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New Moon October 18, 2009: Messages from mystery

World turning. This lunar month Saturn enters Libra, the cardinal air sign*. This is a big deal. Saturn is the Dweller on the Threshold, the definer and delimiter of our reality. This planet stays in a sign for 2 ½ years. During that time, we learn about reality through the lens of that sign. We also work on honing the gifts of that sign and meet the challenges offered by the shadows of the sign. In any sign Saturn gives us worthy work, but for the next couple of years Saturn’s position will be even more relevant because it will be in world-changing aspect to other planets in other cardinal signs. Those who follow astrology may have heard the term Cardinal Climax describing the transits of the next couple of years. Astrologers have noticed that planets transiting through the beginning of cardinal signs have a more potent impact upon the affairs of the world. We are entering a time when choices, past and present, come due for a reckoning of some sort. I take this as an exciting time, a time of possibility. It is certainly a time to pay attention.

The hinge. The root of the word “cardinal” comes from the Latin caro or cardin meaning hinge. In this sense a cardinal sign represents a fundamental, crucial and important turning point upon which our future is hinged. As the veil between the worlds thins this month during the season of Samhain, it is a good idea to seek guidance and inspiration for the world-turning changes that are happening over the next few years. What are you called to do to co-create the world you envision? Whose help will you need?

Saturn in Libra will meet challenges from Pluto and Uranus. Libra is often thought of as a lightweight when it comes to standing one’s ground. It is generally thought that the sign of balance is so concerned about relationship and harmony that it will refrain from rocking the boat at any costs. The next couple of years should take care of that Libra myth. Saturn—the absolute master of reality— goes head to head with Pluto—the absolute master of life and death— while also confronting Uranus—a tinderbox of cultural and personal revolution. To hold its own, as Saturn will do, it will energize Libra. It will put teeth into the diplomat, the artist, the lover. A keyword for Libra with teeth is champion for justice with a capital “J.” The juicy questions for the next couple of years will center around the ideas of Justice. “What is Justice? Why is it necessary? How do our ideas of Justice shape the world?”

Diplomacy, alliances, and negotiations. The Pluto/Saturn cycle is approximately 40 years long.  The current cycle between these two planets began in 1982 when they came together also in Libra. Now, almost one Saturn cycle later, they are in the waning square of this cycle, the last challenge before resolution of patterns set in place in the early 80s. Notably, the last significant transit between these two planets was the opposition during the time of 9/11.

When these two planets are in aspect, neither wants to let go. Problems can feel harder under stressful aspects between Pluto and Saturn. However, both of these planets are incredible allies of manifestation. They represent desire for making a difference, having our lives mean something. Ingredients for the tone of the times to come are found in themes important to each planet. Pluto themes: power, transformation, secrecy, rebirth. Saturn themes: responsibility, realism, limitation, achievement. These themes are manifesting through Libra and Capricorn —hinges for how we must get along with each other and what we collectively believe will insure our survival. The cardinal fire sign, Aries, will not be part of the dialog until June 2010 when Jupiter and Uranus enter that sign. All our skills of diplomacy will be called upon when that happens.

The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to begin intention for Saturn’s transit into Libra on Oct 29. The Sun and Moon are trine to the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter. These three planets are allies of spiritual growth. They help to set a tone of higher aspiration for this month. Venus—the ruler of Libra—has just entered Libra.  She is an ally of the best manifestation of the Libran qualities of beauty and balance. Venus is square to Pluto. Will we be fearless as we look into the shadows of our relationships or will become defensive? Our relationships can deepen through this connection. Uranus and Saturn continue to oppose one another from the signs of Pisces and Virgo. Again, these are the symbols of ongoing polarization we see around us in the world—a polarization that will feel even more important to resolve when Uranus enters Aries.

Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio. Aspects in the Full Moon chart tell an important story. It shows a Fixed sign Grand Cross. The Sun and Moon opposition is square to a Mars and Jupiter opposition. If cardinal signs are the hinges, the fixed signs are the anchors for the hinge. They hold down an elemental aspect of life.  All the fixed signs, all the elements, show up at this time. The planets in this cross represent the four seasons celebrated at the cross-quarter holidays of Beltane, Lughnasad, Samhain and Imbolc. This configuration is a call to attention and reminds us to consider what we value about each of these seasons. What is precious about each? The fixed signs make sure we protect what we cherish. If we think of each piece of this puzzle as being in competition, there is stress between them. If we thick of each piece as precious and whole, they form an immutable anchor. I think we are being asked to see the bigger picture.  The first square between Pluto and Saturn is seen in this chart. They will square each other two more times in 2010. What will you protect?

This is the lunar month for Samhain – the end of the growing season. This time of death is also a time when the veil between the worlds thins. We are closer to our ancestors and they to us. I also feel that I am closer to all Mysterious Ones at this time—spirit beings, allies, and teachers. This month we receive the gift of connection to Mystery, we are able to commune with the Wise Ones. It is time to ask about the path ahead and our roles in the evolving world.

Mercury in Scorpio this month is the ally of communicating with Mystery. It is conjunct the Sun and part of the fixed grand square. All Mercury transits this month hold a possibility of important communication—receiving and giving. The most significant transits involving Mercury this month are squares between Mercury and the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. These planets are broadcasting important themes about our current paradigm shifts. The lens of Aquarius emphasizes community, technology, and revolution. What are the Mysterious Ones telling you as the world turns upon the hinge of the season?

*Saturn stays in Libra for 5 months and then retrogrades back into Virgo for 4 months. After that Saturn stays in Libra till October 2012.

Dates important to our stories this month. These are not all the transits between planets this month but are important to the themes discussed in this article.
October 20 Mercury 17° Libra trine Jupiter 17° Aquarius
October 23 Mercury 21° Libra trine Chiron 21° Aquarius
October 23 Sun enters Scorpio
October 28 Mercury enters Scorpio
October 28 Venus 17° Libra trine Jupiter 17° Aquarius
October 29 Sun 6° Scorpio square Mars 6° Leo
October 29 Saturn enters Libra
October 31 Chiron stations direct 21° Aquarius
November 1 Mercury 7° Scorpio square Mars 7° Leo
November 2 Full Moon
November 2 Venus 23° Libra trine Neptune 23° Aquarius
November 4 Neptune stations direct 23° Aquarius
November 5 Sun conjunct Mercury 13° Scorpio
November 7 Venus enters Scorpio
November 8 Mercury 18° Scorpio square Jupiter 18° Aquarius
November 10 Mercury 21° Scorpio square Chiron 21° Aquarius
November 10 Sun 21° Scorpio square Chiron 21° Aquarius
November 15 Saturn 1° Libra square Pluto 1° Capricorn
November 14 Sun 23° Scorpio square Neptune 23° Aquarius

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