Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Winter dreamtime

Winter begins today in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter is a time for dreaming, turning within, tending the light inside — the small spark of inspiration that can grow into miraculous manifestation. I welcome this time to turn away from outside distractions and drift into incubating my dreams. Many of us are caught up in a frantic holiday season right now that does not honor this natural impulse to slow down and let go. I honor all intentions that say it does not have to be so. I honor the quiet of Winter.

Turn within,
Go within,
And find the center of things.

The chart for the Winter Solstice shows Pluto transiting the Galactic Center. What a powerful directive to go within and find the center of things! This year, Pluto, was reclassified by the International Astronomical Union as a binary dwarf planet with its formerly designated moon, Charon. The synchronistic symbolism is intriguing. Pluto was “demoted” and its moon was “promoted” just as these binary planets were nearing alignment with the center of our galaxy! In Greek myth, Charon was the ferryman, who ferried the dead across the River Styx. I am beginning to incorporate a new interpretation of Pluto’s power into my astrology— Pluto/Charon can carry us across the vast divide into new and deeper realms. Right now they carry us into the very center of our galaxy.

Winter is a time to turn within. In letting go of the outside world, for a time, what small light do you find within, deep within, that yearns to be ferried back into the world when we begin to awaken again at the next seasonal station – Imbolc (February 2)? There is no effort needed to find this light. Pluto/Charon will magnetically draw us toward it. However, it is a good thing to slow down when you can, so that you may see it better and be gladdened by its light.

Solstice blessings.
[Due to techincal difficulites, I could not post this on the Winter Solstice, however the invitation to turn within is still very relevant and delicious at this time of year. later -- Teri]

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