Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Moon February 17, 2007

New Moon
February 17, 2007
28 degrees 36 minutes Aquarius

At the New Moon each month, we have the opportunity to reset our rhythms, to let go and begin again, to grab hold of the energy of outward growth and set new intentions.
This New Moon occurs in an Air sign, Aquarius. What are you absorbing right now about thought, communication, visions, and ideas? This New Moon is a good time to pay attention to those things.

Communication is tricky and heightened at this time also because Mercury (god of communication) is traveling retrograde right now, having stationed retrograde just a few days before on Feb. 13. [Stationed at 10 degrees Pisces]. It will station direct on March 7 at 25 degrees Aquarius, very near the degree of this New Moon. Not until the 27th of March will we be entirely free of this retrograde cycle. What new ways can we find to experience thought and insight? Starting in Pisces and ending in Aquarius, this retrograde will be an opportunity to travel into imagination and feelings to retrieve the visions for community that Aquarius loves. Swinging between the irrational and the rational, this lunar month will be a time to watch for our assumptions about what is true, what was really said, what do our dreams mean, and what might we need to sacrifice for new growth.

The second exact opposition [1st - 8/2006, and 3rd - 6/2007] of Saturn [20 degrees Leo] and Neptune [20 degrees Aquarius] occurs this month on February 28. Saturn wants to place a reality check on all the mystical meanderings that Mercury will be up to this month. Neptune will try to make a sense of reality harder and harder to attain. An opposition could be a stalemate betweens dreams and reality or an opportunity to find the sustainable balance between these two necessary forces. For example, take the issue of global warming. Too much Saturn creates a sense of doom and hopelessness to do anything about this. Too much Neptune fails to make real world changes in our behavior. The proper balance might help us to connect to the Mystery of the natural world in order to create new, real-world relationships with all beings. Can you imagine talking to a glacier? Can you imagine taking that conversation into real action?

What is the balance that you need to find at this time to go forward in your life?

The Full Moon on March 3 will be a Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees of Pisces/Virgo. The planet of revolution, Uranus, will be conjunct the Sun and the North Node at this time. We are being asked to expand; to dream larger; to revolutionize what is possible.

At the end of the lunar month, on March 16, Jupiter [19 degrees Sagittarius] will trine Saturn [19 degrees Leo]. Fire becomes a resource for action and change. Saturn will help us focus passion and Jupiter will lighten the Saturn load.

As Winter ends, consider the importance of your dreams and the actions you are joyfully willing to take base on those dreams.