Monday, January 7, 2008

New Moon January 8, 2008: The True New Year

New years begin at a variety of times for a variety of cultures. I’ve never understood the rationale for my culture’s new year beginning on January 1. But this New Moon qualifies, I think, for the title of New Year’s Day. Each New Moon is an opportunity for beginnings. This New Moon in Capricorn is a good one to signal the beginning of the new energy of this year – a year about Capricorn, a year about Earth, a year for change.

Capricorn, an Earth sign, is about responsibility, achievement, legacy. We might find ourselves in a more serious mood this lunar cycle and indeed this year, because Capricorn is important to the times. Last month I wrote about Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn, which happens this month on January 25, and about Jupiter also moving through Capricorn this year. We may feel more serious this year, but not gloomy, or at least not all the time. The atmosphere of change that Pluto portends is given a boost of optimism by Jupiter’s fair winds. Now is the time to believe we can make changes to the legacy we are creating, whether that is our environmental legacy, our cultural legacy, or a personal legacy. Any long-range goals that we’ve always meant to complete are worthy of our renewed attention this year. Instead of grudgingly making pointless New Year’s resolutions, we should actually feel like we want to work harder to attain our goals. That feels like the beginning of something new, doesn’t it?

There are always several themes, or stories happening in the cosmic airwaves at the same time. I like to think of these themes as strands of a web, a web that holds the possibilities of Now.

The power of Earth. Jupiter (7 degrees Capricorn) trines Saturn (7 degrees Virgo) January 21, the day before the Full Moon this month. These two planets are supporting each other with earthy energy going toward taking concrete actions.

The Full Moon on January 22. Notably Mercury is exactly conjunct Neptune on the Full Moon this month. The Sun in Aquarius with the Moon in Leo supports bright bold visions for the future. Mercury and Neptune give these visions mystical inspiration.
The story of Mars retrograde. I have been writing about the Mars retrograde story since the September New Moon post. During this past holiday season, Mars was traveling back through Cancer, the sign of the home, the inner self. For some, this holiday season was the perfect time to nest, bake cookies, and find value in the simple pleasures of family. For others, the season was more difficult. A time already fraught with difficult memories of family or emotional wounds may have been compounded by the extra sensitivity of Mars in this water sign. Mars has moved back into the sign of Gemini for a brief time, the warrior has almost reached his goal for this backwards journey. Have you reached yours?

Mars turns direct this month on January 30 at 24 degrees Gemini. As Mars begins to return, can you find a way to bring healing to wounds felt during his retrograde period? Can you find the wisdom of the inward journey you may have taken along with him?

More Capricorn energy. Venus moves into Capricorn (January 24) the day before Pluto’s does. Then Venus trines Saturn on January 29 and is conjunct Jupiter on February 1st on the eve of Imbolc. This cross-quarter holy day is sacred to Brighid, the goddess of poetry, social justice, smithing, and healing. Now our New Year resolutions receive the blessings of the divine goddess.
Reweaving the way we think, communicate and problem-solve. On Imbolc itself, February 2, Mercury stations retrograde at 23 degrees Aquarius. During Mercury’s retrograde journey we are given the opportunity to come at our habitual ways of thinking in a new way. The waning days of this lunar cycle, Mercury will be retrograde and will not turn direct until after the next New Moon in February. As the Moon wanes, the inward journey may be full of this trickster god’s mischief. Where does he want to take you?

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