Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Moon October 11, 2007: The Season of Samhain

This time of year is special. During this lunar month, we experience the thinning of the veil between the worlds at this turning of the year known as Halloween, Samhain, or the cross-quarter holy day of the fixed sign, Scorpio. Without thinking too much about questions like: what are the worlds, what is the veil, how does it thin, what does it mean? I invite you to simply open your senses to this season. What is happening around you? In the Northern Hemisphere, and especially in the far north, in this season the light lessens, darkness ascends. The leaves of the trees finish their summer work of photosynthesis; the sap brings this energy into the roots. We, along with nature, turn within, go down, we remember that there is another place of vast importance—another world. I think of this place as the underworld. This world is the home of my beloved ancestors. This is the veil that thins. These are the worlds we may stand between at Samhain time, at summer’s end. The veil thins and reminds me that there are invisible connections to many worlds that I can reach into at this time. It is a comfort, as I acknowledging death around me, to feel part of this mysterious whole.

At this time we are gifted with insight, with guidance from the other worlds. During this lunar cycle, we may turn to the sky as oracle for communion with our deeper selves. The chart for the New Moon shows the beginning pattern for this season of opening and deepening.

At the New Moon:

Mercury stations retrograde at 9 degrees Scorpio on October 11. Mercury, the god of communication and the psychopomp who travels with the dead to their home in the underworld, becomes a strong ally this season. I always recommend honoring Mercury during his retrograde cycle. This month, remaining aware of Mercury’s gifts and challenges to our ways of thinking, communicating, and traveling will be especially important. I expect unusually deep experiences around receiving and sending messages this month.

Jupiter squares Uranus exactly (for the third and last time in the current phase of the cycle between these two planets) on October 9. They are still powerfully in exact square on the day of the New Moon. Anyone with planets or points in the birth chart within the span of 13 to 17 degrees of the mutable signs, will feel the tremors of revolution and the urge to change during this lunation. At summer’s end, what needs to change profoundly? What has reached the end of its life? What is the essence that remains after all else falls away? This may be a reckless transit, but sometimes we need unjustified courage to dare to take the next step in our lives. At this time, we will have it.

Venus, Saturn and the South Node of the Moon come together in the first few degrees of Virgo at the beginning of this lunar cycle. Beauty, restriction, and karma are three words that summon these archetypes. Saturn promises attainment, Venus promises union, and the South Node promises reconciliation of past errors if we pay attention. Beauty is the guiding energy through possibly difficult situations this month as we continue to grow and evolve in the ways that Saturn and the South Node invite us to. The sign these three archetypes wear like a costume is Virgo. As I wrote in last month’s New Moon forecast, the energy of Virgo is calling to us strongly.

Venus’s story. Venus does not particularly enjoy being in Virgo. Under the system of rulerships, Venus is in her fall in this sign. Here is how I explain this condition: Venus’ nature invites pleasure. I imagine her always lying upon a couch and bringing the world to her through the allure of Beauty. Venus enjoys the signs, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces most. Virgo, not so much. I imagine that the diligence and work ethic of Virgo feels uncomfortable to the goddess of pleasure. The terrain of Virgo is tricky for Venus, but not impossible. I also imagine that Venus invites us to the table that can only be set by Virgo and that she challenges us to enjoy the work, the service, the humility, the wholeness that is exemplified by this sign. Venus’s challenge to us is to find that balance point between duty and enjoyment. One could call it the challenge of Joyful Obligation.

This season of Samhain is colored by Venus’ challenge and blessing this month. This month Venus will aspect every planet (not the Sun, however) in the solar system, including Chiron. She is busy inviting all the archetypes to the table.

Venus transits are:
Venus conjunct Saturn (4 degrees Virgo) on October 13
Venus sextile Mars (7 degrees Virgo/Cancer) on October 16
Venus sextile Mercury (7 degrees Virgo/Scorpio) on October 16
Venus quincunx Chiron (10 degrees Virgo/Aquarius) on October 20
Venus opposite Uranus (15 degrees Virgo/Pisces) on October 25
Note: the Full Moon on October 25 carries this energy of grace (Venus) needing to balance with authenticity (Uranus).
Venus square Jupiter (19 degrees Virgo/Sagittarius) on October 29
Venus quincunx Neptune (19 degrees Virgo/ Aquarius) on October 29
Note: these two transits on October 29 signal the thinning of the veil. Neptune and Jupiter in sextile to each other increases the intuitive skills of divination. Venus in Virgo will speak to us of the need for beauty, harmony, wholeness — service, work, and devotional practice.
Venus squares Pluto (27 degrees Virgo/Sagittarius) on November 6
Note: Pluto is the lord of the underworld. Venus’ last transit with the planets this month is with Pluto.
Venus enters Libra, a sign she rules on November 8 at the end of the current lunar cycle.

Mercury stations direct on the Day of the Dead – November 1. He begins his return from the underwold

As we deepen, change, and open to all the worlds, seen and unseen, it is good to ask:
How does Beauty lead me? How does Beauty challenge me? What is the reconciliation and attainment that I seek? What guidance am I receiving from the ancestors? What guidance am I receiving from the starry allies? How do I make sacred this moment?