our stage of dreaming —from the hope of new beginnings to the grief of failure, to recommitment—Mars can trigger a response, an event, a conflict, or new insight that makes us take action. This month we may find ourselves needing to take action on behalf of our dreams. And service to our dreams may ask us to take the next heroic step in our own journeys.
This Mars journey lasts through the winter. In March, the month named for this planet, Mars turns direct at 0° Leo. Then, one by one, Mars will oppose these planets in the triple conjunction, which will have moved apart a bit. Neptune will be in Aquarius, Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries. The closest Mars comes to opposing all three of these planets simultaneously is around the time of the Full Moon on December 2.

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign of the zodiac, the guardian of the flame. As Mars moves through Leo over the next seven months, we can be guided by the ally of fire. Fire teaches us about energy, life force, passion, joy, and transformation. Fire teaches us how to tend the flame that enlivens the dream. It would be good to devote time to listening to fire this winter and spring.

PLUTO SQUARE SATURN. Both the New and Full Moon charts show this aspect. I wrote about the energy of this transit in last month’s blog. Both of these planets contribute to the feeling that stakes are high. And they are, aren’t they? Perhaps the burden that Saturn places upon us can to be lifted a bit by the playfulness of Mars in Leo.

THE FULL MOON occurs when the Sun is in Sagittarius, another fire sign. During Sagittarius, we momentarily forget our burdens and take time to gather and celebrate. This energy of expansive hope can be a resource for future work. As you look at the shining face of the Moon, what will you invite into your life to feed your hopes?

ANOTHER JOURNEY. At the Full Moon, Venus, the Morning Star, disappears into the light of the Sun. Ancient astrologers thought of the disappearance of Venus as the underworld journey of the goddess Inanna. Venus will reappear as the Evening Star by early March. Venus’ journey mirrors the one that Mars is taking. It looks to me like this winter we will be supported in going within and going deep to discover more about our own journeys.

IMPORTANT DATES. The following transits are not a complete list of all transits for the month but are times when the planets emphasize some of the ongoing stories we are following in the Starsdance.

November 19 Venus 14° Scorpio square Mars 14° Leo
November 21 Sun enters Sagittarius
November 23 Venus 19° Scorpio square Jupiter 19° Aquarius
November 24 Venus 21° Scorpio square Chiron 21° Aquarius
November 26 Venus 23° Scorpio square Neptune 23° Aquarius
December 1 Venus enters Sagittarius
December 2 Full Moon at 10° Gemini
December 7 Jupiter 21° Aquarius conjunct Chiron

Consult Teri to find out how these stories impact your own chart.

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