Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Farewell to Scorpio

The energy is shifting. We are saying goodbye, for now, to Scorpio.

Astrology is about noticing energy. In fact, the word "energy" is often overused when discussing astrological insights. Yet, it is a word that works well in my practice of using astrology to become more aware of myself and the world around me. Since the word is used so often, it is a good idea to think about what I mean by "energy." What is energy?

Simple answer: Energy is what gets noticed. The bigger the energy, the easier it is notice - the more it commands our attention.

For the last year, the themes of Scorpio have commanded our attention. In October 2005, Jupiter entered Scorpio for a year-long visit. Jupiter expands, makes the sign it is travelling through bigger, easier to notice. What gets noticed by Scorpio is everything that we try to hide. It has been an interesting year of uncovering secrets, hasn't it? Look at the Bush presidency. Finally, this year, some of the nasty secrets of this administration got revealed. But Jupiter did not stop with world events. I've noticed shadows in my own life coming to the surface.

Things really heated up this fall when Mercury entered Scorpio in early October for a longer than usual time in this sign since Mercury went retrograde in Scorpio and helped upset the Republicans in the retrograde elections in early November. Venus and Mars both entered Scorpio right before Mercury turned retrograde. From the end of October, we've been in a Scorpio soup. The energy I've noticed? Undercurrents of claiming power, breaking taboos, purging old patterns. Death is a Scorpio theme. Vitality is released through the compost of death. As I say good bye to Scorpio [now, Jupiter is in Sagittarius; Mars and Venus have moved on to that sign too; only Mercury remains for one more day], I want to take a moment to reflect on what I have learned.

I've learned about energy. I've learned I can notice more than I can see. I can also feel. The intense waters of Scorpio emotion have washed me up on new shores. What have you noticed? The energy is shifting. We have only this brief moment to honor the transitions we have made - time to move forward.

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