Monday, July 20, 2009

New Moon July 22, 2009: True Stories

New Moon of July 22 is also a total Solar Eclipse occurring on the cusp between Cancer and Leo. Each sign has 30 degrees, somewhere around the end of a sign and beginning of the next sign is the borderland where two signs mix. Not quite all Cancer, and definitely not all Leo, this eclipse (at 29° Cancer) takes place in the liminal place we could describe as between the worlds. Every eclipse has the potential to plunge us into unfamiliar territory. I’ve often described eclipses as a rebooting of a computer—new files, new format. The change can be sudden. Eclipses tend to affect people most when the degree of the eclipse is near an important degree in the natal chart. But for all of us, this eclipse is a chance to explore the land between Cancer and Leo.

I once had a reading from Pat Kaluza, a wonderful astrologer here in Minneapolis, who described the cusp between Cancer and Leo as Cinderella longing to go to the ball. The reason: Cancer holds the energy of hearth-tender in service to the family; Leo holds the energy of glamour, excitement, and drama. Who wouldn’t want to go to the ball when confronted with this choice? In this dilemma rests a cultural assumption: It is better to be in the midst of excitement than to be home tending the needs of others. Is this true? Do you feel this choice in your own life? What do you consciously choose to honor?

At the cusp there is a blending of the wisdom of the previous sign with the innocence of the next. The wise mother, becoming Crone, embodies one expression of Cancer’s ultimate gifts. At some point each of us will reach the stage of wise mothering, when what we have nourished and cherished dearly must be released into the world. Leo’s innocence is expressed by the archetype of the young king. I often think of King Arthur’s story here. When he went to the tournament as a page, Arthur had no idea of the destiny awaiting him. Early degrees of Leo remind us that each of us has a royal destiny, a gift we are meant to share with the world, a gift that may be only now emerging. Do these stories resonate for you at this New Moon?

Cusps invite alchemy. How do we blend the wisdom of the mother with the innocence and potential of the young king? Do you feel this paradox? Can you imagine choosing both rather than one or the other? What would this look like in your life?

Venus square Saturn. There are other story lines occurring this month. At the New Moon, Venus in Gemini is square (challenging) to Saturn in Virgo. Sooner or later every relationship runs into the topic of differing communication styles. This New Moon is a perfect setup for experiencing these differences in our relationships. Saturn insists on seriousness; Venus in Gemini wants highly diverse conversation, but not necessarily very deep. It is really all about connection even when we don’t understand how the other is trying to connect. The relationship between Gemini and Virgo is interesting. Mercury rules them both, but with quite different results. Gemini is yang energy – expansive and eclectic. Virgo is yin energy, focused and pragmatic. This is a good month to explore relationship commitments and communication styles. What works for you? What works for your partners and friends?

Trancemission/transmission. I continue to ponder the meaning of the triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. I began writing about this transit in April. These three will be traveling close together until January 2010. Chiron will makes an exact conjunction with Neptune in February, 2010, so it may not be until after then that we have a big picture of this transit. Neptune works below the surface in the subconscious. Neptune entrances. Under the surface, in trance, in dream, we are moving to another paradigm. The clues to how we are changing come from the sign—Aquarius. What does the dawning of the age of Aquarius mean to you? We are in the flow of that becoming. This month transits to these three planets by Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the Sun (see below for dates) will illuminate the trance mission of the Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron conjunction.

Full Moon August 5, 2009. Every sign has a shadow reflected back by the opposite sign. For Aquarius it is Leo. The Full Moon this month is a Lunar Eclipse in the signs of Aquarius/Leo. This Full Moon at 13° Leo/Aquarius the young king evoked by the New Moon is almost halfway through his story. Now is a good time to reflect on the relationship between Self and Community, between kings and subjects. Neptune pulls us into the communal dream of Aquarius. Leo reflects back another perspective on any illusions that we hold about community. Although every community is made from individuals, group mind can work to outlaw the expression of individuality. On the other hand, if individuals never compromise community vision suffers. Do you notice this dynamic in your communities? Do you feel yourself on the extremes of this polarity? How do you balance between them?

Mars square Saturn. Just as Venus squared Saturn at the New Moon, the Full Moon chart shows Mars squaring Saturn. Saturn in Virgo has been a little quiet in recent lunar charts. All the action has been with Pluto or the triple conjunction. This lunar month, we may feel more of Saturn’s burden. This planet reminds us that we have important work to do, and that to get to where we are going, we will need to take each step consciously and deliberately. The Mars connection emphasizes this quality. Mars, our energy, will and passions, wants to move fast. Saturn slows everything down. Especially in Virgo, Saturn insists that we dot all our “I’s” and cross all our “T’s.” This can feel frustrating but potentially rewarding.

Stories, like dreams, can guide us. There are nuggets in every story waiting to illuminate our paths. Finding the right story for the right moment is one of astrology’s gifts. May you find your true story this month.

Dates important to our stories:
July 22 Jupiter 24° Aquarius conjunct Chiron 24° Aquarius
July 26 Venus 24° Gemini trine Jupiter 24° Aquarius
July 27 Venus 24 ° Gemini trine Chiron 24° Aquarius
July 27 Venus 25° Gemini trine Neptune 25° Aquarius
July 30 Mercury 24° Leo opposite Jupiter 24° Aquarius
July 30 Mercury 24° Leo opposite Chiron 24° Aquarius
July 31 Mercury 25° Leo opposite Neptune 25° Aquarius
August 1 Venus 1° Cancer opposite Pluto 1° Capricorn [relationship struggles for power and control]
August 5 Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse 13° Leo/Aquarius
August 10 Mars 20° Gemini square Saturn 20° Virgo
August 13 Mars 22° Gemini trine Jupiter 22° Aquarius
August 14 Sun 22° Leo opposite Jupiter 22° Aquarius
August 15 Mars 23° Gemini trine Chiron 23° Aquarius
August 16 Sun 23° Leo opposite Chiron 23° Aquarius
August 17 Mercury 21° Virgo conjunct Saturn 21° Virgo [communication about service, work, sustainability]
August 17 Sun 25° Leo opposite Neptune 25° Aquarius
August 17 Mars 25° Gemini trine Neptune 25° Aquarius
August 18 Mars 25° Gemini square Uranus 25 ° Pisces [people with any planets between 24 to 26 of mutable signs will feel a strong urge to change, innovate or revolutionize their lives]