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New Moon May 24, 2009: Season of Ideas

The Sun and Moon meet in Gemini this month. The signatures of this mutable air sign are all around me, from the pollen drifting in the wind to the enlightening coincidences brought to me courtesy of the divine trickster, Mercury. Our minds speed up in the season of Gemini, or seem to. My mind is buzzing as I consider where we are in the evolutionary journey. This month, I’d like to share the ideas floating in the air around me. Perhaps they will fertilize something emerging in you.

The “Universal” is where it’s at right now. All the universal planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are in the universal signs, Capricorn through Pisces. Hedge witch philosopher, Donald Engstrom, likes to remind people that we live in a larger reality than a single universe. He points out that actually, we dwell in the multiverse. It It takes an expansion of the mind to grasp this idea of simultaneous multiple universes. The outer planets in these larger, multiversal signs are poised to help us expand mind, consciousness, and possibility.

Astrology’s lifeblood is coincidence. Coincidence or synchronicity can lead to enlightenment. If there is one thing that astrology has taught me and that I try to pass on to my students and clients, it is that there is meaning all around us. Random events and patterns found in the sky tell us that the cosmos is alive and is communicating with us. And we can communicate back! Lately in my world, I’ve noticed conversations about the Trickster, fears about global pandemic, the importance of community, and teachings about duality. The cosmos is communicating about these important topics via these important events: the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Aquarius (for more about this transit), Mercury’s retrograde journey beginning in the sign of duality—Gemini, Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn. (for more about this transit), and the ongoing opposition between Uranus and Saturn. (for more about this transit.) There is a lot going on. Actually, all the planets and signs are constantly telling us something. The challenge and the fun is teasing out what is important now.

The New Moon in Gemini sets the tone of the month. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury and Mercury is currently retrograde. Mercury retrogrades three times a year, the most of any planet. Having to do with communication, travel, and thought, Mercury shows us how to reweave duality into unity and then back into duality. The most mobile of planets and gods, Mercury never stays fixed for long, just like our own minds.

Last weekend I had the delight of attending a Yoga Nidra class taught by Katherine Banbury at her Kula Center for Yoga in St. Paul. According to Katherine, Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice that helps us to perceive duality and the transcendence of duality. “Yoga Nidra points out that we live in two worlds simultaneously, the world of Immanence wherein we experience everything, and the world of Transcendence where we are aware of everything. Transcendence is the other half of the equation whereby we realize that we are the Presence in which life is immanently unfolding.” – from Banbury’s class handout. During this guided meditation we are led into the experience of duality, then the merging of duality while we ask the question, ”If I am not this, nor this, what am I?” Perhaps because Mercury was retrograde during the class, I found that I could step into that third, strange place where everything was indeed possible. Mercury likes to present possibilities while keeping actualities just out of grasp. This is his Trickster aspect. What new possibilities are luring you into the next stage of your journey?

Last month’s new moon chart showed Mercury at 24° Taurus square to the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter. Due to retrograde motion, Mercury is back again for another statement squaring these three planets from 24° Taurus. Two days after last month’s new moon, the United States declared a public health emergency based on the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico. Although the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter is about so much more than world pandemic, this signature fits well with the global health crisis that may be before us. Mercury is the messenger, the broadcaster, of the solar system. Perhaps this month, new broadcasts about our common concerns will come to the forefront. The questions I am holding are: What are we learning about our connections? What separations are no longer relevant? How do we broaden our awareness to include diverse cultural points of view? How do we take care of each other?

I came across this message while doing some research on the web: “Over the last 14 billion years, as western science currently understands it, the growing edge of evolution – the appearance of radically new forms of complexity – has moved from the cosmic to geologic to biologic to cultural.” - Peggy Holman, co-author of The Change Handbook. If this is true, then the stars are affirming that our growing edge is in cultural evolution. Mars and Venus sextile the triple conjunction. This encouraging relationship between both Mars and Venus to Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter this month present opportunities to embrace cultural evolution in an exhilarating manner.

Another interesting feature of this New Moon chart is Saturn standing unaspected and lonely at 14° Virgo. Unaspected planets sometimes scream out for attention. Saturn has recently stationed direct after a retrograde journey that began on December 31, 2008. Saturn will be regaining ground until August when it will move rapidly through the last degrees of Virgo, entering Libra on October 29. The ingress into Libra will invoke the square aspect between Pluto and Saturn. This is a highly significant transit signaling more work and hard lessons. But for now, it is important to notice how Saturn in Virgo is teaching us what we need to know. I think of this as my opportunity to acquire Virgoan skills that surely will come in handy in the coming years. These skills include: right-relationship with perfectionism, discernment, personal practice related to spirituality and health, and a sense of what I am serving and why.

The Full Moon is an important turning point in the lunar cycle. In the Full Moon chart for June 7, Mercury is again playing a major role. Mercury is at 25° Taurus, this time moving direct, and still squaring the triple conjunction. To add an extra punch these planets are stationary, meaning they are near the degree of changing direction. Stationary planets are more powerful and anyone who has personal planets or important points in their charts ranging from 20° to 28° of any fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), will certainly be feeling the effects of these stations. We will all feel this energy, but for you it will be personal. At the full moon, Saturn is square to the Sun and Moon. With the emphasis this month being on the mind, Saturn in earthy Virgo reminds us to get practical. Where do your hopes and dreams meet reality? Although Saturn seems to but a damper on our optimism, what Saturn really does is make our dreams real. What is that work like for you?

The lunar month ends with the Sun entering Cancer, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice. Next month, I’ll write more about what that chart is showing us.
Dates important to our stories:

May 26 Mars 26° Aries sextile Chiron 26° Aquarius
May 26 Mars 26° Aries sextile Jupiter 26° Aquarius
May 26 Mars 26° Aries sextile Neptune 26° Aquarius
May 27 Jupiter 26° Aquarius conjunct Neptune 26° Aquarius
May 28 Neptune stations retrograde 26° Aquarius
May 30 Chiron stations retrograde 26° Aquarius
May 30 Mercury 22° Taurus stations direct
June 2 Venus 26° Aries sextile Chiron 26° Aquarius
June 2 Venus 26° Aries sextile Neptune 26° Aquarius
June 2 Venus 26° Aries sextile Jupiter 26° Aquarius
June 5 Sun 15° Gemini square Saturn 15° Virgo (reality check)
June 6 Venus enters Taurus after being in Aries (mostly) since February. Venus rules Taurus. She is happy there.
Full Moon June 7
June 9 Mercury 26° Taurus square Chiron 26° Aquarius
June 9 Mercury 26° Taurus square Neptune 26° Aquarius
June 9 Mercury 26° Taurus sextile Uranus 26° Pisces (the great awakener, Uranus helps Mercury to carry the message)
June 10 Mercury 26° Taurus square Jupiter 26° Aquarius
June 13 Mercury enters Gemini, the sign it rules
June 15 Jupiter stations retrograde 27° Aquarius
June 16 Sun 26° Gemini trine (harmonizes) Chiron 26° Aquarius
June 17 Sun 26° Gemini trine Neptune 26° Aquarius
June 17 Sun 26° Gemini trine Jupiter 26° Aquarius
June 17 Sun 26° Gemini square Uranus 26° Pisces
June 20 Sun enters Cancer
June 21 Venus 15° Taurus conjunct Mars. Desire is strong, express it sensually.
June 22 Venus 16° Taurus trine Saturn 16* Virgo
June 22 Mars 16° Taurus trine Saturn 16° Virgo

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