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New Moon November 9, 2007: Water and Heroics

New Moon November 9, 2007

This lunar month Mars will station retrograde at 12 degrees Cancer on November 15. See the New Moon post for September 11, 2007 to read more about the hero’s journey of Mars retrograde. We are now, right in the middle of that journey at the point of turning around and following a deeper inclination. Do you hear the call of the task before you? This lunar month will be a good time to dare to be courageous and follow that inner voice of action. And, it might not be easy. The idea of a retrograde of any planet is that the “normal” expression of that energy, which can become habitual and unconscious, is turning around causing us to rethink and express that energy in new ways during the retrograde period. We will have the opportunity to reconsider how we use our Mars energy. This energy is connected to will, passion, anger, and desire.

In the chart for this New Moon, Mars is in an aspect pattern called a Grand Trine. All the planets in this pattern are in the water signs—Mars in Cancer, the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, and Uranus in Pisces. Water is linked to our feeling natures, our intuition, to empathy. Water changes form most easily of the elements. It seeks the lowest place it can reach. It operates under the surface. It is the tender place in our hearts. How do you see the qualities of water combining with the qualities of the hero? Astrologically, Cancer is not an easy place for Mars to be. But that doesn’t mean that being in Cancer is not a profound place for Mars to be, especially at this moment in history. It takes courage to come from the heart. The Sun and Moon and the planet Uranus are allied in this quest. Uranus brings authenticity; the Sun and Moon bring alignment of self and soul.

Perseus, the water hero

Mars’ story is important because it only takes this retrograde journey every two years. But this is not the only celestial event pointing towards the significance of the hero. There is a comet putting on an unexpected display right now in the constellation of Perseus. (See for information about the explosion in size of Comet Holmes.) There are interesting correlations between the Mars hero’s journey through Cancer and Gemini and the story of Perseus.

According to “Celestial Tarot” by Brian Clark, “Prince Perseus was the son of Zeus and the first hero of Greek mythology, immortalized for his decapitation of the Gorgon Medusa.” The reason he had to do this task was to save his mother. The water sign, Cancer, carries the theme of the mother. There are more water themes in this story. On the way back from killing Medusa, Perseus, who was given Hermes’ winged-boots (a Gemini theme) flew over the shoreline where he saw Andromeda, the woman he was to fall in love with and marry, chained to a rock by Poseidon. Perseus then had to fight the sea monster, Cetus, in order to rescue her. Clark writes about Cetus: “monsters are guardians of treasure and symbolize the obstacles to be overcome in order to claim the material or spiritual wealth.” Poseidon’s challenge to Perseus is a theme supported by Uranus in Pisces. Perseus absorbed the Gorgon’s power to turn into stone anyone who looked into her eyes by decapitating her (a theme supported by the New Moon in the piercing sign of Scorpio).

Perseus was a hero connected to the realm of water. His story can serve as a guide through the season of Mars’s retrograde. Questions to ask:
What must I protect? What task will I dare in order to protect that which is close to my heart? What monster of the deep do I face in order to win my heart’s desire? How will I use the Gorgon’s power of deep penetration? Can I freeze my own resistance to being a hero of the heart?

Important dates in the Mars storyline for this lunar cycle:

November 15 - Mars stations retrograde at 12 degrees Cancer.
November 19 - Venus (12 degrees Libra) square Mars (challenged by the feminine)
November 27 - Mars quincunx Chiron (11 degrees Aquarius) (the hero initiated by the wounded healer)
December 2 - Sun (10 degrees Sagittarius) quincunx Mars (a challenge to align self with desire)
December 7 - Mercury quincunx (9 degrees Sagittarius) Mars (is there a difficult truth that needs speaking?)
December 8 - Mars sextile Saturn (8 degrees Virgo) (encouraged by Wise One of the Earth)

The next New Moon occurs on December 9 with Mars still in Cancer and still retrograde. I will write about more important themes and dates in the next New Moon post.

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