Monday, April 16, 2007

New Moon April 17, 2007

This is the first New Moon of Spring—the Aries New Moon. Ideas that represent Aries—new beginnings, fresh growth, taking the lead, assertion of will— are all possibilities for this lunar cycle.

The fire element is strong this season. Aries is fire, Saturn is in Leo and Jupiter and Pluto are in the remaining fire sign, Sagittarius. Fire is energy; it is our ability to know and act instinctively. How do you invoke and honor fire this month? Fire can be your ally of action and passion. Fire can be healing and it can be destructive.

Energizing fire days this month are:
Apr 21 – Mercury trine Saturn and Jupiter
April 26 – Mercury trine Pluto
May 6 – Jupiter trine Saturn (This transit is an important point in the 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle. Jupiter representing expansive opportunities and Saturn representing form and boundary are harmonizing in these two fire signs.)
May 15 – Mars enters Aries

The most transformative transits this month will be the transits that trigger the Solar Eclipse of March 18. (See the post for April 13 for more about these transits.) The days around these transits may be more intense.

Jupiter square Uranus
May 11 - Jupiter will again square Uranus exactly this month. (See the post for January 22 for more about the Jupiter/Uranus square.) Ready for change or not ready for change, change is coming. Pisces and Sagittarius are the signs involved. Both of these signs have a spiritual focus, and with Pluto also influencing us from its position in Sagittarius as well, we could expect change to happen in the arena of life that pertains to this sign, such as the justice system, education, religions, philosophies, and foreign places and people.

Other dates that are part of this energy pattern:
April 27 - Venus (17 Gemini) square Uranus
April 28 - Venus opposite Jupiter
April 29 - Mars (17 Pisces) conjunct Uranus
April 30 - Mars square Jupiter

Saturn opposite Neptune
These two planets are not as close to an exact opposition as they have been. They will return to their third and final opposition in June. However, this transit is still very much part of our reality. As Caroline Casey says: “Neptune lays the track for Saturn’s reality train.” Profound shifts are happening to us. Notice how the muscle of dreaming is being developed by challenges from the realm of responsibility. Yeats wrote: “In dreams begin responsibility.” We are finding out right now how to let responsibility become the genesis of dream.
Dates that are part of this energy pattern:
April 21 – Mercury (18 Aries) trine Saturn
April 23 - Mercury sextile Neptune
April 27 - Venus (18 Gemini) sextile Saturn
May 1 - Venus trine Neptune
May 5 - Mercury (18 Taurus) square Saturn
May 7 - Mercury square Neptune
May 9 - Sun (18 Taurus) square Saturn
May 13 - Sun square Neptune

Fire is an apt element for this lunar cycle. There is a lot of energy coming our way this month. Breathe into the possibility. Trust the force of your dreams.

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