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New Moon June 14, 2007

New Moon June 14, 2007

Mutable energy of last month.
How did you move with that energy? (see New Moon of May 16) If you have Mutable signs* in your chart, perhaps it felt familiar and comfortable, however if planets or points in your chart are located between 15 to 19 degrees of Mutable signs or near 28 degrees of a Mutable sign (the Pluto degree), then this past month may have been more challenging for you. If you have few or no planets and points in the Mutable signs then you may have experienced this “all over the place” energy as uncomfortable. This month the Fixed and Cardinal signs become emphasized as we experience the last exact opposition of Neptune and Saturn in the Fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo and as the Sun enters Cancer (a Cardinal sign) at the Summer Solstice.

The next lunar cycle includes important transitions.

June 14 - The New Moon occurs at 24 degrees Gemini
At this time, Mercury is stationary and rules the sign of this lunation (Gemini) – This is the Trickster month.

June 15 - The day after the New Moon, Mercury turns retrograde (12 degrees Cancer). It turns direct on July 9 (2 degrees Cancer). Shadow period of retrograde started on May 30. Mercury leaves the retrograde degrees on July 24

Summer Solstice on June 21. We collectively tune to the energy of what we need to do to take care of things. The Cardinal sign of Cancer is often associated with nurturing, but nurturing can take many forms. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer takes initiative and is concerned about ensuring that needs are met, whether that be the need for food, a hug, or the need to take charge of any situation that demands it. The chart for the Solstice is dominated by the near exact opposition of Neptune and Saturn occurring on June 25. Consider what you have been experiencing and learning during the time of these planets opposing each other (see below). How will you take care of this situation?

Neptune-Saturn story continues: Dreams and Reality

June 25 the final exact opposition of Saturn and Neptune at 22 degrees Leo/Aquarius occurs.

Astrologers have written a lot about this transit. I recommend an excellent essay by Bill Streett: ”Saturn-Neptune: The Desert of the Real” at to read what these planets represent personally and socially. He writes:

“There are at least three major themes that appear to pervade Saturn-Neptune periods: (a) The loss of a socio-political ideal, the death of a dream, or the disillusionment with political structures (b) A focus on environmental concerns and (c) Disenchantment and deep questioning regarding socio-cultural conventions and conditioning.”

The opposition between these two planets, beginning to be felt in 2005, became active the first time these two planets exactly opposed each other in August 2006 (17 degrees Aquarius/Leo) right before the election that gave Congress to the Democratic Party. The second opposition occurred in February 2007 (20 degrees Aquarius/Leo) when the debate about the non-binding resolution to end the war in Iraq was beginning and Al Gore’s documentary about global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth,” won an Academy Award.

What will this third transit bring?
Reflect on how your dreams and your belief of what is possible have been changed over this past year. Were there times when you needed to make adjustments between these two extremes? Have some dreams died? Have you found a way to solidify other dreams? Has something transformed? Is there still grief? Are you still hanging on to a dream that is truly over? During this last transit imagine that you are ready move on. Claim the new possibilities that your heart desires. When we lose faith in our dreams, it can be hard to trust again. What do you need to build that trust? How do you want to reinvigorate your dreams in a more realistic way? What wants to welcome you? Can you let go of hardship and believe in your dreams again?

The chart of this New Moon shows a lot of support for realizing the lessons of the Saturn/Neptune opposition.

On the New Moon, the Moon and Sun trine Neptune and sextile Saturn
Mars sextiles Neptune, trines Saturn, and sextiles the Moon and Sun.
Sextiles and trines point to encouragement and flow, but we need to consciously engage this energy or it will simply flow past us. Since the New Moon occurs in an air sign, Neptune is in an air sign, and Saturn and Mars are in fire signs, the key to anchoring the opportunity of this new moon may be in the elements of earth and water. Can you take the ideas (air) and the passion (fire) of your dreams and goals and find ways to plant them firmly in the here and now (earth) and let them move you toward compassion (water)?

A sample spell.
A spell is a symbolic act to create a change in consciousness. What is one impossible dream that you desire to give your heart to? In the next lunar month, especially during the waxing phase, take one small action. Actions create and are aligned with the element of earth. If you can make that action a daily practice, even better. To honor and include water, give a past grief that you are holding in your heart to a moving body of water. Only through our disappointments can we learn to make our dreams real.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 30 will be a perfect time to release this spell into the world.

Archetypal helpers.
Invoke the Magician and Trickster this month to honor Mercury retrograde. This archetype reminds us that we cannot possibly plan for every contingency. It is also necessary to be flexible and open to the unexpected. Since Mercury retrogrades through Cancer, we may need to be flexible about those situations that we feel we need to take care of. There will be a dance between the desire to control and the need to let go.

Have a great and inspiring month!

*Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra ,and Capricorn
Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius
Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

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