Friday, April 13, 2007

Pluto and Solar Eclipse

Continuing to look at the Solar Eclipse of March 18.
What are the themes that are we see emerging from this eclipse?

The current lunar cycle began on March 18 with a solar eclipse at 28 degrees Pisces. There is a Pluto tone to this eclipse and to this lunar cycle since Pluto at 28 degrees Sagittarius, was exactly squaring the New Moon/Solar Eclipse degree. When Pluto is involved, we can expect to notice more strongly issues and events around power, shadows, deep secrets, death, and rebirth. The energy can feel pretty intense and sometimes karmic as Pluto moves us toward the kind of changes we need to make to be true to our deepest selves.

The eclipse degree becomes sensitive to all subsequent transits to it. All transits to 28 degrees Pisces can act as a trigger for this eclipse, but especially 28 degrees of the mutable signs, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo should be observed.

Since the eclipse, there have been a couple of triggering transits. Pay attention to more triggering transits that will come in the next lunar cycle. Here are the dates and events:

Solar Eclipse at 28 Pisces March 18
Pluto stationed retrograde at 28 Sagittarius March 31
Mercury square Pluto 28 Pisces/Sagittarius April 10

During the next lunar cycle:
New Moon April 17
Venus opposite Pluto 28 Gemini/Sagittarius May 7
Mars square Pluto 28 Pisces/Sagittarius May 13

And in the following lunar cycle beginning on May 15:
Mercury opposite Pluto 28 Gemini/Sagittarius May 27

How do we determine what this eclipse means to us personally? If you have any planets or important points in your chart close to 28 degrees of the mutable signs, then this eclipse is important to you. Take notice of what is being transited. For example, if it is Venus, perhaps the eclipse is about how you are being received by others. If it is Mars, perhaps it is about how you get what you want. Notice what is up for you around the dates listed above. Perhaps a pattern of illumination will emerge.

We can also ask ourselves, what does this eclipse mean to us collectively? Current events can give clues. I am intrigued by the sudden media storm around Don Imus’ racist remarks about the Rutger’s women’s basketball team. Although this is an event happening to Don Imus personally (and it looks like his chart is being transited by this eclipse), the attention the event has gotten from the media, tells us about ourselves too. Pluto releases secrets or shameful behavior, the collective reaction tells us what we are willing to change. What we no longer tolerate.

The first trigger for this eclipse was the Pluto station on March 31. While Pluto remains at 28 degrees Sagittarius, it may be harder for us to keep secrets or to tolerate shameful behavior. (Another related story around this is the exposure of the U.S. Attorney firings.)

The second trigger for this eclipse comes from the Mercury transit. The Imus event is a Mercury/Pluto experience. Mercury rules the media and communication. The Pluto transformation process is shown here by Imus saying the wrong thing, the media and public attention not letting it go, and then Imus being held accountable for words and actions. Although the things Don Imus said were unfortunate and hurt people, it is refreshing to see an influential radio personality being held responsible for his actions. Sometimes it takes Pluto to make that kind of change take place,

According to (I can not vouch for the accuracy of this data), Don Imus was born on July 23, 1940 in Riverside, CA. On this date, Venus was located at 27 Gemini, very close to the 28 degrees of this eclipse. The Moon was also in Pisces on that day. It may be playing into the effect of this eclipse on his life as well. Neptune is farther away at 23 degrees Virgo.

The next triggering transit to the eclipse will be from Venus on May 7. Most likely other current events will capture our attention. Notice whether someone in the public eye, who represents Venus, will represent a Pluto experience for all us. On May 13, the eclipse will be triggered by Mars. This could be quite a significant transit as Mars can represent war and aggression. But Mars tells us that there are other ways to be passionate too. Will we collectively take a step toward no longer tolerating violent responses to others? The opportunity is there for each of us.

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