Thursday, January 18, 2007

January New Moon

Let’s call this New Moon: Venus pays a visit to Neptune and Jupiter gets ready to ignite Uranus. The gods are busy. Every New Moon is time to reorient the self. It is the perfect time to set month-long intentions. This New Moon occurs in the grounded earth sign, Capricorn, but it feels like the real action is happening in our dreams. Venus is exactly conjunct dream-lord Neptune today at 18 degrees Aquarius. Venus invites and she is especially inviting Neptune to add his characteristic qualities of transcendence and idealism as well as addiction and illusion to our month. Sometimes a good night’s dream can make all the difference. What are you dreaming about? Well, if any of your dreams involve revolution, change, or authenticity, then Jupiter will probably light a fire under you when Jupiter (12 degrees Sagittarius) squares Uranus (12 degrees Pisces) on January 22. This is the first of the three times that these two planets will square off this year. If you have an emphasis of planets or important points in your chart that occur around 11 to 18 degrees of the mutable signs, you will especially feel the urge to change and create change in your world this year. Perhaps while Venus is visiting Neptune we can ask for a dream to help us through it all.

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