Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 2007 Lunar Cycle Forecast

New Moon May 16, 2007

The three primary energies of astrology are:

Cardinal – initiating, thesis
Fixed – holding, antithesis
Mutable –transforming, synthesis

These energies can be thought of as stages of manifestation and evolution. The Cardinal energy sets intention. Fixed energy manifests. Mutable energy shifts the experience into meaning. For example, in meditation practice, one sets intention for the practice, then does the practice, and finally the practice is dedicated to a higher purpose. This formula can be followed while the Sun transits the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs. During the Cardinal month, notice your intentions for the season. During the Fixed month, what is happening? During the Mutable month, what is the meaning or purpose?

The New Moon occurs at the end of the Fixed sign, Taurus (26 degrees) on May 16. But the energy of this lunar cycle will feel very mutable, especially when the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21. The important mutable stories of the moment are being expressed by Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces. The major transits of this lunar month involve these three planets.

As the Mutable signs search for meaning and shift and change forms, it is good to be flexible. It is also good to let go of personal attachments, more of a Fixed sign approach. What needs to be surrendered, can be during this month. Attention becomes diffused. Although it may be harder to focus, we will be flooded with new insights.

Important dates for the mutable stories:

May 20 - Mercury (17 degrees Gemini) opposes Jupiter and squares Uranus. The trickster god activates the dynamic square between Jupiter and Uranus. Sparks may fly, especially mentally.
May 21 - Sun enters Gemini — The Mutable Air sign. Thoughts soar with the purpose of finding connection and meaning.
May 25 -Venus (18 degrees Cancer) trines Uranus. This harmonious aspect between the goddess of love and the great awakener facilitates authentic expressions of pleasure.
May 27 - Mercury (28 degrees Gemini) opposes Pluto. The psychopomp (guide of souls to the Underworld) confronts the lord of the Underworld. This signals a release of what has been hidden into consciousness.
May 31 - Full Moon. The Sun (10 degrees Gemini) and Moon (10 degrees Sagittarius) closely square the nodes (North node 11 degrees Pisces, South Node 11 degrees Virgo). This Full Moon may be the culmination of this Mutable energy, and with the nodes involved, karmic events may happen.
June 5 - Sun (15 degrees Gemini) opposes Jupiter. Surrender what you know to be true. Invite in expansive optimism.
June 9 - Sun (18 degrees Gemini) squares Uranus. Shift the boundaries of what is possible. Awaken to authenticity.

The fixed stories involving Saturn, Chiron, and Neptune are a bit quieter this month.

However important dates here are:

May 21- Chiron stations retrograde (16 degrees Aquarius). The wounded healer and shaman turns inward.
May 25 - Neptune stations retrograde (22 degrees Aquarius). The planet of transcendence and illusion is strong.
June 11 - Mars (20 degrees Aries) trines Saturn (20 degrees Leo). Fire energy is marshaled to achieve our goals.
June 13 - Sun (21 degrees Gemini) trines Neptune. Flow of inspiration. And Mars (21 degrees Aries) sextiles Neptune. Take action on these inspirations.

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