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New Moon for August 12, 2007

New Moon for August 12, 2007

I find inspiration in the constancy of the Moon. She shows us the way to renewal. A new possibility is born at each New Moon.

This month’s New Moon occurs in Leo. The Leo story has been an important one for the last two years as Saturn has transited through this sign. The spontaneous energy of Leo is one of open-hearted generosity. Saturn’s transit has been to place more weight upon that heart. The investigation has been about our worthiness, our creativity, and our ability to hope. What has the transit of Saturn through Leo taught you? This lunar month is the time to reflect on this because Saturn moves into Virgo on September 2. For those familiar with Tarot, I suggest meditating on the Strength card of your Tarot deck. This card corresponds to the sign Leo.

At the time of the New Moon, Venus and Saturn are exactly conjunct (for the second time as Venus is moving through her retrograde cycle). This pairing provides more support for returning to the lessons of these past two years. We can not forget that these past two years have also given us the opposition of Neptune and Saturn—a very important transition for all of us.

In the chart for the New Moon, Jupiter is still at its stationary degree conjunct the fixed star, Antares. Please see the previous blog entry for more about this alignment. Mars is applying to an opposition to Jupiter, which will bring a heightening of this Jupiter/Antares energy. The opposition occurs on August 23. On August 24 and 25, Mercury joins in this transit by squaring both Jupiter and Mars. What we might expect at this time: release, intense transition, purging, needing to express emotion. Whenever this type of energy is present, there is also opportunity for healing.

The week before the Mars/Jupiter opposition, five Sun transits happen. The time from the New Moon till August 21 may feel energetic, optimistic, and illuminating.
The Solar transits are:
Sun (20 Leo) opposite Neptune (20 Aquarius) on August 13
Sun (22 Leo) conjunct Mercury on August 15
Sun (24 Leo) conjunct Venus on August 17
Sun (26 Leo) trine Pluto (26 Sagittarius) on August 19
Sun (28 Leo) conjunct Saturn on August 21

Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon of August 28. For anyone with planets or important points at 3 to 5 degrees of the mutable signs, this eclipse will affect you the most. For everyone, lunar months with eclipses are usually more intense, feel more significant. The light goes out and comes back with an eclipse. What dreams or ideals (Pisces) are losing their sparkle? What is newly illuminated in your life?

The Full Moon chart shows three oppositions in addition to the opposition of the Sun and Moon. Pay attention to what pulls you off balance. What needs more balancing in your life? These oppositions are:
Mercury (16 Virgo) opposite Uranus (17 Pisces)
Mars (13 Gemini) opposite Jupiter (10 Sagittarius)
Venus (19 Leo) opposite Neptune (20 Aquarius)

After the Full Moon, Mutable energy dominates. Saturn enters mutable Virgo September 2. And the next day should have noticeable mutable energy (unpredictable, fluctuating, mental):
Mercury (26 Virgo) squares Pluto (26 Sagittarius) September 3
Mars (16 Gemini) squares Uranus (16 Pisces) September 3
Sun (11 Virgo) squares Jupiter (11 Sagittarius) September 3

The Sun opposes Uranus on September 9 near the end of the lunar month, bringing the possibility of illumination to our dreams for authenticity and freedom.

The next New Moon on September 11 will be a solar eclipse at 18 Virgo. More on that next month.

Blessings of the New Moon to you.

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